tagGroup SexTraveling New Bi-Ways... Ch. 02

Traveling New Bi-Ways... Ch. 02


Traveling New Bi-Ways With Friends Ch. 02

After hugging each other for a moment, both D and Ken shifted positions so I could also sit on the chaise lounge. D said, "I think I'll shower, I'm all sweaty . . . and sticky." She stood up, looked at Ken and I, smiled, licked her lips, turned and walked towards the spa. "There is a shower in there," said Ken. " I think we should shower too." The two of us got off the lounge and walked to the spa. We could hear the shower running as we entered. It was an "open air" outside shower with multiple shower heads. D had soaped her body, but she was pinching a nipple with the fingers of one hand and rubbing her cunt with her other hand.

"Hi, guys. I was just thinking about us." Ken and I stepped into the shower. Ken picked up a bar of soap and started to wash my back. This rather surprised me. D took the soap from Ken and lathered my chest. Ken continued to lather my back, his hands slipped down and cupped my butt. D slipped her hands down and lathered my cock and balls. I felt a bit uncomfortable, so I stepped to one side and rinsed off. D and Ken seemed put off. I took the soap from D and started washing Ken's back. They both seemed to relax. Ken was washing D's chest and she was lathering his chest. I took a chance and moved one hand to Ken's butt. He didn't pull away, so I slid my hand into his butt crack. Ken responded by spreading his feet apart and giving me better access. I slipped my hand between his legs. My hand met D's. She was stroking his cock.

I briefly squeezed her hand, then moved my hand back to cup Ken's balls. I like having my balls gently cupped and held. I then slid a finger back from his balls to his asshole. I lightly stroked his pucker. He spread his legs open a little further. I removed my hand and ran it up his butt crack so I could get some more soapy lather. Ken sort of sighed. I slid my hand down his back, between his butt cheeks and pressed a fingertip against his asshole. Ken responded by raising up, a bit, on his toes. I didn't know if I should stop there or continue to push my finger up his ass. D solved my dilemma buy sliding her hand next to mine, "It's getting late. Let's save this." Ken relaxed and leaned back against me so my cock brushed his butt. He turned off the water and the three of us stepped out of the shower together. The air was still warm.

We didn't need towels to dry off. D picked up the three wine glasses and the wine bottles by the Jacuzzi. We walked out to the table and chairs in the center of the courtyard. D set the glasses on the table and poured three glasses from one of the bottles. We sat down. Ken proposed a toast. Here we were, my good friends and I, nude, sitting under a starry sky on a warm night, and he is proposing a toast. "Here's to friendship. We've grown close tonight. May we grow closer." We clinked glasses and drank. I didn't know what to think. We sat silently for a moment, then D and Ken got up and walked towards the door to their rooms. I watched them as they walked away in the faint light. They both had nice butts. I wasn't sure whose I liked best. I put down the wine glass and walked to my suite, pulled back the covers, and laid down. It had been a long day and I fell asleep before I could even think about the fact that I had sucked the cock and eaten the cunt of my best friends.

I awakened fairly early. The house was quiet. I got up and went into the bathroom to wash my face and shave. I decided to use the lap pool before D and Ken got up. Since nudity was the norm in the spa, I figured skinny dipping in the lap pool was the norm also. I picked up a towel, opened the door and stepped out into the courtyard. The sun was up high enough to light up the end of the courtyard, but the air was cool. I walked across into the sunny portion of the courtyard nearer the pool. I did some stretching. The sun and the slight breeze felt good on my skin. I slipped into the pool.

The water, which came to just above my waist, was surprisingly warm. I began to swim laps. After about 20 minutes of swimming slow laps, I was hanging on the edge on the pool and lazily kicking my legs, when I heard a door open across the courtyard. I looked up over the pool coping and saw it was D. She was carrying a towel in one hand. She was nude. I splashed with my feet so she would know I was in the pool. She stopped at the edge of the pool right over my head.

"Good morning, I thought you might be here. I heard you get up. Ken is still asleep." I looked up those long, long legs and the plane of her belly, past the swell of her breasts and into her face. "Good morning." I stood up. My face was just inches from her cunt. I was close enough to kiss it, if I stretched my neck a bit. D walked around to the sunny side of the pool and put her towel on a chair. She sat down on the edge of the pool, reached down and splashed some water on her legs. She wet her hands again and rubbed some water on her arms and belly. Her legs were slightly spread and the drops of water on her neatly trimmed pubic hair sparkled in the sun. D was a natural blonde. She slipped in the pool and began to swim. I watched her swim a couple of laps. She was lithe like a cat. I started swimming beside her.

She was a strong swimmer. If we were swimming a long distance, she would easily leave me far behind. I swam a few laps then hoisted myself out of the water. I sat on the edge of the pool with my feet in the water. D swam up to the end of the lane next to me and stood up. I watched the water run off her breasts. Her nipples hardened and stood up in the cool air. I stood up to get a towel. D held up her hands, "Give me a lift." I took her hands and pulled her up. She put her feet on the edge of the pool and stood up next to me. I handed her a towel. She said, " Turn around, I'll dry your back."

She dried my back, then I dried hers. Just a casual, comfortable action between two people. I continued to dry myself. D put one foot up on a chair to dry her foot. I watched as she ran the towel up her leg and hip to her butt. I head a voice say "Good morning, I wondered where everyone was." Ken walked to the edge of the pool. He was wearing swim trunks. "I guess I don't need these," he said as he slipped the trunks off and threw them on a chair. Ken was well hung, something I was too busy to notice last night. His flaccid cut cock looked to be about 4 or 5 inches in length. It was fairly thick. His balls were hanging low in his scrotum. His pubic hair was dark and curly. D stopped drying her feet and legs, dropped the towel, stepped over to Ken, put her arms around his neck, pressed her body up against the full length of his, and gave him a deep French kiss. "Good morning. Lover!" She stepped back and picked up her towel. Ken's cock stirred. D said, " I'll put some breakfast together while you swim some laps." As she walked away, she patted Ken on the butt. "You are a lucky man, Ken."

"I know." He sat down and slipped into the pool. I followed D to see if I could do anything to help with breakfast.

She was getting stuff out of the refrigerator - fruit, eggs, yogurt, etc. I asked if I could help. "Could you squeeze some oranges? The juicer is in the cabinet there." I got the juicer, the oranges, a knife and went to work. D was cleaning strawberries and slicing melons. She stopped and picked up a chef's apron. "Ken will be in, in a minute. Are scrambled eggs o.k.? Would you tie the apron strings for me?" She slipped the apron over her head and turned her back towards me. I stepped over and tied the strings in a bow in the small of her back. "Thanks, 'Don't want to get any grease spatters on me." Her bare butt, framed by the sides of the apron and the bow, looked ravishing. I went back to squeezing oranges. Ken came in, walked over behind D, slid his hands under the top of the apron and kissed her neck. I noticed he pressed his cock against her butt. Ken stepped back from D and came over by me. "You do good work," he grinned.

I had squeezed about two quarts of juice. He placed his hand on my shoulder and slid it down my back to my butt. He was facing me at an angle and his cock was brushing against my leg. He said, "Help me move the table and chairs." He moved away from me and I followed him out to the courtyard. We moved the table and chairs into the shade. Ken went back into to get place settings. As we finished setting up the table, D came out of the kitchen. She was pushing a cart that was loaded with scrambled eggs, various fruit, toast, yogurt, juice and coffee. Ken poured juice, I poured coffee then we both seated ourselves. D reached behind her back, did a bump and grind, untied the apron strings, held the apron in front of her while she did a couple of hip thrusts and a couple more bump and grinds. She took the apron off, whirled in around, tossed towards the kitchen door and ended with a hip thrust. We laughed at her mini striptease. As she sat down she said, "I feel good! Last night was great!" We all looked at the chaise lounge and we all saw the dried puddle of cum. We grinned at each other and began to eat breakfast.

As we ate, we talked about last night. Ken said he was really surprised when he felt two tongues on his cock, but he really liked the feeling. I said I liked the feel of his cock in my mouth. It felt and tasted different than what I had expected, warm and slightly salty. D said that sitting on a cock and having her clit sucked really set her off. My cock was starting to stir. D's nipples were hard and erect and Ken had one hand in his lap. We went back to small talk. As we finished breakfast, D asked what I wanted to do today. I replied that I would like to work on my overall tan, but I had better write up some customer service reports. D said she was going to do some garden maintenance on the plants in the courtyard and then she was going to "vege" out with a book. Ken said he wasn't sure what he was going to do, but he did want to work out with free weights.

We cleared the table and cleaned up the kitchen. I went to my room and got my laptop and my notes and returned to the table in the shade. D came out. She was wearing a large straw hat and sandals. Ken came out with a large bottle of sunscreen. He asked if I wanted some. I got up and walked over to them. D had a glob in her hand. She said turn around and applied in on my back. She also did Ken's back. Ken helped her. We finished applying the sunscreen to ourselves and returned to our tasks. I refolded my towel, placed it on the chair, sat down and started to write up my reports.

D busied herself with tending to the planters and beds set around the courtyard. I watched her as she worked. She had a pad on which she kneeled as she tended each planter or bed. She would kneel down, lean forward and start weeding. I liked to watch the sway of her breasts as she leaned forward. I found that watching D made my cock twitch. I couldn't concentrate on my reports, so I took a walk. Ken was sunbathing by the lap pool. He was lying on his back in a spread eagle position. I didn't bother him. I walked back to where D was working on a flower bed. I kneeled down opposite her and watched her work. She raised her head and acknowledged me. Her shoulders were shining with sweat. She continued to work while I watched. I felt like a voyeur. I was able to look between her breasts, down the plane of her belly, and down between her thighs to her blonde hair covered cunt. My cock twitched. She sat up and looked into my face. A rivulet of sweat ran down between her breasts towards her belly. "Let's find Ken. Enough of this for a while. I need to cool off and then we should get some lunch." I helped her stand up and we went to find Ken. He was in the weight room. He was working on bench presses. "You should have a spotter," I said. "You were busy." D said, "Let's shower and eat lunch." We showered together in the outdoor shower and then went inside to fix lunch.

While eating lunch, I commented that I was rather surprised that they were so relaxed about nudity. D said they discovered nude sunbathing when they had owned a time share condo on a beach in California. The time share had a deck, off the master bedroom, which was enclosed by a seven foot high wall. This was for nude sunbathing. They enjoyed that. They found the large plate windows in the time share precluded indoor nudity unless the drapes were closed. Their townhome also precluded indoor nudity because of the picture windows. When Ken quit work and they built this house, they planned for nude living with the enclosed courtyard. The windows in the exterior wall were set high and there were wide overhangs which shaded the windows during the summer and allowed the sun to shine into the house during the winter. They were generally nude when they were alone at home. They noticed I had an overall tan, so they figured I was also comfortable with nudity. I told them I sun bathed nude and lived nude whenever possible.

After lunch, I moved the table into deep shade. I sat on a bench and went back to work on my reports. D continued her gardening and Ken went back to the weight room. D walked up behind me after awhile. She was carrying a laptop and asked if she could share the table. I said, "Sure." She leaned forward and hugged me. I felt her breasts pressed against my shoulders. My cock twitched. We were both typing away, when Ken walked up behind me. He placed a hand on my shoulder and leaned over me to try to kiss D. I felt his cock against my back. My cock twitched. Ken moved so his cock was lying on my left shoulder. I turned my head and looked at his cockhead lying there. I stopped typing, turned around on the bench, slipped my tongue under his cockhead and slurped his flaccid cock into my mouth. I buried my nose in his pubic hair. I had his cock fully in my mouth and my chin was pressed against his balls. I heard D sort of gasp. For a moment, I savored his taste - warm and salty. I "massaged" the underside of Ken's cock with my tongue then I started to suck. My cock was starting to rise. Ken's cock started to swell and lengthen as I sucked. My cock got harder. I slipped my fingertips under his balls and held them like they were on platter. As Ken's cock got harder and longer, I used my fingers to stroke the triangle between his balls and his asshole with my fingertips.

Ken placed his hands on either side of my head and started to move his hips. He was fucking my mouth so I concentrated on keeping my lips tight around his cock. He was sweating, so I lubricated a fingertip and pressed it against he pucker. Ken responded by spreading his feet apart and giving me better access to his asshole. I pushed one finger up to the first knuckle. Ken pushed back. I thought, "He likes anal. I wonder if he is a 'bottom'." At this point, I took my mouth off his cock, which sprang upright. I stood up. Ken pulled me close to himself and kissed me on the mouth. I had never been kissed on the mouth by a man before. It felt different - and nice. Our bodies - and cocks - were pressed together. D moved over next to us. She wrapped a hand around both of our cocks and held them against each other. She said, "I have never seen anything so erotic as you two guys." We shared a group hug. Then we broke. "I need to cool off", I said. We all hit the showers. I was feeling confused, and horny, and excited, and puzzled by Ken. "I need to take a break", I said and I walked to my suite. After lying down and thinking about what had occurred, I decided to go with the flow - and follow my cock - and enjoy whatever happened.

After an hour or so of rest and thought, I went back outside. I heard soft noises coming from D and Ken's suite. I walked to the door and looked in. They were in a 69. Ken was on top and he was busily eating D. She was sucking his cock and, I noticed, she had three fingers inserted in his ass. Her finger fucking of his ass was distracting him and he kept telling her to push deeper. I stepped back and went back to my laptop and my reports.

I went back to my laptop and continued my reports. About an hour later, D came out of the house. She was wearing a pareo and she was nude from the waist up. She looked exotic as she walked towards me. She moved a chair into deep shade, sat down and opened a book. Finally, I finished my work and put the laptop away. I pulled a chair close to D and said, "May I ask a question?"


"Is Ken into anal?" D thought a moment. "He is curious. I think he would like to try it with you, but he doesn't know how to broach it." I said, "With all the butt touching and other clues, I wondered if that might be the case. I saw you two a bit ago and he seemed to enjoy what you were doing."

"I sort of hoped you would hear us and come see what was going on. Why didn't you join us?"

"You looked into it and I didn't feel I should intrude any further."

"Three fingers and a thin vibrator are about as far as we have gone. He has said he wished I had a cock so I could but fuck him, but I don't know if he is just really curious or really serious." I said, "Why don't we just wait." About then, Ken came out and joined us. He wanted to finish his weight routine and asked me to spot for him. I worked with him on bench presses and watched as he did leg presses. As strong a his legs were, he looked like he might be able to sit on a cock and slide up and down for hours. I did a routine of curls, leg lifts and bench presses. We finished up and went out to the shower. We were lathering when Ken said, "I liked what you did with me just before lunch." I said, " Well you cock looked so delicious just lying there on my shoulder, that I had to taste it."

"No, I mean when you slipped your finger into my ass." I didn't say anything. We continued to shower in silence. We lathered each other's back. I slipped my hand between his legs and pressed and massaged his asshole. I didn't pull away when he did the same for me and it felt rather nice when he pressed his semi-erect cock between my butt cheeks. I turned to face him. Ken leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. About that time I heard D say, "You guys better turn the water to a cold shower. You're going to be late for dinner."

We never talked about the days events as we ate. D seemed restless as we cleaned up the table and dishes. Abruptly, she said, "I'm going to the spa. Bring the wine and glasses when you are ready." With that, she unwrapped her pareo, hung it over a chair and walked out. My cock twitched as I watched her walk into the shadows of the courtyard.

When Ken and I walked to the spa, we saw D lying on the chaise lounge. She had her eyes closed and she was rubbing her clit. "It's about time you guys got here. I've been horny all day after watching you two get it on. I think you should take care of me." Ken leaned over to kiss her and I kneeled down, took a foot in my hands and started to lick and kiss my way up her leg. I worked my way up to her crotch, planted a kiss on her cunt and then started over on the other foot and leg. As I reached her cunt a second time, I looked up. Ken was watching me and D was working on his cock with her tongue. I parted her lips and gave her a long lick up to her clit, which I placed between my lips and lightly sucked. I tickled her clit with the tip of my tongue.

I felt D's hand on my head and I heard someone hoarsely say, "Let's go inside and get more comfortable. I stopped eating D and stood up. My cock was hard and was standing up against my stomach. We helped D get up off the chaise. She held each of our cocks in her hands, squeezed and tugged them and said, "Follow me." We followed her into the master bedroom. She sat down on the edge of the bed, looked at me, and said, "Resume." She then toppled backwards and spread her legs. I buried my face and tongue in her delicious cunt. I was happily licking and sucking, when I heard Ken say, "My turn."

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