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Dannal Tremblestorm trembled slightly.

The after-effects of porting hardly affected him as they used to in his younger days, but still they caused his flesh to break out in goose bumps and make his bones ache.

He moved off to the side of the pyramid-shaped portal in Windnal woods, and sat down to meditate.

Ah, sweet serenity.

He closed his eyes, and relaxed, back straight, high elf ears perked for any sound that might intrude upon his hard-won peace.

And there was a sound.

Dannal didn't open his eyes right away. He knew that sound.

It was someone breathing nearby. If his ears were correct, it was someone off to his left, down the slanted side of the pyramid.

In perfect, albeit accented Drow, Dannal spoke.

"Is there something I can help you with?"

A gasp answered him.

Oh, he thought. A girl, a female Drow. The gasp, soft and startled, gave her away.

"I won't bite you," the wizard said, slowly and carefully turning his head in her direction and opening his green eyes.

She was young, very young, he could tell. Her robe was a custom fit though, and not the usual fair for one of her age. She must have some important position among her people.

With slippered feet, the dark elf girl moved up the pyramid, towards the high elf. Her dark eyes were wide. Dannal knew she had never seen a high elf before. He smiled sardonically, and eyed her.

Dannal was not like most high elves. Among his companions and friends, he counted many races that others would not associate with, in his position. Wizards had that extraordinary power to port to lands near and far. It was natural they would find money using this power to port groups of others, even the dark races. But rarely did they extend that relationship beyond, "Fare, please."

Dannal was not so. And out of his experiences with dark elves in particular had come a strong appetite and lust for the females of that race.

He almost shook thinking of it, of times he had pressed blue skin close to his own pale white body.

He shook his head and looked at the girl sitting across from him now.

His hunger must have been apparent in his eyes, for she turned away, blushing.

He grinned.

"So, what brings you to the pyramid, child?"

She answered swiftly, almost smugly.

"I am hardly a child."

Dannal laughed, loud, and the girl scooted a step away from him, then managed an indignant look.

"Well!" he said, smiling brightly at her. "You have never even seen a high elf before, and you may dress for success, but still your caution confirms your fear and inexperience."

The girl blinked at him.

"Truth be told," she admitted, "I had not even been atop this pyramid before."

She followed this comment with the sweetest blush Dannal had ever seen.

"We hunt down below for skeletons, and collect bone chips for our necromancers' pets."

"Are YOU a necromancer?" Dannal inquired, leaning forward.

"Nau, I am an enchantress."

The girl stood and curtsied prettily, and Dannal looked her over. There was an inherent grace to all dark elves, and in the women of their race, it came off as a natural sexiness that could not be denied...well, at least that's how it seemed to Dannal.

He thought a moment, studying the vision before him. She didn't know much about the big wide world she would soon have to discover. She was young, and maybe, naive? His mind twirled the thought around.

"Have you ever left Windnal?"

"Oh no!" she said. "I would not be ready to leave yet, I don't think! My jabbress would rather that I stay safe and protected by our kin.

"Besides," and she sat down again, facing him. "These woods are nice, and dark and much to my liking. I almost fear the land of sun."

Dannal scratched his chin. Yes, naive.

"But, this is not the only dark wood, you know."

He fussed with pretense at his robes, knowing the girl was looking at him questioningly.

"Your mistress didn't tell you? Of other woods, just as dark as this one?"

He returned her look with a seemingly blank one of his own.

Carefully, she replied, "no".

"Well! There are woods out there even darker than this. And safe, too."

Dannal let the girl absorb his words, and his subtle hint, pretending to move books around in his packs.

The girl was quiet a moment, thinking. Then she looked at him, head tilted.

"Where? What woods?"

He leaned forward, a smile on his thin lips.

"Oh well! The best and darkest one I know of is Bordone Forest!

Mud dogs live there, and the race of people named Ermtedites. But no one ever goes there, so Drow like yourself never have anything to fear."

"Oh oh!" she said happily. "I want to go! I will go there!"

"But," Dannal said, leaning back a bit. "I don't think you can get there."

The girl pouted suddenly, and Dannal imagined that pout pressed against his lips, then almost hit himself at the suddenness of the thought. He pushed it from his mind...for the moment.

He shrugged.

"For starters, it is a land far, far away. You would have to traverse all of Amherka to get there, I'm afraid. And most of Amherka doesn't appreciate your race."

Like I do, came his unbidden thought.

"Of course, you can port there, if you pay a wizard a hefty price. How much money do you have?"

The girl blinked a few times, that innocent look on her face boring into Dannal's hungry mind.

"I...I don't have very much money. Enough for spells and food, until next my jabbress comes, or someone in her House gives me what I need."

"Oh! Well that's too bad, isn't it."

The high elf shrugged, and looked around, yawning to complete his look of boredom.

The dark elf girl looked into her lap, frowning. Then she looked up.

"Would you take me? To Bordone? I could gate back home afterwards. You just, you seem very nice. And I would really like to go!"

Dannal slowly turned back to face the girl. He struggled to keep from licking his lips.

"Why of course. I would! I would do this favor for you easily. Shall we go now?"

The girl jumped up, clapping happy hands. She was indeed naive and young, and Dannal found himself trembling and in goose-flesh again, and not from porting side effects.

"Now, come stand close to me. Closer, child. Yes, put your hands around my waist."

With a flash and a sparkle of light, Dannal ported himself and the dark elf girl across the miles.

Upon landing, the girl almost collapsed to the ground. She had never ported before, and Dannal gladly held onto her as her slender body shook.

"I never did get your name, child."

"I am Inia," she whispered, clinging to his waist. "I am Handmaiden to...to..." and with that, she fainted.

Dannal lifted her up into his arms. Dark elves were much smaller than high elves. He held her against his purple metallic robes, and blew lightly on her face. Her eyes fluttered, and she opened them, catching her breath a minute as she realized how close his face was to hers.

"I...I think I can stand now."

"Indeed," he said, putting her on her own two feet. "That is just the after-shocks of the magick of porting running through your system. Minor disorientation, weakened bones, fatigued muscles, it passes quickly enough."

Stumbling and leaning against a nearby tree, Inia studied Dannal, who stood still, straight and tall.

"You must be used to it by now," she panted, catching her breath.

Dannal smiled grimly. His mind was far from thinking of magick and portals.

"My name is Dannal Tremblestorm. And this that you see before you is Bordone Forest. You should stay close to me, though. There are mud dogs here. They can be dangerous foes."

Inia suddenly looked frightened.

"I thought you said this was a safe wood?"

"Oh, it is, just, not for one such as you. But you will be fine, if you stay near me. Shall we look around?"

Dannal offered the girl his arm, and she took it quickly, moving up close to him. He could smell her fear, and it made his stomach clench in desire.

For the next hour, Dannal showed her various high points in the forest.

The land was called Ortonia, and here you could find the cities of Anton and of Panthea. Over here, a mud dog encampment made of tents. Over there, houses for vendors who sold magickal spells and items. A river here, and across the waters, Terra Isle, land of the Cat People.

Inia was duly amazed, and relaxing. Dannal kept an arm around her back, and as the time passed, he slowly let it slide until one of his hands cupped her behind gently, in the guise of guiding her along.

Near the spires that outlined the portal for this wood, Dannal sat down, pulling Inia quickly into his lap. He could wait no longer.

He put his lips to hers, kissing her. She was, as he had thought, young, and inexperienced. Her lips met his and returned his kiss, and slowly learned from him how to move, and how to stay still.

Dannal felt himself growing in need and hunger. The knowledge that this girl was most likely a virgin burned in his groin.

With careful fingers, he began to undo her elegant robe. Beneath, she wore various pieces of silk armor. And these too, he removed. Arm pieces, a tunic, shoulder pads stuffed with avian feathers, and then her leggings, until she was naked in his lap. She seemed almost entranced, charmed, hypnotized as his long fingers moved over her body.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a mud dog, brown, white and black, snarled and leapt for the girl. Dannal stood and with instinct called down a lightning bolt, hurling it at the creature. It turned into a charred heap in seconds, and he heaved, looking at the disruption angrily.

Inia sat on her side, clinging to his legs, shivering.

He put his hands on her shoulders, kneeling before her face, kissing at her mouth and then pulling away.

"Are you cold?"

The girl nodded. Dannal slowly stood again, pulling his robes off and laying them on the ground. He moved slowly, not wanting to startle her any more than she already had been. Inia had a look of confusion on her face, but in her eyes, and in her kisses, he knew her hunger almost matched his own.

He spread the lush and soft purple robes over the grass. Then he took her by the shoulders and lay her down over them, coming over her with half of his body. He kissed her, moving his tongue into her mouth, playing with her own. Inia was startled again, but she didn't pull away, and soon she relaxed.

The kiss became passionate, less tender. Dannal moved his hands down to his leggings, and removed them. He was now naked. And there was no doubting his desire or lust now. This had all gone too far. He was going to have this little innocent, no matter what.

He knew his hardness pressed against her thigh. He knew it may have frightened her. But he knew he had to have her, knew he had to be her first.

Dannal moved his hands over every one of her delicate curves, cupping her ass, and pulling one thigh to stretch over his waist. He kept her lips locked to his, kissing her until she was dizzy and unaware.

Inia moved her hands over him as well, though she kept them higher up on his body. She was trembling partially in fear, he knew, but also in lust. She ran her fingers through his short blonde hair, doing her best to show her own needs through the shared kiss.

Dannal pushed her onto her back, looking down at her sweet mound, covered with white hair, silky and smooth. He parted her thighs with his hands, marveling at how white his fingers looked on her ebon-blue skin.

Then, without a moment of hesitation, he entered her, swiftly, deeply. Immediately, Inia cried out.

Ah, Dannal thought, she was a virgin. He could feel it as he pushed into her, feel her tightness that had never before been probed or trespassed upon. He dipped his lips to her mouth, sucking the cries from them.

And he withdrew slightly, before pushing deeply inside again.

As his motions became rhythmic, he felt Inia relax. Then, to his utter delight, he felt her respond. With his hands on her waist and hips, he moved her up to meet him. But soon, she was moving herself, rocking her pelvis to greet his.

Dannal broke the kiss, and leaned back a bit, lifting her ass and legs from the ground, tilting her body to his needs.

"Ah! Ah! Yes!" she cried out.

Again and again, he pushed in and out of her. He could not help but be insensitive to the situation, to her inexperience. His lust for her puss around him was so great, he could not slow for the life of him.

She cried out again.


He pushed in hard, ramming her, almost feeling her bones creaking with his effort.

Again she called out his name.

And he came, filling her with his seed, spurting into her, his cock exploding deep inside her puss. He washed over walls never before touched, places inside her never before explored.

Suddenly, her arms snaked up around his neck and pulled him down over her. He didn't resist, as Inia began to orgasm around his member, her muscles clenching in her first orgasm, tight and sweet and innocent no more.

And again, she cried out his name, into his ear. It was a sound he would never forget.

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