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Tree Hugger Loves Butt Plugger


Joe had been looking forward to a quiet weekend. The high-end renovation he had been hired to complete had a deadline and he had to bust his ass all week to get it completed on time. Now, with the deadline met and the check in hand, he was planning on watching baseball and drinking beer all weekend. He got up early to go for a run. He figured a good run would cancel out some of the beer.

He was glad he had put the coffee on before he left, as the whole house smelled like fresh roast when he returned. He poured himself a cup, grabbed the paper and flopped on the couch in the morning sun to relax. Grabbing a magazine off the coffee table to put his mug on, he noticed a flyer laying on the table.

"Fuck, I can't believe her," he said as he picked up the flyer. His wife, Jess, had a bad habit of volunteering him for things. Need someone to move a piano? Joe would love too! Need someone to drive you to the airport at 5AM? My husband loves to drive to the airport, no problem! He had tried everything to get her to stop, lately some really creative things, but nothing worked. He chuckled a 'fuck my life' kinda chuckle as he read the flyer. "RAMAPO VALLEY CSA. CLEAN UP FOR EARTH DAY. We would like to thank our CSA members who volunteered to come work on our farm this special day!" It then went on to list about a dozen names and of course, first on the list, Joe and Jess Donaldson. Realizing the date on the flyer matched today's date, his heart sank knowing that he was about to replace baseball and beer with farming and hippies.

He knew he was going to regret letting Jess sign up for this 'Community Supported Agriculture' thing. The cost was $500 plus 15 hours of volunteer work per share on the farm during the summer in exchange for a weekly box of produce. Jess had promised to make him some wonderful meals from the produce which honestly, she had. But, she had also promised to fulfill the volunteer hours herself. But it didn't just say 'Jess Donaldson' on the flyer, did it?

He grabbed the flyer and headed upstairs, wondering when his wife was planning on telling him about this. She was sneaky, probably she would just try to convince him to go for a ride and then suggest they stop and pick up their 'share' at the farm and then 'Hey look, its Earth Day, lets stay and help.' he thought.

Joe could hear the shower running in the master bath as he entered the bedroom. He went to his nightstand, where he kept his 'supplies', and then headed over to the bathroom door, entering quietly, so his wife wouldn't know he was there. He leaned back on the vanity, holding the flyer in his crossed arms watching his wife through the glass shower doors. She really was so beautiful. Her long blond hair cascading down her back in the running water. Her perfectly tanned skin looked so fine with the steam from the hot water rising off her. Firm, high breasts bouncing as she raised her arms and ran her hands through that long hair rinsing out the conditioner that filled the room with an amazing aroma. He could feel his cock start to throb in his tight running shorts and he wanted to get in the shower and fuck his wife right now, but that wouldn't teach her not to volunteer him for things.

Jess shut the water off and opened the shower door. Only then did she notice her ruggedly handsome, and angry, husband staring at her. She immediately noticed the flyer in his hand and she felt a thrilling rush deep inside her. She knew she was in trouble, he had seen the flyer. He gave her a piercing stare with his dark eyes. His black hair wet with sweat.

She was a little scared, but mostly excited as she looked at him and said, "Hey Babe, have a good run?" grabbing a towel and covering up her naked body. She gave him a coy smile pretending not to notice the flyer.

"I had a great run, but I wouldn't have used up all that energy if I had known that I was going to spend the day working on a farm," he said, holding up the paper and pointing to their names. "Why do you do this, Jess? I work hard all week and just want to relax on the weekends."

"I know" Jess said, looking down at the floor, "But, it's Earth Day. I thought you would want to help. You like all the people at the farm. Ken and Stacey will be there. Remember them from the member's dinner? You liked them. It will be fun, please come, if you don't I'll be embarrassed," she said, looking up at him and giving him a flirty look he found hard to resist.

"Oh, I'll come, but you won't, not until I'm ready for you to," he said, giving her a coy smirk as he reached out and pulled the towel from her. She knew she was in for a long day as she stood naked in front of her husband. Joe came behind her and firmly pressed against her wet pussy with one of his big hands, stroking her clit and opening her up with his thick finger. The other hand reach up to her breast, grabbing it and rolling her firm nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She fell back on him, losing her footing with a wave of pleasure. He did always know just how to touch her.

"I'm going to make sure you spend the whole day wanting to cum as much as I want to be watching baseball. Maybe this time you will learn your lesson," he whispered, kissing her soft neck and driving her wild with desire.

He moved them forward to the vanity and bent her over placing both her hands on the counter. She noticed two boxes and a bottle of lube on the counter. The first box, a blue one, she recognized. It held Ben Wa Balls, and she felt a wave of anticipation deep in her pelvis with the thought of Joe putting them deep inside her. The other box was new and she didn't recognize it. She wondered what games her husband had in store for her.

Her husband's large, hard cock press into her thigh as he leaned over and grabbed the blue box. "I'm going to fill you up so you have no choice but to think of me all day," he whispered in her ear as he place his hand firmly on the small of her back. He pushed her down so her back bent down toward the vanity and her ass tilted up opening her sex for him. Her eyes caught his in the mirror and she submitted to his look of total dominance. She loved that look, so intense, her body knowing he was in charge and relying on him for her pleasure.

Joe ran the smooth heavy silver balls under warm water, getting them ready for her as she stayed bent over, waiting for him. When the balls were about body temperature, he reached down to her wet, waiting pussy and first rubbed the smooth wet balls over her, massaging her with them as he rolled them around in his hand. He penetrated her a couple times with his thick finger getting her ready, bring her juices down. When she was ready he inserted the first ball deep into her vagina. She let out a deep moan as its heavy weight settled on her spot. He followed with the second ball and keeping his hand on her pussy, he massaged her, teasing her clit. For a moment he lost himself in his own pleasure, wanting so badly to fuck his wife. He pressed his cock into her, grinding her backside and pulling her into him. He remembered the lesson and eased up, removing his hand and stepping back.

Jess moaned as he stop, "Keep going, please," she said, in a low breathless tone, wanting him to continue.

"Don't worry, I have plenty planned for you," Joe said grabbing the bottle of lube. He squeezed some of the oil onto his finger and then slowly inserted his thick finger into Jess' tight ass. She quickly inhaled and then tried to relax, allowing him in. Joe had been working on her ass for a while and she knew it was only a matter of time before he fucked her in her virgin ass. The past few months he had been playing with her tight ass more and more. It started with him going down on her and then, while he was down there, licking her ass and penetrating her with his tongue. When she was used to that, he moved on to fingering her tight ass, usually while he fucked her doggystyle from behind. Now that she could handle two of his fingers at once, she knew it was only a matter of time before she had to take him up the ass.

Joe continued fucking her ass with his fingers, slowly bringing them out and then thrusting them back in as deep as they would go. Jess had to admit, now that she had learned to relax, she enjoyed his anal play. It was a more full body experience than having him in her pussy. She felt like he had taken over her whole body when he had his thick fingers in her tight ass.

Joe could see Jess was really getting into it, watching her face fill with pleasure in the mirror, so he stopped. She was not going to come until he was ready for her to come and that wouldn't be until they were done being damn farmers for the day.

Joe reached for the second box, and Jess looked up with anticipation. He opened the box and took out a pretty big butt plug. Jess had seen them in sex shops but never paid much attention to them. Honestly, she thought only gay men used them and she gave her husband a confused look.

"Oh yeah, this is for you, my dear." Joe said, giving her a naughty grin as he added some lube to the menacing looking black rubber plug.

"Joe, no! Thats going to hurt." Jess said, a look a fear in her eyes. "Please, spank me instead. You can spank me, I promise I won't volunteer you for anything anymore." She yelled, pleading with him.

"Relax Jess, you are ready for this. I've been getting your tight ass ready for months. I promise, I'll go slow. The more you relax, the better it will feel," he said, taking pity on his wife, still bent over the vanity, so exposed. He decided to be a little tender, after all this was part of the game they played. She would do things that drove him nuts knowing he would punish her and he would punish her knowing it was what she wanted. He knew he was pushing her farther than she wanted to go, but he was confident she would be okay if she just gave it a chance.

"Just relax," he said, bending down, kissing her neck and whispering in her ear. He kept kissing her, sucking gently on her neck, nibbling on her ear until he felt her body relax. Then, still gently kissing her, he slowly inserted the plug into his wife's virgin ass.

Jess knew Joe was right when he told her she needed to relax otherwise the plug would hurt more. She tried to get lost in his slow gentle kisses. He knew just where to kiss her, the nape of her neck. It was such a turn on for her whenever he went near that area. As Joe inserted the plug, she took a deep breath, doing her best to stay calm. He did go slow, and she took the first half of the well lubed plug without much effort. But, the base got much wider before it got thin again and then fanned out in a large flat stopper.

The second half of the plug was not so easy. She started to get tense, the plug getting wider and wider, spreading her virgin ass farther than she was used to. She was about to call out in pain. She wanted to yell out to him, as she was sure this thing was ripping her ass open. She could feel the burn of tears coming to her eyes. They had a safe word, and although she had never used it, she thought she might have to, so intense was the pain. She started to yell out "AHHHH...."

And then, as Joe pushed the plug all the way in with one final thrust, the pain subsided a bit. Her tight outer muscle settled around the thin base of the plug and the flat stopper rested on her ass. She could still feel the sting of being stretched so far open, but the sharp pain was gone and she was just left with a fullness that really turned her on.

She stood up and turned around facing her husband. She could tell by his look that he approved of her sticking with it and taking the whole plug. He tenderly tucked her hair behind her ear "Good girl," he said, stroking her cheek. He pulled her tightly into him and kissed her deeply. His hands exploring her body, tracing her firm breast and grabbing her ass, pulling her into him as his hard cock pushed against her.

"Now, lets get dressed and go farming," he said, giving her a smack on the ass.

Jess moaned, wanting so badly now to stay home and fuck.

"Oh no. No complaining from you. You volunteered us for this." Joe said, grinning.

Jess slipped into a tight green tank top and her baggy worn jean overalls. She cuffed the bottoms about halfway up her calf and threw on her oldest running sneakers. She tied a blue bandana around her head to keep her long, blond, wavy hair out of her face. Looking in the full length mirror, she wanted to make sure there were no signs of the kinkiness going on inside her. Of course you couldn't tell anything by looking at her and she marveled at how something that was filling her whole body with such a fullness could be totally invisible from the outside.

Joe emerged from his closet wearing tight dark blue jeans that hugged his firm ass and thick muscular thighs. An army green tee shirt that was that perfectly worn its thinness clinging to him showing off his muscular chest. On his feet he wore his black work boots with the red laces. They were so old the leather was cracking in some places giving way to the brown leather underneath. It was basically the same thing that he wore everyday to work. He owned a construction company and even though he had guys working for him now and he could just supervise, he still liked doing the physical part of his job. Swinging a hammer all week left his body ripped. His well defined muscles outlined his broad masculine frame.

"Let go do this thing," he said, opening the bedroom door for his bride. "But, remember, you are not allowed to cum," he said, tilting her chin up and kissing her. "I will be watching you and you know I will be able to tell."

"I know," she said, and it was true. A few months ago, Jess had said yes to a dinner party being hosted by a couple Joe hated. He dressed her that night, using a few 'supplies' from his drawer. Nipple clamps stimulating her hard nipples under her bra and a bullet vibrator giving her persistent pulsing pleasure all night. She made it through dinner, enjoying their knowing glances at each other while Joe politely made conversation with people he hated. He always knew how to work a crowd and everyone always loved him and thought he loved them. He rarely did.

Jess made it through the whole night, fighting off her orgam, desire building as she wished they were home so he could fuck her. He had told her not to cum, and she tried to obey, but he insisted they take his motorcycle to the dinner. She tried to protest, knowing it would be too much for her. On the way home she couldn't take it anymore. All the vibrations, her arms wrapped around his muscular chest, her hard clamped nipples pushing tightly against his back. She came, in deep waves, holding him tightly. She tried to be discrete, hoping he wouldn't catch on. But, when they got home, she could tell he knew. That was the first time he had spanked her, taking her over his knee and turning her tender ass bright red and then finally giving her what she really needed, a good fucking.

Jess used the quick drive over to the farm to get used to the fullness in her belly. Adjusting herself, sitting up, sitting back, trying to find the most comfortable position, the plug pushing into the Ben Wa Balls, making them massage her spot. She could tell it was going to be hard not to cum.

They arrived at the farm which was full of volunteers, everyone meeting by the barn to get their assignments. Jess saw Stacey and Ken and grabbed Joe's hand leading them over to join their friends.

"Hey guys, good to see you," Stacey said, as they all exchanged kisses and said hello. "They are calling out jobs and people are volunteering. I'm gonna try to get planting seedlings or weeding," Stacey said.

"Sounds good," Jess said.

"Okay, next we need someone to mow the lower field on the tractor. Don't be scared, if you can drive a car you can do this," the head farmer of the CSA yelled out.

"Right here," Jess heard Joe yell from behind her. She turned, thinking he was volunteering and relieved that he found something he wanted to do. It was with total shock when she turned around that she realized that he was pointing down at her.

"Joe, what are you doing?" she sneered.

"It's okay babe, believe me, you'll love it." He quipped, giving her a smile that let her know he was up to something.

"Great, right this way little lady, Shawn will show you over to the tractor and get you started." she heard the head farmer say. He pointed her around to the back of the barn.

Jess smiled at Shawn and turned around, giving Joe a dirty look. She could hear him and Ken laughing as she followed Shawn to the back of the barn.

"Her she is, a little old and rusty but still runs like a champ." Shaun said, hitting the rusty front of the old tractor with his hand.

As soon as Jess saw the tractor, she knew exactly what Joe had been up to. The seat of the tractor was one of those old cast iron pan seats. The kind that is curved to fit around your butt and comes up in the middle, poking up a bit right in between your legs.

"Damn him," Jess said, blushing a little when she realized she said it loud enough for Shawn to hear.

Shawn helped her up onto the tractor and then hung on to the side.

"Okay, I'll ride with you down to the field and show you how this thing works. Its easy, you won't have any problems," he said, turning the key and showing Jess the gears and pedals. They started down the path to the lower field. Shawn had been right, Jess thought, it really was a pretty simple machine. But, Joe had been right too, because the vibrations from the cast iron seat were being conducted through the hard rubber of the butt plug, turning into a huge vibrator. The pressure from the bump between her legs, rubbing against her already aroused clit, and the metal balls deep inside her reverberating with bumpy ride of the tractor. Her whole pelvis was alive with pleasure. She could feel her cheeks burning with embarrassment and she tried to hide her pleasure from Shawn, hoping he didn't notice.

As they approached the field, Shawn instructed her to stop and he jumped down off the tractor.

"Okay, so this is the field we have to mow. I've already lowered the mower and started it, so you just have to drive back and forth over the field. It's easy and should take about two hours. She makes wide turns, but you will hit what you've missed on the next go around," Shawn said, looking at her with more confidence than she felt she deserved. "If you get into trouble, just turn the key off and come get us. You'll be fine."

"Okay, thanks," she said, unsure of herself but anxious to be alone so at least she didn't have to worry about anyone noticing that she was sitting on a giant vibrator.

She made her way up and down the field, completing one full row and feeling a bit more confident. It wasn't so bad and as she settle into the workings of the tractor, she could allow herself to concentrate more on what was going on inside her pelvis. 'Oh my god!' She thought, this was going to be great. She was out here all alone, she could cum all she wanted and Joe wouldn't know, she thought, grinning at how Joe's plan to drive her crazy had backfired.

Reaching the end of the field again, Jess made the wide turn to go back the other way. She exaggerated her movement, leaning into the turn, letting the bump in between her legs glide across her clit, bringing her closer to orgasm. "Mmmmm" she let out a deep groan, leaning her head back, enjoy the sensations.

"Oh Fuck," she yelled out loud though no one could hear her. As she looked up, she could see the unmistakable silhouette of her husband standing on top the the hill above the lower field she was mowing. He had a pickaxe in his hand and was staring straight at her.

She quickly sat up straight, trying to cover up the fact that she had been riding the tractor like it was her partner in a porno movie. 'Of course he picked a job that would allow him to watch her' she thought. She gave him a wave, letting him know she had seen him. He simply gave her a head nod. She wasn't sure what that meant. Was she in more trouble, did he know what she had been up to?

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