tagNonHumanTreasure Ch. 31-35

Treasure Ch. 31-35


Coral rolled into the parking lot of the Renton chapter of the Steel Brotherhood just after ten at night. Her blonde hair was braided back under her helmet, and the Prospect at the gate smiled at her as she went by. She backed into a spot, taking off her helmet and setting it on the handlebars as she put the kickstand down. "Hey, pretty lady," a man in a Brotherhood cut said, "Welcome to our clubhouse. I'm Toad."

"Corey," she said as she unzipped her leather jacket, folding it and setting it over the seat before she turned to him. Her heels clicked on the concrete as she walked towards the door, taking Toad's arm as she went.

"I haven't seen you here before," he said. "You with someone?"

"Kind of. I ran into one of your brothers, Nuke, a few nights ago and he bought me a drink. He said I should stop in and party sometime, and here I am."

"Too bad, you just missed him. He and a few others went to Florida for a wedding. You can still party with me, though."

They reached the door, and Toad opened it for her. She had to force back her revulsion at the smells; stale beer, vomit, blood and sex all present in noticeable quantities. Looking around, it was a fairly typical clubhouse; dominated by a bar, some tables and booths, pool tables and drunk men playing with skanks. This was no different; a biker was in a corner booth with a woman's head in his lap, while a drunk topless girl danced on top of the bar while four drunk men shouted encouragement. "Nice place," she said as she walked in.

"Can I get you a drink?"

"Lite beer in a bottle," she said. She watched as the Prospect tending bar pulled out two bottles, opened them and handed them over. She always watched for evidence of girls getting roofies, it had only happened to her once and that was enough. Luckily, her werewolf metabolism and healing cleared things up quickly, and the would-be assailant was found dead the next morning. "Where's Nuke?"

"He's out of town tonight," Toad said. "No worries, there's plenty of things to do tonight. Do you play pool?"

"I've played before," she said.

"Let's rack 'em then." He brought her over to the open table, selecting a cue as she looked at the ones in the rack. "You play eight or nine ball?"

"Eight." He filled the triangle and set it in place, then handed her the cue ball. "Ladies first."

"Why thank you," she said. She could feel his eyes on her as she leaned over to sight her shot. The clubhouse regulars were watching as well, probably disappointed they hadn't seen her first. Her upper arm stayed still as her lower arm moved back then rapidly forward, and the cue ball slammed into the triangle of balls with a loud crack. She watched as two stripes and one solid were pocketed. "Stripes," she said. She sank four before missing, eventually winning the game.

Toad kept bringing her beers, and then he ordered some chili cheese fries. They had each won three games when she sensed the prospect walking behind her with drinks for another table. Standing up quickly, she bumped his arm and ended up with a glass of beer down her back. "Shit, I'm sorry," the prospect said as he set the other drinks down on a table. "I'll grab you a towel."

He came back with one and Toad help clean her up, but her shirt was soaked along with her jeans. "Dammit," Coral said with a few tears, "I didn't bring a change of clothes."

"Come on, I'm sure we can fix this," he said. He told the Prospect to bring him a Club t-shirt in her size, then told her she could use his room to change. "I'm sure I've got some shorts that can work until we can wash your clothes. There is a washer and dryer at the end of the hall."

He led her back behind the bar and down the hall that led to the rooms the single guys used. As soon as she got into the hall, the scent hit her like a brick.

Rori King had been here, and the scent was persistent. She lived here. As soon as Toad left her alone in her room, she texted her team and Beta Carlson. "FOUND HER. RORI IS LIVING AT THE RENTON CHAPTER OF THE STEEL BROTHERHOOD."


Rori was over the moon on the way to the clubhouse; her best friend, the one who stuck with her for years when everyone else shunned her, was here with her now. "I can't tell you where I am now, the people who tried to take me earlier have tried three times now to get me," she told them. "Mom and I changed our names and moved to Florida, but I'm not with Mom anymore."

"You're almost eighteen, I turned eighteen three months ago, it's all right," she said. "I'm just glad you're safe. I've been so worried about you, and nobody back home heard anything about you!"

"There were a few people who came by asking questions," her Mom said.

"Yeah, big guys, off the rack suits, they looked like cops but didn't show badges," Jenny added. "You think they were with those people?"

"Nobody else was looking for me," Rori said.

"Would you mind looking at some pictures to identify them?" Mongo had turned around in the passenger seat and pulled out his phone. "We've given these to every Chapter to keep an eye out for." Jenny took the phone and with her Mom looking, she started to swipe through the surveillance photos they had of the men who were after Rori. Five and six in, they identified the people.

"It's a good thing I knew nothing," Debbie said. "I saw them hanging around our house a few times, but I haven't seen them in months."

"They probably figured that Rori wasn't there, so they moved on," he said, putting his phone away. "We should be at the clubhouse soon. Jenny, you'll be staying in a room with Rori. Debbie, we've got you a hotel room nearby. I'm sorry, but the clubhouse only has so many rooms and we need to keep Rori out of sight."

"I understand," she said. "I just can't believe I get to see Dawn again."

"Donna King," Rori said. "Just like I'm Rori not Rea. You'll get used to it after a while."

They caught up on Jenny's high school drama; she'd broken up with her boyfriend during soccer season, but wasn't worried about it. Her team had gone to State but lost in the regionals; Jenny was the team Most Valuable Player and All-Conference first team. She got some interest from Division 1 programs, but no full scholarship offers, not that it mattered now. "I accepted an appointment to the US Air Force Academy," she said with a smile. "I'm going to be a pilot!"

"OH MY GOD," Rori said, "That's fantastic! I'm so proud of you!"

"Thanks," she said. "I get a chance to play soccer at Division One levels, and I get out of Rochester." They talked about the school and her future until they arrived, then it was pandemonium once they parked inside the garage and finally got out. Three Tequila was first to greet her, and it took an hour for her to introduce Jenny to all her friends and see everyone again. One of the Prospects had taken their bags to their room, and after a late breakfast they both retired there to nap.

They didn't come out until the afternoon, and by then Rori had told her whole story to Jenny. "That's so sad," she said. "All that moving, leaving people behind..."

"It's all right, I'm making lots of friends and having fun. The worst part is that I love to ride, and my motorcycle has been a garage queen for almost a year now." She had shown her pictures on her phone of the custom work she'd done on her own and other's bikes, along with the murals she had done. "I'm not the isolated, lonely kid anymore."

"Dating anyone?"

Rori laughed. "Nobody has the guts; if they tried anything I didn't want, I'd kick their ass before the Club did. I've got daughter status in the Club, there are rules for that if a member wants to date me. So far, no one has." She stood up, stretching. "Feel like a workout?"

"I should," she said. "Just tell me we're not running."

"Nope, unless you want the treadmill. Mom would kill me if I get beat up, so no sparring, I was going to do jump rope and hit the bags." The Orlando club didn't have as nice a gym as some of the other places she had been, but it was all right. "The wedding is tonight, so we only have an hour or so before we have to get ready."

They opened their suitcases and changed into workout gear. "Is it weird having your Mom get remarried?"

"It's weird that I've only met him a couple of times, since I've been hiding," she said. "He's a good man, he treats her well and she's happy. That's all I wanted for her."

"Dad tells her the same thing, but she won't give up." Her father had been diagnosed with prostate cancer after Rori left. It was in remission, but they were still worried about him. "You aren't worried about him being in a motorcycle gang?"

Rori just laughed. "I've been in the same one for two years now, they're a great bunch of guys who have kept me safe and given me a family. She loves riding, now she gets a cut as his Old Lady. It's all good. I'm just glad as it is a second marriage for them both, it's more low-key than a normal wedding. I don't feel like being in a taffeta gown." They laughed together as they walked out of the room and down to the gym, coming back up an hour later feeling much better.

Rori showered first and Jenny helped her with makeup and hair before she had to head down for pictures. She loved the outfit, but really loved her ink. "I've seen that before," she said. "You did that painting, your Mom gave me one with the same wolf in it. It's on my wall next to the portrait you did of me after my goal."

"It's been a little obsessive in my mind, but I love the way it looks on my back," she said. "Hurt like hell getting it done but worth it."

"It's hot," she said. "You think my Mom would let me have a tattoo?"

"You're eighteen, Mom might, but the Air Force might not approve," Rori said as she put on her heeled boots. "I'll see you at the ceremony." Jenny went for the shower as she walked down the hall to the conference room. The big table had been taken over by the Ladies, who were doing makeup and hair and nails and God knows what else to her Mom. "Hi Mom," she said as she leaned in and kissed her. "You ready?"

"It's time," she said as she hugged her daughter.

"Thank you again for getting Jenny and Debbie here, it means so much to me to see them again."

"I wanted Debbie here, she was a rock for me while you two were in the hospital. And Jenny is going off to college next year, so there wasn't much time."

Rori turned to look at her outfit, it was hanging in the corner waiting for the makeup and hair to finish. It was a pair of white jeans, white studded biker boots with fake diamond accents, and a frilly white blouse made of silk with a plunging neckline and quarter sleeves. A veil with the Steel Brotherhood emblem rounded out the outfit. Her Steel Ladies cut was hung nearby, but her husband would put that on at the end of the ceremony. She looked at the name on the cut and laughed. "Your road name is Possum?"

"Apparently I don't get a choice in the matter."

"Do I even want to know?"

Three Tequila started laughing. "Well, Roadkill is found by the road, and he took her home and ate her the next three nights." The ladies all started laughing hard as I just looked at them with my mouth open.

"Oh GOD..."

"Oh, you just wait, Rori. We've got your cut ready to go, and the Steel Ladies have the perfect nickname for you."

"It's fine, Rori. It's kind of funny when they introduce us as Possum and Roadkill, you know." Her face got serious. "Now, explain what's that on your back."

"You told Scorpion it was all right if I got a wolf tattoo," she said back.

"I thought you were getting a tattoo like on you arm, that one is huge! Come here." She walked back over, her Mom taking the time to inspect the detail on the wolves. "He did a good job with your painting, and the tattoos set off by that outfit make you look fantastic. Nobody's going to be looking at poor old Mom with you by my side," she finally said. She then pulled her waistband down in back, causing her to squeal. "Relax, I'm just making sure you don't have a tramp stamp."

"Yet," Rori said with a grin. "I'm eighteen in two days and I won't need permission anymore."

One of the girls looked at the time, and the girls kicked it into another gear. By the time the photos were done and the minister knocked on the door, she was ready to go. The other Ladies left to take their places in the Clubhouse, where the tables had been removed to make room for all the folding chairs. Donna pulled her daughter into a hug. "I'm happy to see you both loving and loved by the people of this Club. One day you'll find a man who will love you for all you are, and when you find that man, you grab onto him and make him yours," she said. "I was lucky to have your father for all the years I did, luckier still to find love again. I love you, Treasure."

"I love you too, Mom." She dabbed their tears away with a tissue, then led her to the door. Mongo was the best man and Rori was the Maid of Honor, so they walked out together after he took the new cut over his arm. A guitarist was playing as Angel sang a love song, and they walked slowly down the aisle to the small stage in front. The minister was a Club member, he was a Evangelical preacher who ran a shelter for battered women in town. Rori held on to his arm until they split at the front, moving to each side of Roadkill as they turned to watch the bride.

The guitar changed over to an acoustic rendition of the Beatles' "Something," and the crowd stood and turned to the back as Donna appeared on Bear's arm. The choice of a man to give her away was difficult, as her own father had long since passed. Donna chose the man who had taken in and protected her daughter in Manchester like she was his own. Howler was bouncing in place as they passed, and soon enough they were in the front. Bear handed her over to Roadkill, hugging him and saying something in his ear.

Rori tried unsuccessfully not to cry as her Mom recited her vows, promising to love, honor and ride him as long as they both lived. Roadkill promised to love, protect and care for her until the end. The rings were exchanged, they were pronounced husband and wife, and Roadkill put her new Steel Ladies cut on her to the cheers of the crowd. The recessional music played as the bride and groom led everyone to the bar, where tequila shots were sitting ready on trays. The Prospects quickly cleared the folding chairs and brought the tables back out as everyone grabbed one. "To Possum Roadkill!" Mongo raised his shot.

"Possum Roadkill!" Everyone, including Rori and Jessie, slammed back the shot before bottles were handed out. The party started immediately, with loud music and lots of booze, soon joined by a huge spread of barbecue. Rori and Jessie ended up by the pool tables, partying with the under-25 members and prospects until the wee hours of the morning.

The late morning sunshine finally woke Rori, who showered and dressed before Jessie started to stir. "Oh GOD, never let me drink again," she said as she tried to roll over. She ran into the bathroom, throwing up before anything else.

"There's Tylenol in the medicine cabinet," Rori said as she stretched. A few minutes later, Jessie shuffled out and sat on the bed. She handed her a large water bottle and told her to drain it. "Most of your symptoms are from dehydration, so when that is done drink this too."

"How are you so perky? You did as many shots as I did." The previous night was fuzzy, but Rori had made sure nothing happened.

"I've been going to biker parties a lot more than you," she said. "You have fun?"

She blushed. "I got asked out at least a dozen times, and I got a bunch of numbers," she said. "Too bad none are in Minnesota."

"You won't be there either, six more months and you'll be in Colorado."

She tossed the empty water bottle in the trash, then curled up in the fetal position on the bed. "I'll get up as soon as the room stops spinning," she said.

"Fine, I'm going to get breakfast." The Club was making a run to Cocoa Beach with the wedding party. Rori was going in the back of the support van, while Jenny was riding with one of the guys she had met at the party. The weekend flew by, Mom was beyond happy, Jenny was having fun, and she had all her friends. They celebrated her birthday at a seafood place by the beach, and she opened presents when they got back to the Clubhouse.

Mongo drove them all back to the airport to catch their late-night flights home. Jenny was exhausted and would only get a few hours sleep before going to school in the morning. "Thank you for coming," she said as she hugged her goodbye at the gate.

"Don't be a stranger, Rori. You are my friend, you always will be." She watched the two head down the gateway before they went to their own gate. The flight back was full, but she was able to sleep.

A prospect met them at the curb with the Club van, and they all climbed in. It was late at night, and there wasn't much traffic on the streets as they headed east from Sea-Tac airport towards their Clubhouse. Rori was falling asleep on the Mighty Elk's shoulder when the van swerved and tires screeched before they hit something hard. "GUNS," the prospect yelled. Looking out the window, she saw men with pistols running towards the van. One of them she recognized.

Kidnapping attempt number four was in progress.

Ch. 32

"REVERSE," Wolfman shouted at the Prospect. He put the van in gear and hit the gas. The tinted windows didn't show much as he sped back, and the men in front of them were still closing fast.

"Shit there's more," Nuke said as he looked out the back. "RAM IT," he said as an SUV moved to block their retreat. They heard the engine race before there was another crash, then grinding of metal and burning of tires as the van tried to push the SUV aside.

"Anyone have a gun," Wolfman asked. Coming straight from the airport, they weren't carrying.

"They do," Rori said. A man had moved up next to the driver, yelling at him to stop the engine. Two more were in front of the van, guns raised, and more were coming. "Fuck this," she said as she pulled the door open and jumped out.

"FREEZE," a big man yelled, but Rori wasn't listening. Instead of stopping, she ran forward at full speed. He hesitated, she was wanted alive and Rori used this to her advantage. He dropped the gun to grab her, but she dropped under his arms and crashed her right foot into the side of his left knee. He screamed in pain as he dropped to the ground, and Rori was past him in a heartbeat.

The attackers ran after her, leaving the van and its occupants behind as they took off after the girl. "FOLLOW HER," Elk said as she slid the door closed again.

The prospect put it in drive and maneuvered around the abandoned vehicles while Wolfman got out his phone. "GET ANYONE AVAILABLE, STRAP UP AND GET OUT HERE, THEY'VE TAKEN RORI," he yelled to someone. "BENSON DRIVE NEAR TWENTY-THIRD." Rori had taken off to the west, into the residential neighborhoods, and it took a minute to go loop back around to get to where they thought she had gone. The headlights pierced the darkness, illuminating the suburban street, but nothing was seen. "SHIT!" Wolfman pounded the dashboard. "Drive, maybe we'll get lucky."

They moved through the streets while the President directed the Club members his way. He told the prospect to head back to Teasdale Park, where he waited until all the motorcycles had arrived. He waved to them to cut their engines and gather around. "Rori's gone, she was here when they attacked," he said. "She headed west. I want men down each of these roads, push forward together and keep your eyes open. You two, drive back and forth on Talbot Road and don't let her past you. You four, head back to the vehicles, one guy was injured, take him and any vehicles they left behind back to the Clubhouse." The men nodded and ran off. "If you see her, get her on your ride and get the fuck out of there. I WANT HER BACK," he yelled as two dozen Harleys started up.

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