tagIncest/TabooTravis's Tale Ch. 06

Travis's Tale Ch. 06



I awoke to the feel of a warm pussy settling itself on my face. It was easy enough for me to realize that this was my wife, I had spent many happy hours with my face between her legs. Beyond the feel, the aroma of arousal was also easy to discern and as I started coming awake more fully she started to become more insistent. Just as the other day with my sister, Courtney was slowly humping herself into my face with a silent demand that I do something to satisfy her sexual needs.

"I think he's starting to wake up Cort." I heard the voice of my sister who was still in bed with us.

"I didn't think it would take him long..." Courtney answered, not slowing the movement of her crotch against my face. Her pussy lips were already starting to dampen, apparently she had been looking forward to this and arousal was starting to build quickly. It was almost instinctive on my part, my tongue snaked out and started teasing those warm lips. My first touch elicited a low moan from Courtney which I knew was only the first of many.

Now almost completely awake I opened my eyes to see her breasts gently wobbling on her chest as she slowly rocked back and forth attempting to urge my tongue to find even more places she found pleasurable. I reached up and cupped each one in my hands, the nipples were already hard but as my hands closed over them, I could feel them becoming more erect and forcing themselves into my palms.

"I think he likes it court." Alex again added commentary. I glanced over and although I couldn't see much, she was supporting her head on her arm as she watched us with curiosity. She had seen us do this before and perhaps she was only waiting for her turn although she hadn't said or done anything to indicate she might want seconds after I finished with Courtney. I didn't mind, after all she had awakened me this exact way several days earlier. I had enjoyed that experience and from the way she screamed when I brought her off, I knew she had as well. Courtney continued the slow rocking and rolling of her hips on my face, she was enjoying what my tongue was doing to her and I could tell from the sighs and murmurs she uttered that I was doing a good job. Not that I had any doubt, as I said before, I had enough experience doing this that I knew exactly what it would take to give her pleasure and bring her to that magic moment when she would experience her orgasm as a result of my oral skills.

"It sure seems a shame to waste this." I heard Alex say, and then felt her hand as it wrapped itself around my straining cock. I hadn't even thought of it as I was working to give my wife pleasure, but now that Alex had brought it to my attention I realized just how hard I was. She was casually teasing me, slowly running her hand up and down before stopping and teasing the tip with her thumb. The feel was exhilarating but was just light enough that I don't think I would be in any danger of coming too quickly. In fact, I'm not sure such casual teasing would even bring me to my own orgasm but I couldn't worry about that now, I had something more important to take care of.

"Was that Alexandra?" Alex interrupted my thoughts with her question.

I had heard the sound, it was my daughter in her room and apparently she wanted something although I wasn't sure exactly what. She was old enough now she normally slept through the night and usually waited patiently until one of us came in to get her up and ready for her day.

"I'll go see what she wants." Alex said, letting go her grip of my cock much to my disappointment. I knew taking care of Alexandra was much more important than my own pleasure so didn't worry too much, either she would come back and resume or she wouldn't. Right now I could feel Courtney starting to tremble as she was getting closer to her own release and I redoubled my efforts to ensure she got there quickly and pleasurably.

Alex didn't come back and once Courtney had regained her breath we each got up to get our own days started. I had thoughts of joining her in the shower, but Courtney said she and Alex would be going out and wanted to get an early start so we each went to different bathrooms and soon we rejoined each other in the kitchen. Alex had taken care of Alexandra, she was sitting in her high chair and doing her best to paint her face with the baby food Alex had prepared for her. She was doing better now, several months earlier she probably wouldn't have gotten much of it into her mouth but now she was almost to the point where we could start giving her food that was more solid. She would still occasionally take a bottle but we tried teaching her to drink from a glass and she seemed to pick up that skill quickly. I put coffee on while Courtney worked to put out pastry for breakfast, we had stopped at the bakery last night on our way home. It was going to be quick and easy so they could get going soon. The coffee was just finishing as Alex came back, now she was dressed and the 2 of them would be leaving shortly. We sat and had coffee and pastry for several minutes before they started getting everything together.

The Bell rang and I went to the front door to answer, JoAnn was there and I immediately invited her in.

"Good morning JoAnn, how are you today?" I started cheerily, although I could see some worry on her face.

"I'm okay I guess, well, you know as well as I can be." She said quietly.

"Come on in. The girls are getting ready to leave."

"You 2 don't have to leave on my account." JoAnn said, she looked embarrassed as Courtney was getting Alexandra ready to go out and Alex was checking through her purse.

"We're going into the office for a while to take care of business things. It's something we have to do to keep the company running, we'd be doing it whether you were here or not. Besides, I know Travis asked you to come over and I think the 2 of you want some privacy while you're talking." Alex explained to her.

JoAnn looked a little embarrassed but didn't say anything, I'm not sure she knew what to say.

"We're going to stop and see Ellen before we come home, I'll make sure to give her your regards." Courtney added as she had gotten Alexandra ready and the 2 ladies were leaving.

"I'll miss you baby, and do offer my regrets to Ellen, but I'm sure I'll see her soon." I said to Courtney as I gave her a hug and a kiss, then I turned my attention to my daughter. I gave her a kiss as well, although a brief one on her forehead before I gave her a quick tickle which caused her a fit of giggling. Her eyes were sparkling and she was looking everywhere but as I got close she focused on me and I could see the joy in her face.

"Keep the 2 of them out of trouble Alex, you know how they are." I kidded to my sister as she came up and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"I stopped taking my pills this morning." She whispered in my ear just before pulling away. I knew exactly what she meant, and I knew it had been her plan but the words themselves excited me although I tried not to appear too anxious.

"You ladies have fun, I'll see you when you get back.


"Can I get you a cup of coffee Jo?" I asked after Courtney and Alex had left.

"Yeah, I think I'd like one." She answered as we stood in the living room not knowing exactly where to start.

I walked into the kitchen and invited her to sit at the table, I got 2 cups out of the cabinet and poured some coffee. I filled a cup and gave it to JoAnn but there was only enough left in the pot to fill my own cup halfway.

"I don't want to take your last cup Travis. Here you can have this one." JoAnn offered as she saw the empty pot.

"Don't worry about it Jo, I'll just make another one." I said, rinsing the pot before starting to put the coffee back on. I knew it wouldn't take long and I wasn't certain how long we would be talking so decided having more coffee was probably a good idea.

"Anything new between you and your husband?" I started cautiously, I wasn't sure exactly how she would feel about discussing the matter. I think she was embarrassed but she had never hesitated to speak of it in the past so hopefully we could get a discussion started here and maybe work something out.

"He won't answer my phone calls. I don't know what's going on, I'm just so confused." She said and I could see her eyes getting glassy. I knew she was upset and it wouldn't surprise me to see her crying any minute.

Before either of us could say anything else the front door opened and Lizzie walked in. She was here often enough anyway that she didn't feel the need to ring the Bell and none of us was bothered by that fact.

"What are you doing here today Lizzie?" I asked, I could sense that JoAnn had become uncomfortable as soon as she saw Liz walk in.

"Alex called me and suggested that I come over. She thought JoAnn and I might be able to help each other since we're both going through similar types of things. I hope this isn't an intrusion on anything you 2 were talking about." She said as she saw us sitting at the table.

"You'll have to talk to JoAnn about that Liz, I invited her here to talk with me and I didn't expect us to have anyone else listening in. If she's okay with you being here, it's not going to bother me." I tried to be diplomatic with Lizzie, I knew she was hurting herself but didn't want to just tell her she might not be wanted here.

"I guess you can stay Liz, this whole situation has me turned inside out but I know I'm not the only one with problems. Maybe between the 3 of us we can resolve some of these issues, I don't know." JoAnn said as she was looking from Liz to me and back to Liz.

"If you're sure Jo, I don't want to intrude and if you think it's none of my business, just tell me."

"No, I mean it is embarrassing but I think we know each other well enough by now that you understand." JoAnn said, she was trying to be strong and I think that talking about things would definitely help her. Like I had said to Lizzie before, breaking up with her boyfriend might seem rough in the moment, but what JoAnn was going through was certainly much more difficult.

"Would you like a cup of coffee Liz?" I asked, noticing that the coffee had finished brewing.

"Yeah, I think I would. I didn't have any at home so getting some caffeine into my system is going to help me wake up." She said with a smile and stood to get herself a cup before filling it herself.

"Either of you ready for a refill?" She added, looking over at the 2 of us still sitting at the table.

"I am." I replied, I thought JoAnn probably was too but she could speak for herself.

"Yeah, you can fill mine too Lizzie."

"Why don't we go outside, it's a nice day and I feel more comfortable out there." Lizzie suggested as she finished filling JoAnn's cup.

"Sounds good to me Liz, what about you Travis?" JoAnn answered as she looked from Liz to me. I think she was starting to get more comfortable now that she realized that speaking in front of either of us wasn't going to be as difficult as she thought it might be.

"You ladies go ahead, I'm right behind you." I answered, I had my cup in one hand and I picked up the pot with my other.

I followed the ladies out to the table, we moved the chairs around so we were sitting under the umbrella and in the shade.

"So, we were starting to discuss your situation today JoAnn?" I started cautiously, I wasn't sure exactly what she was thinking or how she was feeling.

"I don't know Travis, I'm just so confused. Like I said before, I don't know how this happened or how I missed all the signs..." She said with some sadness.

"You're not the only one Jo, I've had that same problem with guys myself." Liz offered. The difference between Joann and Liz was that JoAnn had been married to the guy for 6 or 7 years now, I'm not sure if Lizzie had ever been in a relationship for more than a few months with any one guy.

"Yeah, sometimes I think that but other times I just wonder if I did everything I could have." I could see JoAnn going over things in her mind and the self-doubts were starting to come to the front.

"I'm not a psychologist or any sort of a marriage counselor Jo, and I can't claim to know everything there is to know about the 2 of you but from what I do know about you I think you're a kind and caring person. I have a hard time believing that this problem between you and Wayne is a result of anything that you might have done."

"Thanks for saying that Travis, and sometimes I think that myself. But other times, I have to wonder if I could've done more."

"Sometimes you just can't do enough JoAnn, sometimes things just don't work out." Liz continued to be involved in the talk.

"And what about you Lizzie, how are you doing?" I asked realizing JoAnn wasn't the only one here who might be hurting.

"It's not the end of the world Travis, I've had other boyfriends in my life and it isn't over when we break up. I know I'd like to find the right guy soon but like you told me before it's going to happen one day." I had told Lizzie the same thing I had told Alex when she had talked to me about relationships. Trying to force something that was going to happen sometime didn't usually work.

"I wish I could be positive about this, but right now I'm just too confused. I try to talk to him but he doesn't know any more than I do. The situation is just so bizarre, I can't believe I'm even living it." JoAnn offered her own opinion.

"You said you tried counseling right?" I asked her.

"Yeah, I set up an appointment but he never showed up. I've seen a counselor a couple times since and she's helping me but there's just so much I don't understand. I wish there was an easy answer but it doesn't look like there is."

"You know you have friends here JoAnn. I've told you before and I'll tell you again. You're welcome here anytime you want and it's not just me, Alex and Courtney both feel the same way." I tried to offer her some comfort.

"That goes for me too Jo." Liz added, reaching her hand over and placing it on top of JoAnn's on the table.

I saw a tear form in the corner of Jo's eye and it slowly ran down her cheek. She wiped it away with her other hand and sniffled before offering a soft "thanks guys."

"I'm going to have to get going soon Travis, I have a few things I need to do today. I know today is your regular day for me to service the pool but right now I've got a hundred things on my mind so I'm going to have to reschedule." JoAnn said after a minute of silence.

"Don't worry about it Jo, the pool is fine. You take care of what you need to and don't worry about us."

"I've got a couple minutes before I have to go, but there's one thing I need to take care of first." She said with a gleam in her eye as she got up off the chair and moved over in front of me. She reached down and unsnapped the shorts I was wearing.

"What's this Jo?" I asked even though I had a pretty fair idea of what her intention was.

"Come on Travis. Stand up." She instructed, she wasn't going to answer my question. I did as she asked and soon she had my shorts and my boxers down around my ankles. I glanced over at Lizzie who was watching with a smile on her face, she and JoAnn had done something very similar the other day in the shower but right now we were standing here under the umbrella.

JoAnn dropped to her knees and quickly swallowed my cock to the route, it had barely started to respond before she had engulfed the entire organ. It didn't take long though, she had done this enough times she knew exactly how to excite me and soon my cock was at full mast and she was sliding her mouth back and forth, alternately sucking and licking with her tongue. I wasn't going to complain about this, it'd become a twice weekly ritual and was something I always found very enjoyable. For whatever the reason, JoAnn enjoyed it as much as I did and right now I thought it was something to take her mind off her other problems.

It was a little weird today, I wasn't in the pool house and the shower wasn't running but that didn't make things any less exciting to me. I watched JoAnn as she knelt before me, she was watching me as I was watching her. Perhaps it was my excessive horniness because neither Alex nor Courtney had taken care of my morning wood but I soon put my hands on her head and started pumping my cock into her mouth as she continued sucking and slurping.

"Give it to her Travis!" Lizzie started encouraging me. I looked over at her and I could see lust in her own eyes as she watched what JoAnn was doing to me. I tried to temper my enthusiasm, I knew JoAnn had only taken me down her throat once and I didn't want to force myself past her gag reflex right now. This is the time she needed to be in control although I think I was starting to take some of that control from her as I kept forcing my cock into her mouth. I could feel that tingle starting to grow deep within my loins, she was doing a marvelous job and there was no doubt in my mind she knew exactly what was coming. She continued watching my face as I thrust my cock into her mouth, she had wrapped her hands around my ass cheeks and was even now pulling me in with each deep thrust I made on my own.

"I'm almost there Jo..." I felt I needed to warn her although she had sucked me off enough she was totally aware of just how close I was.

She kept sucking, and I kept stroking. Lizzie was watching with rapt attention as she sat in the chair and leaned forward to get a better look. I could feel the warmth starting to build, soon that had turned to the rise of hot liquid moving its way up my cock. As I continued thrusting myself into JoAnn's mouth I realized we weren't in the shower and she wasn't naked. In fact, she had been wearing a nice blouse and skirt and just as she had done that time during the Christmas party, she started sucking in earnest just as the liquid boiled out. She had pulled back far enough that just the head was in her mouth but she sucked hard enough I thought she was trying to collapse my balls. I knew she didn't like the taste although she had swallowed my semen before. Perhaps this was her way of thanking me for any help I might have given her although she really didn't need to do that.

I was panting and out of breath, in fact I almost fell back into the chair I had been sitting in before JoAnn pulled me to my feet. She maintained the head of my cock in her mouth as I moved back, she was still running the tip of her tongue all around my cock head which felt great although I was getting pretty sensitive.

"Sorry you can't wash it off my tits this morning Travis, but maybe next time." She said with a smile and a gleam in her eye.

"I'll be looking forward to that Jo." I offered as she was getting to her feet. I still felt a little weak and my shorts and boxers were on the ground around my ankles.

"I have to get going, but I appreciate all the help you've offered. I hope you don't mind but I want to keep in touch and maybe even come by once in a while." She said as she had gotten to her feet and started looking toward the door.

"I'll walk you out, and don't worry about it, you're welcome here any time." I said as I too got to my feet.

"I'll wait here." Lizzie said as I took JoAnn by the arm and we walked toward the back of the house.

Inside the house before she was ready to leave I gave her one of Lewis's business cards.

"Lewis is a good friend and he's helped us quite a bit. He doesn't do divorce law but I think he knows just about everybody around here. Give him a call and tell him I asked you to call him. He can recommend somebody who can handle a divorce if that's what you really want to do." I said to JoAnn as I handed her the card.

"I'm still not sure, but thanks for this and for everything else Travis." JoAnn said as she gave me a quick hug and brushed her cheek across my own.

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