tagIncest/TabooTraveling Ch. 11

Traveling Ch. 11


Chapter 11 -- Something Different

During my business travels, I've always tried to find something, or someone fun to do. My last trip to Kansas City turned up something I'd not seen before. I had tried to hook up with a couple on CL, but that fell through, then I tried finding a cross dresser to play with, but that fell through too. So, I decided to head to an adult bookstore and see what I could find in the way of kinky videos or magazines. I'd been wandering around in the store for about thirty minutes or so and was in the bondage section, something I was interested in but had not really done much with outside of some light stuff in college. There was a guy about my age roaming around in that general section too.

I picked up a college hazing video, one depicting lots of paddling going on to guys in underwear and girls in panties. I read the cover, decided it looked good and kept on browsing. The other guy came over and asked, "So, you like that kinda stuff?"

He continued to browse, acting like a secret agent or something, I grinned to myself and decided to play along, "Yeah, I do. Love to see guys and girls bound and spanked."

He looked around and then looked at me, "You're not a cop are you?"

Geez, I thought, "No, just a guy that enjoys giving and watching spankings." I started to walk away and head to the bi section.

"Cool, then you want to see some for real? Tonight? I mean like very soon." He said.

I thought what the heck, "Sure, " I said, trying to sound enthusiastic.

He then handed me a small card with an address on it and said, "We've got a little bondage, spanking, fetish party planned there tonight and you are welcome to come. No drugs, no really rough shit, just some good old fashioned spanking, light bondage and a lot of sex."

I took the card and thought, what the hell, "Cool, thanks. What times does the party start?"

"9:30 he said, but you can head on over, I texted them your picture and you're on the list now, sorry but that is a rule of ours, the picture will be deleted, promise." He said.

I was a little pissed about the pic, but figured that it actually made sense. I thanked him again, shopped for a while longer, mostly killing time and then checked out with three videos -- my college hazing video, a twink gay video and an all anal video with chubby chicks and fat asses getting pounded. What can I say, I like it all.

Before I left, I saw the guy talking to a couple in the same isle where he had approached me. I hoped they were coming too, since the girl was short, chubby and wearing a way too small, too tight skirt. I plugged in the address in my GPS and found that I was about ten minutes away. I took off, noticing the couple coming out of the bookstore right behind me.

When I got to the house, it was a very nice neighborhood and the house had six other cars parked in the driveway and in front, I assumed they were all there for the party. I parked and walked up to the door and rang the bell. A woman of about 40 or so answered the door, she was wearing a black body-stocking that was completely see-through, with the crotch cut out and her full breasts were poked through the openings where the bra would normally be. She was brunette, pretty, and a little chubby with wide hips and very full breasts.

She smiled and said, "Come on in, I see that we have you on our special guest list." I entered and she closed the door behind me, and added, "We like to invite strangers over, mainly so our friends don't figure out that we're a little bit wild," she giggled as she said that. "Follow me, you can stay fully dressed or you can slip into a robe if you prefer, the changing room is right her," she pointed, and stopped moving forward, as if expecting me to enter the changing room.

"I'll change," I said.

She smiled and replied, "I'll wait right here, there are lock boxes for your personal items, if you have any on you."

I did not, having left all my personal items in the car and the key on the front tire, you never know!

Once in the changing room, I stripped and slipped on a red silk robe that was just long enough to cover my ass, maybe two or three inches below it. I came back out wearing only the robe, the pretty brunette smiled and said, "Very nice, I'm Amanda by the way," reaching her hand out for a shake.

Smiling, I replied, "I'm Joe, it's a pleasure to meet you, and if you don't mind my saying you look incredibly sexy in that outfit."

She actually blushed a bit, "Oh, you are too kind. My husband likes me to dress this way when we have one of our little parties and tonight's is a very special night, sort of an initiation for our son and two of his friends, so I'm very excited!"

I thought, 'son', really? That's a hot mom who will do stuff with her son, I thought.

She lead the way downstairs into a basement. Once down there I found two other guys and one girl, all about my age, thirty or so, and all dressed in the same robes as I was in. They were standing near the stairs looking across the room. The two guys were generally built like me, the girl was very slender and appeared to have very small breasts.

As I rounded the stairs I could see what they were looking at. There were three, naked guys and from their build I assumed young college guys. Their hands were tied above their heads to a large beam. Two of the three were slender, the other a little chubby. All three were wearing blindfolds and all had their feet tied to a spacer bar that was about two feet wide. Each guy had raging hard-ons sticking out from smooth shaven crotches. One of the guy's had a cock that had to be ten inches, the other two were more like six or seven.

Standing close to them was another man, I assumed the husband. He was in his forties, a bit of a belly on him, he was naked except for a leather cock-ring and ball spacer. He was messing with what appeared to be several whips and paddles on a long table. There were also numerous toys on the table; I could see dildos, vibrators and numerous butt plugs of varying size.

My cock was at full attention and pointed through my robe. The doorbell rang and the Amanda disappeared upstairs. The husband introduced himself as Charlie, the other two guys were Tom and Frank, the girl was Jill. The three young guys were not introduced.

"We have a couple of late arrivals, soon as they come down we'll get started. Thanks so much for coming over," Charlie said, grinning and seeming very happy to see us.

We all talked for a bit, Jill and Frank were a married couple that had been at the bookstore too, Tom was a friend of Frank's that Frank invited over when it seemed they weren't going to get many takers.

Amanda came back downstairs a few minutes later, with three people in tow. The guy from the bookstore that had invited me and the couple he had been talking with before I left. Amanda introduced the couple as Will and Jenny, and then introduced us to Paul, which she added was Charlie's brother.

So, now we had six watchers, three players and three young guys.

Charlie came over and handed all of us various whips and paddles. Mine was a leather paddle that resembled a Ping-Pong paddle.

"Now, these young men are all heading off to college next week and will be joining a frat that specializes in washing out their pledges by humiliation. We want to make sure these three don't wash out." He went on, "So, each of you will go over there and spank each ass with ten swats, delivered any way you want. After they have all been spanked ten times, then we will really get into the humiliation part of the evening." He smiled and said, "each of these young men are all willing to do whatever we demand of them, so don't worry about anything."

Amanda spoke up next, "The young man in the center is our son, he's been a playmate of ours since turning eighteen and is well aware of the rules of our games here tonight."

The young man in the center was the chubbier boy, sporting a nice seven inch boner.

We each walked around behind the three boys, all of us guys were hard as rocks with our cocks sticking out of the silky robes. Both girls' nipples were fully erect, so at least we were all into this. Each of us took turns in the order that we came to the party. The first two guys spanked hard, but not too hard, still the swats caused the bound guys to wince and squeal in pain.

However, Jill swung hard and fast with her cat-o-nine tails type of whip. The boys danced hard against the spacer bar trying to swing and squirm away from her well delivered swats.

My turn finally came, all three boys were sporting bright red asses now. Each boy had a nice, firm ass. The boy in the middle, Charlie and Amanda's son had a chubby butt, that was very firm and muscular, we was built like a lineman. I drew back my paddle and gave ten hard swats to the first boy. He yelped and screamed and jerked with each blow. Next, I went to the guy on the other end, leaving the middle boy who was anticipating my swats to wonder where I went. I delivered ten even, hard swats to the shiny ass that hung in front of me with the same result, lots of squirming and crying and squealing. I then used a little more force on the chubbier butt, insuring he received the same type of burn his two buddies did. Same results, he squirmed, squealed and jerked away with each swat.

The other couple behind me were easier on the boys, I guess due to the fact that their asses were already beyond red and were even starting to bruise a bit. All three also had tears streaming down their faces, the boy on the right sobbing out loud. Funny thing was, they were all three still sporting raging hard ons.

Charlie, Amanda and Paul did not spank the boys, they simple stated that they had already had their fun with them earlier.

The boy that was sobbing was untied from the beam by Charlie's, as Amanda and Paul brought out an interesting looking table. The table was easily waist high, about two and a half feet across, and about that wide. It had eye bolts in all four legs. The guy was bent over the table, his hands were then tied through the eye bolts, the spacer bar was removed and his ankles were then secured to the other two legs. This left him with his face and ass at even heights, about waist high for most of us in the room.

Charlie said, "Okay, now the real fun begins. You folks take any toy you want from the table and do anything you want to this young man. His ass and mouth are for you to abuse."

Tom, the guy married to Jill asked, "What if I'd rather not use a toy, but use the real thing?" And with that question, he slipped the robe off and exposed a very long, very thick cock surrounded by a thick bush of hair.

Charlie smiled and said, "Well, that's a very nice dick there. If you'd rather use that instead of a toy, then I'm fine with that." As Tom walked towards the guy, Charlie stopped him and handed him a condom, "But anything other than a toy entering these young men will be wrapped and protected. You can shoot off on him, but not in him, unless you just want to fuck his mouth, then you don't have to wear one." Tom smiled and took the condom, and a bottle of anal lube from the table.

The rest of us shed our robes, my cock had been sticking out from the beginning, so there was nothing to cover up anyway! I watched as Amanda helped Tom roll the condom on and was more than surprised to see Paul pour the anal lube on the young guys ass and start working it in first with one finger, then two, then three.

Tom stepped up and placed the head of this huge cock at the tight pink opening of the young man and eased forward slowly, Amanda using her hand to help guide him. The guy winced in pain and screamed for Tom to stop. Tom did not stop. Due to the way the guy was tied up, he couldn't do anything but take the monster cock up his ass. He cried and yelped and jerked and pulled, all to no avail. The cock was soon buried inside him and Tom's thick bush was pressed up against the guy's thin, white ass. Tom didn't move, just stood there letting the ass adjust to the monster that was in him.

After a few minutes, he stopped crying and moaned slightly as Tom began to pull the monster back out. When he was about half way out, he slid forwards again. The guy moaned louder now. Tom continued the slow fuck, pulling out a little further each time and slowly moving back in.

Paul stepped up to the bound boy and said, "Do you like that big cock in your ass?"

"Yes...Sir...I...Like...It...Sir," he said between grunts and groans.

"You like getting your skinny, tight ass fucked, don't you?" Paul asked, grabbing the guy's hair and lifting his head up.

Again, between grunts and groans, "OH...Yes! I LOVE A COCK IN MY ASS." He replied.

Tom picked up the pace, as Paul continued to make the young man tell us how much he liked getting fucked. Soon Tom was pounding into him full speed and the guy was begging him to fuck him harder. I was so turned on I thought I might cum right then.

Tom grunted and I could tell that he was filling the condom with his load. He kept pounding and the college bound kid kept begging for more. Tom pulled out, the condom so full I was barely able to stay on. Amanda pulled the condom off, then turned it upside down right over the young man's ass and dropped the load onto his butt. Once she squeezed the load out, Paul smeared it around making sure to cover both cheeks fully.

Charlie stepped up, a large drop of precum leaking from his fat cock, "Who else would like to play with this one, I need one more." Surprising, it was Jenny that stepped up. She was naked, just like the rest of us. Her body was short, very curvy and she had huge breasts, much bigger than Amanda's. She was probably in her mid twenties, she had a huge tramp stamp on her back and her chubby butt was dimpled in all the right spots. Her pussy hair was trimmed in the shape of a lightning bolt and she had both nipples pierced with small bar bells.

She walked over the table and picked up a double ended dildo. She walked over the tied up guy, took the dildo and shoved about six inches up inside her pussy before shoving the same amount into the young man's ass. She used her hand to move the dildo in and out of her pussy, while at the same time moving it in and out of his ass. She reached around with her other hand and found his cock and stroked it to match her own thrusts.

She came within a few minutes, her own juices running down her legs. She pulled the dildo from her pussy, shoving as much as she could into the young guy's ass, then she reached under him, pulled his dick back towards her and began to suck him off. Her husband stared, glassy-eyed as she sucked the guy until he came, shooting his load down her throat.

She licked her lips, pulled the dildo from the guy's ass and laid it back on the table. She then kissed her husband deeply, I think she had saved part of the guy's load to share with him.

Charlie went over the table untied the guy, then Amanda led him over to a leather couch and sat him down.

Charlie then untied the guy on the other end, the one with the ten inch cock, (which when measured later was actually almost eleven inches). He was positioned in the same manner and Charlie said, "Okay, this little bitch is ready, who wants him?"

Frank stepped over to the table and picked up a condom, then walked over to the guy. As before, Amanda helped put the condom on, while Paul got the guy's ass lubed up. Frank's cock was about five inches long, neatly trimmed short pubes and it wasn't much bigger around than a 'c' cell battery.

He slowly eased it into the guy, who took it without much of a wince or a groan. Soon Frank had a nice rhythm going and the young man was moaning. Paul repeated the teasing and it took no time at all for this one to scream "FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER" over and over as Frank pounded into him with all he had.

Meanwhile, Jill walked up in front him and said, "Stick out your tongue and tongue my pussy."

He did just that, opening his mouth wide and shoving his tongue out. Jill, was very slender with very small 'A' size breasts. Her pussy was shaved bald and slender butt made her look more like a boy than a girl.

She positioned herself so that his tongue was licking up her slit and banging against her clit. She moaned, he moaned and Frank moaned as Frank filled his condom with cum. The process was repeated, Amanda pulled the full condom off and dumped the load onto the guy's ass as Paul spread it all around.

Jill began to reach orgasm about ten minutes later, the guy was licking her like there was no tomorrow and she reached her orgasm intensely, shaking and finally falling away from his tongue.

He was untied and led to the couch, his cock was still straining for release, the boy next to him was fully erect again. After Amanda seated the guy, she turned around and slowly sat herself down on the eleven inch cock, her eyes glazed over as she took him fully inside her. She bobbed up and down fucking him, yet he knew not to move or touch her, his eyes were glazed and he stared down at his cock, and Amanda's ass. After a few minutes, she shook with a wild orgasm, her juices spilling down her legs. She raised up and walked back to her spot near her son, who was now bent over the table and tied into position. The poor guy on the couch still had a raging hard on, actually both guys did.

That just left me and Will. I smiled and said, "So, which end do you want?"

Will looked a little weird and then his girlfriend, Jenny replied for him, "Hon, why don't you get a blow job from him."

He just nodded and walked towards the bound guys mouth. Will was decent looking, with a nice five inch or so cock. The cock was as big around as a coke can and was dripping a steady flow of precum. Once he was close to Charlie's son, Paul lifted the guy's mouth with one hand, and Will's cock with the other.

"Open wide Charlie Junior, he's got a very thick one," Paul instructed and soon the cock was sliding about half way into the guys throat.

I walked over to the table, picked up a condom and headed to Amanda, who tore the package open and then rolled the condom on. Charlie senior was already lubing his son's ass and had slid three fingers into him.

I positioned myself behind the eighteen year old and slowly slid inside him. At first he tensed up, but then quickly relaxed as I finally had the full seven and a half inches in him. I held his chubby hips with my hands and then begin to slowly pull back out, nearly to the tip, then slowly back in. His ass was tight, well lubed and very hot. His butt cheeks still were red, with some light bruising starting to show from the earlier spanking.

Making my third insertion into him, I heard Will grunt and groan, then softly say, "Take that cum, take it all, ooohhhhh....." and with that, he unloaded this thick cock's load into Charlie Junior's mouth. After he was done, he simply smiled and stepped away and then looked at his chubby girlfriend, she smiled and said, "I know what you want, but you have to ask them."

He looked at Amanda and blushed a deep crimson red, "Um, Amanda, um, would it be okay if I sucked off one of the guys?"

Amanda smiled wickedly and said, "Sure, which one do you want cocksucker?"

He blushed even more and then pointed to the shorter dick, saying, "I don't think I could handle the other one."

I was still steadily fucking Charlie's chubby, tight ass, going deliberately slow to insure that I didn't cum too quickly.

Jill, Tom and Frank announced they needed to leave and Amanda escorted them back upstairs.

Jenny knelt on the floor beside her boyfriend and encouraged Will, "Come on baby, suck that teen cock, you know you've always wanted a young cock in your mouth, suck it baby."

Will bent forward and took the guy's cock into his mouth. Jenny helped him by holding the cock with one hand and pushing Will's head down with the other. Soon, Will was bobbing up and down on his own, the cock getting wetter and wetter with Will saliva.

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