tagIncest/TabooTraveling with Mom in Thailand

Traveling with Mom in Thailand


Author's Note:

Thousands of people read these stories, very few comment. I'd love to hear what you thought, or any parts that resonated with you -- especially if you're an older man or woman. Also, these characters are based on very specific individuals who I have pictures of and would consider sharing with the right person. Enjoy!

When I was 22, I had a life-changing trip to Thailand with my mom. I'm confident in saying it was "life-changing" to a degree that most "life-changing" trips that young people take are not. Most young guys don't end up having sex with their mom! But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm not the best writer but I'll do my best to say what happened.

My mom, Susan, had recently divorced her husband -- my former stepdad. My father's been out of the picture for a while, and my stepdad's been in his place as long as I can remember. We're not close. He's always been an uptight guy, and after the long and somewhat ugly divorce my mom was turning over a new leaf. She cut down on work at her psychotherapy practice, started doing yoga, and just generally seemed to be enjoying life.

As for me, I'd just finished my BA, just broken up with my long-term girlfriend, and had no clue what to do with myself. My mom suggested we go on a two-month trip around Thailand together -- she would cover all the costs. Aimless wandering in paradise. Who was I to say no?

Within a couple weeks, we took care of the practicalities, and then we were off with just a backpack for each of us. We very quickly got into the flow of travel. Dusty roads, motorcyles, pristine beaches, beer, delicious food, cheap old paperbacks, dive bars. It was just what I needed.

After a couple weeks, we decided to settle in at a quiet town. Every day, we'd follow the same blissful routine. Wake up, have a light breakfast, go for a swim, lunch, read, maybe go for a walk or ride our small motorcycles over to the store, and then food, beer, and maybe a movie on the laptop before bed. Mom and I were getting along great, having nice conversations, and being good respectful traveling partners. She was loosening up big time -- I'd never seen her so happy or relaxed -- and it was like traveling with a friend I'd known for years, not my mom. We shared a small hotel room, bathroom down the hall, each of us with our own twin bed. The arrangement didn't present any problems, and the possible complications of male-female travel partners didn't even occur to me.

I have to admit, though, that between being recently single, and not having many opportunities to masturbate in peace, my sex drive was starting to go through the roof. I went from burying my erection inside my pretty (now ex) girlfriend, Katie, once every few days (albeit in a condom) to nothing -- zilch. One time I knew I was in trouble was when I was lying at the beach, watching my mom walk toward me -- about 5"10, brown hair just past her shoulders, full heavy breasts, sagging just enough to show her age, and nice healthy hips -- and I got a full plump erection. With her sunglasses on, I guess she just didn't register as "mom". I stifled all the dirty things my brain was telling my cock.

After a little while, we met a really cool Australian hippy couple and hit it off, and they mentioned they were going to a moon festival at a nearby town in a few days -- basically a huge drinking party. We decided it sounded fun, and made plans to go with them.

That night, we both got pretty buzzed, and headed out. The festival was great fun, and we ended up on the beach watching fireworks with our new friends. They pulled some pills out of their bag, told us they were Ecstasy, and asked if we wanted to try. I was apprehensive, but my mom took me aside and said she would if I did, and that she wanted to try it once in her life. I shrugged and said I was in.

Wow. We did NOT know what we were in for. I just remember a blur of laughing and smiling, how beautiful the night was, wandering crowded lit-up streets -- and, how good my mom's hand felt on my arm. Her hugging me and telling me how happy she was that I came on this trip with her...

Then, in a hotel room, one bed, and sloughing off my jeans, the sheets feeling incredible. Her in bra and panties, sliding in beside me. She suggests we give each other massages, and her hands are all over my back, then mine are all over hers. We decide to massage each other at the same time and, then, before I know it, we're making out. Full-on, deep tongue kisses. It slows down. My cock isn't hard for some reason (although I remember feeling her hard nipples against my chest), the french kissing turns into pecks, and she pulls me into a spoon with her. I eventually fall asleep.

I woke up the next morning and my brain was fried. What the hell had happened? I made out with my mom? Was she mad at me? My mom wasn't saying much, we were just focusing on the practical logistics of getting back.

That evening, my mom addressed what had happened, which was a huge relief. She said that we should both acknowledge it, and that she, for one, was okay with it. She said neither of us should feel shame, that we're both adults, and that society's taboos didn't need to make us feel awful.

We got to talking about her psychology training, and she said that perspectives on consenting adult incest were changing, especially mother/son, but didn't elaborate. She basically just said, "it's no big deal. I hope you're okay with what happened. I had a lovely night, and it was a nice weird screwed-up one-time experience."

From then on, though, things started to change. I don't know if something the drugs did changed the wiring of our brains somehow, or if a door had just been opened somewhere in our psyches. I was still horny as hell, and memories of that night kept flooding back to me. What if I'd been hard? Would we have fucked? Would she be okay with that? Her tits looked amazing in the bra, they'd felt so soft and full. I wonder what her nipples look like.

Additionally, a flirty banter opened up between us. Over the week, we got to talking about lots of topics we'd never gotten to before. My sex-life with my ex, whether I was happy that I was uncircumcised, something weird that turns me on (tongue in my ear! haha), whether I was as horny as she was ("God, I miss my vibrator!"). I confessed about how Katie wasn't a big fan of my foreskin, and my mom said that it was wrong to cut boys at birth, but that many women did have strong opinions about how a man's penis should look and feel. In her capacity as a doctor, she explained that a circumcised penis provided a bit more friction against a woman's vaginal walls, which could be good or bad depending on the woman. I liked hearing her takes on these things, that used to eat me up inside a little bit.

One time, tipsy at the bar, I expressed some more contrition at the events of the moon festival. I think I apologized or something. Her response was firm. In her capacity as a psychologist, she told me that it was actually a recognized but unspoken development in contemporary psychology that consenting adult son/mother incest is, beyond harmless, often healthy. Patients from both sides of the dynamic often reported it was some of the most satisfying sex they'd ever had. She assured me this was true.

I could believe it. Honestly, it did feel like an attraction was growing between us. I openly admired her body when we'd go to the beach. I wanted to suck her tits, to see her pussy -- like she was a pretty girl I had a crush on. In this foreign world, with us as each other's only companions, all the rules of normal civilization seemed to fade away.

Maybe it would've stayed at this as we wasted the days away in beaches and bars. Within a few days, though, a rainstorm hit, and we holed up in the small hotel. We each rested in our respective unmade beds, reading novels, or watching the same old movies we had already downloaded on our shared laptop. The weather was muggy and hot, with the sound of the rain a constant background.

On the second day of this, in the afternoon, she said out of the blue:

"I'm sorry, but I'm so horny. Would you mind if I got off?"

I said no. Was she really going to masturbate with me right in the room?

She got under her covers, laid back, opened her legs, turned her head to the side, and closed her eyes. Her bra was still on but her panties dropped out of the blankets on to the floor. She began to rub between her legs. I looked at her from time to time, and after about 5 minutes, she let out a few moans, then one long load moan, and brought her hand up above the covers and turned to her side. She turned and looked at me.

"You can masturbate if you want to. It's okay. We're going to be stuck in this room together for who knows how long. Let's just be comfortable."

On reflex, I declined. But my cock was at full erection from her moaning. I was also incredibly turned on that my mom had just given me permission to masturbate in the same room as her. Did she want to watch me orgasm?

I crawled under the covers and started to stroke. At first I was turned away from her but, gradually, as my own hand felt so good on my erection, and as I opened up to the idea of her being aware of me cumming, I rolled over onto my back, my knees tenting the blanket, and my hand sliding up and down, and gliding my foreskin back and forth. I exaggerated my grunts and groans, mildly. Eventually, thinking about her naked bottom-half beneath the covers, her wet fragrant fingers, and her listening to me masturbate, I rushed to my own orgasm, and felt sperm shoot out of my erection all over the inside of the blankets. My knees collapsed and I sunk into the bed.

She didn't say anything but out of the corner of my eye I could tell she was paying attention. We both had a nap.

The next day the sun actually came out of the clouds for a while, and we went out in the morning, got some supplies, and went swimming down at the beach. There was a quiet moment and I decided to bring up what had happened. I guess it was all starting to hit me -- it felt like a dream, but I knew it wasn't.

"Do you feel at all weird about what happened? Or, I mean, how things have been going?"

She considered my question and chose her words carefully. "I know it feels that way. What we've been... letting ourselves experiment with... is very unconventional. It's one of society's deepest taboos. But, I think, if we really get down to it, it might be a really really good thing. We're both adults, acting freely. And it feels good. I like being close with you. It's nice to be open and fool around with someone you care about. It's pretty clear both of us miss having sex... why should we suffer because of what other people say we should or shouldn't do, right?"

What she said made a lot of sense to me. I said that when she put it that way I felt a lot better.

"Maybe don't think of me so much as your mom. Think of me as a girlfriend your age."

"Okay, I think that would help."

"We're just friends having fun in paradise. Whatever happens happens. I don't want to overthink anything. I don't think we should judge ourselves here."

I agreed, and she gave me a kiss on the cheek and thanked me for sharing my feelings.

The storm started back up soon enough. We stayed up in our room, only in our underwear except when going downstairs for food. Me in boxer briefs and a white t-shirt, her in her grey sports bra, and white cotton panties. I could see a few black hairs showing at the sides, and resisted the urge to stare at the patch of hair visible through the panties.

Late on the third night of the storm -- which wasn't supposed to let up for another day or two -- we were watching the end of a downloaded TV series on my laptop. We'd pushed our two beds together as we kept watching one episode after another. We'd take turns with the laptop perched on our bellies so that the bottom wouldn't get too hot. I was starting to nod off, but she turned and passed it to me for my turn. I mumbled something and went to receive it, but in doing so I looked at her, and saw her illuminated by the screen. She was looking at me and, in a moment of sleepy horniness, I tentatively moved in closer to her, and her to me, and then we were kissing. Very gently, with the tip of her tongue occasionally darting into mine.

She broke away after a minute and said, "I love this."

"Me too."

"Let's sleep nude. Nothing else, just cuddling. It'll be nice."

I pulled off my t-shirt and slipped out of my boxer briefs, as I saw her reach up to get her bra off, and perch her hips to slide off her panties. We were lying in bed facing each other. I was so tired. But I could feel her soft breasts on my chest, and her pubic hair against mine. It felt so good to be naked with someone again. At one point, she slid her hand down, and ran it very gently over my penis, and then up over my ass, and back and forth a few times. Then she hugged me and kissed me on cheek.

I couldn't help it, I was starting to feel very sexual about my mom, and her about me. In the moment, though, and maybe for the last time, it seemed like it might just be a sweet intimate one-time thing between two people who love each other. Sleep overtook me and I faded out.

In the middle of the night, I woke up disoriented feeling her breasts push against my back. I felt her pubic hair against my bum, and her cool hand on the inside of my left thigh, pulling it slightly. The other was on my penis -- my erection. She was slowly jacking me off, it felt incredible. I moaned to let her know I was fully awake. She whispered in my ear,

"You were hard. Stop me if this isn't okay. Imagine I'm Katie."

I didn't stop her.

"A bit tighter please."

She tightened her grip, and started to speed up. My head was now cushioned between her heavy boobs, they were almost spilling past my face. I was held tight between her thighs, while she kept me slightly opened up for her.

"Tell me when you're getting close, please."

My foreskin was sliding up and down past the glans of my penis, exposing it with every stroke.

"I'm getting close."

She jammed her tongue into my ear, and circled it around.

With her hand, she shifted her rhythm -- quick jerks, then pause, holding my foreskin back, tight, then quick jerks, and with the sensory overload I exploded everywhere, and she slowed her hand down as I spurted all over her hand and the bed.

She rolled me over and hugged me and kissed me.

"That felt so good," I said, eyes still closed. I fell back asleep.

We got out for a few hours the next day before the rain started again.

I was reading on bed when she came back from the shower, towelling her hair, already in her bra and panties. She finished up and, then, considered for a moment and asked:

"I'm not sure why I'm wearing clothes. Should we go nude?"

I shrugged.

"Are you okay seeing my breasts and vagina? I mean just out in the open? It's kind of nice to be naked."

I said it was fine with me.

She slid her panties down her legs, and I noticed the curly brown hair framing her vagina. Then she reached back and undid her bra, letting her heavy breasts fall free. Her nipples were thick, and quite dark. Her aureoles were light brown. The actual skin of her breasts was pale, with a few light blue veins visible.

She climbed onto our makeshift shared bed. She crawled over me, while I was still reading, and pulled down my boxer-briefs.

"It's only fair. I want to see your penis."

I lifted and helped her pull them down. My penis was half-hard, the foreskin covering the head. She very very gently rolled the skin back, and ran her finger around the edge of my glans. I shivered from the sensitivity. Her breath was hot on my penis, and she very softly kissed it.

Maybe I was a bit nervous -- still feeling a bit weird that, in the back of my mind, I couldn't forget that this was my mom naked in bed with me, kissing my penis. I wasn't fully hard, but I was getting there. My mom was starting to give me a blowjob.

She wrapped her mouth around my penis, so slick and warm, with her tongue sliding against my shaft. She pulled it out, left her tongue against the glans, then bunched up the foreskin with her fist. It felt incredible. I had a full erection. She pulled down the skin again then put my cock in her mouth, and began a more regular up and down movement. She pulled out for a moment and said:

"You have a really nice penis."


"Remember, I'm Katie, okay? That'll make it easier for you to cum."

She shifted her legs so that she had one on either side of my body. I had a great view of her hairy pussy, the lips open in a pout revealing the pink inside. She was slowly lowering it toward my face... she was moving into a 69!

Her vagina was resting in front of me, and I rubbed my face in it, savoring the fragrance. The soft skin of her thighs, the coarseness of the hairs, the subtle perfume of her wet pussy. As my cock slid in and out of her mouth down below, I reached onto her ass, and pulled her down onto me, and began licking at her pussy in earnest.

I used my thumbs to open up her labia, and licked up and down. I licked around her clit, and then pulled up her hood, and very gently kissed it. She moaned, and started to grind on my face. She was dewy with arousal.

We worked on each other's sex for a while, both of us lost in pleasure. She pulled her mouth off my cock, and lifted her leg and reoriented herself. She came up, kissed me, hard with tongue. I could taste my cock on her breath, and I'm sure she could smell her pussy on my face.

She rolled over onto her back, and opened her legs.


I got on top of her, and she continued to kiss me. She took my erection in her hand, and stroked me up and down. With her hand on my sides, she pushed me a bit lower, and I felt the head of my penis sliding through her soft pubic hair. She brought my cock head right to entrance of her moist pussy. Between my lubrication and her pre-cum, it was very sticky down there.

My mom was going to have sex with me.

She rolled back my foreskin, and slid my head up and down her entrance.

She reassured me, whispering in my ear: "it's okay, sweetie. It's okay."

Then, with her other hand, she pushed down on my butt, and I felt my erection open up into her pussy.

She kept both hands on my butt, and kissed me while we screwed. Her tight vagina felt incredible. Her heavy boobs wobbled on her chest. She wrapped her ankles around my calves.

"You feel so good inside me, sweetie. A bit harder, please."

Her hand pressed just below my ass, showing me the pace she wanted.

It felt so amazing to finally have my erection back buried in a pussy. I'd never been inside one without a condom... it was a sensory overload. Gripping my penis, dragging my foreskin back and forth.

"Foreskin, please" she said.


She reached down, pulled me out of her, and then pulled my foreskin back again, tight -- it had slipped up -- and then pressed me back inside her, and seemed to start enjoying herself again.

She took her hands and pressed both on my face, and kissed me with tongue. I felt her raise her thighs to squeeze my hips while I thrusted, then I felt her heels on my buttocks. She eased me into a rhythmic pattern, and I felt my orgasm build as I thrust inside her wet vagina. I reached out and took one of her hands in mine, and we held them while we screwed. After several minutes of quiet except for the sounds of my penis pushing in and out of her vagina, she felt the shift in my thrusts, and began to coo in my ear:

"Go ahead and cum sweetie."

"I want you to finish in my pussy, okay?"

"You can come inside my vagina. It's okay. It's safe. It's safe for a boy to cum in his mommy."

Whoa. I was about to spray my load but something about what she said spooked me. For a weird second I freaked out -- could she get pregnant, somehow? As I felt myself go over the edge, I willed myself to pull out.

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