Trevor Ch. 02


“Yes Trevor” Kathy replied.

I rose from my bed and went to clean up. Trevor’s cum was still wet against my cheek as I leaned down at the sink to rinse it off. I tried my best not to ruin my make-up. I didn’t know what I was going to do with the cum in my hair but I was hoping that maybe I could just comb it through lightly. I just loved my new hair, I couldn’t bare to wash it now.

It was about an hour by time I finished. I couldn’t believe how much time I spent fixing myself up. I just wanted to look so pretty for Trevor tonight. I wanted to make this a special time for both of us even if he didn’t understand why. I had gotten out a nice soft blue teddy from the drawer. It was Kathy’s favorite when we use to cuddle. She always looked so sexy in it, especially with her matching thigh high stockings. I was sure Trevor would love this. I just knew it.

The TV. was on when I waked into the room. Trevor was sitting on the sofa.

“Hi Trevor” I sexily said.” You want some company?”

His eyes left the TV. screen and smiled at me.

“So you want some more do you”

He could see I was hurt the way he talked with me. Why did he say that? I just want him to tell me how pretty I was. This was for him, I was his girl and I wanted him to be proud of me. I didn’t do this for more of his cock. Is that what he thinks of me? That I am only using him for his cock? No wonder he treats me this way. It’s all my fault, I lead him on...

“Why are you crying?” Trevor asked softly to me as he pats the cushion next to him.

“Nothing Trevor” I quietly said standing there.

“Come on baby, tell me what’s wrong. I really want to know?

“You do? You really want to know Trevor?” I said walking slowly to him.

He really does care I thought to myself as I sat next to him. He lifted my stocking legs up on his lap and massaged my feet gently, caringly.

“So tell me what’s wrong sweetheart”

“I don’t know Trevor” I said as I pouted a little.

“Come on Nancy, tell me” He said as he tickled the bottom of my foot, making me giggle just a little.” That’s better; give me a little smile Nancy”

I couldn’t help but smile at him. I mean something about his smile and the way he looked at me made me feel warm inside. There was defiantly something special about us.

“I just been so emotional lately Trevor. I look at things a little differently than I did before. I find myself sometimes getting confused and hurt easily. I misread people intentions. I just don’t know anymore” I rambled.

Trevor reached over and wiped a dry tear from my cheek with his finger. I took his hand in mine and kiss it.

“You my girl?” Trevor asked.

Again those dam tears started to flow. I was so embarrassed that he had such an effect on me. There was just something about this man that I loved.

“Yes Trevor, I am your girl, I want to be the very best girl you ever had.” I sobbed.

I pulled my legs off of his lap and turned around and laid across his legs facing up at him. Trevor leaned over and kissed me. I put my arm around his neck as we kissed.

“Your feeling better I see “Trevor said as he smiled down at me after our few kisses.

I could only smile as I looked up at him. I did feel better, somehow I always felt better in Trevor’s arms.

Trevor gently stroked my cheek with his hand then let it travel to the little bow that tied my baby doll together. He gently pulled on it and opened it. His hand gently rubbed my tummy and slowly moved it up to my chest. His fingers softly, touching my nipple.

“So how did it go with Dr. Martin, Nancy?” Trevor asked.”Evrything go alright?”

“She was very nice Trevor. I have to go back and see her in two weeks.” I said watching my nipple get harder.”Um,,,what where those papers I was signing Trevor?

“Don’t worry about those papers Nancy. I read them and it’s exactly what you said you wanted. I would never let you do something that you didn’t want Nancy.”

Trevor was right, I trusted him. He would never hurt me. I know he cares too much for me.

His fingers started to roll my nipple. I was trying hard to concentrate on our little chat but he could see that I was getting hot.

“That feel good Nancy?” Trevor smiled.

I just nodded. It was somewhat embarrassing to have him come right out and ask me that. But the truth was I loved him playing with my nipples.

“Trevor?” I said shyly.

“Yes Nancy?” Trevor said giving me another kiss.

“Do we have to keep punishing Ugly? I mean, I think she has been punished enough. I felt so badly for her all day. Won’t you let her have just one more chance Trevor?”

Trevor’s smile went away for a moment. Then reappeared.

“Is that what you want baby?”

“Oh yes Trevor, can you just please?” I asked hopefully.

“I’ll do it on condition that you do something for me Nancy.”

“Anything Trevor. You know I would do anything for you.”

“I need to borrow some money. Can you do that for me Nancy?” Trevor said as he gently started to rub his hand up and down my side.

I was startled... I wasn’t expecting him to ask for money. My mind scrambled to see how much money I even had in our account. I knew Kathy and I had a little savings but that was just our little nest egg, in case of emergencies. Could be no more than five thousand. I completely was stunned.

“If you don’t think you can,,,I could always…..”

“I’ll have to ask Kathy. I’m not sure how much we have in the account but I’m sure we could lend you some Trevor.” I blurted out.

“Kathy can’t know about this Nancy. This is going to have to be our own little secret. Do you think you can help me or not?”

His hand slide down to my panties and he gently moved his finger along the inside seam of my panty line, sticking his finger in and lightly caressing my little cock.

“Yes Trevor,,,I think I can get you some money.” I moaned.

“You’re such a good girl Nancy. I knew I could count on you.”

I just smiled up at him, but deep inside I wasn’t sure how I was going to get the money without Kathy finding out. I guess I will just take it out and hope Trevor pays it back before she finds out.

“Are you ready Nancy?” Trevor asked as his finger dipped down and pushed against my ass lightly.

I didn’t say anything as he motion for me to sit up. I was again leaning against him on the couch as he gently kissed me while his hand slipped back in my panties and started to finger me. My legs fell apart as my tongue darted inside of his mouth. I wanted him so badly. I needed him.

“Take my pants off Nancy” he whispered against my lips.

I slid off of the couch and undid his belt buckle and slowly unzipped his pants. I could feel his growing bulge swell under my touch as I spread apart his pants and pulled them down. I couldn’t help but moan as I palmed his cock through his briefs. I gently pulled his briefs down as his beautiful cock sprang free.

“I think he likes you Nancy” Trevor joked, making his cock move.

Blushing, I took his cock in my hand and let my fingers glide along the length.

“Get up and take your panties off Nancy.”

Letting go of his cock I stood up and slipped off my panties. I tried to look as sexy as I could as I neatly laid them on his chest. making sure my leg pressed against his cock. I was becoming such a tease that way. I just knew what would drive him wild. I leaned over and kissed him again as he held my waist.

“My sexy little girl. And I just love what you did with those eyes of yours. The little pink tips on your eyelashes make you look so sweet and innocent. So young looking.”

I cup his face with my hands and kissed him. It felt so nice to have him finally complement me. I wanted him so much to desire me.

“Turn around baby.” Trevor said as he directed me with his big hands.

My back was facing him as he gently pulled me to his cock. I reached down and position it with my hand.

“That’s it baby, take it nice and slow.” Trevor hissed.

Bending a little at the knees, his cock pressed against my man pussy. Moving my hips a little I felt the tip of his cock enter me. Trevor was still tightly holding my waist as I felt him lift me a little then pull me down onto him. His cock sliding effortlessly into me.

“Oh Nancy.” He growled.” You’re so tight.”

I gasped for air being impaled on his huge cock. I was afraid to even move as I looked down between my legs looking at his balls tight against mine.

Trevor moved his hips a little, grinding his cock deep inside me. I could only moan as I reached my hand to his balls and gently rubbed them.

“I’m so proud of you today Nancy” Trevor said bouncing his body a little on the sofa’s cushions.

His cock pulsed deep inside me as I started to move my hips against him.

“That’s it Nancy, work the beautiful ass of yours. Milk my cock dry slut.” Trevor said as he gave my ass a slap.

I started to wiggle my ass a little more. I leaned forward and put my hands on his thighs and started to grind my ass down hard, rotating my hips.

Trevor pushed up, his cock inching deeper inside me. I moaned loudly.

“Think your going to get fucked your way slut?” Trevor said through clenched teeth.

What was wrong now I thought? That wasn’t making any sense. He was just so loving to me a second ago. I tried to lean back against him but he just pushed me back to my hands on his thighs. He held my waist tightly in his hands and was constantly jabbing his cock into me.

“How you like that NANCY” Trevor said sarcastically. “You think I was going to let you pace this fucking of yours? I’m in charge slut. You have a problem with that?”

He jabbed his cock rapidly in me waiting for an answer.

“No Trevor, your in charge” I huffed.

“That’s right Nancy; I am in charge aren’t I? Trevor said as he started to slap my ass with his hand. I jumped every time he spanked me, yelping silently.

He thrust up in my ass a few more times before he pulled me back against his chest. He moved his legs between my and spread me wide apart. His hands went to my nipples as he started to rub and pull on them. I was so trapped, I couldn’t move at all.

“Look at the pathetic little thing you call a cock. It still no wonder why your wife came looking for me Nancy.” Trevor snarled pitching my nipples hard.

“Please Trevor “I managed to say.” Be nice to me.”

“Be nice?? You want me to be nice Nancy?? Ok I’ll tell you what, Play with that little cock of yours. Maybe I’ll let you cum. How’s that for being nice?” Trevor sifted through his teeth.

I reached down and took my cock in my hand and started to stroke it. I rubbed the head a few times to get it wet then started to stroke it again.

“That’s it baby, lean right back and enjoy.”

His fingers went back to my nipples and now gently massaged them. They responded to his touch. I felt a sensual burning around my nipples; they seemed to have puffed out a little. I pushed my chest towards his fingers. I wanted more; something felt deliciously good having them played with.

I was now stroking my cock with both hands. Once in a while I would dip down and play with Trevor’s balls. His cock was still buried deep in me as I moved my hips softly.

“Oh Nancy, I just can’t wait till you get some beautiful tits for me. What do you think Nancy?? Don’t you just want boobs of your own?”

Trevor was now kneading my tits. I shut my eyes for just a minute to imagine it. I whispered yes under my breath.

“How’s my cock feel stuffed up your ass Nancy?? You just love having my big black cock stuffed way up your ass don’t you Nancy?”

Trevor kept jerking his hips a little as he again started to pinch my nipples. I was moaning constantly as he kept whispering in my ear, telling me how much I wanted it, how much I loved it, reassuring me that my ass was made for cocks.

I was stroking my cock faster, I wanted so badly to cum but I just couldn’t get there. I needed him to fuck me; I wanted him to fuck me so hard and fast. Moving my hips more, I tried to get him to start to move his cock. I was secretly trying to get him to fuck me.

“Easy girl, you’re trying to take control again.” Trevor said as he pulled my nipples hard, twisting them in his fingers.” Just relax and savor my cock, you deserve this Nancy.”

I ground down just one last time and settle back. His hand went around me and down to my cock. He roughly grabbed it and wiggled it in the air.

“What’s the matter Nancy?,,,can’t make it cum anymore? Always knew that your cock was useless,,so did your wife. That’s why she came to me,”

“Please Trevor,,,please make me cum.” I mumble.

“ Ahhhhh,,poor baby wants to cum?” He teased.

We both heard the front door open. It was Kathy coming home from her job cleaning the offices. I tried to scramble up off of Trevor, but he just opened his legs farther apart which spread mine. My stocking feet were dangling off the ground, exposing Trevor’s cock buried deep in me. His hand was still on my cock rubbing it gently, his other hand held me at the waist.

“Hey Ugly,,, we’re in here.” Trevor yelled.” I have something to talk to you about.”

Kathy came walking in. She looked so tired from work as she put her purse down on the end table. She hadn’t even looked up at us yet.

“Yes, what is it Trevor?” Kathy said sounding worn out and dejected.

“Look what I have here Ugly?” Trevor said laughingly as he opened and closed his legs. He had let go of my cock before she had looked. Now my cock was standing straight out hard.” See how excited your husband gets when I have my cock in him?”

With that he put his hand back down and flicked my cock with his finger. Kathy just stood there looking at me. I was blushing so much as Trevor kept opening and closing my legs.

“Nancy said I should give you another chance. That I was too rough on you. Do you think I should Ugly? “Trevor said as his hand went back to my nipple and flicks it.

“I don’t know Trevor. I just don’t know anything anymore.” Kathy said as she hung her head down.

“Look up at us Ugly. You know you aren’t as pretty as Nancy here don’t you?”

“Yes Trevor,,, I know that now.” Kathy said, her eyes never looking at me.

“And did you sign those papers I told you to sign?”

“Yes Trevor, I did, but all those figures are wrong. The pages are full of mistakes. You can’t hand them in like that.”

“Oh I’m not going to hand them in Ugly, you are, tomorrow, when you do your offices duties,,,your going to slide them on your bosses desk.”

I was motionless as I just lay back against Trevor’s chest, impaled on his cock. I couldn’t help to moan with every breath.

“But there all wrong, I would never had made that many mistakes. Please don’t make me do that Trevor” Kathy pleaded, tears came to her eyes.

“Oh I have that all figured out Ugly, I will explain that you’re going through some rough times at home. Then I will take the papers and correct them. I’m sure they will appreciate your assistant doing that. What do you think Ugly? Don’t you just think it’s a great plan?”

Kathy just hung her head down. “Yes Trevor, that’s a great plan.”

Trevor jerked his hips as I moaned,

“See that Ugly? Poor girl is just dying to cum.She just loves having my cock deep inside her. Just as much as you do when my cock is stretching that pussy of yours... Watch this; I can make her cum when I want. Ready Nancy?? “Trevor said mocking the both of us.

His body jerked a few times as he took my hand and place it on my cock.

“Hold onto it Nancy,,,your going to cum soon.”

Trevor started to rotate his hips. His cock was moving up and down and around inside of me. I shut my eyes as I felt his cock pulse a few times. He whispered in my ear.” Here I cum Nancy”

I could feel his cum shoot inside of me. I tried to sit up but Trevor just held me back down as he emptied himself into me. My cock was drooling all over my hand. I just couldn’t believe I was going to cum just by feeling Trevor’s cum shooting in me. I rubbed my cock a few times and came all over my hand. I looked at Kathy with half closed eyes. She was looking down at my cock.

Trevor didn’t seem to stop cumming. He just held onto me as I felt him cum and cum deep inside of me. He spread my legs wide apart again.

“Look Ugly. Look at your husband now!”

Kathy looked up at me then looked back down at Trevor’s cock that was still inside me. I could feel his cum dripping out of me as I continue to play with my cock which already was starting to go soft.

“My god Bradley!!!! He's peeing inside of you!!! Kathy screams as she held her hands to her mouth.

I tried to wiggle up from Trevor’s lap. He just roughly pulled me down.

“Now, what kind of a husband would cum having a guy piss in his ass? Can you answer that to me Kathy?” Trevor said holding me tight.

“I didn’t know he was doing that Kathy!!” I said as I again tried to squirm out of Trevor’s lap.

Kathy just ran out of the room crying. I felt Trevor’s legs and arms relax, letting me get up. I had streams of his pee dripping down from my ass all over my stockings.

“Why did you do that to me Trevor?” I sobbed.

“What Nancy? You wanted to cum didn’t you? You wanted to give Kathy another chance didn’t you? All things come with a price. I think Kathy took it rather well, don’t you think?? “Trevor chuckled.

I just couldn’t believe he could have been so cruel to me. Why would he have done such a thing to me? I just hurried out of the room. I had to say something to Kathy. I just have too.

“And Nancy,,don’t forget to get me that money tomorrow. I’ll see you later in bed sweetheart” He laughed under his breath.

I ran to my bedroom crying, ripping my teddy and stockings off as I made my way to the shower. Standing under the water I scrubbed every inch of my body. I felt so used and humiliated as his pee continues to drip from my ass. I just can’t imagine what Kathy is thinking right now.

I threw on a silk komono of Kathy’s and went to see her in Trevor’s room. I walked right by the living room, not even looking in for fear of Trevor laughing at me, saying something to hurt me again.

“Kathy? May I come in? I need to talk with you, please let me in.” I said urgently holding the door knob.

There wasn’t an answer so I slowly turned the doorknob and opened the door. “Kathy? You awake?”

I boldly opened the door all the way now. She wasn’t here. Where could she be?

I started to panic. I wonder if she left me. I have to find her as I scurried out of her room and went to the living room. I was going to ask Trevor if he seen her.

The TV was still on as I looked in the room. Trevor was gone as well. I stood for a second thinking. Where did they go? They must have snuck out when I was in the shower. The car! Check the car I said as my mind swirled.

I ran down the hall to the back door that leads to the garage. I opened it quickly then froze in my tracks. Trevor had Kathy bent over the hood of her car and fucking her hard. Kathy’s hands where splayed out on the hood as Trevor was ramming her hard. Her groans echoed through out the garage.

I guess my gasp made Trevor turn and look at me. He had that smile of his that I loved so much but now despised. Kathy turned her head and looked at me as well. Her eyes glazed over with lust. Something that I never seen when she was with me.

“That was a great idea of yours Nancy, giving Kathy another chance.” Trevor said as he reached down and pulled on Kathy’s hair making her head tilt way back and groan. He started to fuck her harder, pulling tighter on her hair.

I wanted to say so much but nothing came out of my mouth. My feet felt like they were cemented to the floor. How could Trevor keep hurting me like this? I was his girl, he told me I was. He was going to make me his forever. I was willing to do anything for him. I felt so broken.

“Leave us alone Nancy.” Trevor said between his breaths.” Kathy’s sure is one hot fuck right now.”

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