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Traveling Masturbation


There's a little bit of an exhibitionist in all of us...some more than others. I never realized how much I'd enjoy giving others a "show" until my husband persuade me to "explore" in the car one sunny afternoon.

Whenever my husband and I go on long trips we have deep conversations about different subjects but in the end...the subject always turns to sex. We had been discussing our weekend of activities and how much fun we had had visiting friends. He was relating to me how much he enjoyed watching me with another woman in the shower...and listening to us as the other woman "pleased" me. That's another story in itself...

As we were reminiscing...I began to tingle between my legs...My husband could tell I was getting turned on by the way I kept changing positions in my seat next to him. I told him how much I enjoyed being with my "girlfriend"...having her bring me to countless orgasms over the course of our stay with them. He was getting excited too...I could tell by the bulge in his jeans.

He suggested that I masturbate and relieve my pent up sexual tension. I was shocked that he would suggest this...especially in broad daylight while we are driving down a busy highway. What if someone saw me as they passed?

My need to orgasm got the best of me as he continued to describe how much he enjoyed seeing my "girlfriend" lay down in the tub while I straddled her face...I carefully laid my seat back and unbuttoned my shorts. As I slid my hand down into my panties I felt the warmth and moisture that had been building up for the past 20 minutes. As I began to caress my clit...I felt a shiver run through me...

As he continued to drive...I began talking naughty to him...telling him how good his hard cock would feel inside of me...how I'd like to bend over...with my ass in the air...and have him slip inside of my wet pussy...

As I am telling him this...I slide my shorts down and over my shoes...I raise my shirt up over my breasts and begin pulling my stiffened nipples...I prop my nicely tanned legs up on the dash and spread them wide to give him...or anyone who passes...a better view...

The feel of the sun through the sunroof warmed my legs...my tummy...my breasts...the wind was blowing my hair around my face...the idea of being naked in the car while masturbating with the chance of being seen began to excite me even more...

As I began my journey into oblivion...I forget all about the trucks and cars passing us...I am solely concentrating on bringing my own self off...I start out by massaging my clit with one hand...my other hand pulling at my nipples...As my pussy gets wet...I carefully insert one finger and bring my hand down to tease my clit...I pretend my finger is his cock slipping inside of me...the thought of this makes my juices flow even more...I was sure I was leaving a wet spot on the seat...

As I began to finger fuck myself...I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he had unzipped his jeans and freed his cock from its binding...I could see him stroking it slowly...I love to watch him pump his rigid cock...

I turned my head so that I had a better view of what my husband was doing...as I did this a truck with a young man drove by...he glanced over as he saw my legs spread wide and my feet carefully placed on the dash...I can only imagine what he thought...I just smiled and began to focus on my clit more intensely then...my legs twitching with excitement...my hips began to move in rhythm with the movement of my husband's hand as he continued to fist his cock...I couldn't contain the moan that escaped my lips...

As I began to orgasm...I raised my ass from the seat and screamed out as each wave came over me...I couldn't keep my eyes off of him stroking his rod...I couldn't wait to take it in my mouth and swallow his tangy jism...

With one swift movement I leaned over to him and took his cock into my mouth...I could feel the head in my throat...I slid my lips back up to concentrate on the tip...swirling my tongue around it...teasing it...I licked it from the tip to the base and back up again while fondling his balls with my free hand...He was having a hard time keeping focused on the road...

His hips began to move and he started to fuck my mouth...his pace quickened and I could feel his balls tighten in my hand...as he began to cum he started to moan and say my name...at that moment I could feel his thick liquid coat the back of my throat and slide down my neck...I love the salty taste of him...

As we both straightened our clothes and I pulled my shorts back on he told me that this would have to do until we got home...I could only imagine what he had in mind...and I couldn't wait.

I leaned my seat back and decided to take a nap...I am sure I will need the energy when we arrive at our house. He turned the music up and began to sing to one of his favorite songs...this was a lullaby to me...and I drifted slowly off to sleep.

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