tagSci-Fi & FantasyTray's New Slave, Cherry

Tray's New Slave, Cherry


As we let our imaginations fly, my mind was wrapped in a gritty, hard world where might makes right and if you can't keep what's your someone will always be there to take it off your hands. This is a world of super powers and the dangers that warranted them. The scene in particular originates in a small dirty merchant town.

Tray, sat at a booth in the cities bar. Tray being one of three potentials for the next trade prince was holding conversations with many people through the night. His new slave girl Cherry was knelt at his left side, his fingers trailing through her hair as he spoke. Her eyes occasionally stole a forbidden glance up towards his face, even though she was new to his collar he still showed her affection and gave her purpose.

As Tray's conversations continued his hand trailed down from her hair to play with one of her orange sized breasts and the baby bottle like nipples that resided on them. His attention was making her very wanton and she was ready to be beat if it meant he was going to touch her more. Her hand slipped up the inside of his thigh to his overly large shaft, hidden away in his pants. Tray ignored her advancements, her eyes were glued to him with a very cautions look painted across her face. Once she was satisfied that he was not going to lash out at her for rubbing his shaft she raised her small round ass off of her ankles and leaned forward, those little nimble fingers quickly untied his pants and removed his cock from it's confines.

The man that Tray was talking to started to get distracted by the movement of the little woman. Her mouth had eagerly began enveloping Tray's blood engorged member. To return the mans attention to him, Tray reached down and grabbed the back of Cherry's head. He rolled his hips forward a little and pushed her head down until his shaft was completely inside of her mouth and throat. She gagged as the cock pushed further down her throat than she thought a shaft of that size could make it. Her gagging turned to frantic swallowing as the muscles of her throat massaged the invading man meat. The conversation continued between Tray and the other man as he released the pressure on the back of her head.

Once she completely removed his cock from her mouth she looked up at Tray, the makeup that he required her to wear was smeared across her face from tears and the saliva created by her gagging on his shaft which seemed massive against her tiny frame. She was after all only about four and a half feet all, so his cock was like a baseball bat for her and she loved it invading different parts of her body. So with the determination of a stalking cat she snuck up his body, butterfly kisses touching sensitive areas of his body. She finally rested with her body pressed tightly against his, her legs straddling his lap and the head of his cock was pressed against her very small, very wanton pussy lips. She rolled her hips back and forth getting the tip of his head nice and slippery. Her lips met his briefly just before she spun herself around and stared right at the man Tray spoke to. She maintained full eye contact as she aimed Tray's shaft at her completely bare vagina.

She learned early in her slave training that if she was to interrupt a conversation she should be giving the potentially offended participant, of the conversation, the show. So she maintained full eye contact as she lowered herself onto the massive member. A bulge developed in her belly showing the progress of Tray's rock hard cock as it invaded her tiny body.Tears began to run down her cheeks once again as her body began to quake. She had been playing with herself while she orally pleased Tray, but she knew she was not allowed to bring herself to orgasm she would have to wait for a part of his body to bring her such ecstasy. And here it was, Cherry liked her pussy to hurt when a man was inside of her, she wasn't a girl that wanted to be made love to, she wanted to be owned, dominated, commanded and completely consumed by the man that claimed domain over her mind and body. Tray was one of these types of men, he was not a gentle man in the slightest, one could even say he was near abusive to his girls, but he always chose the ones that flourish under such attention.

By the time the massive shaft had embedded itself as far as it was going to go into the little girl she had already had a complete orgasm that shook her body to a point of inaudible speech. The only words truly understandable from her ruby lips were things like "oh fuck!", "so big!", "fuck me!", "yes Master more!" and "Pussy hurts.... so good!" along with those there was a fair amount of guttural moaning and a stream of tears rushing down her sweet face. Tray whispered into her ear "I want to see." She knew what that meant, he wanted her to lean forward so that he could see his dick spreading her tiny hips well beyond what most consider possible for such a small body frame. When she leaned forward her eyes fluttered between the face and crotch of the man standing in front of her, it was apparent what she wanted.

Tray reached forward and squeezed her small globe-like breasts, twisting and pinching her nipples to make her moan loudly. As she moaned her mouth was opened wide. Tray nodded to the man in front of him, with the queue from Tray the man stepped forward and removed himself from his own pants. He pressed the head of his dick against her ruby red lips, she was quick to clamp down on the shaft she obviously desired to be in her mouth. He was smaller than Tray by quite a bit so she was able swallow him whole without much issue. Her delicate little hand reached up and grabbed the mans balls and squeezed them lightly goading him into fucking her small face as she attempted to suck his testicles through his shaft.

"Oh gods, she's got the mouth of an angel and a devil all in one!" the man cried as he uncontrollably moved his hips back and forth, sliding his shaft easily in and out of her massaging throat. She was partially moaning around his cock and partially crying around it as she was being pounded on from behind. Tray had a firm grasp on her small tits allowing him a great amount of leverage to pummel her little pussy. Her pussy and ass began to bruise as Tray lifted his hips off of his chair and used his whole body to force his large cock as deep as it would go into the little body wrapped around it. Her face was slamming against the other mans crotch so hard it almost knocked him over but he was certain the suction, on his cock, created by her throat was what kept him on his feet. It wasn't long before he grabbed her hair and held her face at the base of his shaft, his cock began to unload its man milk into her throat. She was swallowing frantically to not allow even a drop escape her lips. There was a loud pop and a groan from both the man and Cherry as he exited her throat and mouth.

Once she was free of the other man Tray clamped his vice like hands onto her little tits and raised her body up to press against him again. He was now on his feet, leaving her suspended in the air the only things holding her up being his solid shaft and the hands on her breasts. The bulge that showed in her belly was moving between her pubic mound and navel like a piston working overtime. Suddenly her body went very stiff, her hands shot up behind her head to grab onto the back of his neck, she was trying to push her whole body into his as the orgasm wracked her body. The orgasm became so intense that she just had to throw her head back and scream at the top of her lungs, her pussy was so tight around Tray's cock that he was certain she was going to rip the skin off his dick, but that didn't stop him from pounding into the abused little sex box.

Her makeup was smeared across her face from all of the tears and flesh to flesh contact. Her screams were like music to Tray's ears as he continued inside of her despite the pain she was causing him. Suddenly she stopped moving completely and her eyes widened to the size of a saucer. She felt his cock swell and pulse inside of her. Another scream came as he pulled out and shoved himself back into her one last time before he sprayed his near steaming hot seed into her tiny pussy. He quickly filled her with his seed to a point that there was an eruption of semen and yet another body wracking orgasm, this one to a point of making her spray her own orgasm all over the floor in front of them.

Tray slowly removed her from his shaft as it became flaccid and pliable enough to allow him to easily maneuver her body. He settled her on her pillow to rest, she was still sobbing a cry caught in her throat, tears still shimmering on her cheek even past the smeared make up. All of the skin between her legs was black and blue from the intense pounding she endured from Tray. Oddly enough even with all of the pain and bruising caused by Tray, it couldn't stop her from reaching down between her legs and play with her clit and dip into her tender pussy taking enough of his cum to put on her lips and taste. Her eyes closed as she savored her new masters taste, between exhaustion and pleasure she was no match for the sleep that washed over her allowing her to relive the night over again in her dreams.

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