tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTrespass Ch. 02

Trespass Ch. 02


Hunny fell asleep in the restraints. Nick had left her alone for hours, sore and scared, his cum drying on her face. He came back and woke her up, released` her from the restraints, and took her to a remote area of the house. He brought her to a bedroom, and ordered her to get cleaned up and appropriately dressed. He also instructed her to check the closets for things to wear.

She showered, cleaning herself thoroughly, washing cum away, and wincing when she touched all her sore spots. She hated to admit that while her body ached and her emotions reeled from what had been done to her earlier that day, she had never felt more sexually satisfied.

She stepped back into the room after toweling herself dry. She gingerly opened the closet. As he had said, the wardrobe was full of clothes. She lifted out a skirt and gasped. It was little more than strips of cloth; short strips of cloth in fact. She looked at the tops; all were extremely low-cut. She searched for underwear, and didn't find any, only sheer stockings and garter belts.

She tried to find the least revealing of the clothes, but the top she finally settled on clung to her breasts, and was so low-cut, her nipples almost showed. She looked at the different skirts; they were extremely short, or see-through, or strategically cut to expose her nether regions. She ended up just picking a skirt that matched her top. It was so short, it could barely be called a skirt. She thought it looked like two handkerchiefs sewn together. She found shoes -- high heeled of course -- and with a resigned sigh, she slipped them on.

She looked in the mirror and closed her eyes, shocked at how wanton she looked. She found cosmetics on the dresser, and put on her usual light make-up. There was no lipstick in the shade she liked, so she went without.

She went to the door, and stopped. She didn't really know where she should go. A voice came over the intercom in the wall, startling her.

"Come down the stairs at the end of the hall. I'm waiting for you."

She didn't want to think how he knew she was ready. She opened the door and stepped into the hallway. She wondered if she should make a run for it. Then she realized she didn't know her way around this part of the house, and was completely disoriented. Plus, dressed as she was and without her purse, her passport or any money, where could she go?

She found the stairs, and walked down them. She didn't remember seeing these steps during the tour. She reached what must be the cellar, and found the door slightly ajar. She opened it, and stopped dead. Her eyes took in the different things scattered around the room.

It was not well lit, and there was very little in the room except for a few chairs, a bench, an x-shaped structure, and lots of scary-looking implements. There were whips, chains, cuffs, gags, and plenty of things she didn't recognize. She whimpered with fear and turned to leave, her heart pounding loudly.

While she had been mesmerized by the strange objects in front of her, Nick had quietly walked into the room. He grabbed her from behind, holding her by the arm and pulling her close. Unable to stop herself, she started screaming and struggling.

He growled, "If you don't shut up and obey me, I'll tie you up and throw you to my staff."

She went limp in his arms, trembling violently.

He nodded, "That's right. Now let me have a look at you."

She stood there, completely demoralized, trembling with fear and shock.

"Show me what you picked, slut."

Looking up at him, she licked her lips nervously, trying to stand up straight. The low-cut top exposed most of her breasts; the skirt was so short he could see her cunt. The high heels emphasized her muscled calves and made her ass push out. Her nipples were stiff, straining against the soft material of her top.

He asked her, "How do you feel my dear?"

She hated herself for being so frightened, but could only say, "Please...let me go home...I'm sorry I read the book."

He laughed, "No you're not, slut. I'm willing to bet you've never been fucked as thoroughly as that before."

She tried once more, "Please, I want to go home now. Haven't you punished me enough?"

He laughed again, "Oh no, not in the least. I'm going to be using and abusing your body for quite some time to come, you horny little slut."

She whispered, "Oh God," finally realizing that she was completely in his power.

He said, "No lipstick? That won't do." He handed her a tube of bright red lipstick. "From now on, you will always keep your mouth red, as whorish looking as you can."

She shuddered, but nodded, slowly applying the lipstick on her full lips.

"Good girl. When your lips are wrapped around my cock, and believe me they will be, I want them shiny and red."

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and said "yes, Sir."

He leaned down and wrapped a red leather cuff around her ankle, buckling a strap underneath the instep of the incredibly high heels and locking it with a small padlock. He did the same to the other foot, locking her shoes onto her feet.

She panicked, "what are you doing?"

He answered, "You will do everything, and I mean everything, in heels from now on slut."

Tears welled in her eyes, but she stayed quiet.

He took her over to the X-shaped contraption, and adjusted it to her height. He ordered her to spread her legs, which he then secured to the lower bars of the "X". He attached each arm to one of the upper bars. She was effectively spread-eagled, and her skirt rode up, exposing her pussy and ass.

She shivered as a chilly draft caressed her pussy. He tugged at her blouse, pulling it downward, exposing her breasts completely. Her nipples puckered, stiffening in the coolness. She realized she was whimpering, terrified at being so much in this man's control and mercy. All of this was so new to her. She hated that she'd had such intense orgasms earlier and that she had never experienced so much lust and pleasure before. It made her vulnerable to his depravity.

She closed her eyes when he put his hands on her, touching her intimately and possessively. He said, harshly, "Open your eyes, slut! Look at me!"

She quickly obeyed him, her heart pounding. She cried out when he cupped her breasts, tweaking her nipples and tugging at them. He lowered his mouth to her right breast and suckled on the hard teat. With one hand he manipulated her left breast, while his other hand strayed down to her sex. He wanted her to be aroused, so that in the end, she would orgasm and be humiliated by how much pleasure she got from his using her.

He slowly slid his fingers along her pussy, frowning slightly when he felt the tuft of fur just above her clit. He said, almost conversationally, "In future, this" (giving a light tug to her pubic hair and making her wince) "will be gone. You are to be completely bare and open to me. Understand?"

She nodded; she was already slightly dizzy from his touch. Her nipples had always been extremely sensitive, and he seemed to know exactly what to do to arouse her. She cried out when he slid a finger inside her, and blushed at his low chuckle. "You're already wet, slut."

She hated how her body responded to his touch, but was unable to stop her reactions. He fingered her slowly, watching as she jerked and tried to bite back her moans. He caressed her clit, and smiled triumphantly when she released a low groan.

He added a second finger into her cunt, and leaned in close, whispering, "listen slut...you're juicing up." Her cheeks turned crimson when she heard his fingers sliding in and out of her wetness.

He pulled his fingers out, and she sighed, not sure whether she was relieved or disappointed. She watched him warily, trying to turn her head as he moved behind her. She felt him touch her cunt from behind, drawing the juices upwards through her crack. She realized what he had in mind and tensed up, as her ass was still so sore.

He smacked her cunt hard and she screamed. He said, roughly, "If you don't want it to hurt more, you need to relax."

She quivered, knowing he was right, but she was still reluctant to open herself up to him. He shrugged and said, "Have it your way."

Without further ado he pushed a finger into her tight hole, making her scream again. He just laughed, "I told you so."

Her breasts were heaving, and tears began to slide down her cheeks. He plunged his finger into her ass in an almost leisurely manner, wriggling the digit around to stretch her open. He pulled out his finger and walked back in front of her, wanting to watch her face while he tormented her. He rubbed two fingers along her pussy lips, whispering, "You're lucky I'm using lube."

He then sank both fingers back into her ass. She screamed again, body jerking in the restraints. He spread his fingers in a "v" to open her even more while he pumped them in and out of her. He listened carefully, noting the exact moment when her cries of pain became sighs. He leaned in close and said, "You were made for fucking, my pet. Just listen to yourself, you're about to start begging for it."

She blushed, but had to acknowledge the truth of his words. He fingered her ass a few minutes more, taunting her by pointing out the juices running down her thighs. He pulled his fingers out of her, and wiped them on a cloth. He stared at her, for a long moment.

Her thighs were slick with her juices, her nipples were rock hard, standing proudly. Her face and chest were flushed. She looked back at him, eyes dazed, lips bright red and swollen. He tugged her skirt up higher and saw her clit, fully aroused and throbbing.

He stepped in then, grabbing her hair in one fist he tugged her head up, eyes fixed on hers. "You're mine now, do understand me, slut? You're mine." Before she could respond, he kissed her, tongue plundering her mouth, staking his claim. With a moan she began kissing him back.

He reached down and released his cock from his trousers, then jammed it straight into her juicy cunt. He pumped violently, slamming her back against the wooden "X". She was moaning, tight cunt grabbing at his cock, her hips arching from the structure each time he pulled back.

After a few minutes, he withdrew completely, and watching her face, he slid his cock into her ass. His earlier fingering had eased some of the tightness, but it still hurt to have him in there...she couldn't suppress a cry of pain

"Ah fuck, you're so tight... Such a fucking great ass," he groaned. He pounded away at her, enjoying the tight grip of her narrow opening on his cock. They both could hear the lewd smacking of his balls against her. He reached down and caressed her clit, moaning when her ass tightened around his cock in reaction to his touch.

He slammed into her harder, watching her tits jiggle with each of his thrusts. He mashed her breasts in his hand, and felt her ass tighten again. He looked to his right, and with a savage grin, he reached for a nipple clamp resting on a table beside them.

He showed it to her, and slowed his thrusts while he made a production of fastening to one of her turgid nipples. When it closed on her sensitive flesh she shrieked, her body bucking, her ass squeezing his cock almost painfully. He grimaced in pleasure, and quickly got the other clamp.

She was breathing hard, pain and pleasure were warring within her and she was completely confused. Her breasts ached, nipples throbbing in the grip of the clamps, but her cunt kept dripping juices down her thighs.

He fucked her ass some more, taking his time, reveling in the slick feel of her velvet passage around him. When he felt her finally surrendering to lust, he tugged on the nipple clamps, exulting in the sounds of her cries and the resultant squeezing of his cock.

He sped up his thrusts, his orgasm nearing, bucking harder and harder into her. He maintained just enough control to reach out and grab a vibrator from the table. He pressed it against her clit and switched it on. Her body immediately convulsed, juices gushing past the faux cock, ass pulsing, massaging his cock. With a roar, he came, too. Thick hot gobs of cum filled up her tight ass, some of it leaking from her each time he withdrew slightly.

She leaned back, her body quivering, eyes shut, breasts rising and falling. She groaned when he pulled out of her ass, blushing when she heard the sucking sound, the reluctance with which her ass released his cock.

He stepped back, his breathing as ragged as her. He bent over her body and released one of her nipples from the clamp. When he heard her cry of pain he gently sucked on the nipple, soothing it. He did the same with her other nipple, and then tugged the vibe out of her steaming cunt.

Setting the instruments of pleasure/pain onto the table, he stopped to study her. He smiled with satisfaction, she made a lovely sight. His cum and hers dripped down her thighs. Her pussy lips seemed to gently pulse, they were a deep pink. Her clit still protruded invitingly. Her nipples seemed to throb as well.

He said, "Tell me, did you cum?"

She raised dazed and slightly shamed eyes to his, parted her lips and responded with a very quiet, "yes."

"I can't hear you, slut."

She swallowed, and repeated, her voice louder. "Yes...yes, I did cum."

He smiled and lifted the vibe to her face, showing her the soaked toy. "I'll say you did, you squirted."

Her face flamed, she felt as if she couldn't get any more embarrassed. How could this man do such things to her and make her body respond the way it did?

He left her leaning against the X while he cleaned himself up, occasionally glancing over at her, smiling at how depraved she looked. He walked back to her and gently stroked her cheek before he tipped her face up so her eyes met his.

"What are you thinking, my slut?"

She softly said, "I...I'm so confused. You've used me, hurt me, against my will, but I've never had stronger orgasms. And you..." her voice dropped away, a hint of fear in her eyes.

He gripped her chin harder, and said sternly, "Continue."

Her voice hesitant, she added, "And you confuse me. One minute you're ... violent, and the next, you're gentle. I don't understand." Her voice broke, and tears slid down her cheeks.

He let her chin drop, and without saying a word, released her from the restraints. He steadied her as her knees threatened to buckle. Together they walked out of the cellar and back upstairs to her bedroom.

He let her in, and made her sit on the chair in front of the dresser. He released the padlocks on her heels, and smiled when he heard her soft thanks. He stood, and walked to the door. Turning to face her he said, "Clean up and get some rest. We'll talk tomorrow."

She was too tired to argue. The events of the entire day overwhelmed her. She merely nodded, and watched him leave. She heard the sound of a key turning in the lock, and knew she was still a prisoner. She got up and walked to the bathroom.

When she was clean, she crawled straight into bed. She knew from her earlier search for clothing that she would be sleeping naked while she stayed there.

Exhaustion claimed her, and she drifted off into sleep. Her last coherent thought was to wonder what tomorrow would bring.

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