tagBDSMTravelling Man Ch. 2

Travelling Man Ch. 2


I slept fairly well that night considering the excitement of the previous day. After an early breakfast I packed a bag with some items that would be required later and at 9.30am I was waiting outside the hotel.

A minute later a toot of the horn from a car pulling into the curb told me my subbie had arrived and I quickly threw my bag into the back and hopped into the front passenger seat.

“Hey, where’s the steering wheel?” I joked.

My subbie laughed at my little joke, planted a kiss on my cheek and then we were off on our day of adventure. She was dressed in a t shirt and shorts, all ready for our day in the outdoors.

We exchanged the usual pleasantries as I was taken on a short tour of the city’s landmarks. My subbie chatted away as she told me about the various buildings, gardens and landmarks. Soon we were on a freeway heading out of town and I finally managed to get a word into the conversation.

“So, where are we going to?” I asked.

“Oh Sir. We are going to a lovely national park about 45 minutes from here. I was brought here as a child and I know it very well, it is one of my favorite places.” she smiled as she spoke, then shivered as I placed my hand on her thigh and stroked the smooth skin. “On weekends it is quite busy but we shouldn’t have trouble finding a private place. I have packed a lunch hamper and some drink, and the weather could not be better.”

“I am sure it will be lovely and most suitable for our needs,” I paused as I saw a rest stop coming into view, “Pull in there and stop.” I said as I pointed to the gravel entrance.

“Yes Sir, of course,” she said in surprise and followed my instructions, stopping the car next to the toilets.

“Come with me, lock the car,” I instructed as I marched past the toilets towards some trees.

A timber picnic table with bench seats was located under the trees and I pointed to the seat and my lovely subbie sat, a look of surprise and question on her face. I continued walking until I came to the tree I had seen from the car. A large willow tree with long branches falling to the ground. I took a Swiss Army knife from my pocket and proceeded to cut five thin and whippy branches from the tree. With these in my hand I proceeded back to my subbie and threw the branches and knife on the table.

“Trim all the leaves and make the branches nice and smooth,” I ordered. “Any rough bits will cut your skin when we stop at your special spot in the forest.

her eyes opened wide at my instructions and she was soon trimming the leaves off the thin green branches. As she completed each branch I picked it up and whooshed it through the air a few times, teasing my subbie with the sound that would later proceed the sting on her flesh.

When the branches were trimmed to our satisfaction and all the leaves placed in the nearby garbage bin we went back to the car.

“Sir, would you like to take the wheel and experience driving on the wrong side of the road?” she asked.

“Thank you my sweet, I guess this is a nice quiet place to have my first try at left hand drive motoring.”

Soon I was carefully driving along the country road, concentrating hard so that I did not drift onto the wrong side of the road. Passing a slower car for the first time was a strange experience but I soon got used to it and it wasn’t long before my subbie was directing me to turn down an unmade dusty road. We proceeded carefully for nearly fifteen minutes before turning onto a narrower track that opened at the end into an open, grassed area, very private and ideal for our picnic with a difference.

I unloaded the heavy picnic hamper while she placed a large blanket over some soft grass.

“Would you like to eat now Sir, …………..or?” the loaded question was accompanied by a nervous smile and eyes looking at the ground.

“I think ‘or’ first and lunch second,” I said, walking the few paces to her and wrapping my arms around her body. “Are you all right? What happened to the confident subbie that picked me up a bit earlier?”

“Oh Sir, I was fine until you cut the willow boughs, now I’m as nervous as hell.”
My shirt muffled her voice.

I held her out at arms length, “My subbie, any instruments used for punishment are only as dangerous as the person using them. I think you know me well enough to know that no harm will come to you, just use the safe word, ok?”

She smiled wistfully, tears forming in her eyes. “Oh I know all that Sir, it’s not only that, it’s just……………”

I hugged her too me again, “Yes I know honey, two days was never going to be long enough for us. But I can’t change my schedule and you have family commitments so let’s make the most of this day and have fun, make it a day to remember!”

She held me while she thought, then pushed me away a little, rose on her toes and planted a long wet kiss on my lips. “Mmmmmmmmm, that was nice, I want more, I want you to fuck me today.” she exclaimed with a brilliant smile.

“Well you are full of surprises, I thought we had agreed no sex?” I replied as I felt a stirring between my legs.

“Stuff the agreement,” she exclaimed, as she pulled the tee shirt off over her head, then unclipped the lace bra, “Come on Sir, I am subbie, your plaything, let’s have fun.”

The shorts and panties soon joined her other clothes on the blanket and she stood nude before me, hands on her head and legs spread wide.

I smiled at her determined expression, went to the car and grabbed my bag. I removed the camera and the lengths of rope, threw them over a shoulder and grasped the willow branches. My free right hand held her left and I led her over to some trees that seemed ideal for our purpose. I stood her in position between two trees and proceeded to tie her arms and legs wide apart in the classic spread-eagled position. She shivered as I stood in front and ran my hands all over her body, squeezing her breasts and playfully fingering her pussy. We kissed deeply; our tongues entwined as the outright sexiness of my subbie plus her ‘fuck me’ statement drove away any inhibitions. Her eyes widened as I stepped back and picked up one of the willow branches, teasing the tip over her hard nipples and pussy lips. I grabbed the camera and took a couple of lovely photographs for our collection. Another kiss and I moved around behind her, tapping her arse cheeks with the willow branch as I took up my position.

I raised the branch in the air and brought it down firmly but not hard across her lovely cheeks.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss!” she hissed as the first sting invaded her senses.

A lovely pink mark appeared across her arse and was soon joined by more as the willow rose and fell. she was crying out loudly at each stroke, the sounds a mixture of pleasure and pain that echoed amongst the trees.

After about ten strokes her body started to shake violently. I watched her carefully as I changed to a new branch, thinner than the first one, and slashed it across her red buttocks.

“Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!” her scream was loud and long as the first orgasm of the day shuddered through her body. her knees bent and her legs buckled, her body only supported by the ropes on her wrists. I took a quick photo of her red striped arse and rushed to support my darling subbie.

I held her weight with one arm, quickly released the ropes and carried her across to the blanket on the soft grass. I laid her face down and stroked her hair and back softly, whispering how brave she was and how proud I was of her submission. Slowly she regained her breath as my hand caressed her still hot arse cheeks; my fingers sliding between her legs to gently stroke the damp pussy lips.

“Plllllleeeaaaasssssssse,” she hissed as my fingers invaded her labia, pushing slowly into the wetness. I twisted my hand around so that my thumb rubbed on her clit as my fingers fucked the depths of her cunt. It was only a short time before once again she was screaming loudly as another orgasm swept through her shaking body. I sat back and enjoyed the sight of my beautiful friend enjoying multiple orgasms.

“Are you ok?” I asked with a grin when finally she regained her breath and looked up at me.

“Oh fuck, am I ok?” she exclaimed, “Oh that was absolutely amazing, oh I need some water, oh wow.”

I reached over and opened the large picnic basket, half of which was insulated to keep drinks cold. On opening the drink section an amazing sight met my eyes. Nestled in the ice were cans of Australian beer.

“Crikey! Victoria Bitter! Where did you get these? Fair dinkum you are a wonderful subbie. What a lovely surprise!” I enthused with a mock Steve Irwin Aussie accent.

I grabbed a bottle of water and a cold can that I rubbed over her warm arse cheeks causing girlish shrieks of delight. I lay back on the blanket sipping my beer while she replenished her thirst. Next thing, she was kneeling beside me with her hands unfastening the belt and the button on my jeans. The zip was quickly lowered and I raised my hips to help her pull the jeans and undies down. My hard cock sprung free and she stroked it a few times before standing and straddling my hips. Slowly she bent her knees and lowered her vagina down to my cock. I lay back and let her set the pace, loving the feeling of her tight pussy walls surrounding my hardness. With all the excitement of the morning it was not long before we were both trembling and then screaming loudly as we climaxed.

We lay together, hugging in silence for some time before she pushed herself off me and attended to the lunch. The food was very tasty and we sat eating and drinking, chatting easily about what she had experienced over the last twenty-four hours.

As we packed the dishes away in the hamper I casually asked, “My subbie, would you like to come up to my hotel room again? I want to give you a special farewell surprise.”

“Would I what?” she yelled like a teenager, “Of course I would. Oh my god, more surprises, I hope my heart holds out!” With a giggle she ran across to the trees and collected the rope while I placed the hamper and blanket back in the car.

As she drove back to the hotel her grin widened as I gave her short instructions to be followed when we were alone. The return trip was soon over and after parking the car and collecting my bag and the beer, we proceeded up to my room.

I let her use the bathroom first to clean up, and then I shooed her out into the bedroom while I had a quick shower.

Upon re-entering the bedroom I saw with pleasure that my subbie had obeyed my instructions completely. she was lying in the centre of the bed with her eyes closed, covered to the neck by the sheet. I smiled to myself as I saw her hard nipples pointing upwards through the thin cloth.

she was aware of my presence but remained silent, the rise and fall of the sheet covering her breasts telling me of her state of excitement. I moved to the side of the bed, reached over and slipped a blindfold over her eyes. A moan escaped her lips, which I cut off with a deep, lingering kiss. As I moved back I placed a finger against her lips, a silent order that reminded her to stay quiet.

Standing beside the bed I slid my hand under the sheet and took hold of her left wrist, moving her arm out and up so it was now pointing to the corner post at the head of the bed. I attached a padded leather cuff to her wrist and with a piece of rope I secured her arm in position. Now I moved down near the base of the bed, again slid my hand under the sheet and grasped her left ankle. A low moan escaped her lips as she felt her leg being firmly pulled outwards. I attached another leather cuff and with some more rope secured her leg to the bedpost. I moved around to the other side of the bed, again reached under the sheet and repeated the procedure with her right ankle. her legs were now spread wide apart and another low moan escaped from her lips, a moan of anticipation. I moved up to near the head of the bed, once again reached under the red sheet and grasped her right wrist. There was no hint of resistance as I moved the arm out and up, attached the cuff and secured it to the bedpost.

My lovely subbie was once again spread-eagled and I knelt up on the bed beside her, my hands moving over the thin sheet. My hands made the sheet follow every contour of her lovely body and when I stood up and back she looked like a beautiful sculpture waiting to be unveiled, only the rise and fall of her breasts giving away the fact that she was real, not carved from stone.

I gazed in awe at the beauty of my friend, a friend who has given me implicit trust, trust that I would honour to the utmost.

Kneeling back on the bed beside her I slipped the sheet down a little, uncovering those delightful breasts. One finger traced around the lovely mounds in a figure eight, each time the circles were rising a little higher, slowly getting closer to the nipples. Now I concentrated on the left breast, circling the aureole as the nipple hardened even more under my gaze. I flicked the hard teat with a fingertip then grasped it between finger and thumb pinching firmly, generating a low moan. Then I pulled my hand away from her body before letting go. I bent down and took the right nipple in my mouth, sucking hard and nipping it between my teeth causing her to yelp. I licked and sucked on both breasts then trailed my tongue lower, pushing the sheet down as I moved over her tummy towards that lovely shaven pussy. My hands pushed the sheet away then moved to her labia, fingers tracing around the outside, then lightly over the lips themselves, teasing as her hips rose to me. My fingers slipped lower down the inside of her lovely thighs, stroking and teasing so sensually. I heard a muffled "Oh fuuuuuuck" escape from her lips and I smiled to myself as my tongue tip slid along her pussy slit, tasting the wetness escaping from within.

My fingers moved back up and spread her lips wide apart, the pink flesh beckoning my tongue to taste and explore. For a minute my tongue played with her clit as her hips rose to me, then I pushed my tongue deep into the wetness, her flesh opening as I explored. As I withdrew she moaned loudly, "Pllleeeaaaassssseeeeee" she cried loudly, loving and hating the way I teased her so much, knowing and wanting the orgasm building deep within her. I stiffened my tongue and began to plunge it in and out of her cunt, using it like a small cock. Her hips rose and she struggled as I tongue fucked and licked her pussy but I was not ready for her to cum quite yet.
I sat back and looked at my sexy captive, her body glowing now with perspiration, breasts heaving, mouth open as she breathed heavily, gulping in air. I knew she wanted to speak but somehow she remained silent, waiting for my next move. I moved to kneel between her legs causing a moan of anticipation. Once again I played my fingers around her vagina and thighs, surprising her by suddenly lightly spanking the flat of my hand against her lower thighs. Spanking from side to side, moving slowly upwards from near the knees, gradually my hand advanced close to her pussy, the slap, slap, slap of hand on soft skin mixing with her loud moans. Finally, I paused then I lightly spanked my hand against her moist vagina, a sensuous touch with a light sting that caused my subbie to erupt as the first orgasm swept through her body. she screamed loudly and thrashed against the ropes as I plunged two fingers deep into her cunt, finger fucking her hard and fast as once again her body vibrated with pleasure. I removed my fingers and crept closer to rub the head of my cock along her slit. she was moaning constantly and loudly as I slowly eased the tip of my cock into her pussy, pushing slowly downwards until my balls slapped on her arse hole.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard!" she screamed as her body jerked and shuddered under mine.

I moved my cock out, the walls of her cunt giving me wonderful feelings as I pressed back down hard. I started slow with long strokes and gradually quickened the pace, wanting to give her a fuck she will long remember. Sweat was dripping from my brow as I pounded forcefully in and out, my balls tightening as my orgasm drew closer. Her hips rose to meet mine, as I fucked my darling as hard as I could until I suddenly stopped with my cock deep inside. I leant forward and with an effort managed to release both her wrists from the cuffs, then I leant back and let her ankles loose. A low moan from deep inside escaped her lips as, with my cock still deep inside, I rolled sideways, wrapping my arms around and pulling her up on top of me. I hugged her tight for a about half a minute then pushed her upright, her damp breasts heaving, eyes wide and a look of absolute lust on her face. As I reached out and grasped her breasts she started to move up and down, our bodies shaking as our orgasms grew close.

Suddenly she screamed loudly, "I’m ccccuuuuummmmmmmmiiiiinnngggg!!" and her body shuddered violently. My hands went around her waist to hold her upright as my cock erupted deep inside and my back arched off the wet sheet. I pumped my juices deep inside as she collapsed down onto my chest, her body continuing to shake and convulse as multiple orgasms swept through her system. I lost track of time as we lay there, my arms holding her tight as small pleasurable vibrations continued to roll through her body.

I stroked her hair and back, as tears fell from her eyes onto my chest. I was lost for words, we both knew that out time together would be limited to these two days, and I too fought back tears. Finally she lifted her head and looked around for some tissues, I was able to reach out and grasp the box.

After sniffing and wiping away the tears she looked me in the eyes and said, “Oh Sir, that was the best, absolutely the best, you are the best.”

I hugged her again and replied, “Thank you honey, I don’t think I’m the best, I just do my best to please you and your reactions please me. There are many other Doms out there, some excellent and some just wannabes. Keep looking, the one you need may be here in your hometown. you know I will assist you any way I can, even from so far away.”

she sniffed again and gave a wan smile, “Oh I know Sir, it’s just that you have exceeded my wildest dreams and now we have to split, perhaps forever. I have dreaded this moment ever since I knew you were coming to visit. And the fact that you were so fucking great is making it even harder. Damn. Damn. Damn.” she beat her fists in mock anger on my chest and burst into tears once again.

I hugged her tight and stroked her back as once again our emotions overflowed. Finally I took a deep breath and spanked her arse twice.

“OK my subbie, time to be happy again and look on the positive. We had a great time and both of us have great memories that will always be with us. I am going to make you a promise, one day I will come back, but I can’t say when.”

she sat and looked at me with astonishment through the years. “You’re not just saying that to make me happy?”

“Not at all honey, a promise is a promise but there is a condition.”

“Uh oh, what’s that?” she said with a look of doubt on her tear streaked face.

“It is that you continue to search for a local Dom who can fulfill your needs.” I replied, “Don’t wait around for my return, you have my love and support to move forward, ok?”

she grabbed some more tissues, blew her nose and wiped away the last few tears.
“Yes Sir, it’s a deal. God I better get moving, it’s getting late.”

We kissed again then she ran to the bathroom to clean up and re-apply her makeup.
I composed myself as I dressed, ready to take her downstairs to return to her day to day life. The bathroom door opened and she returned, wearing nothing but a smile.
I took one last photo of my lovely subbie and soon she was dressed, ready to go. I hugged her to me as once again we were both lost for words, then we headed for the elevators.

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