tagRomanceTraveling Team Ch. 09

Traveling Team Ch. 09


Note: This is the ninth installment of an ongoing series.

Ariana makes her intentions obvious to Jack and Bethany.

The walk back from the pool area was a combination of complete silence and shared anticipation. For the boys, Xander, Brian, and Nic, the prospect of the first game of the 11U travel season the next day was foremost in their minds. The pool had been fun, but they were here to play baseball and they couldn't wait to take the field the next morning.

For the adults, Jack, Bethany, and Ariana, a completely different vibe was present. After the thrilling, orgasmic, foot play in the hot tub, Jack and Bethany were feeling very relaxed. The revelation that Ariana had seen them, and her subsequent hot tub masturbation session with Jack and Bethany right there, left them wondering just what might happen next.

Bethany, in particular, was the most anxious. After all, she was the one sharing a room with Ariana. After Ariana had slid her hand up Bethany's leg in the hot tub, Bethany had no idea what Ariana might attempt. The fact that Ariana's nephew, Nic, and Bethany's son Xander, were also sharing the room eased her anxiety a bit. Certainly Ariana wouldn't try anything with the boys in the room. Would she?

Bethany found herself even more confused as she recalled Ariana's hand moving towards her pussy when they were in the hot tub. She had been shocked yet equally aroused by Ariana's advance. The fact that this gorgeous 24-year-old was attracted to Bethany, who looked years younger than 32, had Bethany conflicted.

On the one hand, Bethany was falling in love with Jack. They were exclusive and seemed to be developing a deep, committed relationship. Their sex life had been amazing from the start. She really felt that she was in love with Jack, and believed they had a wonderful future ahead of them.

On the other hand, she couldn't deny that she was sexually attracted to Ariana. She wouldn't have given it any thought if Ariana hadn't made a move on her. But now that she had, her imagination ran wild with possibilities. She found herself getting wet as she imagined being sexually involved with Ariana. How would Jack react if he knew?

As they approached their rooms, they stopped at Bethany and Ariana's door.

"So," Bethany finally broke the silence. "Breakfast downstairs tomorrow?"

"Sounds good," Jack replied. "7:30? 8:00?" he asked.

"How about 8:00?" Ariana chimed in, surprisingly inviting Nic and herself to join them.

Jack and Bethany looked at each other. "Uh, sure," Bethany replied as Jack shrugged, tentatively agreeing with Bethany. He knew he really needed to talk with her about all that was happening with Ariana. He still couldn't read Bethany's reaction and he didn't want to do anything to jeopardize their relationship.

"Okay. See you at 8:00 then," Jack said to the group. "Sweet dreams," he offered, something he and Bethany had been in the habit of saying or texting on nights they couldn't be together. Now that Ariana was in on their secret, he didn't feel the need to hold back quite as much.

"Sweet dreams," Bethany and Ariana said in unison. Bethany looked grudgingly at the young woman while Ariana kept her eye on Jack as he left with Brian to go to their room.

Ariana then eyed Bethany, a look of innocence belying her carnal intentions. "Here, let me," she said to Bethany, gently taking hold of Bethany's hand as Bethany struggled to get the keycard to work.

"Thanks," Bethany said weakly, trying to process the intense arousal she felt from Ariana's simple touch.

As soon as they entered the room, the boys grabbed their pajamas and headed for the bathroom to change. Bethany and Ariana stood in silence, sizing up the situation. Bethany quietly watched as Ariana walked to the other side of the room and pulled an oversized purple t-shirt from her overnight bag.

Ariana briefly looked at the bathroom door, then at Bethany. Biting her lower lip, she continued looking at Bethany as she slowly lowered the straps of her swimsuit until one then both of her full breasts bounced free of their confinement. Her dark, quarter-sized nipples pointed upward, and she tweaked them, making her breasts jiggle in the process.

Bethany quickly looked at the bathroom door, worried that the boys would come out while Ariana was undressing. Undaunted, Ariana kept her eyes on Bethany as she wriggled her wet suit down her slim body, pausing for a moment before revealing a neatly trimmed black bush.

Bethany's full attention was now on the beauty stripping before her. Her mouth was dry but she felt a definite wetness welling up inside her. She continued watching as Ariana slid the suit the rest of the way off and let it drop to the floor.

Ariana now stood fully naked, proudly displaying her body for Bethany to admire. Ariana was simply stunning. Her shy, come-hither expression totally contradicted the sexy, tantalizing figure standing nude before Bethany. There was no question that Bethany found herself attracted to Ariana. She continued watching as Ariana bent to reach her nightshirt, then arched her back, proudly displaying her perfect tits. She swiftly pulled the nightshirt over her head and let it drop over her athletic body. The bottom of the shirt stopped just above Ariana's knees, and she made no indication that she'd be adding any panties.

Ariana gave Bethany a coy smile as she slowly reclined on the bed, crossed her long, slender legs, and leaned against the backboard. Bethany just watched, still speechless. She truly didn't know how to react and was relieved as the bathroom door opened and the two boys came rushing out, hopping onto the bed before her. The boys quickly began playing video games on the TV right in front of the bed. By all appearances, they intended to do this until lights out. For all intents and purposes, they had just claimed that bed for themselves.

At that realization, Bethany shot a nervous glance at Ariana, who watched her with keen interest and a seductive smile. Bethany gathered up a comfortable, loose-fitting t-shirt and shorts and headed for the open bathroom. She also brought her purse with Jack's iPod and her mobile phone inside.

Once inside the bathroom, she locked the door and leaned back against it, trying to process everything that had happened since they arrived and what might happen next. She half expected Ariana to follow her into the bathroom. She quickly sent a text to Jack, hoping he'd be able to reply.

"Help!" she wrote. "Ariana stripped in front of me and I think we're sharing a bed!"

Jack was in the bathroom when his phone buzzed. His cock began to stiffen as he read the message. He knew how he handled this situation could have far-reaching consequences for his relationship with Bethany. He responded cautiously.

"R u ok?" he wrote. "Want to talk?"

"Already getting ready for bed," Bethany replied.

"Meet me by the Coke machine in 5 minutes," Jack replied.

"Ok," Bethany replied.

Bethany quickly stripped off her bikini and slipped on her t-shirt and shorts. Despite the loose fit, her nipples still managed to poke the fabric, betraying her attempt to keep her arousal under wraps.

As she exited the bathroom, she noticed that Ariana was now sitting with her legs apart, one leg bent at the knee. Bethany could easily see Ariana's pink pussy lips and black bush. She could tell that Ariana meant for her to see it. The boys were at an opposite angle and wouldn't be able to see anything. Ariana smiled at Bethany, then stretched her arms wide in an exaggerated yawn, thrusting her firm tits outward, hard nipples poking her nightshirt directly at Bethany. Ariana's legs also splayed open, revealing more of her now glistening pink pussy to Bethany's line of sight.

Flustered and aroused, Bethany managed to locate the ice bucket and muttered, "Going for ice. Be back soon."

She left the room and headed for the Coke machine.

Jack was already waiting when she arrived. Relatively tucked away, they had a little bit of privacy. The noise from the ice and vending machines would help mask their conversation from anyone who might be near. Bethany wrapped her arms around Jack as soon as she saw him. He could tell she was quite flustered by the situation and held her tightly until she was ready to let go.

"I don't know what to do, Jack," she admitted. "She's really coming on to me."

Jack chose his words carefully. "I can understand that," he said. "I'm guessing this isn't the first time that's happened. Is it?"

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Well, I know it's a cliche and all but," he hesitated, "when you played softball in college...." he paused to gauge her reaction.

"Yes," she replied, indicating for him to go on.

"Didn't you have teammates that, you know, were attracted to you?" he finished.

She considered. "We had some girls on the team who liked girls," she admitted.

"I believe they're referred to as 'lesbians'," he kidded, managing to get a slight laugh from Bethany and easing her anxiety a bit.

"Yes, but I'm not a lesbian," she said.

"But didn't they ever come on to you?" he said. "I mean, just look at you. Who wouldn't want to make love to you?"

Bethany blushed. "That's sweet," she said. "But I was never with another woman," she admitted. "I usually had a boyfriend and the other girls knew it."

"Okay," he said, trying to put the image of Bethany with another woman to the back of his mind for the moment. "Now don't get mad, but...." he continued.

"Yes," she said, curious as to where he was headed.

"But didn't you ever wonder what it might be like?" he managed, bracing for a negative reaction.

Bethany thought before replying. "Of course, I've wondered," she confessed.

"And?" Jack prodded.

"And," she continued, "let's just say I'd be lying if I said it didn't turn me on a little," she admitted.

Jack felt his cock stir. "Again, just throwing this out there," he said. "Do you think it's something you'd like to do?" he managed. "I mean not now, not on this trip, but sometime?"

Bethany was deep in thought now. Jack couldn't tell if she was angry or seriously considering the idea.

"I really don't know," she replied. "I don't think I'd really know until it happened."

Just then, Jack's phone buzzed.

"It's from your phone," he said to Bethany, surprised.

"Is it from Xander?" she asked.

Jack watched in disbelief as he saw what was on the phone. "Uh, no," he said. "It's Ariana."

He showed the phone to Bethany who immediately put a hand to her mouth, shocked at the image before her. "Oh, my," was all she could say.

There on the phone was a selfie of Ariana in the hotel bathroom. She had her purple nightshirt tossed aside and was standing completely nude in front of the bathroom mirror. In one hand she cupped a full breast. In the other hand was Bethany's phone, taking the picture. Her neatly trimmed black bush was in full view and her legs were slightly spread, showing just a bit of her pussy lips. Her face wore the same flirtatious, come-fuck-me expression she had shown them in the hot tub.

"She must have grabbed my phone from my purse," Bethany said, unable to take her eyes off the image. Jack was equally captivated and Bethany gave him a quick elbow to the ribs. "Hey, quit looking," she exclaimed.

Jack pulled his eyes from the image and looked at Bethany. "I'm sorry," he said. "It's just...just," he searched for the right words.

"Just what?" Bethany asked, sounding a little annoyed.

"Well, she sent it to my phone," he said. "It was meant for me."

Bethany sighed. "You're right," she admitted. "It's pretty obvious from earlier that she's interested in both of us. That doesn't mean I want you having nude pictures of her on your phone, though."

"Deleted," Jack said as he removed the picture.

"Thank you," Bethany replied and gave him a lingering kiss.

"If you're not comfortable with the sleeping arrangements, just tell her you want Xander to sleep in your bed," Jack suggested. "I doubt she'd make a scene in front of the boys."

"Why wouldn't she?" Bethany replied. "She's done just about everything else. She's probably masturbating in the bathroom right now," she continued. "Heck, you'll probably get a picture of it in a minute."

Jack felt his cock stir as he imagined Ariana playing with herself. The image she had sent confirmed his suspicions about how fantastic she would look nude. Now he imagined her playing with her clit and coming hard possibly thinking about a threesome with Bethany and him.

"Hey," Bethany said. "You're actually imagining it right now, aren't you?" she accused.

"Well, aren't you?" he replied. "Just a little?"

"It's kind of hard to keep that kind of image out," Bethany confessed. "So," she braced herself, "what if she tries something tonight?"

Again, Jack struggled to keep his imagination in check. "I guess it's up to you. Whatever you're comfortable with," he said. "I'll respect your decision no matter what," he said, holding her close and kissing her softly on the forehead.

"So," Bethany swallowed hard. "You're saying you'd be okay with it if I had sex with Ariana?"

Jack picked his words carefully. "I'm saying I'd be okay with it only if that's what you want," he said. "If you don't, obviously I'm good with that, too. You're the one I want to be with, Bethany," he continued, "and I could never share you with another man...."

"But another women would be just fine," Bethany interrupted.

"Only if that's something you'd like to explore," he finished.

"And is that something you'd like to explore?" she asked nervously. "Me with another woman...and you?

Again, Jack was cautious. "That's something we'd have to discuss," he said. "Obviously, that's every guy's fantasy. It's a turn on. But not if it jeopardizes our relationship," he said. "Not every guy has someone as wonderful as you. I would never risk losing you by trying to live out some fantasy."

"Good answer," she smiled. "Because I don't know how I feel about that either. I guess we'll just have to see how this all plays out. Maybe Ariana's just a big tease."

"Maybe," Jack said. "She hasn't actually touched either of us yet."

"She grabbed my thigh and tried to touch my pussy in the hot tub," Bethany informed him.

"Oh, is that what you were trying to let me know when you were looking down with a startled look on your face?" he asked, realizing as he said it that it was exactly what she had been attempting.

"Ya think?" she replied sarcastically.

"Okay," Jack replied. "So how'd that go?"

"I stopped her short," Bethany replied. "But...."

"But...you liked it?" he asked.

"I liked it," she admitted. "I mean, I was shocked, but I was turned on, too. I don't know. It just surprised me. It's nothing I ever really thought about before, so when it happened, I guess I just reacted. And that was my reaction," she continued. "I have to say, now that we're talking about it, I'm more turned on than shocked," she surprised herself.

Jack was turned on by her candid admission. "Well, I guess that tells you something, anyway."

"I'd better get back," Bethany decided.

"Okay," Jack agreed. "Text me or come see me if you need my help."

"Delete any more pictures if she sends them, will you?" Bethany requested.

"I don't know," Jack replied. "You still have my iPod with all my erotica," he kidded.

"If you don't have enough material from the past few hours to get you off," Bethany replied, "I don't think your iPod is going to help," she said with a smile and soft caress of his semi-erect cock through his shorts.

Jack grabbed her and pulled her tight, grinding into her as he kissed her deeply. "You're all I need, Love."

Reluctantly disengaging from his sensual embrace, Bethany turned to go back to her room. She had forgotten to get the ice she used as a pretense to leave the room.

Jack exhaled deeply and watched her sexy form as she walked away, her blonde ponytail swishing with every step. He had no idea what the evening held in store for Bethany, but he knew he'd have a difficult time sleeping as his imagination ran through all the erotic possibilities.

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