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Travieso Returns


Her hair tickled his thighs as she bobbed up and down on his shaft. The stereo played a room away, just barely background noise but the sound of her moans and the wet slurp as she sucked up then growled and engulfed him again were foremost on his mind. She was good, incredible really, and as her hands slid up from his knees to rest on his hips, he moaned and arched into her mouth.

" Tara.." his voice starting to quiver, he ran his fingers in her hair. " Tara ." His fingers became a tight grip behind her head, urging her to feast more greedily. One more long slow hard suck from base to tip was all she needed and she knew it. He felt her draw up, the hollow of her cheeks brushed his sides and before she got to the tip, he came. She lingered there, swallowing and sucking, making sure she got every drop. Smacking her lips then running her tongue over them she stood up and winked before turning to go get dressed. "I better hurry if I'm going to get to work on time." She gave him a wiggle of her ass as she turned the corner.

Travieso just sat there, naked in the chair. In a way his thoughts were clearer, but he wondered if his emotions for her were somehow clouding his judgments. He poured another shot of bourbon and sighed, then found his pocket PC. A few taps to bring up the email client and he started "To my esteemed colleagues..."

Tara hung upside down for the pole, and flung her top back against the curtain. Being inverted back her tits looked wild, and as she spun back to face the crowd the applause reminded her why she enjoyed this work. She slid down and crawled forward, taking the twenty dollar bill from the patron with her teeth and winking at him. Laying down then turning over to spring to her feet and yank her g-string away she felt that surge; that electrifying tingle as she was naked in front of the crowd and they hung on her every movement. She knew she got a little wet but felt that it was just that much more enchanting and mesmerizing to the audience. One more twirl around the pole then she gathered up the bits of her costume and hurried backstage.

Katie was about to take the main stage and she smiled as she and Tara passed. He must be here tonight then! Just beyond the dressing room she saw that black leather jacket and she ran to throw herself on him. "Trav! Sweetie! what brings you down here tonight?"

"I wanted to talk to you, and thought I could drive you home." His kiss was warm and firm and his hands cupped her ass cheeks as he pulled her close. A few feet away one of the other girls called out "Get a room you two!" and the laughter rang around.

"I have about twenty more minutes. Some guy wanted a VIP room and I'd hate to disappoint him." She touched his face and smiled. When she was around him, she felt special, different. The rest of the world could despise her for her job but when he looked at her, she felt sorry that they never saw his smile.

"Oh sure, yeah... I need to talk to Jimmy a bit so I'll meet you by the back door when you're done." One more kiss and he gave her ass a light slap as she hurried to change and meet the customer in the VIP room. He watched her go, remembering the first time he visited her, when she did her Santa Baby routine for him. He should have known better, but she was just that damn good. The door closed and Travieso went to talk to the bouncer.

Minutes later, Tara came up behind her dark knight, looking much different in her street clothes. Draping her arms over his shoulders she kissed the back of his head and then slid around to his side. "Miss me baby?" His arm instinctively wrapped around her waist and pulled her tight "A little but I always do." Jimmy laughed to see them, almost adorable in their affection.

"Ready to go home?" He kissed her again, softly, tenderly. As she opened her eyes, Tara looked into Travieso's, knowing there was something going on in his head. "Yeah, it's been a good night and I could use a good hot bath."

They drove home, neither speaking just yet. She put her hand on his, just a simple touch when he shifted gears, waiting for him to find the words and not rushing him. " Tara...you know I'm not like other guys right?"

"Yes sweetie, you are the Naughty Santa... the Gift Giver I think you've called it. Or something like that. Santa's naughty clone anyway."

"Yeah.... And I've done that for the past 150 years too."

Tara never knew his real age. He always had that timeless look, like he was in his early 40's but could pass for 35 or 55 depending on how he dressed. Hearing him say he was nearly two hundred years old made her startle a bit.

"And I think I am ready to retire...settle down. With you." He pulled of off the road and turned to look at her. "It will be strange for you. You will become a magical person as well."

"I'll be magical? Like a stripping tooth fairy?"

Travieso chuckled. "No, she's very much on the other side. We really don't have a counterpart for her. Oral hygiene affects everyone good or bad. But you could become a fairy god stripper."

"Fairy god stripper? What is that?" Tara was barely grasping the hundred and fifty years and now she was about to become a fairy god stripper. She looked into his face, trying to find answers in his expressions, in the things he wasn't saying.

"A fairy god stripper watches over girls as they first get started in the business, helps avoid the pitfalls, shows them a trick or two to be more than just dancing centerfolds." As he described it Tara remembered when she started, and her friend Heather, who did just those things. Her eyes widened to realize the secrets she never knew to ask.

"Trav...This is all a lot to take in at once." Small tears began to well up in her eyes.

"I know Tara. How about you just think about it before we get home and then we can talk more there." His hand was on her thigh, reassuring her and comforting her. He pulled back into traffic weaving the car through the lanes to hurry back to their condo. Tara would look out at the night sky and back at his face, Ever since this man walked in to the club a year ago, he has made her life spin and flip. He left her that glass dildo, she knew he did. Then later, there were the thigh high boots, and the lace up leather dress. All just appearing in her bedroom, he was in fact magical. When he took her to dinner she saw there was a man behind the magic. Each new encounter was an adventure and over the months she grew to love him like no one before in her life.

"What would you do if you retire? Is there a mall Travieso industry somewhere?" She tried to make it sound like a joke but she was curious what he would do.

"Well, watching everyone all the time is way too much for one man, so the past Gift Givers become watchers. Making sure people are naughty, not evil or self-righteous in some way. That fine line between good and evil that is naughtiness. And should the next Gift Giver need advice or help I would be the first person he calls."

"Other than that..." Tara left it hang in the unspoken silence.

"Other than that I would spend my time making you the happiest woman in history." He parked in their garage and reached up to touch her face. Her wet eyes turned bright as she smiled.

"For that... I am so blowing you right here in the parking lot." And she leaned down to undo his pants. He eased the seat back and adjusted the steering wheel up as she began to work her own magic.

Moments later, inside the condo, Tara was looking out the window at the night sky. Her thoughts of her life changing, of becoming that protective mentor with magic powers, spending her life forever with Travieso, swirled in a slow dance of dreams and concerns. She turned back to see him at the desk, typing the email that would signal his tenure. "Wait sweetie, are you sure you want to give it all up?"

"Yeah I'm sure. The world has changed. Between web cam shows and vibrators and all the changes just in sex toys, it's just too different from what I remember. I started with strumpets at ports, burlesque girls, dance halls and farmer's daughters. I want to sit back, watch you come into your own, see what you can do now." He was smiling at her, and she wondered at the memories that passed behind his eyes as he thought back over the years.

Travieso looked at the calendar. No time to find a replacement so quickly. He would make one last Christmas. "So little girl, what do you want for Christmas this year?" He patted his lap and beckoned her to sit there.

"I want a pony, and a dolly and a pink pretty dress and oh yeah I want you to fuck me senseless." She kissed him fiercely, and he laughed into her lips.

"You're not getting the pink dress baby." He carried her into the bedroom, clothes falling and flying as they made their way to the bed. Tossing her the last few inches, she squealed and laughed, lying back as he stepped out of his pants and climbed on top of her. "And no dolly either." His kisses were passionate electric touches. Each time his lips brushed over her she moaned and shivered. Then he was over her, between her legs and inside of her, pushing into her body and rocking back and forth with animal need. She would clench her inner muscles, just to make him gasp and smile. Each thrust he made at her she met and returned, pulling him in to be enveloped by her desire.

Soft gentle lovemaking grew into faster hungrier sex; grunts, groans and moans were all either of them could get out. Her moan became a cry, then a scream as she gave in to climax and the rippling of her folds pulled him into the abyss of ecstasy with her.

They lay there, breathing heavily and just holding each other. She giggled a little and then turned to ask him "But I do get the pony right?"

"Yeah I'll get you a pony...what was that other thing you wanted?"

"You just gave it to me, silly." Tara got up to use the bathroom and winked at him over her shoulder as she disappeared.

He went back to the desk... and read over the message. "Dear esteemed colleagues. I have come to the point of my life that I must step down as the Gift Giver. I will fulfill my duties through this Christmas but then must step aside. I know that you as a body are capable of finding my replacement, and I look forward to seeing whom you choose. Respectfully, Travieso."

With a click of a mouse, an era was over and the man walked back to his bed to get on with a new chapter of his very long life.

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