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Travelling Man


Authors note: This story is written for all the members of my fan club who, after reading my stories, have taken the time to send positive feedback. Thank you one and all, your encouragement and friendship have kept me writing even when the words were not coming easily.

The long flight to Los Angeles from Australia has passed quite quickly and uneventfully. After a few days playing tourist in Los Angeles I had taken another flight and now the pilot was advising the passengers of the imminent landing. The aircraft banked and the city I had longed to see for so long was laid out before my eyes. Somewhere below me she lived and a shiver of excitement ran through my body. Tomorrow I would finally meet this lovely lady who had come to mean so much to me. Soon the wheels touched the tarmac and with amazing airport efficiency I was soon in a taxi heading for my hotel.

I always enjoy driving into a new city but this time seemed extra special. Tomorrow I would be meeting her for the first time; at last I would be able to see the expressions on her lovely face, rather than just looking at a photograph.

Long ago our friendship had started when she took the time to email me with congratulatory feedback for my BDSM stories. I had replied and emails had passed back and forth over the Pacific. It was not long before we were using Yahoo and msn messengers to chat for hour after hour. Long telephone calls followed as our friendship grew more intimate and stronger with every meeting, and finally we were to meet.

After booking into the hotel and making sure I had a nice quiet room I took a walk to the local shopping center and purchased a few items that I would need the next day. My Aussie accent fascinated the locals that I talked to in the various shops and I answered the same questions about kangaroos, koalas and crocodiles with my usual humor and a liberal sprinkling of bulldust. A quiet evening followed dinner at the hotel and some local television that was interrupted by the telephone.


“Oh Sir, I had to hear your voice and to make sure you had arrived. I can’t talk now but I am so excited about tomorrow, I know I won’t sleep much tonight.”

“Hello my subbie, how nice of you to call. Just relax about tomorrow, we both know it will be great.”

“Oh Sir, I am not worried, just so excited about finally meeting you at last. I must go, see you at 12.30.”

After a good sleep and some breakfast the chambermaid cleaned and tidied the room early at my request. I was then able to set a few items out for the afternoon’s meeting with my subbie. The rest of the morning dragged by but finally I arrived in the hotel foyer at 12.20 and seated myself in a quiet corner. At 12.25 there she was at reception, looking expectantly around. When she turned her back to me I slipped quietly up behind and tapped her shoulder.

“G’day mate,” I said, “you looking for me by any chance?”

“Oh God!” she swung quickly around and next second we were embracing in a giant hug. When she finally let go I held her at arms’ length, my eyes taking in the beauty that photographs could not show.

“I hope they are happy tears?” I asked as I wiped a few drops from her cheeks.

“Oh yes Sir, very happy tears. I just can’t believe this day has finally arrived,” she smiled and her eyes twinkled with excitement.

I put an arm around her waist and guided her in the direction of the dining room.

“Come on, let’s have a light lunch and a real time chat before……….” I let my words trail off as we were directed to a quiet table for two.

We took places opposite each other and sat smiling; both of us just so pleased to finally be together. I ordered a chicken pasta dish while she, claiming she was too nervous to eat, settled on a salad, with a glass of Chardonnay to settle the nerves. Our talk came easily; after all we had spent so much time together via our computers. she showed me recent photos of her family and friends as I did my best to help her relax. The laugh I had grown to know so well was even more infectious in real life and as we ate any inhibitions either of us had came tumbling down.

Finally the food and drink were finished so I reached out across the table and took her hands in mine.

“Well my subbie, the time has finally arrived. No typing this time, just you and me playing the games for real, are you ready? Do you wish to pull out now and just be friends? Any questions? Have you selected a safe word?”

she squeezed my hand tight and replied, “Pull out now? On no way Sir, I have been looking forward to this day for so long and I know you are the man to make my dreams come true. The safe word I will use if necessary is banana.”

“Banana?” I laughed loudly.

“Yes Sir, banana,” she said with a giggle, “I thought that it was a word unlikely to come up during our time upstairs. And yes, I do have one request before we go to your room.”

“Yes my sweet?” I asked as I chuckled about the safe word.

“I’m busting, can I use the toilet here please?” she laughed.

I released her hands and pointed in the direction of the toilets. she jumped quickly to her feet and made her way between the tables. I watched her cute arse moving under the short skirt and unconsciously rubbed my hands together.

she soon returned, smiling and eyes sparkling, “I’m ready Sir, take me to heaven.”

I rose from my chair and firmly grasped her left hand, leading the way to the elevators. The lady concierge smiled at me as we strode across the lobby, I wonder what she would have thought if she knew what was soon to take place in my room?

As the two of us stepped into the empty elevator the dynamics of our situation immediately changed. I released her hand and placed mine on the left cheek of her arse. Her body stiffened at my touch, her eyes closed and her head tilted down facing the floor. I knew this was not role-playing, my lovely friend just automatically slipped into her submissive persona and was allowing me to take charge.

The elevator stopped and I guided her down the quiet corridor to my end room. I stopped outside the door and hugged her too me once again. A shudder of expectation and excitement shook through her body as she returned the hug. Words were unnecessary as I placed the key in the lock and we entered the room.

The look on her face was priceless as she looked at the “decorator touches” that I had done that morning. A straight-backed chair sat free with a hairbrush placed on the wooden seat. Pillows were piled in the center of the large bed together with some rope, leather wrist cuffs, a crop and a large leather belt.

“Oh Sir,” escaped her lips and then she stood at attention with hands on head, eyes downcast, ready to begin.

“Excellent my subbie,” I said as I walked slowly around inspecting my friend who was, at long last, under my control.

After removing my jacket and rolling up my sleeves I moved to the chair. I placed the hairbrush close by on the bed, sat myself on the chair and motioned for her to come closer.

she stood in front of me awaiting instructions.

“Shoes off and kneel.” I ordered and she quickly obeyed, eyes downcast.

I tilted her head upwards until out eyes met. “My subbie at last I have you exactly where we both want you to be, under my control. You know that everything I do to you is out of love, never in anger. We have talked so often about this moment, I will do everything in my power to make our time together unforgettable for both of us. I thank you for your trust and I will not abuse it. I intend to take some photos of you as the afternoon progresses, your face will not be in any of them. I will then send the photos to you after I return home. Now stand and lay down over my knees.”

“Thank you Sir, yes Sir,” she said as she rose and laid face down in the classic over the knees position.

My left hand settled into the middle of her back while my right one rubbed gently over her firm arse. A low moan escaped her lips as my hand moved slowly down her legs, coming to a stop as I grasped the hem of her skirt.

Slowly I lifted the skirt and her thighs and arse cheeks with the red and black thong came into view. I savored the moment as I always do. I smoothed the skirt over her back and then caressed her lovely bum as a shiver of excitement went through both our bodies A pause and then I raised my hand and brought it down on the smooth white skin.

Spank, spank, spank! My hand rose and fell gently as I slowly warmed her cheeks. Apart from a quiet whimper after the first smack she made no sound as I continued to spank my lovely subbie. Gradually I increased the pressure of the spanks and she uttered a few ‘ouches and ohhhs’ as the stinging started. Slowly the white skin turned to pink as I covered all her cheeks and upper thighs. More reactions were forthcoming as I gradually increased the pressure of the smacks. She was now wriggling around a little on my knees and my left hand held her more firmly. I stopped and my hand slipped under the elastic of her thong.

“Oh God!” escaped her lips as she raised her hips to assist me.

I slipped the thong down over her pink cheeks and she settled down again on my knees. I took the panties down her thighs and calves and slipped them off over her feet. My hand pushed between her thighs spreading them wider apart and again she moaned as she realised that I could now see her arse hole and pussy. I resumed the spanking, her cheeks bouncing under the now quite firm whacks. Now the excited exclamations were coming thick and fast.

“Ouch, owww, yikes, oh shit, it stings.” as my hand continued to rise and fall and the sound of spanking and her reactions filled the room. When her arse cheeks and upper thighs were a nice pink all over, I reached for the hairbrush and rubbed the back of it over the glowing cheeks. On feeling the cool timber her buttocks automatically clenched tight and then relaxed as the rubbing continued.

“Smack, smack, smack!” the sound of the hairbrush was louder than that of my hand as were her noisy reactions. Ignoring the ‘oooohs, ahhhs and noooooos’ I continued to cover her now bright pink cheeks with firm whacks from the brush until she started to sob.

I could have kept going until she used the safe word but I thought it was time for a break. As I stopped and dropped the hairbrush on the floor her right hand came back and touched the hot skin of her arse.

“Ohhhhhh it’s so hot,” she exclaimed as the sobbing continued.

“What did you expect my subbie?” I said with a laugh as I helped her to turn over in my lap while keeping her cheeks off my legs.

I hugged her tight and wiped away a few tears as she regained some composure

“Why did you stop? I did not use the safe word,” she asked with a few sniffles.

“My sweet there is more to come and a long afternoon still ahead of us, are you able to stand?”

she answered my question by rising out of my arms and standing, albeit a little wobbly, in front of me. I rose to my feet and started to undo the buttons of her blouse. she made no attempt to stop me and soon I slipped the blouse off her shoulders and threw it on the chair. I wrapped my arms around her and unclipped the bra, taking the shoulder straps in my hands and slipping the bra off. I then unclipped the short skirt and it soon joined the rest of her clothes. she now stood nude in front of me, her lovely breasts rising and falling with her breathing and the hard nipples showing the excitement of the occasion.

After a long kiss, I guided her the few steps to the bed and assisted her to lay face down over the pillows, her arse pointing high. A low moan escaped her lips as I spread her legs apart and rubbed a hand over her still warm arse.

After taking some close up photos of her glowing arse I grasped the leather strap and took up my position. I laid the strap softly over her buttocks causing a shiver to run right through her body.

“Twelve strokes my subbie, you know what to do if it gets to much for you.”

A nod of her head was the only answer I received as I raised the strap in the air.

‘Whack’ - “Owwwww”

“My darling subbie,”

‘Whack’ - “Ohhhhhh”

“you know that we have,”

‘Whack’ - “Ahhhhhhh”

“talked of this moment so often”

‘Whack’ - “Noooooo”

“talked of how much my brat,”

‘Crack’ - “Ouch!”

“needed some long overdue discipline.”

‘Crack! - “Uhhhhhhh”

“Now it is my pleasure’”

‘Crack’ - “Ohhh Nooooo!”

“to cover your lovely arse”

‘Crack!’ - “Ngggggggg!”

“with red lines of the strap,”

‘Crack!’ - “No stop please Sir!”

“that you asked for,”

‘Crack!!’ - “NO MORE SIR PLEASE!”

“so long ago.”

She was now sobbing loudly with tears pouring down her cheeks. “Two more my subbie, will I stop now?”

“Oh fuck, do it Sir, I want it so much!”


‘CRACK!!!!’ - “Aiiieeeeeeeeee!!”

I dropped the strap, grabbed the camera and took some photos of the stripes. Then I knelt on the bed beside her, stroking her back as she sobbed into the sheets. I grabbed a towel as years of stress were released in the best possible way and wiped away some of the tears. I lay down on the bed and eased her down off the pillows so she lay on top of me. I am not sure how long we lay like that as she slowly calmed down. I wiped away the tears as they fell, my hugging arms silently telling her that she was safe. When the sobbing had stopped and the last few tears were wiped away she raised her head off my chest.

“Oh Sir, what can I say? It hurt like hell but I knew I had to take the twelve. God I feel like a rag doll with a red hot arse, ohhhh wow, I don’t know what to say.”

“No need to say anything my sweet, you took the strap wonderfully well and I was not sure if you would last the twelve. Just relax and regain some strength before we continue.” As I spoke I eased her down onto the sheets and then I rose from the bed.

I helped her drink some cold water and then held a small mirror at an angle so she could twist around and see her arse.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed, “Look at all the red stripes! Will they take long to fade?”

“No they won’t, but the sting will last for a while,” I said as I knelt back on the bed, soothingly stroking her back.

“Oh it sure is stinging like mad, but I love it,” she said with a giggle and a smile. “You know Sir, I feel more relaxed right now than I have for years. I haven’t cried like that since I was a little girl.”

“I bet you haven’t,” I replied with a grin, “And I bet the tears then were a tantrum because you weren’t getting your own way just for once.”

“How did you know that?” she laughed out loud, “Yes it’s true, my mother wanted to buy me an inexpensive, small doll and I wanted the bigger more expensive one. I had an audience in the shop so you can guess what color I ended up getting.”

We both laughed loudly as we relaxed on the bed.

Suddenly she turned serious and looked at me with a concerned expression.

“You know Sir, sometimes it worries me about these needs I have. I don’t have any friends here I can talk too, only you and some other online friends. Everyone I know in this town considers me to be an ordinary member of the general public. They don’t know and would never understand the emotions that at times seethe within me. But when you took me across your knees it was the most wickedly thrilling moment of my life. The first spanks were scary but when you took my panties down, I nearly came right then.”

“My sweet,” I replied, “I have told you before not to worry about your needs. Now that you have had you first taste of corporal punishment you will never go back. What you have just experienced is truly addictive, and not only for you. To me the most sublime act possible is taking down the pants of a brat and giving her the hiding that she desires so much. The sound of hand or leather connecting with a well rounded arse together with her pleas and gasps echoing around a room are to me like a symphony.”

I paused for a second then continued. “Corporal punishment in this situation is a sublime experience and you will never get the same thrill from a vanilla relationship. Unfortunately, as we both know, my stay is short, but after I leave, we must do everything possible to find you a friend here. One who can be trusted to give you a regular dose of what you need so badly.”

she suddenly grinned, eyes sparkling, “Gosh we got a bit deep there didn’t we? Let’s not worry about the future and make the most of our time together, what’s next Boss?”

“Boss?” I put a serious expression on my face and pushed her back down on the bed. “Who gave you permission to call me boss? I can see that you still have plenty of brat in you and need some more medicine.”

I pushed all but one of the cushions off the bed and maneuvered her into the center. From a drawer beside the bed I produced a blindfold that I secured over her eyes. Next I attached leather cuffs to each wrist and secured them to the headboard of the bed. Taking a couple of lengths of rope I attached them to her ankles, spread her legs wide and attached the ropes to the end corners of the bed. My lovely subbie was now in the classic spread-eagled position, the rise and fall of her breasts giving away the excitement of her situation. I placed a finger over her lips as an order to remain silent, then moved away from the bed, leaving her tied as the suspense built.

I made a cup of tea for myself and then took some ice cubes from the small hotel refrigerator. With the ice cubes in a glass and sipping the tea I returned to the bed and sat admiring the body of my lovely subbie. Pulling on a leather glove I reached out and placed my fingertips on her face, tracing around her jaw line, then down her neck and through the valley between her heaving breasts. Slowly my fingers moved lower over her tummy, skirting around the pubic area and down the smooth thighs to the ankles. For over five minutes my fingers followed the contours of her body, teasing and stroking, building up the suspense in her mind.

A gloved finger stopped at the base of her left breast, then started moving in a circular pattern around the breast. In slow, ever decreasing circles the finger slid upwards over her smooth skin finally running around the aureole not quite touching the hard nipple. Suddenly she yelped as I grasped the nipple between thumb and forefinger, the leather squeezing, twisting and pulling the hard teat. she moaned loudly, a low guttural noise from deep within her. My hand moved to the right breast, repeating the circular motions before settling on the nipple and pulling it out from her chest. Her breathing was short and sharp but she remained silent as her tongue licked her lips. I sipped some tea as I grasped an ice cube that I played over a nipple. The ice was quickly replaced on the cold nipple by my hot mouth and she gave a small scream at the sudden change of temperature. I kept repeating this, knowing from past experience how exciting the hot-cold effects were for the recipient. After popping an ice cube into her mouth I moved from the bed and prepared the next couple of items for her pleasure.

she shrieked as the sharp point touched her soft breast and pushed against the skin.

“Nooooo Sir, please no needles, I hate them!” she cried.

“Trust me, not harm will come to you,” I replied as I moved the point and again pushed it hard against her skin.

she was sobbing as I kept pressing the point into her soft skin. Small red marks were appearing each time I moved the sharp point and when I pushed it into the softness of a nipple that was the limit.

“Banana Sir, please I can’t handle that any more!” she cried out loud.

I stopped immediately and slipped the blindfold off her eyes, using it to wipe away the tears. I was laughing at her discomfort and my enjoyment of her situation did not help her mood.

“What are you laughing at? You know I hate needles and you had to use one on me.”

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