Travels With Seka, The Beginning


I was taken aback. "Wow, I don't know. I certainly haven't thought about anything like that. I mean, I don't know why not, but still...."

"You think about it hun. You rocked my boat pretty hard today, and I think Tara and I could make it worth your while. We're staying here one more day and leaving the day after tomorrow. Let me know by then. In the mean time I hope we can continue what we started today." She was rubbing my leg as she talked. My cock was still standing at attention. Then she rubbed my erection and said, "Think 'hard' on it baby."

Talk about rocking the boat! I had figured on spending the winter in Quartzite playing music and, if I were lucky, meeting a nice retired lady to spend some time with. Now, here I was with two beautiful sex goddesses who wanted me to travel with them. As I said when I first recognized Seka, holy shit. My two sex organs said "Go", my common sense said "Don't go there dumb ass." I was going to have a lot to think about the next 24 hours.

As the night wore on the talk shifted back and forth from every days stuff to sex. The subject of Vegas never came up again. After a little more wine and conversation, everybody began to wind down. Tara came over to my chair, knelt down and whispered in my ear, "We're going to bed now baby, do you want to spend the night?"

I don't know if it was the wine, my aging hormones or both but even though I still didn't know how I was going to respond to the offer of traveling with them, I think the die was cast when I responded, "Let me go take care of the cat, and I'll be right over."

I walked home, checked on Boo and made sure he had fresh kitty litter for the night. I relieved myself, cleaned up a bit and brushed my teeth. I went back to Seka's motor home not sure what to expect or how I would be able to perform. After all, I had cum twice already today and at my 60 years, that was about my limit any more. "Oh to be thirty again," I thought.

The door was open so I walked in. Seka and Tara were not in the living room and I heard moans coming from the bedroom. I closed the door, walked back to the bed room and there they were, locked in a sixty-nine. What a beautiful sight. Like all pervs who like to beat off to porn, I love a good girl on girl. And this was good. They were definately into each other. Tara was on the bottom and Seka's sweet ass was up staring right at me. I sat in the chair where Seka had been playing with herself earlier and pulled my erection from its confines. Like I said, I knew I would probably not be able to get off again, but who cares. I still love stroking it. I've always thought of it like scratching your back. Even though it doesn't get you off, you still love it and you never want to stop. So I started stroking.

The moans were getting more intense. They were really licking and sucking at each other. The smell of sex filled the motor home. God, it looked so hot. It felt so good. I couldn't take my eyes off of Seka's ass. So sweet. So sexy. I can't think of how many times I have seen that ass get reamed by huge cocks on screen. I moved to the bed and began massaging it. I kissed it and licked at her pussy while Tara had her tongue inside of her. Seka lifted her head up just enough to say, "Nice baby. You can keep that up all night."

I wanted to. I really did. After a few minutes I decided my cock needed some stimulation. I got on my knees and started rubbing it against the crack of her ass and along her pussy. Tara brought one hand up and began to massage my balls. I leaned over and started kissing Seka's back and neck. She pulled away from Tara and said, "There's some lube in the drawer up here. I'd love to feel that thing inside."

That's all I needed. I got the lube, put a large gob on my hand to warm it up and started lubing things up. I made sure there was plenty of lube on her ass and my cock. I started with my finger, slowly opening her rosebud. With all the lube it entered fairly easily. I finger fucked her ass for a while, then put a second finger inside. She was really starting to get into it. She pulled up and said, "Yeah. Fuck me. Give me your dick, now."

The words every man wants to hear. I placed my dick at her entrance and started to gently push. One must remember this was the woman who had taken some of the biggest cocks in the business in her ass, so she wasn't afraid to take it now. As I was gently pushing, she pushed back and impaled herself. She did indeed want it now. I started fucking. I didn't think I would be able to cum, but I wanted my back scratched and I didn't want to stop.

So there we were. Seka lapping away at Tara's sweet love hole. Tara tongue fucking Seka's pussy while I plowed away at her ass. Every now and then Tara's mouth would leave Seka's pussy long enough to lick or suck one on my nuts. Lord, Vegas was beginning to look like more of a possibility every second.

All of a sudden Tara grabbed hold of my legs, pulled off of Seka and uttered, "Ahhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh." Seka kept going, not letting up, eating, sucking, pushing her ass as far on my cock as she could. Then she tensed up and her ass clamped down on me. She raised up and yelled, "Holy fucking shit. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

This was all too much. I didn't think I could cum again, but I did. There was no semen this time. It was a dry orgasm. For those of you who have never experienced a dry orgasm, I feel for you. It is a feeling like no other. I wouldn't want to do it all the time, but when it happens, its fantastic. Every nerve ending in my body felt like they were cumming. If I hadn't been in good health, I probably would have had a heart attack right there.

Once more we all collapsed. Tara turned around and we all embraced again. Seka got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. She came back out with a damp wash cloth and cleaned off my cock. After we all relieved ourselves, we crawled into bed and went to sleep.

I awoke the next morning sandwiched between two of the most gorgeous women I had seen in quite some time. I just laid there for a while reminising about the previous day's events. Of course this stimulated my cock and it began to rise to the occasion, so I started rubbing it. The movement woke Tara first. She raised the cover and saw my hand so she moved her hand to join me. My hand felt good, but hers felt wonderful. I closed my eyes and let her work her magic. Seka must have been worn out because she rolled over and remained asleep.

I really wanted to brush my teeth to freshen my breath, but I didn't want to spoil the moment. My hands moved to Tara's breasts as I began to kiss her neck. Her hand had done its job and I was rock hard. She moved my hand to her pussy to show me how wet she was then reached over and pulled me on top of her. She reached down and placed my cock at her pussy and I entered. No preliminaries. No grunting or moaning. Just sweet sex first thing in the morning. We fucked each other very quietly, very tenderly for ten minutes or so when she tensed up and came. That put me over the edge and I filled her with my seed. There was no yelling or screeming. We just came together very quietly.

I rolled off of Tara and saw that Seka was awake, watching us. She smiled and kissed me on the cheek. "That was nice. You owe me now." She kissed me again and got out of bed.

I got up and dressed. "Why don't you two clean up and come over to my place for breakfast?" I asked. They asked me to give them about an hour and they would be over then. I went home, took care of Boo, showered, shaved and got ready to fix a big breakfast.

I'm usually an oatmeal and fruit kind of guy, but after the workout I had the day and night before, I needed meat. So I thawed some sausage and peeled some potatoes. Most people add onions to their home fries, but I like spices in mine. When they were ready and it was getting time for ladies to arrive, I poured some olive oil in a pan, put in the potatoes and added some basil, oregano, thyme and salt and pepper. I had the sausage going in another pan when they walked in. After getting their orders for eggs, I poured some coffee, put fruit and juice on the table and finished fixing breakfast.

After we ate I cleaned the kitchen while the ladies had more coffee. When I finished we went outside to sit in the still comfortable morning air. Thats when I had to ask, "So, you seem to really be into each other. Can I assume you have lots of toys?"

Seka spoke. "Toys? Of course we do. Are you interested in toys?"

"Well, yeah. I have a small assortment inside. I like to play with them sometimes."

"Anything interesting?"

"Nah. Just the normal stuff that a guy would have. But I do have a couple of butt plugs and some bullits I like to use every now and then."

"Bullits? Do you like ass play?"

"Love it."

"Have you ever been taken in the ass?"

"Not by a guy, but a very special lady took my cherry with a strap-on once. God, that was hot. I still think about it sometimes."

"So, are you saying that you want to get screwed today?"

"That's kind of what I was getting at. I could really get into that."

Then Tara said, "Linda's hot with a strap-on. She'd fuck you good. I know." She grinned as she looked at Seka.

Then I said, "Well, I'd sure like to find out before the day's over."

Seka, or Lynda (I still didn't know what to call her) said, "Count on it baby. That would sure as hell get me off."

We talked for a few more minutes, mostly small talk, then decided to do our own thing for a few hours.

Seka rose and I started to get up. She motioned for me to stay put, then came over and straddled my chair. She moved up so her snatch was almost touching my face then started moving her hips lewdly. She moved in so she was rubbing againts my face then said, "Keep this in mind baby. I want you good and hard when we get together later. Shall we meet over at our place again at about four oclock?"

I wanted to open her shorts and start licking, but I managed to look up into her piercing blue eyes and squeek out "God yes."

She stepped back, kissed me softly on the lips and walked hand in hand with Tara back to their motor home.

I managed to keep busy the rest of the morning and afternoon cleaning the motor home, brushing Boo and playing a little music. I also took time to put a Seka movie in the DVD. I wanted to see the Platinum Princes in action once more before I went over to see her in person. I stroked while watching but didn't stroke to cumming. I wanted to make sure I could perform later.

At four oclock I picked a nice Northwest Riesling out of my wine cabinet and walked next door. Once again Tara was outside enjoying the heat of the day. This time she had traded in the short shorts and bikini top for the bikini. The top was still as revealing as yesterday and the bottom was no more than a very skimpy thong. It could hardly have been more revealing if she had been standing there naked. I had to marvel once again at how perfect she was. If I live another 40 years I don't believe I will ever see anyone as beautiful as Tara. A true masterpiece.

This time there were no pleasentries or small talk. She just got up, wrapped her arms around me, ground her hips into my crotch and gave me a long passionate kiss. Still grinding her hips into mine she said, "Lynda is inside getting ready."

We stepped inside and sat on the sofa. Seka was in the bedroom. I said, "It's kind of hard for me to call her 'Lynda'."

She turned to me and said, "I understand. Lynda is her real name, but I suppose all men think of her as Seka. I think she prefers to be called Lynda when she's not on a shoot."

I said, "That sound reasonable. I'll call her Lynda, but I'll always think of her as 'Seka'."

She didn't answer. She just leaned over and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her and we started making out passionately. At that moment we were definately into each other, totally. My hands were all over her body. I loved the feeling of her skin on my hands. So soft. So smooth. Her hands went inside my t-shirt and she started massaging my breasts. We kept this up for quite some time when we finally came up for air. I leaned back breathless. When I opened my eyes, Seka was standing in front of us, with a wicked smile on her face.

My eyes did a double take when I saw her. She was wearing a frilly red see through bra, showing off her gorgeous milky white breasts. Her areolas and nipples were staring right at me. She had a matching red garter belt holding up black fish net stockings. She was stroking a humungous strap-on dildo. I don't know how big it was, but it looked a hell of a lot bigger than mine. I was beginning to get a little concerned. She said, "Don't worry baby, I'll be first."

"Oh shit", I thought. Then Tara leaned in and kissed my neck. She said, "Trust us baby, you'll love it. I was scared at first too. She'll treat you nice. Really." Then she got up, took my hand and said, "Come on. Lets go jump her bones."

She motioned for Seka to lead the way. As we followed her in Tara said, "I love to watch that sweet ass strole into the bedroom. It really gets me wet." I knew what she meant, because it was making me very hard. Then she said, "That strap-on has a clit and pussy stimulater on it. It really gets her going, she gets off big time whenever she uses it."

Tara leaned me against the wall and told me to watch for a few minutes. She then went to Seka, started rubbing against her cock and kissed her passionately. They were really getting into it. They were humping at each other violently trying to get as much pleasure as possible. Then Tara started working her way down Seka's body. She stopped at her tits, kissed and sucked them, then took a nipple in her mouth. From where I was standing it didn't look like she was being gentle with it. There was definately a look of mixed pain and pleasure in Seka's face. One hand was mauling one tit while she kissed and licked and pulled at the other nipple. She had Seka backed against the wall. Tara was definately in charge this time.

She finally broke from her tits and started kissing and licking her way down Seka's body again. When she reached Seka's cock, she took hold, looked at me devilishly and started licking and sucking it like it was a real cock. She motioned me with her finger.

By this time I was naked and stroking myself. I was afraid I would explode before I could once again find how it felt inside these two beauties. I moved over and placed my erection against Seka's ass. As I kissed her neck I said, "God, this is so fucking hot."

I got on my knees, took hold of the cock and kissed Tara hard. Then I started licking one side of the cock as Tara licked the other. As our lips reached the head we would kiss, then move back down. Down and up and kiss. Down and up and kiss. I was getting hornier than hell. On the last up stroke Tara winked at me and I took the cock in my mouth. I can't deep throat, but I can take a few inches anyway. I started giving Seka one hell of a blow job.

Seka said, "Ooooh, that's nice baby. This isn't your first time is it?"

I pulled off, handed the cock to Tara and said, "That same special lady that took my anal cherry, talked me into helping her give some guy a blow job once."

In between moans she said, "Oooh, nasty. God. Did you take his cum?"

"Actually I did. He shot in my mouth then I shared it with my lady. That all happened just before he and I double fucked her. He in the front, me in the rear. Another guy joined in at her mouth and we gave her the fucking of her life."

"Oh God baby, that's so fucking hot. Do you still see her?"

"I haven't for a while, but I think about her, a lot. She'll always be something special to me." Then I went back down on her. I kissed Tara and took the cock in my mouth again. God, I wished she could really cum in my mouth. I wanted to suck her to orgasm. As if on key, she grabbed my head and shoved. I thought I would choke to death and she came.

"Oh God. Oh. Oh. Ahhhhhhhh shit."

As orgasms go, it wasn't a big one, but I figured it was enough for now. The evening was just biginning.

Seka leaned back against the wall. She was stroking the dildo. "Oh baby. That was good. Makes me wish I had a real cock." I stood up and pushed my hips to hers, cock to cock, embraced her and kissed her hard. Her tongue invaded my mouth and she ground her hips against me, rubbing her cock against mine. We kissed and rubbed for a while and I had to pull away before I shot my load. I really needed a pussy.

I turned toward Tara. She was kneeling on the bed stroking herself. I got on the bed in front of her and Seka joined me. We lowered Tara to her back and the two of us began to kiss and fondle her. We kissed and nibbled and worked our way down to her breasts. Occasionally Seka and I would share a kiss, then go back to work on Tara. Kissing, licking, sucking, our mouths, tongues and hands working in tandem. Tara was writhering in ecstacy, moaning, whimpering, her fingers in our hair. She opened her legs wide, begging us to attack her.

I moved down and began kissing her shaved pubic area, my hands stroking her legs. The aroma was driving me insane. I so needed to taste her. I shifted myself in front of her, spread her lips and gazed upon Nirvana. Her clit was begging for attention. I just feathered her legs and nether regions as I gazed. I bent over and kissed some more. I wanted that clit and pussy in my mouth, but I resisted. The longer I held off the more she would want it. She raised her hips up to me and whimpered, "Eat it, damn it. Suck it, lick it. Fuck it, please."

I couldn't take it any more than she could. I lowered my head and covered her mons with my mouth, massaging her clit with my tongue. As I lapped I stuck my two middle fingers into her pussy, fucking her as I licked. He juices flowed onto my fingers. I pulled my fingers out, engulfed her pussy with my mouth and started tongue fucking her. My juice covered finger went directly to her ass and began to probe. She was going crazy, her hips bucking, fucking my face. "Oh yeah. Oh shit. God yes, Fuck me."

She was about to explode when Seka pulled me off of her. Tara complained, "No baby. God let him stay. Let me cum, please."

Seka leaned into her and said, "Not yet baby. I want you to cum all over his dick."

Then she turned to me and said, "Go ahead baby. Fuck her. Get that dick going. But spread you legs for me. Be prepared for the fucking of your life."

Looking at the size of her cock, I should have been concerned. But I was so horny I would have let her fuck me with a telephone pole if thats what it took to let me inside Tara's sweet hole. My cock longed to be inside. It needed to feel Tara's muscles engulf it. Squeeze it. Milk it.

I moved up, placed my cock at her entrance and gently pushed. Tara pushed her hips to me and it slid right in. God, she felt so fucking tight I couldn't believe my good fortune. She squeezed her legs together so mine would have to be on the outside. I always liked fucking that way, imagining how it would feel with a cock in my ass. Now I was about to find out first hand.

At the moment though, my mind was on Tara. I wrapped my arms around her and began kissing her, our tongues dancing in each others mouths. Then I felt the lube on my ass, trickling down my crack. Seka started rubbing it up and down my crack, getting it nice and slick. She put a finger in my ass to open me up and get the inside lubed as well. Then she started rubbing the cock up and down my crack. She leaned down and said, "Get ready baby. Don't worry, I'll take it easy."

She placed the head at my ass and all movement stopped. Tara put her fingers in my hair and whispeded in my ear, "Don't worry baby. You'll love it. I know you will." Then she very slowly and tenderly began to move her hips. "Just concentrate on what your cock is feeling right now. Just feel my pussy baby. It will hurt a little until she gets through the sphicter. Then you'll fucking love it. I promise."

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