tagErotic CouplingsTreating the Trick

Treating the Trick


Damien heard the doorbell go again, this was about the 10th time it had rung tonight. 'Damn kids' he thought, looking at the almost empty pumpkin shaped candy bowl. Still it was Halloween, and his first one in the big city. It had always been a great holiday back home, with the whole town getting into the spirit of costumes and decoration. He missed that and was glad to find that kids were kids even in apartment blocks.

The doorbell rang again, longer this time.

"Yeah, yeah I'm getting there," he yelled looking round for his fright mask. He had dressed for the occasion in a black leotard with a glowing white skeleton printed front and back. Finding the grinning skull mask he donned it, hid the candy bowl behind his back and opened the door.

A tall redhead stood in the passage, no kids in sight. She was wearing dark red leather corset red fishnets and tall red platform boots, from behind her black bat wings veined in red peeked out. He moved his gaze with over a corset and bustier which had scooped her breasts into showing some serious cleavage. He eyes were shadowed with darker hues of red, which contrasted, wildly with the green of her eyes. Her face was pale, her lips ruby red and shiny with gloss, her long red hair swept up in a ponytail. Plastic horns sprouting from her forehead completed the devilish look. " Trick or Treat" she husked one hand playing with a strand of copper hair.

He was dumbfounded for a second, Mr Johnson, not so, he was suddenly very conscious of the profound bulge at his crotch. 'Yeah,' he thought, "Leotard, great idea you dumb ass' Moving the candy bowl down to cover his projecting member he stammered "Uh yes Miss, can I help you?"

Her sultry voice responded "You're Damien , right, "

"Uh yes , yes I am but..." he was feeling a little confused. Here at his doorstep was a gorgeous sexily dressed vamp who knew his name. He who had only been in the apartment for a week, who had only been in the city for a fortnight, his company having put him up in a hotel, while he was house hunting.

"I'm Sasha," she said with a smile, "so are you going to invite me in or what?"

He pulled the fright mask off and stepped back inside the hallway.

"Hi Sasha, I'm sorry, yes please come in"

As she passed him, Mr Johnson brushed against her, just for a instant. He felt his knees go weak, feelings he had not felt since he and Judy were together suddenly erupted through him. He felt his heart race and beads of sweat form on his temples.

He closed the door and she entered his lounge. Being behind her gave him a good look at her ass enclosed in very tight red satin shorts. A cute leather tail hung out the back of her shorts. Mr Johnson twitched at the sight, the girl was a beauty.

After casting an eye over what décor his lounge furnishings and knickknacks had to offer she moved to the large 3-seater couch. She sat down, crossing her legs as she did so. " Uh, can I offer you something to drink"

"Yeah a glass of wine would be just fine, if you've got some", she smiled

"That I do," he said, "Won't be a minute"

He got to kitchen in an instant, his wine rack held a wide selection of exactly two bottles, the complimentary champagne, he had got when he checked into his hotel, why the hell he hadn't put it in the refrigerator, he didn't know. 'Geez what an idiot,' he thought. Women go nuts for champagne, chilled champagne.' Still he had a not bad bottle of Merlot, which he had bought for a special occasion, like now. Rattling through his cutlery drawer he dug up a bottle opener, then grabbed to glasses and hurried back to the lounge.

She hadn't moved, she sat there with an amused look as he struggled to get the cork out of the bottle. He was aware of the looming presence of Mr Johnson, but hoped she would be suitably distracted by her drink. "Sit down here, next to me," she purred, "Relax Damien I don't bite" hard she added as he lowered himself onto the couch cushions. She sipped her wine, " Mmm good."

There was an uncomfortable few moments while he mustered his thoughts.

" Look here Sasha" , he faltered, " I don't know what brings you here and how you know my name, don't get me wrong, it's great to have someone like you, a beautiful woman, I mean , geez I've only been here for just over a week, and I don't know anyone" "Hey," she reached out and took his hand, "It's okay, I was sent here, for you." He jerked his head up to meet her eyes, "What? What do you mean sent?" Her other hand snaked out and lightly touched his thigh, tracing its way towards the pronounced bulge.

"I was sent, to treat you." by now her fingers were trailing over the strained lycra. "Oh God" he whispered as her deft digits slowly ran their way up Mr Johnson's lycra'd length. "Don't you want me to be here?" her finger by now had formed an 'O' and had enclosed Mr Johnson throbbing tip, "I could go..." "Fuck, no way" he clenched his teeth a shut his eyes, just having this gorgeous creature touch him was doing his head in. "I don't know why you're here, but you can't leave, not now" She leaned over and breathed "Well then keep your eyes closed, and be a good boy." Her hand became a fist around his length, at the same time her other hand moved to cup his balls. With eyes shut, all his other senses came into play.

He became aware of the creaking leather of her corset, the sound her nails were making against lycra. The smell of her perfume, something exotic it reminded him of church incense only less heavy.

She leaned into him bringing her face close enough that he could feel her breath on his cheeks, and then the touch of her lips, brushing lightly against his. A tongue tip, trailing across his bottom lip, then suddenly forcing its way into his mouth. Her taste, cranberries, presumably from the lip-gloss, and something more cloying, almost metallic. Her tongue danced with his, their lips meshing, with a shock he realizes that something was odd, different. Her tongue was wrapping itself around his, on both sides.

He pulled his head away sharply, "What the fuck?!"

Her smile was back; with a wink she pulled her tongue out at him. It was split, serpent- like; she waggled the separate tips at him. Then popping them back between her lips said, "All the better to lick you with."

Okay he was a small town boy; he would be the first to admit it. This was going from strange to just plain weird. Who was this girl, why was she here, who had sent her, was she a hooker, could he contract something like syphilis, HIV or worse. On the other hand weird or not, here was this girl, this incredibly sexy woman, here alone in his home with him. It was clear she wasn't there to help him carve jack'o lanterns. It had been so long since he had been this close with a woman, a woman who was sending Mr Johnson some very clear messages.

Of course it was Mr Johnson who decided for him, that and the next move she made. Which was to undo the top clasp of her bustier, and let those restricted breasts, he'd been longing to see, hang out. They pretty much were the clincher as far as his reservations went. "Forked Tongue be damned, lemme at em" he growled as he lowered himself to her succulent paps.

Her breasts had another surprise waiting for him, each ripe plum coloured nipple was pierced with a sliver of black bone. This made sucking on them a new and slightly dangerous challenge. "Oooh," she moaned, "You go boy, suck them, suck my titties hard."
'Easier said than done' he thought and winced as his lips cut against the sharp ends of her piercings. Blood filled his mouth, and after a moment more of paying homage to her tits, he drew back, leaving her dark nipples glossy with saliva and gore. "Messy messy," she sneered, "Now I'll have to clean up."

She cupped her left breast and raised it to her chin. Then languidly extended her bifurcated tongue to lick up his offering. As if watching a woman suck her own teats was not enough, he had the extra thrill of seeing that strange tongue dancing its points around her own nipple. Keeping eye contact with him she slowly licked his blood off one nipple and then painstakingly worked over the other one as well. "Mmm mmm , good," she sighed, "Anymore where that came from?"

"Plenty" he said tilting his head and bringing his hands around her shoulders, to meets her mouth in a sticky wet tongue kiss. He was beginning to enjoy the effect her tongues were having in his mouth. Her tongue darted over his lips his teeth, his tongue, on both sides and at one stage seemed almost to enter his throat, but that was impossible wasn't it?

Her hands were fumbling with the elastic holding up his leotard bottoms. Breaking their kiss she gasped "I want to suck you off , I want to give you a blowjob to remember. I want your cock now!" Who was he to argue, there was a bit of a tussle as he tried to get the tight leotard leggings over his tumescent Mr Johnson. She knelt on the floor and tried to help pull the garment over and down. Standing up and bending over double seemed to do the trick, and soon the tight leotard and his shorts were in a ball in the corner of the room.

Reaching up she grabbed his turgid dick and brought her mouth to it, her tongue tips lightly licking the base of head. Then she angled her head and let her tongue trail down the length of his shaft till it ended at his balls. These she began to suck on pulling first one, then the other furred globe into her mouth. Then with an intake of breathe they were both drawn in, her magical tongue pushing against them as they were pulled and stretched.

Her hands rode up each leg to grab his ass cheeks. Then she was rubbing her face all along Mr Johnson, looking down he could see her cheeks and lips glistening with his precum. He seemed to be producing an endless supply stands of it hung off the end of his penis. She stuck her tongue out and caught a long strand following it slowly up to it source at his piss-hole. And then he could hardly believe it but she had manage to insinuate one of her tongue tips into the eye of his dic while the other slopped at the tip. Simultaneously her hand slid across his ass cheeks kneading them and bringing his crotch closer to her face. Then his head was in her mouth with her tongue still forcing its way into his dick.

Bobbing her head rapidly she concentrated her lips on moving back and forth about an inch and a half over the head of his cock. His senses reeled, he had never had head like this, and he felt larger and more swollen than ever. She twisted the shaft with her hand rolling over it so it turned inside her hot wet mouth. Her other hand moved to just under his balls and started to tug and squeeze them, pinching the sac's skin between thumb and index finger. Then she slid it up from his balls, up his length until her fingertips were at his crown. Removing her mouth she let her fingers tweak his cock head until they were wet with saliva and his precum. Dragging her hand down over his balls to the crack of his arse, with one deft move drove her glistening forefinger up it He bucked forward trying to move his posterior away from the unwanted intrusion, but this just fed more of him into her mouth and against her throat. And then unbelievable with a swallowing action he felt his cock move into her throat. It was the deepest blow job he'd ever experienced, her swallowing motion and the strange sensation of her finger in his arse was almost too much to stand. He felt his balls swell and the first wave of cum begin to shoot forward. As if sensing his imminent orgasm she began to suck him off even harder, ramming his cock meat into her mouth as far as it could go." Fuck, fuck, Kee-riste I'm gonna come! " he exclaimed. Just then the first gobbet of spunk fired into her mouth. Then the second, then the third, his mind forgot what holiday it was and threw him a 4th of July and Chinese New year combined. Rockets flare and Catherine wheels flashed and spun in his brain, for a moment he thought he was going to black out. On jelly legs, he slowly collapsed to the sofa. He was aware of her still licking and sucking at his dick, but his nerves were too fried to care. Time seemed to stop and for a while he hung in linbo, waiting for his heartrate to return to normal.

"Yum" she said after she had applied a final lick. She moved her hands away from his butt and groin, and reached around for her bustier, and rising to her feet began to put it back on. "Oh well, see you next Halloween."

"What?" He said, somewhat confused now, he had expected them to go all the way.

She smiled down at him as she adjusted her bustier around her chest.

" We've only just started, aren't we going to fuck?" "Its okay, really I'll be good as new in a minute or two"

"Naah, sweetie, I'm only here for the blow-job"

Then she sashayed over to his front door., swing her tail in one hand.

He struggled to pull his stupid leggings back on, and hopping around on one foot, tried to follow her across the room." But wait, I don't understand," he said.

Opening his front door, she turned before leaving, and met his eye for the last time. "Its simple," she smiled, "I don't like candy."

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