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Travels with Roo


Tonight my Shitzu is laying by my feet snoring. It's raining outside and has been for a good while. It made me think back to a summer's night in 1975. It was the beginning of a new chapter in my life and I'd like to share it with you.

It was raining steadily at the entrance to the Massachusetts Turnpike outside of Springfield. I was eastbound heading to Martha's Vineyard. I'd left Montreal early that morning, lucked up and gotten a ride all the way to this little duggout maybe forty paces from the toll kiosks. I don't know who had the foresight to erect that shelter, but I was glad for it! Two other hitchhikers sat there, waiting out the storm. They appeared to be sixteen or so and talked me into getting out my guitar. We were enjoying a few tunes together when a girl came walking up, hair plastered to her head, singing the words to the song. We quit singing, although I kept playing, utterly astonished. Her voice was so clear and pleasing to the ear. Her inflections and timing were beyond reproach. At the end of the song, there was silence as my new found friend Roo and I gazed at each other. Shortly thereafter, the other two boys got a ride. They'd been waiting longer than me. There ARE manners on the road.

Roo and I did a few more covers and in bits and pieces, I learned she did the coffeehouse circuit and sang in clubs when her age wasn't an issue. She wasn't a raving beauty, but she could call the birds down from the trees with her voice. She was going to Westport, Maine to visit friends. We finally got a ride and chattered all the way to Boston.

At four in the morning we cavorted on the Boston Commons, until we got hungry. We found a diner that served the night people. Any city has one. Cab drivers, vendors, whores, all were accepted and fed for a nominal fee. Under the buzzing fluorescents in the diner, Roo dawdled with her food, pushing it around her plate. I asked if she was OK.

"I guess you're going on to the Vineyard." She paused and frowned at her plate. "I've had a good time, Ted. Any chance you might want to come to Maine with me?" Her question came out with a rush, the words tumbling by like rapids over the rocks.

My heart leapt. I hadn't wanted to invite myself along and couldn't think of a way to broach the subject without the whole thing being very awkward. I was drawn to her easy nature. I wasn't sure what she looked like under her rain poncho, but I remember it was a secondary consideration at best. I'd found a friend, we liked the same kinds of music and did I say how she could sing?

We were two half soaked vagabonds riding the subway out of the town along with commuters going to the airport. When we could see I-95, we got off and resumed our thumbing. We got to Westport at dusk. We were relly worn out and I was glad to use her friend's shower and get some sleep. I'd been awake since Montreal, Quebec two days earlier.

I awoke the next morning with the sun shining in through the window. I heard water running in the kitchen and birds chirping in the scraggly pines outside. Roo's head was against my shoulder, her hair covering most of her face. The sunlight seemed to ignite her hair with brilliant tones of red and copper. I watched the sunlight play on the strands, waxing golden, waning browns. She'd covered us at some point during the night. Westport cools off well at night I supposed. I lifted the covers to ease out of the bed, glancing back to make sure I wasn't disturbing her. I saw her shoulder, no bra strap, just perfect peaches and cream skin. I could see the dimple under her chin, the babyfat in her soft round arm and the side of her breast. I sat on the edge of the bed for a moment, groggy still.

Thrusting temptation aside, I stood, dressed and left the room. I smiled to myself in the mirror in the bathroom. Patience is patience worth. What beautiful skin! I fought back the desire to take maybe one more look.

Roo's friends were downstairs and unfortuneately they weren't coffeee drinkers. They directed me to a Dunkin Donuts just down the block. (The mug I'm drinking from as I write this story came from there!) I left word for Roo where I was and presently she appeared. Her hair was still wet from her shower. She'd awoken finding me absent and nearly panicked. I was touched that she cared that much. Anyway, our visit in Maine was short lived. Her friends were off to Halifax shortly and needed to catch an earlier ferry. They dropped us at I-95 at mid afternoon and we were back on the road.

We finally got a ride with some hippies in a Volvo and were rolling through New Hampshire at dusk. Roo and I were in back, talking and watching the skies darkening. I forget what I said, but on impulse, Roo pulled my head down to hers and softly, ever so softly, kissed me. I reached up and held her head as we began our first exploration of each other's mouths. What had begun almost tentatively became more primal as trust was established. She caught my hand with hers and with fingers intertwined pressed my palm to her breast.

I could feel the lace of her bra through the faded peasant blouse. I could feel her heart pounding beneath. A quick glance at the rear view mirror revealed no interest from the driver. A hand on my thigh, Roo locking eyes with me, then running her tongue across her lips. Slow. Very slow. Lights from an off ramp suddenly bright. The hippies were nearly home. I emerged stiff and swollen. The tailights of the Volvo disappeared in the deepening gloom, leaving us looking for our next ride.

Two o'clock in the morning found us staring down an empty turnpike somewhere east of Springfield. We'd gotten a ride with the pastor of a small town church who was returning from Boston after visiting a hospitalized parishioner. His was the very last car on that road. Riding with the pastor, we kept darting looks between us. It was so incongruous how Roo would say something sweetly innocent to me while giving me a scorching look with her eyes!

It's strange to have an entire turnpike to yourself. A light haze of fog was beginning to rise from the grass along the roadsides. A chorus of crickets chirped and we heard an owl in the forest behind the security fencing. There was no moon but I could dimly make out the hills of the surrounding countryside. We stood in the gravel at the shoulder, waiting. Nothing. Nobody. Roo turned and grinned.

"Wanna neck, big boy?"

I deadpanned "Well, if that's all there is to do, I guess so!"

That got me a punch in the arm. Than Roo stepped up onto the toes of my boots, pressing herself against me, drawing my head down to hers.

She whispered "Kiss me, you fool," and ran her tongue across my lips.

I bit her nose softly and she giggled, puppydog licking my face. A tongue war broke out, the two of us licking away like newborn pups. The hilarity eased and she drew my lips to hers. Again, that soft mouth, a lingering kiss, breaking to tuck her hair behind her ear. Turning my head to the right, she gently sponged my ear, nipping the lobe with her teeth. In a low voice she confessed "I'm VERY oral. Is that OK?"

I didn't want to talk just then. My arousal was evident in my jeans. Roo pushed her pelvis against me and rubbed side to side as our kiss resumed. My hands went to her bottom, pulling her to my hardness. As we came up for air, we heard a truck.

The sudden return to innocence was difficult. We cast our thunbs high as the rig barreled past. It was from a dairy and there wouldn't have been room for us both anyway. We saw another pair of headlights get off at the exit down from us and disappear. Roo stood before me, the two of us facing the now empty highway.

I wrapped my arms around her middle and nibbled her neck. "You like that?"

Roo sighed. "Um hum. Just like that."

She shivered when I got to her ear. Undulating her hips against my maleness, she pulled my hands to her breasts. "I need this bra off" she breathed. "It clasps in the front."

She had to help, undoing it while I held her blouse up. Roo leaned her head back on my shoulder as I took her soft orbs in hand, hefting and circling her crinkling nipples. One small hand went to my member, pressing, squeezing. I moaned when she unzipped me, coolness meeting heat. Buttery soft fingers explored my rigidness, wringing slickness from my tip. I returned the favor, caressing her mons through her jeans, feeling her heat.

Roo turned in my arms. "Ted, I'm wet. I'm wet for you. My panties need to be off. Now. Now would be good. I'm serious here, feel!"

I unzipped her jeans. She shrugged them to her knees. Pale peaches and cream in the moonlight, white cotton panties a beacon for my hands. I turned her to face away again, her bottom nearly naked against my cock. I dragged my hand down the outside of her pantied belly, cupping her breast with my other, thumbing the nipple to erectness. I felt her fur through the sheerness, the beginning of her cleft. Covering her sex, I rubbed softly, no hurry, little circles on a little pussy. Roo spread her stance and moaning, pushed herself harder against my hand. I felt the wetness of the cotton and how her lips were spread. She tugged the back of her panties down and grasped my cock, rubbing my tip up and down her ass. With a nudge, her underwear joined her jeans pooled at her knees. I could smell her need. My hand returned to her new exposure, fingernailing her pubis and the sparse hair of her furrow. We were both gasping from the newness, from our need. Words became useless as a million years of instinct rendered inhibitions null.

Roo's head hung back slackly against my chest. With one hand she pulled on my cock and squeezed my balls. Her other pressed my hand into the streaming wetness of her center. Thickly she begged, "Finger me Ted. Put it in, I'm aching. Please." The gaining fog swirled at our feet. Her gaping pussy clenched my fingers as I entered, eliciting a body shiver. Suddenly, she leaned away, only to rub my cock in the juices of her inner thighs. It was my turn to shiver. With both hands now, she grasped me, scratching my tightened sack and rubbing my slickness in the valley of her downy ass. The odors of her desire filled my nostrils as I gasped, fighting for control. My eyes widened, realizing control was beyond me. In moments I would spill my seed onto Roo's bottom, I would- headlights crested the hill a mile away.

There was no sound yet in the fog. All was strangly quiet. The crickets had gone to bed. Then vaguely I began to make out the sounds of a motor and shifting gears as a rig came down the grade. We got Roo's jeans up to her hips and we dashed down the slope from the roadway. We paused at the state highway fence. The truck swooshed past fifty feet and another country away. Without a word, we spread Roo's bedroll on the damp ground. I propped my guitar case and our backpacks by the fence. I laughed, realizing my penis was still exposed.

From behind me. "What is it, Ted?"

Turning I started to reply when I was struck dumb by her nude paleness upon the blanket. Her legs were drawn up and as I watched, she combed her fur with her fingertips, then slowly trolled her index up her slit. She tapped her clit, making her hips buck. "Whew, oh that's nice!" She gasped. Gazing steadfastly at me, Roo's left hand arrived at her vee, gently spreading her lips, leaving her clit prominent.

"I'm as hard as you, can you see me?" Her voice more urgent. Fingers circling her swollen mound, then her hands pushing the labia together tightly. By now I was a student at her spread knees watching wetness leak down her ass. Again, she spread her privacy to my view, proffering her pussy on arched hips only inches from my face.

With pointed tongue, I landed on the tip of her clit, breathing in the steaminess of her arousal. Roo jerked at the contact, exhaling as I tongued back her hood and imprisoned the little man with my arriving lips. Her fingers went to my hair, rubbing, pulling me closer to her core. "Baby, suck me, yeah, just like that, just like, OH YEAH, there oh that's good goddam I'm glad you eat pussy, DO IT!"

I felt her clit grow in my mouth, standing clear of it's hood. Gently I flurried the tip with a thousand tiny tongueings while I suckled her base. Roo's fluids coated my chin, intoxicating my senses. The softness of her thighs trembled from her excitement. She began shallowly humping my face, dragging her cleft against my mouth. Then, " Stop, get naked! Hurry!"

I arose tugging off my clothing, her frantic little hands clawing at the buttons. My maleness was suddenly engulfed in her soft wet mouth. I felt myself spurt my arousal against her throat. Roo groaned and spit the wetness down my shank and into her hand. Her other hand went to herself, unable to stray long from her needs.

I had to tear myself from her ministrations. My orgasm was imminent, undeniable. Roo laid back, spreading herself open and whimpering with need as we joined. She lifted her head to watch me sink into her soddenness, eyes starry, face flushed. I groaned as I eased into her knowing the first full stroke would also be the last. Roo's fingers pulled at her turgid clit, suddenly urgent with new sensation. I felt the inner flutter of her orgasm begin. She clamped me harder and harder as I sank home tightly snug in her being.

A gasp. Another whimper. Then, "Hunch baby, do it faster faster faster oh yeah I'm there I'm gone can't wait." Voice up an octave. "I'm cumming now you too please you too gotta come shit don't stop oooh there now."

My spurting began when Roo's hips snapped into the air, when her screams rent the stillness of our fog shrouded lair. I joined her chorus as my seed boiled urgently from my tip, it's thickness almost painful as my balls finally gained release. A phalanx of colors swirled behind my sweating brow. Plumbing Roo's depths, I released again and yet again, pinning her to the bedroll, grabbing her plump ass in my hands, holding her steadfast. The ecstacy of my orgasm subsided slowly, leaving me hard still, (Ah, the one eternal value of youth) and moving my manhood in Roo's drenched pussy.

"Can you keep going Ted? Huh? I'll cum if you can do it some more. I wanna cum again do you?"

"Yeah baby! Tighten up on me squeeze my cock. Oh, like that uh huh!"

Our genitals slammed wetly together, harder and harder as our arousal returned. Roo ground herself roughly on my cock, then pushed me up from her to insert her fingers between us. I began half fucking her, allowing room for her hand to rain a tattoo of strokes on her turgid clit. My balls were coated with my own issue. The odor of our copulation hung in the still air. I looked down between us watching myself disappear and reappear in her excited pussy. Roo's fingers were spidery on her sex, coaxing, inflaming, teasing. Her head strained to the side, neck muscles prominent. Her eyes were tightly closed and her breath came in grunts. Faster her fingers flew. The walls of her vagina contracted painfully around my sore manhood, tighter, tighter. Suddenly Roo bucked off the blanket, exiling my cock to the night air. In rigid stillness, she gave a keening cry as she furiously massaged her pussy roughly with both hands. Her water sprayed from her as our cum drooled from her gaping hole, dripping to the bedroll beneath.

In silence, she slumped, laying still in our wetness. I laid beside her and held her tender much abused sex in my hand while her breathing evened. A car went by, then another. A big lazy smile from Roo. "Hope you're not in a hurry to go. I couldn't move if you paid me!" I leaned down and gave her a long kiss. It was also the first of many loving kisses.

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