The phone must have rang about five times till my wife Kathy finally picked it up. I was busy finishing up the painting of the spare room and really couldn’t hear who she was talking too. I climbed back down the ladder when she came into the room.

“I think I rented out the room” she said all smiles.

“That’s great.” I smiled back as I put the paint brush down.

We had been trying to rent out the room all summer and were getting a little worried since the start of school was fast approaching. We always have rented it out to the collage students, but for some reason this year we just didn’t get the calls like before.

“Who did you get to rent it and when do they move in?”

“His name is Trevor and he said he will be by this weekend.” She said looking at me for some sort of reaction.

We had always agreed to rent it to just girls. Not that I have any problem with guys renting it, it’s just that I always figured girls would maybe have a better respect for our house than guys.

I looked at Kathy.” You think it’s ok to rent it to him? What’s he like? Does he have any references?

“What can we do Brad? We need to rent the room out and he’s our last chance”

I knew she was right. I hadn’t been working for the last year since the company I worked for had their major cutbacks. Kathy had a good job with no chance of layoffs. I basically just took care of the house duties. I stilled hope for one day to get back to work, but till then the little extra money we brought in from renting the room helped.

“I guess it will be alright.” I said smugly folding up the ladder and cleaning up a bit.

“Brad, don’t sulk around, I’m sure it’s going to be just fine. He sounds like a respectable young man. He’s going to collage on a football scholarship and has good grades.

I thought to myself, how bad could it really be having a guy in here. I never really talked with the students that much anyways and they were always busy doing their own thing.

The next few weeks I spent my time getting things ready, not only for the fall season but for Trevor coming at the end of the month. He had phoned Kathy during that time and asked if we had any space for his weight lifting equipment. Kathy being the way she is, assured him we had plenty of room in the basement. This of course just made me have to clean up there as well. I never had to do so much just to accommodate one person. I was starting to dislike him without even knowing him.

It was a mid day when Trevor showed up at the house. I was watching T.V. when Kathy called up to me to come greet him. I grungly got up from the couch and made my way up the stairs from the basement. That was the first time I saw him. He was huge and black. Trevor stood at least 6.2 and was solid muscle. As I walked towards him to shake his hand I couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated by his size since I stand only 5.7 and not really that great of shape. Not that I’m fat or anything just that I never could bulk myself up like most guys. I was often teased while I was growing up about my slight appearance. Kathy on the other hand was beautiful for a 34 year old. She had always kept herself in great shape. I myself am 28 years old.

Kathy spoke first as we all stood at the front of the door.

“Trevor, this is my husband Brad, and I’m Kathy. Did you have any problem finding the place?”

“No, not at all.” Trevor said as he reached out and shook Kathy’s hand then mine.

I could have sworn he squeezed my hand a little stronger than most handshakes. I looked up at him and with a slight smile acted as if I never even noticed.

“If you could show me my room, I will take my things there and start unpacking” Trevor said almost acting as coy with his size.

Kathy straight away volunteered my services to help him take the things from his car to his room.

“Brad, help Trevor get settled, I have a few errands to do today so I won’t be back for a few hours. You guys get yourself acquainted and I will be back later.”

She turned and walked towards our bedroom and I followed right behind.

“You never told me he was black Kathy, I mean...”I was trying to find some excuse to have her dislike him. I wanted her to change her mind about renting to him even though I knew deep down it was too late.

Kathy looked at me and whispered loudly and firmly.” Don’t you ruin this Bradley. He’s a good kid, it doesn’t matter what color he is and he’s here to stay the school year so you better just get use to it.”

How I hated when she called me Bradley. And she knew it too, made me feel like a little kid being scolded. I was all set to say something but she cut me off.

“Now get out there and help him unpack and be nice to him or else” Kathy said as she picked up her keys and walked out of the bedroom and towards the front door.

Following Kathy, Trevor was outside taking his things out of his car. I walked with Kathy to her car and held her door for her as she got in. Loudly so that Trevor could hear, I leaned down to Kathy and told her to drive safe and went for a good-bye kiss. She just turned her head and started to back her car out of the driveway. I stood up and waved bye to Kathy knowing she wasn’t even paying me any attention. I noticed that Trevor seen the same thing.

As I walked towards Trevor, he was all smiles.

“Guess she was in a hurry”

“Yea I guess.”

What else could I say? I felt almost ashamed that he witness that as I reached out and took a suitcase from his trunk.

“Well, don’t worry about it; most women are domineering towards small men.” He smiled again.

Did he just make a cut at me? What was that I just heard? Who did he think he was I thought as I lugged his suitcase up to his room.

“Just put the suitcase down near the bed” he said as he opened his drawers to put his things away.” There’s some bags in the backseat, just bring them up here and I think that will be it for a while.”

“Yea, ok, I said without any enthusiasm

Why the hell am I getting his things for him? I’m sure Kathy didn’t want me to do all of this for him or did she? I mean, I hope he wasn’t getting the wrong impression with me since he witness the little scene I had with Kathy. I am still the man of the house. I was getting myself pissed off as I grabbed the bags from the back seat and hulled them up to his room.

“Just put them over there Bradley” Trevor said as he held his hand over the receiver of the phone.” You can go about your business; I will call you if I need anything else.” He went back to talking to whoever it was on the phone.

I just looked at him. I sure he could see the hate in my eyes. I dropped his bags on the floor and walked out of his room I was so mad. I knew the minute I seen him I didn’t like him. What a self center piece of shit he is.

“Oh Bradley” Trevor called to me in a sarcastically voice.

I stopped and turned back to him.” What is it Trevor? And you can call me Brad”

“Could you please shut my door Bradley?

I took the few steps back to his room and grabbed the door knob and shut his door fuming mad.

How dare he call me Bradley right after I asked him not too. God I hated this stupid jock.

Walking back to the basement I started to watch T.V again. I could hear him upstairs in his room unpacking.

It was a few hours later that I woke up to find Kathy standing in front of me with her hands on her hips.

“And so, when do you think you’re going to get supper ready? I told you many times before, when we get guests in our house we must keep on a regular time schedule for supper.”

I scrabbled in an upright position on the couch, looking up at her.

“I’m sorry Kathy, I must have forgotten completely about it”

I remembered when we talked about the chores that would have to be done on a steady basis. Seeing that I wasn’t working it was only reasonable that I kept the house in shape and do the cooking and cleaning. I didn’t really mind it; I had a system where I could have the house done in a couple hours giving me most of the day to myself. And cooking was fun and simple as well.

I quickly stood up and brushed by her to get dinner ready. I’ll have something whipped up in no time I told her.

“Let’s not have this happen again Bradley” she warned.

As I sped off to the kitchen, all I could think of is Trevor listening to Kathy scolding me through the paper thin walls and ceilings of the house.

A half hour later I had a nice stir fry ready. It wasn’t the best but considering the time I had, it did look pretty good though. I had set the table and was about to call out to everyone that dinner was ready when Trevor walked into the kitchen.

“So she cooks too.”

“What did you say Trevor?” I asked almost daring him to say it again.

“I said, so he cooks too” He smiled.

I knew he was lying but I still worked up a smile.

“Yes I cook as well.”

“Smells great, when is it going to be ready?”

Finally, something came out of his mouth that wasn’t insulting. Was it just me? Is it just the fact that I just didn’t want him living here that made me think he is saying all of those things? Maybe….

“Take a seat Trevor. It’s all done, I’ll bring you out your plate and could you call for Kathy that dinner is ready?”

“Not a problem Brad.” Trevor said as he walked out of the kitchen.

It took me a few minutes to get everything ready before I brought it out to the dining room. Holding Trevor’s dinner in one hand and Kathy’s in the other. My mouth dropped open. Trevor was sitting in my seat. The one at the end of the table. Kathy was just sitting there chatting it up with him. I could tell she was a little smitten with him. It showed.

“Um…Trevor, that’s my seat, yours is over here.” I said as I placed his plate down at the empty spot.

They both looked up at me at the same time.

“What’s the difference “Trevor innocently asked?

“Well it’s because…” my voice trailed off. I couldn’t think of a reason besides the fact that I always sat there. But is that a real reason?

I felt a little ashamed for saying anything now. Kathy just looked at me like I was some sort of a fool.

“Your right Trevor, no problem .I’ll just sit over here. I picked up his dish again and place it in front of him. I walked back to the kitchen and came back out with my dinner.

“Is everything ok?” I asked as I sat down.

They were both talking away and I doubt they even noticed me coming back in the room.

Sitting there eating away I felt so alienated in there conversation. Every so often I would say something and they would both look as if what I had to say wasn’t worthy of a response. Didn’t’ count at all.

I was finished first, probably because I wasn’t that hungry. I lost my appetite listening to those two. Kathy was acting like a school girl around Trevor and he was just taking it all in. That bastard. I picked up my plate and took it in the kitchen.

I came back in the room.

“Before you sit down Brad. Could you please take our plates away and bring us a coffee?” Kathy asked nicely.

That was it. I walked around the table and picked up the dishes and took them into the kitchen, softly slamming them down.

I came back out and as I stormed pass them I told them to get the coffee themselves and went to my bedroom and slammed the door shut. I could hear Kathy being all apologetic to Trevor. Telling him how I haven’t been feeling well for the last few days.

I was just sitting on the edge of the bed when Kathy came in. She gave me a look that made me chagrined.

“What was that all about Bradley? You have made Trevor feel very uncomfortable and unwelcome here. I want you to go and apologize to him right now. He hasn’t done anything wrong. It’s just you with your little childish attitude.”

I looked innocently up at Kathy. I wanted to say something, anything but I couldn’t. I held my head low as I stood up and went to Trevor’s room.

I knocked on his door lightly.

“Trevor may I come in? I need to say something to you.”

There was no answer. I knocked again, this time a little louder.

“Trevor? may I come in for a moment?

“Come in Bradley” Trevor said sounding a little out of breath.

Opening the door, I peeked in a little first, before I completely opened the door. Trevor was standing with his shirt off and in his boxer briefs doing some arm exercises with his weights. His body glistened by his sweat as I sheepishly shut the door.

“What do you want to talk about Bradley?” Trevor said not missing a beat with his weights.

Looking up at him exercising I couldn’t help but notice the body on this man. He was so perfect in everyway. My eyes traveled up and down his body even though I tried not too. The outline of his cock was huge.

“Like what you see Bradley?”

My mouth went dry. I tried to say something but couldn’t.

“So what is it you want to talk about Bradley?

He was smiling a devilish look. He knew I was locked in somewhat of a trance with him standing there.

“I ...I...just want to……”

He cut me off.” Grab me that towel and bring it over for me will you Bradley?”

I reached over and picked up the towel that was lying over the back of the chair and brought it over to him. He had me stand there for a minute waiting for him to finish before he sat his weights down and took the towel from me.

“So what is it Bradley? What is it you want to talk about?” Trevor said as he wiped the sweat from his body.

“I just want to tell you that I am sorry for the way I have treated you here today”. My eyes couldn’t help but wander over Trevor’s bulge.” “It is really out of character for me to treat anyone that way. I should have not taken it out on you and I hope you forget about it.” I said choking on my words.

Trevor walked up close to me. His body odor was so masculine. It was intoxicating to me.

“Ok Bradley, between you and me, I will forget what happened today and tomorrow we will start anew”.

I broke a slight smile and said thanks as I turned to leave his room.

“By the way Bradley, the dinner was great.”

I stopped and turned and told him thanks. Walking away I really started to think that Trevor was maybe an alright type of guy.

Making my way to the bedroom, Kathy was getting ready for bed.

“Did you apologize to Trevor, Bradley?” Kathy said as she pulled back the covers of the bed.

“Yes I did Kathy.” I told her right back, annoyed with the fact she called me Bradley again. She knew I hated that, made me feel so adolescent.

She just crawled into the bed and turned her light off. I walked to my side of the bed and slid in. I reached over to touch her but she pulled away.

“Kathy, don’t be that way.” I said softly.

Silence is what eventually put me asleep. I couldn’t believe she was giving me the silent treatment. In all of our six years of marriage, I never felt the tension between us like it had been for the last few weeks.

Few weeks has passed since I apologize to Trevor for being rude to him. Kathy has been fairly busy at work so she’s been pretty stress out. I have told her to slow down and maybe take a few days off but she just snaps at me and tells me to mind my own business. It was getting to a point where I just didn’t want to say anything for fear of getting yelled at.

It was late afternoon that I was carrying a load of towels to the linen closet down the hall outside the bathroom. I could hear Trevor having a shower. As I put the towels in the closet, Trevor shut the water off. He must have heard me shutting the door of the closet.

“Brad is that you? He called out.

“Yea Trevor, just putting some towels away.”

“Would you mind bringing me a fresh one in Brad?”

“Sure” I said.

Trevor and I had been avoiding each other since that day. I figured this was a good way of us breaking the ice and maybe help relieve some of the tension in the house. I opened the bathroom door and walked in. Trevor was still behind the shower curtains so I just put the bath towel on the vanity.

Just then he pulled open the curtain. He was smiling at me in all his glory. I just froze looking at him. He was holding the curtain rod with both hands and leaning out a bit. It was like he was posing for me. I instantly blushed as I turned my eyes away.

“Don’t be that way Brad” he said softly.

I turned back and looked at him. He could easily see that I was uneasy with the situation. I never ever had any interest in men.

“Take a look Brad; see what a real man should look like.”

My eyes trailed slowly away from his, as I marveled at the perfection of this young black jock. I hesitantly focused at his cock which dangled beautifully between his legs.

“Go ahead and touch it Bradley. You know you want too” Trevor said teasingly and somewhat commanding.

My steps towards him were in slow motion, till I was right in front of him. My hand slowly reached out towards his cock.

“That’s it Bradley, touch my cock, slide your fingers along its length, tell me what you think.

It was like I was hypnotized the way fingers touched his cock. It felt so strange to be touching a man’s cock. My stomach was doing summersaults as I looked up at Trevor.

“Lift up my cock in your hands Bradley, feel the weight.”

I did as he told me too. I held his cock in my palm and lifted up on it. I felt it move in my hand, it was getting harder. I automatically started to softly rub my palm against the underside of his cock.

His eyes were locked onto mine.

“So what do you think Bradley?” Trevor said casually.

I took my eyes off of his and pulled my hand away.

“I…I…sorry,, I mean,,, I…I…

“Don’t worry Bradley, this will be our little secret, I won’t tell anyone, let alone Kathy that you were playing with my cock. I know you probably just wanted to compare it to yours. You always wanted to know the size of my cock didn’t you Bradley? Probably makes your cock look tiny compared to mine.”

I backed out of the bathroom; I didn’t know what to say. I heard Trevor laughing as I ran down the hall to my bedroom. I headed right in our en suite bathroom and started to wash my hands. I looked up in the mirror at myself. I was white as a ghost as I couldn’t believe what I just did. I just held another mans cock. I was sick in my stomach.

I couldn’t even remember getting dinner ready. My mind was in a complete fog as I carried the dinner into the dining room.

I had become accustomed to the fact that Trevor now sat at the head of the table. I didn’t even care anymore as I sat down at my place.

Kathy and Trevor where again deep in conversation about everything and anything. I was just sitting there stirring at my food on my plate. All I could think about was Trevor’s cock.

“So what’s new with you Brad?” Kathy asked being more polite than really caring.

I was sort of startled by the question. I looked over at Trevor who was looking at me, and then I looked at Kathy.

“Um, nothing much, just the same old thing.” I didn’t sound convincing.

“You seem distant Bradley, are you sure nothing happened today? I mean did you find any new ways of cooking or doing the laundry? You would think you would have lots to talk about.”

She was laughing as she continued to mock me.

“The way your butt is getting, I would think that maybe your sitting watching soaps all day.”

I felt so low at the table sitting there. Trevor just sat there looking at me. I know I was getting a little out of shape but my ass was definitely not getting big, well not that much anyways.

Trevor finally spoke up.” Speaking of laundry, I was thinking, if it wasn’t too much trouble would you mind if Brad could do my dirty clothes once a week? I would pay extra every month.”

Why was he asking Kathy? I guess maybe he thought he would run it through her first, since she did manage the money and the renting of the place. But I still felt or at least wanted to have some say in the household matters.

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