tagGay MaleTraveling Ch. 07

Traveling Ch. 07


Chapter 7 -- Massage

I had arrived at my hotel in Dallas, checked in and was trying my key in the door when it suddenly opened and there was a couple coming out. We were all surprised and went to the front desk to clear up the issue. On the elevator ride down, we chatted and I found that they were in town for a conference that his wife was attending. Now the couple was nice looking, mid thirties, she was pretty with an ample chest and ample ass to match. He was nice looking too, with a runners build, about my height but thinner. Her name was Angela, his Mark.

The desk clerk cleared up the problem, moving me to a suite and comping them drinks in the bar. I went to my room and they headed out to for some sightseeing. I ran into them again at the bar that afternoon, we chatted again and had a couple of drinks together. Then, I ran into them again in the restaurant that evening. We talked for awhile after dinner, having another drink or two.

The next morning, I was headed into the workout room and ran into Mark, as he was wrapping up his workout. He was wearing loose fitting running shorts that showed off his slender legs, which were almost hairless, probably due to his fare complexion, as he was blonde with pale blue eyes. He had no tan to speak of, so his white legs glowed against his blue running shorts. He was sweating heavily, obviously finishing a great work out.

As we said hello and asked how the other was doing, I thought I caught him glancing down at my cock, or at least looking me over. He headed off to the sauna as I headed for the treadmill. He was only in the sauna about 15 minutes, said 'see ya later' and waved as he headed out of the workout room. I continued to run, also wondering if he had checked me out or if I had imagined it. I was up to forty minutes when I suddenly got a cramp in my left hamstring. I shut the treadmill off and tried to walk out the cramp, but I had no luck. I sat in the sauna hoping that would relieve my aching muscle, that didn't work either. I finally decided to head back to my room and change into my trunks and try the hot tub.

When the elevator door opened, there was Mark. He was now wearing sweats and smelled clean from a fresh shower. We exchanged comments about continuously running into each other as he walked out of the elevator and I hobbled in.

"Hey, what's wrong with your leg?" He asked.

"Pulled something," I replied, "hurts like hell so I'm headed to the hot tub after I change."

He seemed to hesitate a moment then said, "Well I could probably work it out for you, I worked my way through college as a massage therapist."

"No kidding," I replied, and then added, "I couldn't put you out, you're on vacation here."

He smiled and said, "It's no problem at all, I'd be happy to help out."

The cramping in my leg had me agreeing and we were back in the elevator heading up to my suite. Once in the room, he turned the heat up, saying that cold air blowing in wasn't good for the muscle, and then had me lay across the foot of the bed. He untied and removed my shoes, leaving my socks on, adjusted the drapes to make the room darker, saying the darker room would be more relaxing, and then asked, "Which leg?"

"It's my left thigh," I said and soon felt his soft hands running up and down my upper thigh, pushing my jogging shorts up a bit. He massaged the muscle hard, then soft, then hard again. Soon it began to loosen up and I started feeling much better and much more relaxed. And my cock was beginning to stiffen.

He continued working the back of my leg from the knee to just a few inches below my butt cheek. Each time he moved upwards, he was having to move my shorts out of the way and as he traveled back down, the leg of my shorts would follow.

"You know, if you had these shorts off, I could really handle that top area better."

"Okay, but I have to tell you I'm not wearing anything under my shorts," I replied.

"Oh! I see! Well, I guess that might make you uncomfortable, so..."

I cut him off mid sentence saying, "No, I wouldn't be uncomfortable, I was just letting you know in case you might be."

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds, and then I felt his hands raise my shirt enough to reach the waist band of my shorts and then he eased them off of me, dropping them on the floor near my shoes.

I replied with, "I guess you aren't uncomfortable."

"No, not at all, most of my clients wanted full body, nude massages, of course there was usually a towel, but I'm good this way, if you are."

"Feels great," I replied as he worked my upper thigh, his fingers grazing my butt cheek. After a few minutes of massaging this area, he moved down, past my knee and massaged my calve. He then started back up the right leg, massaging the calve and moving on to the thigh, slowly working his way to the upper thigh and once again his fingers were grazing my butt cheek.

"I hope it's okay that I'm going the right leg too, I just sorta flashed back to my massage therapy days."

"No, this is great," I replied, "massage away!"

He went back to working both legs equally and with each move up my thigh came more contact with my ass cheeks. He was massaging about the bottom fourth of my ass, my shirt was covering the upper portion of my firm globes. As he went back to my calves, I said, "I think I should get this shirt off so you can work my back if you don't mind."

"No problem," he replied and moved quickly to my head and grasped the t-shirt from the bottom, dragging it off of me. "Don't rise up, you might strain that muscle again, I'll get it."

Now I was completely naked and for the first time, I rolled my head to the other side to watch him work. I could clearly see the outline of what appeared to be a nice sized cock under his sweat bottoms. As I scanned up his body, I noticed he was sweating.

"Hey, why don't you pull those sweats off, you look like you are burning up!" I said.

He wiped the sweat from his brow and said, "Na, I'm fine." And he went back to working my lower back, his fingers now brushing across the top of my ass cheeks.

"Mark, come on, I can see the sweat dripping off of you and I don't want you to be miserable while I'm getting this incredible massage," I said.

"Well, I guess I could get this shirt off, it is hot in here," he replied, pulling the thick sweatshirt over his head. He wasn't wearing a t-shirt, and I could make out that he had a nice build, no belly at all and his pecs looked tight. His chest was as hairless as his legs were, and I could see there was no tan on his upper body as he almost glowed white. Of course, it was February and had I not fake tanned, I'd be just as white.

"Better?" I asked.

"Much!" he said, smiling and working up my back.

"I still think you could shed the bottoms, after all, I'm completely naked, and I'm sure you have on your shorts or at least undies," I teased, "Or are you a commando guy like me?"

He grinned and said, "No, not a commando guy, but I don't have shorts on," he hesitated and then said, "You really want the truth?"

"Sure I do."

He moved lower down my back and was inching ever further onto my upper butt cheeks again, "Well, the truth is I forgot to pack underwear and I'm wearing a pair of my wife's boy short panties," he then laughed and continued, "I was heading out to buy some underwear when I ran into you, not like I wear these all the time!"

I laughed and said, "I see, or well, at least I get it now, but I really don't care, obviously if you are hot in those sweats, take them off, I don't mind the panties."

He moved his hands away and said, "Well, it is pretty freakin' hot." He stepped back and slipped his shoes off, then untied and dropped the heavy sweats to the floor, stepping out of them. He was wearing a pair of black boy short panties, mostly lace and satin from what I could tell. He wasn't fully erect, or at least I didn't think so, but he was a good four or five inches long and his cock appeared to be slender. I couldn't see his pubes, but assumed them to be blonde or smooth shaven as I didn't see them sticking out of his shorts.

"Much better!" he said.

"I agree, now I can relax again." He then went back to my upper thighs, his waist even with my thighs as he worked them, again slipping up towards my ass and rubbing the bottom of my cheeks.

I was lying on my cock, which was fully erect, and I was having a difficult time keeping it tucked under my tummy. The lights were low enough that I knew I could spread my legs a bit and he might able to see my tightening balls, but would still not be able to see my cock. He was working my sore thigh, so I took the opportunity to spread my other leg over a bit and moaned, saying something about how good his hands were.

I then said, "You know, if you don't mind, my butt could use some attention now, my legs and back feel great, I'm a little tense in my butt though."

He didn't waste any time, he began massaging a cheek with each hand and of course my cock expelled a huge flow of pre-cum. He worked my ass cheeks, massaging the pulling and working the muscles deep.

He had moved far enough up my body that I could make out his cock was now fully erect, pushing the material away from his body. He was at least five, maybe six inches long, his cock was slender as I had thought earlier.

"Mmmmm, man that feels great," I moaned.

"Glad you like it," he said, clearing his throat, adding, "Um, do you want to turn over and let me work your front?" he asked.

I didn't hesitate, rolling over and having my eight inch, thick cock pop into full view. He gasped slightly, but didn't say anything; he just started rubbing my upper thighs, keeping his distance from my upper thighs and my dripping cock.

He kept massaging me for several minutes before I finally broke the silence and said, "Mark, why don't you slip those panties off, you're just as hard as me and you look uncomfortable again."

He looked down, smiled and said, "I've not done anything like this since school, and only a couple of times then, so I'm pretty much freakin' out here."

I smiled and said, "Nothing to be afraid of, just slip those off."

He did, sliding them off over his feet and kicking them away. His cock had an upward curve, was less than six inches long and was slender, about as big around as a role of pennies. He had a small tuft of blonde hair just above the cock that was neatly trimmed.

I reached up and wrapped my hand around his cock and slowly stroked him up and down.

"OHHHH, mmmyyyyy," he groaned.

"Like that?" I asked.

"Yesssss, ohhhhh, yesssss, I do," he moaned his reply.

"Now, do the same to mine," I instructed.

He reached over and wrapped his hand around my cock and slowly started to stoke me up and down. With each stroke, precum eased from the tip of my cock and ran downwards over his smooth hand. He moved closer to the bed and his cock was now only an inch or so from my hip as I continued to stroke him. He was moaning more and began to pick up the pace on jerking my cock.

I released his cock and said, "Here, let's move up here," and then scooted lengthwise onto the bed, resting my head on a pillow and then said, "Climb up here between my legs."

He climbed up on the bed as I spread my legs wide, stroking my cock slowly.

"Now, lower your head and take my cock into your mouth," I said, quietly, almost a whisper.

He stopped and looked at me and said, "I've, I've never done that. I've only jerked guys off," his voice sounding shaky.

I smiled and said, "Yea, but you want to don't you?" I was now pointing my cock towards him.

He swallowed hard and nodded, then crawled further between my legs and with his hands on either side of my hips, he lowered his mouth towards my cock.

"Just lick the head first," I instructed. He looked up at me, nodded, and then lowered his mouth again this time with his tongue sticking out. He gently licked the tip, then swirled his tongue around the entire head.

Pulling up he said, "Your precum tastes sweet, not bad like I thought it would be." He then lowered his head again and licked the tip and head.

"Now run your tongue down the sides, back up and then around the other side, just keep licking up and down and get it nice and wet," I said.

He did exactly as told and was now licking the full length of my eight inches down on side and up the other, swirling his tongue around the tip as he did so. I let him lick me for several minutes, enjoying his warm tongue and hot breath as he slid up and down my cock.

"Now put the head in your mouth and suck, run your tongue over the head at the same time," I instructed.

He hesitated, but only for a second, then lowered his warm mouth over the head of my cock. He closed his lips about an inch or so down and began running his tongue over the tip of my cock. His tongue was fantastic! He then started sucking me into his mouth. After just a few seconds, he had almost four inches into his mouth and I could feel his throat against my cock head. He moaned, which sent a surge of pleasure up my cock.

"Yes, that's perfect Mark, now start bobbing up and down on it," I said, moaning as I rolled my eyes back and felt his warm mouth leaving my stiff cock, only to feel it slide back down again. He was now coming up almost all the way off my cock and then sliding down as far as he could, gagging about every third plunge down as he tried to take more and more each time.

"Oh shit! That's perfect! Suck my cock, Mark, suck it all down, oh...you're doing fucking great!" I moaned. He had been working on at least six inches of my cock for more than five minutes now, and I knew that I was going to blow my load any minute. I was now bucking upwards to meet his mouth as he sucked me. I felt my balls begin to tighten.

"Mark, I'm going to cum, I want you to swallow as much as you can, but keep the last few shots in your mouth, okay?" I said, my cock near eruption.

He simply moaned an "hum mmm" and kept going.

"FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!" I screamed as I came in Mark's hot mouth. My first couple of shots went directly down his throat. He pulled off a bit, keeping a couple of inches in his mouth as I shot three more solid loads into his mouth. He was moaning and groaning too, swallowing as much as he could.

After I stopped shooting, I said, "Move up here to me."

He slid up further, almost laying flat on me as his face was closing in on mine. I then felt his dripping cock touching my own stiff, wet cock. Once he was right over me, I reached up behind his head and pulled his mouth to mine. Without having to tell him, he opened his mouth and met mine as my remaining cum dripped into my mouth. We kissed and twirled our tongues together, mixing my cum between us.

We continued kissing until the remaining cum was gone. I broke the kiss and told him to roll over. His short, thin cock was dripping a huge amount of precum as I lowered my mouth over it. I easily took his whole cock into my mouth and within one minute he was blasting his own load into my mouth.

As I had told him to do, I swallowed his creamy load, saving the last few shots in my mouth. I moved up the bed and kissed him again, allowing him to receive his cum as I had done. We kissed for a long time, touching and feeling each other.

The mood was broken when his cell phone rang. He quickly jumped up and answered, to find that his wife was on her way back. He dressed quickly as I laid there stroking my softened cock.

"Mark, that was pretty fucking hot!" I said.

"It was, well, awesome. Can I come back later, after she heads back to her afternoon sessions?"

I smiled and said, "Absolutely! After all, I'm sure I'll have a cramp that needs work."

He smiled, and left the room.

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