tagRomanceTraveling Team Ch. 02

Traveling Team Ch. 02


Driving home from the meeting, Jack was trying to process all the information of the evening. Between the practice schedule, game schedule, travel schedule, and expected costs, his head was reeling. Combined with all the people he'd met and his enthusiastic son chatting beside him, he found it hard to concentrate. Above it all was the lingering image of the first moment he laid eyes upon Bethany.

She hadn't noticed him first. He saw her talking with other parents when they arrived. She seemed to be one of those rare gems who don't seem to realize just how stunning they appear to others. When she'd looked up briefly, and they caught each other's eyes, he instinctively looked away, not wanting to appear as if he were staring. When he looked again, she was back to talking, and he did stare, amazed by the immediate effect she had on him.

The following afternoon, Jack was surprised to see a text message from Bethany. The images of her at the meeting, saying goodbye in the parking lot, and the almost schoolgirl-like twirl as she walked away from him, had been running through his head all day.

"Playdate? Xander and Brian want to practice if OK with you," was the message.

Thrilled to be able to see her again so soon, Jack replied, "Sure. Where and when."

After exchanging details, Jack got cleaned up for his next visit with the bewitching Bethany. As a freelance environmental writer, Jack worked long hours, but he was able to set his own schedule, and was generally able to move things around when something came up. Despite some angst at feeling so strongly about Bethany so quickly, he told himself this was just a practice (heck, he was basically just picking up his son), and gathered himself as he drove to the local ballyard.

The weather had warmed and when he arrived, he was pleasantly greeted by the lovely image of Bethany, wearing black yoga tights, sports bra, and a loose fitting purple tank top. A blonde ponytail stuck out the back of her well-worn Knights baseball cap. She looked stunning in the afternoon sun. She had joined the boys in their two-man practice and was even wearing cleats and a first baseman's mitt. Jack kicked himself, wishing he had thought to bring his own glove.

"Grab a bat," Bethany yelled. "Yer up!"

"You got it, coach," he laughed. She smiled back as he jogged over to home plate to hit some grounders to the boys.

Grabbing a bat and ball, he tossed the ball up and swung down, missing the ball completely.

"My bad," he said as the others laughed.

"No, no," Bethany said. "You're just a really good pitcher! That's strike one!"

"I like that better," Jack replied. "Thanks for the encouragement."

"Always here to help," Bethany said. She bent forward, getting in position to field whatever might come her way. Jack had trouble taking his eyes off of her.

He managed to smack a hard two-hopper to Xander at shortstop, who underhanded it to Brian as he covered second and relayed the throw on to Bethany at first for the double play.

"Nice!" Jack shouted. He turned to Bethany, expecting the ball, and received a warm smile as they locked eyes and she rolled the ball back to him.

They continued on with their four-person practice until it was nearly dark. As they began packing things up, Bethany's tanned skin was slick with sweat and she looked even more desirable to Jack.

"You're pretty good," he said. "You play?"

"Softball in high school and college," she replied.

"Well, you still got it. I can see that," Jack praised.

"Thanks. How 'bout you? You seem pretty good with the bat," Bethany said.

"Well, Little League, Legion ball, high school, and some beer-league softball," he said. "Wish I would've stayed with hardball, though. You see what those guys make?"

"Yeah, I've seen," Bethany replied. "You gotta have what it takes, though."

"I mighta had what it takes," he replied. "Guess I'll never know."

"Maybe these guys will make it," Bethany said. "Then we'll all be rich."

"Hey, I'm not sharing," Xander chimed in with a smirk.

"The heck you aren't," Bethany gently reprimanded. "You know what kind of sacrifices we make so you guys can play ball?"

"You love it," he shot back.

Smiling, and pulling Xander close, Bethany said "You're right. I do love it. And I love you." She then proceeded to give him exaggerated smooches as he tried to squirm away.

"C'mon, mom. knock it off," Xander protested. He managed to break free of her hold and ran off to a water fountain with Brian following.

"They're really hitting it off," Jack said. He was squinting into the setting sun as he looked into Bethany's engaging eyes.

"I noticed that, too," Bethany said. "Brian seems like a great kid."

"Xander, too," Jack agreed.

"I think this might be the start of a beautiful relationship," Bethany said. She thought she was quoting a famous line from a movie, then realized the personal implication and blushed.

"It just might be," Jack replied. He smiled back, never taking his eyes off the now demure Bethany.

"Say," Bethany began. "We're just going to grab some pizza for dinner. Would you care to join us?"

"Love to," Jack agreed. "I'll even buy. Where to?"

"We usually order in," Bethany replied. "Our place isn't far from here. Just follow and we can order when we get there."

"Lead the way," Jack said. He was loving the view of Bethany's lithe body as she walked in front of him. More than once he caught himself glancing down at her firm, shapely ass. She caught him by surprise as she suddenly turned.

Bethany smiled, knowingly, as Jack re-established eye contact."What do you like?" she asked, almost seductively.

Knowing he was busted, Jack felt a wave of embarrassment but managed to reply, "Um, anything but anchovies and I'm good."

"All right then," Bethany replied. "One large 'anything-but-anchovies' it shall be," she smiled. "See ya in a few." She smiled to herself, imagining Jack watching her ass again as she walked away. He did.

Jack and Brian followed Bethany and Xander out of the parking lot for the short drive to her house. Jack was replaying the indelible images of Bethany's gorgeous body in her tight, athletic outfit. She was graceful on the field and a joy to watch. Getting caught looking at her ass was something he supposed many men had been busted for in the past. Somehow, he really didn't mind. She didn't seem bothered. If anything, it seemed as though she liked the attention. As they pulled into her driveway, he watched again as she got out of the car.

The house had the look of a woodland cottage. The yard was well tended, with lots of plants, and a lush green lawn. Jack noticed a few worn spots in the grass and imagined Bethany playing catch with Xander.

"Beautiful place you have," he said.

"Thanks. One of the few things I got to keep in the divorce," she confessed. "It's close to the school so it works out well."

As they settled in, Bethany offered refreshments to Jack and the boys before switching on the TV. It was already tuned to MLB Network, and the boys were immediately riveted to the coverage of the new season.

"I'm going to order the pizza with the works," Bethany said. "Except anchovies, I know. I don't like 'em either," she continued, sticking her tongue out in the universal sign for "yuk" for added emphasis.

Jack watched as she moved comfortably about her home. Sticking out her tongue had seemed almost flirtatious but he was sure he was letting his imagination get away from him.

"I'm going to hop into the shower to cool off a bit," Bethany said, pulling off her tank top. She was now standing in front of him in just a sports bra and yoga tights. Even though this was something you might see in most health clubs, the intimacy of being in Bethany's home had Jack's heart rate on the rise. Knowing she would soon be shedding those garments, he had to adjust himself as something else began to rise, as well.

"Sounds good," he replied. He managed to sound as calm as possible as he glanced up at her delectable body just a few feet away.

"Feel free to help yourself to anything," she said. Jack just watched her move as she left the room.

Jack was very aroused, knowing that Bethany would soon be stripping naked just down the hall. His erection was complete and throbbing against his shorts as he imagined Bethany undressing. His thoughts ran wild as he envisioned her showering: soaping her firm breasts, caressing that toned ass, and slipping her fingers between those gorgeous legs.

He was shocked out of his revelry as Bethany returned, still clothed, and tossed him a towel and a wash cloth. "In case you want to wash up a bit," she said. "There's a bathroom in the basement."

"Thanks," Jack said. "I'm pretty sweaty. I think I'll do that." He waited to get up as Bethany headed back down the hall. He slowly got up to find the bathroom, keeping the towel in front of him to hide his obvious hard on from the kids.

Bethany entered her master bath and before she stripped off her sweaty clothes, she checked herself in the mirror. She had noticed Jack checking her out several times while they practiced, and she wanted to be sure she looked good. Satisfied that she did, indeed, look pretty hot, she turned on the taps, stripped, and entered the shower.

As she began soaping her body, she took time for lingering caresses of her most sensitive parts. She imagined Jack, showering with her, lathering her from head to toe, touching those same sensitive areas. She imagined his lips, kissing down her neck to her breasts, taking a nipple into his mouth while tweaking the other. She mimicked her imagined lover, then lowered a hand between her legs.

Her soapy fingers easily found her swollen clit. She moaned softly as she circled it, stopping only to slide a finger along her sensitive lips, dipping inside the folds while massaging her clit with her thumb. The feeling was exquisite. Her imagination, combined with the very real sensations, soon had her extremely aroused.

She grabbed the shower head and aimed the pulsating jets directly at her clitoris. The pounding bursts of hot water had her aching for release. She rode the jets and began trembling as her orgasm approached. Placing a hand on the side of shower to balance herself, she spread herself wide as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her body. She began humping the shower head until she was too sensitive to stand it any longer. As her pleasure subsided, she placed the shower head back in its base and slumped to the floor of the shower. Lying back, she sighed and relaxed as the spray refreshed her exhausted body.

Jack found his way to the downstairs bathroom, admiring the quaint charm of Bethany's home This was truly a baseball house, he noticed, with vintage memorabilia and decorations throughout. Jack had never known a woman with such a passion for the game. One more reason he was really beginning to like her. Want her.

Entering the bathroom, he was pleased to find the door had a lock. In his current state, and knowing that Bethany was naked and showering upstairs, his imagination ran wild. He was in desperate need of immediate release. Locking the door behind him, he let his shorts drop to the floor, and began slowly stroking his throbbing penis. Pre-cum was already dripping from the tip. He used this for lubrication, rubbing it in circles around the head. Needing more, he searched the bathroom for any lotion or oil. A half-full bottle of coconut tanning oil was the best he could find. Pouring just enough into his hand, he slathered his penis with the slick, fragrant lube.

He started slowly stroking in front of the sink and mirror, closing his eyes, imagining Bethany getting out of her clothes and soaping herself in the shower. He could see her hands on her breasts; her smooth, shapely ass with water running down her legs; the V between her legs. He wondered whether she was shaved or not and this aroused him even more. Then he imagined her touching herself there. His pace quickened as he imagined Bethany kneading a breast with one hand while the other hand worked her into an orgasmic frenzy, thrashing away at her pussy. He tensed as his own orgasm approached. Slowing a bit to enjoy the erotic visions in his head, he breathed in the intoxicating coconut smell.

One last image flashed in his mind just as he was about to release: Bethany kneeling in front of him, fresh from her shower, stroking and sucking his cock, head bobbing, tongue swirling. Holding that image, Jack threw his head back and began spurting shot after shot of hot cum all over the bathroom vanity. When he opened his eyes, he realized he'd even hit the mirror, as cum slowing trickled down the glass, leaving a wet streak behind.

Just as his breathing returned to normal, he nearly jumped as he heard Bethany's soft voice from the other side of the door.

"How's it going in there? You need anything?" Bethany asked. "I wasn't sure if there was any soap."

Recovering, he looked around and noticed a full bottle of liquid soap. It was also dripping with a load of cum. "I'm good," he managed. "Yep, there's soap. Thanks. Be out in a minute."

Questions raced through his mind. How long was she by the door? How much of that did she hear? Did I make a lot of noise? He pondered those thoughts as he used tissues to clean up his mess. After washing up and toweling off his sweaty face, he placed the tanning oil back where he found it. He paused to compose himself before stepping out of the bathroom.

As he walked out the door, he nearly collided with Bethany as she was walking past the bathroom with a basket of laundry. "Whoa," he said, grabbing hold of the basket. "Excuse me. Sorry about that."

Standing face to face with Bethany with only the basket between them, she said "No, excuse me. I thought I'd toss these in the wash," she said. She blushed as they both looked down at the basket filled with her sweaty clothing from earlier.

Jack stood, flabbergasted, looking at the items that got him so aroused earlier, piled in a heap before him. Raising his eyes towards hers, he said "Not a problem." Then awkwardly added, "Need any help?"

Still blushing, Bethany pulled away. "Thanks, but I think I can handle it. Appreciate the offer, though," she smiled as she walked toward the utility room. "Did I buy coconut-scented soap for down here. Smells good!"

Jack froze, thinking Bethany knew exactly what he had been up to. He quickly turned to see what kind of soap was on the counter. "Shea butter with coconut milk," he said, sighing with relief. "Yeah, it's really good."

Following her into the utility room, he handed her the towel and washcloth, which he made sure were completely free of any evidence of his activities. As she loaded the washing machine, Jack complimented her on the house and thanked her again for making Brian and him feel welcome.

Finishing up, she walked past him, wafting a lovely fragrance of her own. It was light, fresh and clean. He watched as she walked up the steps, admiring her trim figure. She was now barefoot, wearing a form-fitting women's cut t-shirt that accentuated her full, perky breasts, and white cutoffs that perfectly showcased her sexy legs and ass.

"Pizza's here," Xander announced as Bethany and Jack emerged from the basement. "Let's eat!"

"I hope you tipped the delivery guy, Brian," Jack said, making sure Brian had used money he had given him to pay for the pizza.

"Delivery girl," Brian corrected him. "And she was cute! Is $20 too much to tip?"

Jack sighed and put his palm to his forehead, then gave a sidelong glance, locking eyes with Bethany. "Ah, boys and their hormones," he smiled. Bethany laughed and patted him gently on the back.

"Just kidding," Brian assured him. "I just gave her a few bucks. Gotcha!"

"Yeah, you got me, kid. Good one," Jack said. "Let's eat. I seem to have worked up quite an appetite!"

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