tagIncest/TabooTraveling Ch. 09

Traveling Ch. 09


(You should read at least Chapter 8 to get a grasp of what happens in this story.)


After my evening with Tommy, I was zapped. I slept late, then I hit the tables for awhile before heading to my meeting. I returned to my hotel about four in the afternoon and had an email from young Tommy.

"Hey, are you available this afternoon?" it said. I had received it almost an hour before arriving. I quickly replied, "Yes, I can meet this afternoon. What time is good for you?"

It was almost twenty minutes before I had a response, "I'll be there in 30 minutes." It said. I replied, "Great! See you then". I quickly jumped into the shower, shaved my cock and balls again to make sure they were smooth and squeaky clean for my young friend. I had actually hoped to get laid tonight by a woman, but, his butt! Tighter than any woman's pussy. I was very excited and could barely keep my cock in check. I dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, nothing else.

It had been about twenty-five minutes when I heard a light tap on the door. I opened up the door, expecting to find Tommy, instead I found an attractive, fortyish woman. She was medium height, with what appeared to be a decent set of breasts, decent waist, flared hips and her short sun dress showed shapely legs. Her hair was sandy blonde and her skin was beautiful, with very light freckles across her bare shoulders.

"Oh, hi, can I help you?" I asked, looking down the hall hoping that Tommy wouldn't see her and chicken out.

"I'm Tommy's mum," she replied with a slight British accent.

My mouth dropped open! My heart skipped a few beats and I know my face flushed bright red.

"Might I come in for a moment?" She asked, a slight smile on her lips. I didn't reply, just stepped back out of the way and let her enter the room.

"I'm not here to cause a problem, or anything at all like that, I just wanted to, well, maybe ask you a few questions about your meeting with my son. I'm assuming you are the one he emailed and wrote about in his journal." She stated, somewhat with a trembling voice, a little unsure of what she was doing there in a strange guys hotel room.

I was still burning bright red, my anxious cock had retreated fully. I smiled and said, "Yes, I was with Tommy last night. Please tell me he's really eighteen, he swore he was!" I was the one that was very uncomfortable now.

"Yes," she smiled, "very much so, that's not why I'm here. I'm here to try to understand the path he's chosen to go down." Her voice was more stable, determined.

"I see, so, how exactly did you find out about us? Me?" I asked.

When we got to our room last night, Tommy was in the shower. He'd left his laptop open to the emails. I clicked on the first one and read them all, I wasn't surprised he was looking, he's been writing in his journal about his homosexual desires for years." She smiled again, then added, "Yes, I read his journals and I always have. The entry this morning was quite erotic, he detailed so much of what you and he did." She stopped, took a deep breath, then said, "I want to know what he felt firsthand, I want to understand it."

Okay, I was still in a bit of shock, but she had just said 'she wanted to feel what he felt firsthand', what the heck did that mean? Was she wanting sex? Anal sex? Did she want to suck my cock? I was now even more confused.

"I'm not sure I understand what you are asking, you said his journal was very detailed about our, our, fun. What exactly do you want to know?" I asked.

She took another deep breath and said, "I want to, first, ask you a few questions about what your opinions of the night, then I, well, I want other information too and we'll get to that." Her cheeks were bright red now.

"Ask away, I'll be happy to answer your questions, as long as you aren't planning on killing me!" I said, trying to smile.

"No, no, nothing at all like that."

I offered her a diet drink, which she eagerly accepted and then we sat down across from each other in the two big chairs that surrounded the same table that her son had been bent over just hours ago, with my cock embedded in his ass.

"Okay, whenever you are ready," I said.

Again, another deep breath, "First, are you a homosexual?"

"No, I'm bi-sexual," grinning, "actually I like to think of myself of try-sexual. I'm a very sexual person and I do from time to time like to have sex with guys. I have had sex with guys since I was your sons age. But, I do like women as well."

"Fine, good, can you tell me how he did?"

I smiled at her and leaned forward a bit and said, "He was great. He's a quick cummer, but he also recovers quickly." I felt a tingle in my shorts, realizing I didn't have any underwear on under them!

She smiled back and said, "He gets that from his father! The quick cummer part, not the quick recovery part!" she actually laughed at her last statement. "Would you tell me what you did? I mean, your side of the story?"

"Are you sure? You really want to hear this?" I asked, she simply nodded her reply.

"Alright, he got here, we talked for a few minutes and I assured him he could leave whenever and we would only do whatever he wanted." I stopped, letting this soak in. I then resumed the story, my cock beginning to grow slightly.

"I stripped naked first, then I helped him undress. I then stroked his cock for a few minutes, he warned me that he cums quickly and added he would recover quickly too," she interrupted me with a question.

"Can you tell me what his, his, cock looks like?" She was flushed bright red, but her nipples gave away her excitement, they were at full attention, confirming my thought that she wasn't wearing a bra, and that her large breasts were either fake or had been lifted.

"Sure, his cock is about five inches long, slender, with a small patch of very thin hair around it." I said, my own cock growing a bit more.

"Poor boy, I was hoping he wouldn't get his father's cock. Of course, five inches is about an inch longer than his," she stated matter of factly.

"After he told me about the quick cumming, I released his cock and had him put his hand on mine. He wrapped his fist around and started slowly stroking me. I pulled him to me and we kissed, his hands ran up and down my back, and mine up and down his, his little butt is perfect by the way."

I continued, "As I teased his butt and my tongue was in his mouth, he came. Shot his cum all over my crotch and thigh. I scooped it up in my hand, and had him taste it. He licked at it then opened his mouth and swallowed the handful of cum I gave him." I stopped, staring at her large breasts that now had fully erect nipples and heaving heavily as she breathed harder and harder. She was getting off on hearing her son's gay adventure!

I went on, "I then had him suck my cock. I pushed it all the way into his mouth, into his throat. He gagged a lot and spit up a tremendous amount of spit as I plunged my cock into his mouth," my cock was now fully erect and the head was inching out of my shorts. "By the way, my cock is about seven inches long and fairly thick, so he was sucking a lot of dick." I added.

"Oh my!" she gasped, "And he was able to handle that?"

"Well, not at first, but he got the hang of it. I was actually sitting on his chest and arms, sort of, well, since we are being blunt, I was fucking his throat." I let that sink in and started up again, "I soon fed him my cum, I pulled my cock out so he could get the full load in his mouth, then he swallowed it all. He said he really liked the taste and he was smiling from ear to ear."

She took a drink of her coke, her brow had sweat on it and her nipples were about to burst through the sun dress.

"After that, since I don't recover instantly like he does, I sucked his cock until he shot into my mouth, then I held his cum in my mouth and kissed him again, feeding him his own load. He swallowed every drop."

She gasped again, and said, "Oh my! He drank three loads of cum! Two of his own and yours!"

"Yes, he did, and he loved it!" I added, drinking my coke, my precum trickling down my thigh. Thank goodness the table was there, she would have been able to see my fully erect cock. "After that, I turned him over and I began to lick, kiss and suck his ass cheeks. He really loved this, he was wiggling around the bed and moaning into the pillow. I ate his ass, which was perfect by the way, soft to the touch, yet firm and nicely rounded. I licked and ate his ass for a long while, long enough that he came again, all over the bed!"

"Rimming? Is that what it is called?" she asked.

"Yes," I nodded, "rimming. His butt was perfect, really perfect. I scooped up the cum from between his legs and smeared it all over his butt and into his crack, then I licked it all clean." I let her picture his butt in her mind, covered in cum.

"I was hard again by then, so I got some lube, and though I usually use a condom, he was so clean and so am I, I couldn't resist, I greased up his ass with my fingers, working in the lube and when I was sure he was well lubed, I started to slide my cock and slowly, very slowly slid my cock inside his ass."

"Did it hurt him?" she asked, some concern, mostly just interested.

"Yes, he screamed that it was way too big, but having done this before, I knew that was because he was flexing his ass around my cock and not relaxing. I continued in slowly, and soon he relaxed and said that he loved it! He did, he was yelling that he loved my cock in his ass!"

"That's what he wrote in his journal, that he yelled out that he was gay and that he loved cock!" she said, her face still flushed, her nipples still erect.

"I fucked his tight little ass hard for quite awhile, I finally felt my own cum rising and soon I filled his butt with my hot cum. He came at the same time, his cum running down his legs. I stayed in him until my cock deflated and popped out of his ass. My cum was oozing from him butthole, so I scooped it up and smeared it all over his butt."

I concluded the story, "After that, we showered, he came again! And then dressed and left."

At first, she just sat there and didn't say anything, taking sips of her coke and trying to get her breathing under control. After several minutes of silence, she sat her coke bottle down and said, "Thank you! Thank you so much for telling me this, you probably think I'm a nut job for wanting to hear about her son's deflowering."

I shook my head, "No, not at all, you already knew it, and you've known for awhile that your son was going down this path."

She smiled and said, "Now, for a confession of my own. After I read his journal, I masturbated myself to sleep. I must have cum ten times. His father was back down at the tables and I was so horny. I have no clue why, but the thoughts and images of what you and he had done, I, I literally could not stop."

"Well, to tell you the truth, it obvious that you are rather excited now," I said, pointing to her nipples that were still fully erect, as was my cock.

"Yes, well, that is where part two comes in," she stood up, untied the small knot behind her neck and let her dress fall to the floor. Her body was beautiful! Exactly as I had suspected, her breasts had been lifted, her hot pink nipples stuck out almost a full inch from her areola, which was a lighter shade of pink. Her waist was not small, but not fat, her hips flared out into what I was sure framed perfect heart shaped ass. Her pussy hair was neatly trimmed, cropped short, and was the same color as her sandy blonde hair, her lips were pouty and glistened with her wetness.

"My husband has a tiny cock, he cums within minutes of sticking it in me and I really need to be fucked." She said in a stern voice, adding, "and, I want to suck a cock, which he doesn't allow, and I want to be fucked in my arse!"

I swallowed hard, not knowing what to say or do, I stood up and dropped my shorts to the floor, then quickly pulled off my t-shirt. We were both now naked, except for her heels.

I smiled, "What is your name?"

She smiled back too, "Nancy, with a Y."

"Well, Nancy, with a Y, do you want me to be the one that fucks your beautiful pussy, and your gorgeous mouth and, turn for me, oh, and your incredible ass?"

She turned back to face me, "Yes! Please, please! I'd never have the nerve to do anything like this, but having met you, read your story and listened to you talk, I want you!"

I took her by the hand, led her to the bed and laid her down. I spread her plump thighs wide apart and slid between them, my tongue licking the sides of her pussy.

"OH MY GOD!! My husband refused to do that to me! I've not had this since I was a college girl!" she squealed.

I held her thighs apart and dove into her pussy. It was sweet tasting, clean, fresh and very, very wet. She came almost instantly, flushing my face with wetness. Apparently, she's a quick cummer too! I continued to eat her pussy, tonguing her clit as she rocked through multiple orgasms. I ate her until her hands where on my head, trying to force me away.

"No, no! Please!! I can't, I can't keep cumming like this! Oh shit! Please!!" she yelled, pushing me harder and harder.

I ate her through several more orgasms before releasing my grip on her thighs and moving away. My face was coated in her thick juices, so I moved up her body and started kissing her. She kissed back like a woman who had never been kissed! She then licked her juices from my face with her long tongue.

Once my face was clean of her cum, I spread her legs again and slowly slid my cock inside her. Her hands were grasping the bedspread, bunching them up as she tried not to scream out. I slowly eased inside her, an inch at a time, while I bit down on her nipples, alternating between them biting and sucking on each. She was moaning loudly with each inch of my cock and with each nibble on her titty.

Soon, I was fully inside her tight pussy. She began to jerk and shake when my pubic bone pushed against her sensitive clit. I waited for her orgasm to subside, then I began to pull out, slowly, inch by inch again, only to reinsert my cock the same way. I fucked her very slowly, not wanting to cum too quickly, and not to rush her fantasy.

After more than ten minutes of slowly fucking her, I picked up the pace. She was groaning and moaning much like her son as I pounded her harder and harder, pulling the full length of my cock out before plunging it back in. She was rocked with another orgasm, which triggered my own.

"Nancy, I'm going to fill you pussy up!" I yelled and with that I emptied my load deep inside her. I kept pounding her as shot after shot of cum blasted into her.

"MY GOD! I'M CUMMING AGAIN!!!" she yelled and shook so hard that I thought she was going to knock us both off of the bed! I kissed her as she came just as hard as I was. Our mouths moaning into each other.

After we both came down from our orgasm, I scooted down her body, lifted her butt just a bit, placed my mouth around her pussy and sucked my cum out of her and into my mouth. She came again as my tongue flicked her clit and sent the remaining cum gushing back into my mouth. I then slid back up her body and opened my mouth just above hers. She quickly opened her mouth and received our combined cum, I kissed her hard, and she used her tongue to clean the inside of my mouth.

"That was amazing!" she said, sitting up on her elbows, "I've honestly never been fucked like that in my life! I've never had a man eat me like that and certainly never had one suck his cum out and feed it to me!"

"Glad you liked that, now, why don't you turn over for me, sit up on your hands and knees." I said, smiling.

She did as I instructed and I was presented with a beautiful, full, heart shaped ass. Much like her son's ass, it was pure white, not a hair in site and smooth, yet firm. I kissed each cheek, licked each cheek and slowly slid my tongue into her crack. When my tongue came into contact with her tight anus ring, she flinched and almost knocked me to the floor. I spread her ass cheeks wide apart and began to lick, kiss and suck her puckered hole. She moaned and groaned and growled into the pillows, just as Tommy had. I coated her with a ton of spit, then slowly slid a finger into her. She jerked slightly, but then eased her butt back onto the finger, pulling it deeper inside her.

I slowly finger fucked her ass with on finger for several minutes, then I worked a second finger in and worked her with both fingers, her moaning and groaning signaling her approval. I reached for the night stand, snagged the ky and squirted it onto her crack, using my inserted fingers to work it deep in her. I pulled one finger out, prying her anus open and drizzled the ky into her hole.

"OH! Oh!! That feels too good to be true!" she groaned. "Are you going to fuck my arse now?"

Rubbing the ky up and down my shaft, "Yes, Yes I am Nancy." And I placed the head of my now hardened cock at her tiny pink hole and slowly started to push.

"OH!OH! OH MY!" she screamed. "Relax, just relax and let my nice hard cock inside you," I said, massaging her ass cheeks as the head of my cock popped inside.

"Wait! Wait please! Please! I, I , I really don't think I can take it!" she said, struggling, much like Tommy had done.

Know how well I had lubed her and how well she had adjusted and accepted my fingers in her, I shoved! I shoved hard, pushing the entire length of my cock into her at once!

"AAGGGHGHGHHGH!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!" she screamed. I didn't move, I just let her ass adjust to the intrusion that was now buried seven inches deep inside her. "YOU FUCK!!! YOU FUCK!!" she yelled at me, tears streaming down her face.

I just sat still for another minute, I felt her breathing return to normal and felt the squeezing of her anal passage lighten. I then slowly started my retreat, pulling a couple of inches out, then pushing them back in. I continued fucking her incredible ass slowly, very slowly, just as I had done her pussy. She was now moaning lightly.

"Better now, Nancy?" I asked.

"Oh, yes, oh very much better! Oh, I never knew this could feel so good....oh...oh....oh....I think I might cum," she moaned.

I reached under her and stroked her clit, she shivered in orgasm, her anal passage clamping down on me again. I increased the fucking to match her bucking backwards. I was now fucking her harder and harder, while trying to rub her pussy at the same time.

"OH! AAAGGGHHHH!! That's so amazing!" She yelled again. "Please, please fuck my arse harder, harder!"

I did as she asked and began to pull the full length of my cock out and jamming it back in as hard as I could. She was still in the throes of tiny orgasm when I felt my cum rising. I pumped harder and harder.

"Nancy, oh, Nancy! Here it comes baby!! Here it comes!" and with that I filled her ass with my second load of the day. It wasn't a heavy load, but it drained us both. I left my cock embedded in her, just as I had done with her son. Soon, my erection faded and my cock plopped from her ass, a small trickle of cum followed.

Nancy collapsed on the bed, rolled over and motioned for me. We hugged and kissed and rubbed our hands all over each other.

She spoke first, "I'm sorry I was such a baby about my arse. You knew exactly what you were doing, it was the most amazing sex I've ever had. I've never even had a man finger my ass, so it was truly amazing."

"I'm sorry I hurt you, but I couldn't hold back. Your ass is one of the prettiest bottoms I've ever seen and watching my cock going into you was incredible. I couldn't resist, I had to have you."

We dozed off for about thirty minutes, and I suggested a shower. Once in the shower, after soaping and rinsing each other, she dropped to her knees, the water at my back and took my semi hard cock into her mouth. Within a few minutes, my cock was fully erect. She was excellent at sucking cock, especially for a woman who didn't get the chance to do so often. After only six or seven minutes, I unloaded my cum into her mouth and down her throat.

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