tagErotic CouplingsTravelogue Ch. 01

Travelogue Ch. 01


"Do you have a passport?" I ask my new love.

"Yes." She answers. "And I've been overseas before."

"Good," I reply. "We're going on holiday."

"Where are we going?" she responds.

"Someplace warm. Someplace sexy," I tell her. Ogling her.

Let me tell you about us. We've only been together for only a short time. The sex between us is fantastic. She's young and has a lot of energy. Some background -- this is my girlfriend, not my wife. My wife recently left me after a lot of years of marriage. Too many to mention. She said I was too focused on work to be focused on her. And admittedly, I was. I was working on making our fortune, and I did. I hit it big in the dot.com heyday of the 90s. I was smart, and diversified my portfolio into real estate and treasury bonds. I lost some money in the stock market, but not enough to affect my lifestyle. Even though my wife took half of our assets, I was happy for her and for me. We're still good friends. But that's all. Good friends.

I retired in my 40s shortly after my company's IPO and after they decided they didn't need me anymore. I worked with my financial adviser to make sure I was comfortable for the rest of my life. I was an athlete in my high school and college days and even though I would be considered a geek, I'm still in good shape for my age. I run occasionally, lift weights often and ride my bike every day. I have the mind of a late 40s guy and the body and sex drive of a 20 year old. I am considered better than average as far as cock size is concerned. Seven and a half inches, and very thick. I've never had a complaint in the sex department. I have some staying power. Baseball statistics will do that for you.

My new girlfriend? Her name is Brytney. I know what you're thinking. How can a man in his 40s be with someone so young? Well, let's just say we have something in common. She's beautiful, she's sexy, and she loves to fuck. So do I. She has a hot little body that men would fight and die over. Her tits are that of an angel, her desire that of the devil. She's small, about 5'2, but her tits are ...well.... 34B. I know because....because I have taken care of her whole wardrobe for the trip. Straight out of Victoria's secrets. Her ass would make J-Lo envious. The hard ass of a cheerleader.

So, about this little harlot, called Brytney. How do I know she's not a Goldigger and fucking me just for my money? When we go to dinner, we always go Dutch. We go to her apartment because we're more comfortable there. I've even offered to pay for her flat many times because we're there so often and she refuses. She believes that I am struggling financially and I let her believe what she wants to believe. In the past few days, I've decided that she should know the real me. But instead of telling her, I am going to show her.

"Someplace warm? Where? How?" She asks.

"I've taken care of everything," I tell her.

"You have?"

"Yea, baby. Everything. The limo will pick you up tomorrow at 7 in the morning."

"Limo? 7 AM?"

"Yea. Don't be late."

"What do I pack?" She asks.

"Nothing. Everything's been taken care of."

"Nothing? Nothing at all? Are you nuts?" She asks.

"No. I love you and please trust me."

"OK, Brad, I trust you," she says. But she's not too sure.

"Just be ready to travel -- purse, cosmetics, and you. That's all you'll need," I tell her.

"Limo, travel, passport. What are you doing? I don't understand."

"Baby, the charade is over. I've let you believe some things about me that are not true. You've made some assumptions about me that just aren't true and now is the time to show you the real me."

There. I've let it out. It's in the open. She's got about 10 hours to think about the trip. Think whether she wants to make it or not. Go with me. And to trust me.

Trust equals love.

She must trust and love me, because she is waiting outside at precisely 7 AM when the limo pulls up. I am in the back seat. My chauffeur pulls to a stop. He opens the trunk with a push of a button, grabs her small travel bag with her cosmetics and opens the back door. He puts her bag in the trunk, she climbs in the back seat with me, and he shuts the door, walks to the driver's side, gets in and starts driving.

She's totally in disbelief as she kisses me good morning. She can hardly believe what's going on. I kiss her back and hug her hard. She is so beautiful in the morning, her radiant beauty shining through. She has on little make-up and is ready for travel. I told her someplace warm and she is dressed accordingly. She's wearing a little tank top, showing just enough cleavage, shorts and comfortable shoes.

She looks at me expectantly. She wants the story. I simply grin at her. And then she punches my arm.

"Goddamit," she says.

"What?" I ask.

"You know goddam well what. Now tell me."

"Tell you what?"


"No need to shout," I say giggling. "Brazil."

"Brazil. We're going to Brazil. We're fucking going to Brazil? Brazil. Bra-fucking-zil."

"Yep," I say. "Brazil."

"How are we going to Brazil?" She asks.

"My private jet. Jim, our chauffeur, is not only a great driver, he's an excellent pilot."

"Really. Your own private jet. Bullshit. I don't believe you. You're..."

"What?" I interrupt her. "What am I?"

"You're a divorcee. Your wife dumped you."


"And I assumed she did because you have nothing."

"Nope." I say. "She dumped me because I worked too hard. It's almost like I worked too hard and made too much money."

"And you let me believe all that shit?"


"Well what?" She asks.

"Well. I am glad you weren't fucking me because of my money," I say.

"I wasn't and I'm not," she says, "I am fucking you because I love your cock."

"Baby, I know you are. And I am glad for it." I say. "Get your sweet little ass over here," I say as I roll up the dark tinted windows. She complies and sits on my lap grinding her ass into my cock. I'm surprised at her aggressiveness, but love it. She knows what she wants and when she wants it. She kisses me hard. Pulling my neck as she does. She's like a little kid at Christmas. Which to me she is.

I feel her titties under her shirt. Her nipples are hard and I love the feel of them. She keeps rubbing herself on me. Trying with all her might to make my cock hard. She's doing a great job and I want to pull myself out my pants.

She beats me to it. She slides off my lap onto the leather seats of the limo and unbuckles my belt, unhooks my pants and pulls my zipper down. She reaches into my pants, pulls my cock out....she's just holding it and looks up at me. "Can he see us?" She asks.

"Who? Jim? No, he can't see us at all. Not with the windows up. He can't hear us either." I tell her. "So, suck me and make as much noise as you want to."

I can't believe this little 20-something hot little fuck machine wants to suck my cock. But I can't help myself. I love it. She sucks cock so well, better than any woman I'd ever been with. And I'd been with a few. Even though she's sucking me so well, I want her to ride....I tell her, "baby. Stop. Stop. Come here. I want to be in you right now." I want to start the holiday off right, by fucking her as the sounds and sights of our city roll by us.

I pull her up. She takes off her shirt and her shorts. I pull her panties down and she's naked in a flash. Holy shit. What a hot little body she has. I pull off all of my clothes. My cock is so hard and I tell her to sit on my cock while we watch the early morning city scene. She's bouncing on my cock in the darkened back seat. My fingers are tweaking her little nipples and I watch her hard round ass ride on me. The streets are bustling with people. She leans back against me and begins playing with her pussy and kisses me at the same time. She's fucking me now hard...and she's moaning.

Just then I hear over the intercom, "boss, we're here."

"Can he hear us?" She asks me.

"No. It's one way, unless I've set this button here for him to hear. Um. Ooops. I think it may have been set."

"Really?" She asks.

"No, I'm just playin'..." I reply and she punches me again. I'm laughing at my joke and the fact that I don't mind a gorgeous just fucked woman punching me.

We put on our clothes. We're laughing like teenagers. We step out of the limo and onto the tarmac. She's confused because she's never flown non-commercial before. I take her hand in mine and tell her, "This way, Baby." And start walking to my jet.

Jim has gotten our bags and we climb onto the plane. He stows the bag, goes to the cockpit; and I fix her a mimosa. She's still stunned at the turn of events and takes her pick of chairs. She's wistfully looking out the window and turns to me. "This is unbelievable. So luxurious. There's even a bed back there."

I smile at her. "I know. I ordered all of the accessories on the plane. There's a movie screen that comes out of the ceiling and a bunch of movies to watch. Everything from Disney to XXX. Whatever you want to drink. Food is limited to what I told them to fix for us. We have a wait staff to feed us and keep us hydrated. They're in the back. As far as the bed and the movies are concerned, we have to keep ourselves occupied for the 9 or 10 hours it's going to take us to get to Rio."

Just then a customs official comes on board. He's already inspected the plane for contraband and enters the cabin, suspiciously looking around, until he sees Brytney. She smiles at him, he blushes and says, "passports please." We both show him our passports, he stamps them, then leaves the plane.

"A lot different than flying coach?" I ask.

"um...I'd say," she responds.

"Put your seat in the upright position, fasten your seat belts, extinguish all smoking materials, stow your trays and carry on and prepare for take-off," I tell her.

She begins doing so...I smile at her and tell her that I am kidding. "All you need to do for takeoff is to fasten your seatbelt, unless you want to live a bit dangerously."

"Can I be nude when we take off?" She asks, stands up and starts taking her clothes off.

"As long as you have a seatbelt fastened, it's OK by me, Baby."

Jim has a smooth takeoff and no sooner are we at safe cruising speed than my girl has her seat belt off, is up out of her chair, kissed me and is checking out the bed. I take my time coming over to her, but on the way over I take off all my clothes and get into bed with her.

"You said you had some movies. Some XXX. Put one on for me," she demands.

"OK, baby," I say and press the remote control. A screen comes down from the ceiling of the plane. I press another button on the remote and a movie begins playing. It's a beach scene from a hot Brazilian porn movie that I had seen a few years ago. Women with voluptuous asses and small titties are frolicking about on a beach. They are shaking their asses and doing the Samba. Sensual women dancing to sensuous music. Well-built men are stroking their cocks nearby.

She grabs my cock and starts jerking me off. "We didn't finish a few minutes ago, did we?"

"No, we didn't, but take your time, Brytney. We have another 9 hours together."

She slows down on my cock, but still keeps it in her hand. On the screen there are 3 couples, all deeply tanned all over, all beautiful. The women are built the same way, just how Brytney is built. The coupling begins.

"They're going to do it right on the beach." She says to no one in particular. She takes her hand from my cock and puts it onto her pussy. She's playing with her clit and alternately putting her fingers into her pussy. We can hear the jet engines purring.

"Oh my, this is so hot. That's Rio isn't it? Oh my goodness. Oh. That's hot. He's putting it in her. Holy jeebus, he's huge. They sure like anal, don't they. This is on the beach. I hope we do that. We better do that. Oh my god. They're all trading places. Oh...oh....mmmmmmmm."

I am just watching her. It's like I'm not even there. Her eyes, which were once glued to the screen, are now closed. Her head is back, her chest is flushed, and all ten of her fingers are franticly playing with herself. Her right hand is on top of her pussy, playing with her clit, rubbing it. Her left is under her leg and she has inserted 2 fingers into her cunt and has slid one into her ass. It looks like she's done this before.

"oh my god. This is so hot. So fucking HOT. Holy FUCK. HOLY FUCK. OH MY GOD. I AM CUMMING. I AM CUMMING." She cums so hard, her chest and face are now flushed and beet red.

She's making little moans as she comes down from her self-induced cum. I am as hard as a rock, I have my hand around it and I want to put my cock in her. I've just watch my sexy girlfriend bring herself to a powerful orgasm. She pulls her fingers out of her pussy, looks at my cock and says, "I assume there's a shower on this plane, and I'd like to clean up a little bit." I point to the door across from us. Still looking at my cock, she says, "We have another 8 and a half hours together."

She gets up off the bed, walks the two feet into the shower, and grins at me as she shuts the door to the bathroom. I am left there with a raging hard-on and a huge smile on my face. She's right and paybacks sure are a motherfucker.

I order us breakfast so that it's served and ready when she comes out of the shower. I turn on the music. Soft Brazilian music to get us in the tropical mood. I look out the window and see there is nothing but white, soft, fluffy clouds and blue skies.

She comes out of the shower with a robe on and her hair in a towel. She's so beautiful I can barely keep my hands off of her. She's about to say she is hungry and she looks at her tray table. Breakfast is served. "I knew you'd be hungry," I say grinning from ear to ear. "After a workout, I'm always hungry."

"Well, you better not eat then, beause you didn't do anything," She laughs that out.

"Oh...well I had better eat, because I'm going to need a lot of energy for what I am going to do to you later."

"You wish," she says.

"I know," I reply.

"mmmm....I do, too. Who is this, by the way?"

"The music? It's bossa nova. From the 60s. You've never heard it before?"

"Oh sure. In the elevator or at the old folks' home," her little joke aimed at our age difference. I don't pay heed to the joke, we've talked this through until we've talked it out and then talked about it some more. Now it's denigrated to old folks home jokes from her and high school jokes from me.

Girl from Ipanema is playing. I tell her about the music. I tell her about Brazil. I tell her about the people and their lives. I've been here before, but always for work. I need to meet up with some friends/business acquaintances who always told me to tack a week on or after the trip.

"What about the language? I'm OK in Spanish, but don't know a lick of Portuguese."

"You'll be fine. It's close enough that it won't take you long," I tell her.

She puts her fork down. "wow, that was so good. After a meal and a workout, I need a little nap." She slides her robe off, takes her towel off and climbs into bed. Taking off my clothes, I follow her. Her masturbating, her tease, and her little strip tease has had its desired effect on my cock. She's on the bed with her legs spread, waiting for me. I look at her, her face, her smile, her eyes. I enter her as if I haven't had sex in months, even though it's been hours.

"You are so big. I love your cock, baby. I love it in me all the way. It's so deep."

"I love it, too, baby. Your pussy is so wet. So sweet."

"you like? I shaved it in there. Just like your Brazilian girls."

Her pussy had been trimmed before, but now it's smooth and wet and tight. I hadn't noticed before. There's a little strip of hair above her clit. I am so aroused I don't know how long I can hold back. I begin pounding her. My cock is huge and fat and I am going in and out of her like a madman. "FUCK ME," she screams. FUCK MY SHAVED PUSSY. FUCK ME. I WANT TO BE FUCKED WITH YOUR BIG, HARD, COCK.

I keep up the pace. She has her fingernails in my back, she's scratching my back and screaming. GIVE IT TO ME. DEEPER HARDER. FUCK ME, BABY. DO IT. UNNNGGHH.

I comply, but not much longer. I cum in her. Hard. She's counting my spurts..."oh my...baby that was 7 or 8 spurts. You're still coming. Damn....I need to hold out more often."

"no you don't...that was torture," I stay in her.

"poor baby." We're giggling like teenagers.

My cock goes soft, she loses her grip on it and I'm out of her.

"Awww...I wanted him to stay in me...now roll over and go to sleep. I need my rest," she says pulling her pillow over her eyes.

I press a button and the window shades are drawn, another and the lights go out, the hum of the engine is calming. "Amazing," she says.

I kiss her good day and we go to sleep.

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