Trial 1717


I could feel his body tense up between my thighs and hands. He grabbed onto the lower slope of my ass, with both hands, sinking his fingers into my flesh.

I grunted and moaned with him, "God."

His shaft twitched in my hands, and I could feel his cum passing within. Preparing for it, I forced my mouth onto him as hard as I could. To my delightful, almost orgasmic, surprise his fluids came out in force, hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed desperately taking as much of his spunk as I could into my body, but it was too much. It came spilling out of my mouth, around his cock head, running down his shaft and onto my hands. I couldn't stop though, I just kept pumping and stroking, using his spunk for lube. It felt great between my fingers, slick and moist. It could only feel better in my mouth.

Swallowing as much as I could I just couldn't keep up, it was too much. I had to pull off for air and took a thick, glorious rope of creamy white heaven in my face. A few of them landed on my tits and ran down my stomach and over my mound, onto his chin. He was still cumming and I was getting closer. Once his orgasm slowed down enough, he was able to start at my clit again.

Using the right amount of pressure on my clit, I was suddenly ready. I wrapped my mouth around him once again sucking and licking as much of him as I could. The fire burned within me, my lotus patch swollen with feeling. A bomb went off in my head sending a wave of pleasure down my spine till another bomb exploded in my depths, sending a load of my sweet nectar gushing out of me, splashing off Cams face. It turned me on even more when I could feel his tongue going to work, lapping up my juices, drinking me down. My whole body spasmed, causing me to arch my back, pushing his cock further into my mouth, breaching the window at the back of my throat, partially entering deeper inside me. My ass clenched and I squirted another round into his face. He kept at my clit with his tongue, prolonging the effects of my orgasm, making it last longer. It didn't stop, and I didn't want it to.

I started working his shaft again, that was still flowing with cum. Still trying to swallow as much as I could, the excess poured out of my mouth, my tongue sticking out as far as I could get it. "I can't believe I've never experienced this before," I thought, "This is amazing."

His fluids were slowing down again so I pulled off his shaft but it just kept coming. It wasn't as forceful, but his ropes of cum kept pumping out of him, falling on my tits and some onto his chest. Running my hands up and down his length, I continued milking every drop out of him, kissing and licking his tip. I've never seen him perform any of the trials in the experiments, but if they always took place like this, I no longer felt bad for the subjects. I just wish they were awake to enjoy the experience.

When the pleasure stopped, I turned around and lay on top of him, pressing my tits to his chest. They slid about like a greased pig from all the cum between us. I ran my hand across his chest gathering up some of his juices taking it in my mouth.

I slid of his chest and we laid next to each other as he kissed me. I slowly stroked his cock and a gentle stream of precum began flow from his tip. That was amazing, but I wanted more. Thoughts ran through my mind and I soon found myself wanting him to release the darkness inside.

As though I said it out loud, Cam leaned forward has he kissed me, forcing me flat on my back. Using just his fingertips, he ran his hand down my neck, between my tits and down my stomach. His hand kept going till he gently cupped my mound, letting this fingers rest on my slit. He kissed me a moment longer, and then took his hand away, leaving me in anticipation. Something inside me began stirring, causing my body to prepare for insertion; my sweet nectar flowing out of me and onto my thighs.

But before I knew it, he replaced his hand, this time with a little force -- Slap -- Right on my cunt. A wave of pain and pleasure raced through my body, splashing my fluids up and onto my tummy. He pulled away from my lips slightly to gauge my reaction but I needed more. I perched my lips and pushed my head forward into him as fast as I could, our lips connecting. He lifted his hand once more, and -- Slap -- This time a little harder, sending more of me in all directions. I moaned into his mouth reaching a hand around to pull him in closer till my tits pressed hard into his chest. He struck my most private place again, then again, causing me to let out a quiet scream, muffled by his lips. Delightfully, he brought me to the edge of orgasm.

He leaned his body part way onto mine, his length pressing into my hip. He kissed down my neck while he slapped me again, this time even harder, "Oh, fuck!" I called out. A rush a pure pleasure ran throughout my body. I felt his cock twitch and a load of precum shot out from his tip and pooled onto my stomach.

He made it to my tits and took one into his mouth, and then slapped me again. I screamed, "GOD, YES!" echoing through the halls of the ship. I actually wish the ship wasn't empty, I wanted people to hear, and I wanted them to know what was happening in my mind and body.

I brought a hand up to massage the breast that wasn't in his mouth and used the other to play with his hair. "God, I'm almost there," I breathed heavily, "Again."

He followed my order and this time when he slapped me, he kept his hand on me, sliding two then three fingers inside my cunt. Slowly fucking me with his three fingers, I began to roll my hips into his hand and arched my back. My nervous system was on overload and it didn't help that his cock was pouring precum all over me.

"FUCK YES!" I screamed, lifting my chin to the sky, as he clamped down on the nipple in his mouth. I gripped my other tit with my hand, squeezing as hard as I could to match what he was doing with his mouth. It only made things better.

Knowing exactly what to do next, Cam slapped me again and then continued finger fucking me as hard, fast and as aggressive as he could. The angle of his hand was perfect. Every time he forced his fingers inside me, the palm of his hand slammed into my clit.

Hard and faster, Cam forced himself inside me; my nectar gushing out, splashing as his hand hit my skin with each stroke. My nerves were on fire and brain was melting. My fluids were flowing and I was trying my best to hold things back. But it was too much. Fireworks exploded in my head and I shook with pleasure as my body clenched. The muscles inside me clamped down on his fingers. Like a hungry mouth pulling him in, hungry for more. Like a blind fury, his fingers were flying in and out of me.

My hips bucked and squirmed as I pushed up against him, but he didn't stop. He actually went faster. A bomb went off and finally exploded, covering his hand and arm in my nectar. With both hands I grabbed his back and head, forcing his face into my tit; his teeth digging into my flesh. The pain quickly turned to pleasure and I pushed harder on the back of his head.

He took the cue and bit down around my areola, "Oh God." I screamed as another orgasm hit. I exploded again; his hand still flying in and out of me, splashing myself up onto my body showering me in my own product.

He kept at it for a moment longer till my nerves started to calm. My muscles began to relax as my orgasm subsided. Cam slowed down, pulling his fingers out and focusing on gently rubbing my folds, covered in cum. He pulled his mouth off my tit, bringing his head up to mine. I glanced down to see the teeth marks; purple and many. God, that was good. Finally able to move my arms, I placed a hand on his cock, stroking his length; the precum still flowing.

Cam smirked, but said nothing as he leaned in. His lips were on mine, but not kissing. My mouth was open, my jaw shaking. I quivered as a wave of aftershock rode through me.

When we regained the ability to move, we turned onto our sides to face each other. His cock still hard and throbbing, lay between us. I reached my hands around his body, running my fingers up and down the length of his back. With his free hand, Cam reached down and gripped my ass, pulling me into him. My body pressed into cock, it felt so good as it flexed between our bodies. Not wanting to stop what I was doing with my hands, I lifted my leg up and wrapped it around his thigh pulling him close.

Without thinking, my hand naturally found its way south again and I slowly began stroking his shaft. All I wanted to do was continue this exploit, but didn't want to rush him.

We laid together like this for a while, kissing, playing, slapping, and stroking each other. I didn't want to ever leave this moment.

"Hey..." he said, with one hand on my cheek, "We haven't eaten since yesterday. What' ya say we grab something to eat, recharge, and then see where things lead after that?"

I was disappointed that we stopped so soon, but he was right. Plus, it didn't mean I couldn't strike a deal. "Okay, but when we're done, you have to do some of the sick shit you told me about earlier." I couldn't stop smiling at the thought of those nasty things.

Cam smiled back and brushed my hair behind my ear, "Well... I'm sure I can oblige."

He jumped out of bed screaming about something to do with the trials. I don't know; I wasn't really listening. All I could do was stare at that semi hard ham cannon swinging between his thighs. I know what we just finished doing in the sack, but God, I want to go another round right now.

"I can't believe I'm so stupid," he said, pulling his pants up; his cock disappearing as he they went, "We have to go."

I sat up, letting my tits fall on my chest, "Wait? What?" Not knowing what he was talking about. "I thought I told you a full month mister."

With his pants on and nothing else, he walked up to the bed with a smile slowly growing, "Look, you little monster (that's the pot calling the kettle black). I'm not saying we need to go back to the lab." He kissed me on the lips, "This vacation is not over, we just need to take a detour. But mark my words, this trip will continue."

I teased him for a few more minutes but then we got down to business. He explained everything, telling me that the trials were flawed and that the answer is in Trial 1717. He added that no matter how many subjects we had left, we would never see any positive results.

"So wait, the key is on earth?"

His eyes opened wide with excitement, "No silly... Earth is the key". He took a deep breath, "Our ancestors were idiots. The plastic they put in the ground not only caused the problem, but it's also the solution."

Like one big flash in my mind, it all came rushing to me, "Holy shit." I couldn't believe it; the answer has been right in front of us this whole time, "I'll unlock navigation."

Reluctantly, I rolled out of bed and located my clothes that had been under us the entire time, soaking up everything. I picked them up with two fingers then turned toward Cam, holding them straight out from my body.

He smiled, "man, we do good work huh?" He sighed, looking down at the mattress, "yeah... we might have to throw that bed out."

I giggled and let go with my fingers, dropping the clothes to the floor. They hit with a splat, "I'll just clean that up later."

I slowly walked past Cam, running a finger along his chest, "So, I guess I'll go get some clothes on," my fluids still running out of me and down my leg.

"The fewer the better," he said with a smile. "Good Lord, woman, I don't think you know what you're doing to me... wait? What am I saying? I hope you do know what you're doing." That made me smile.

We took a shower, with a side of cunnalingis, and then two hours made our way to the pilot house. I surprised him with the smallest green shorts money can buy and pink sports bra.

He was sitting at the helm and his jaw dropped as I walk through the door. "Holy shit." That's the response I wanted. He placed a hand on my ass and pulled me into his body, sending a shiver up my spine. I took a moment to kiss him then made the necessary corrections as we set course for earth.

The different parts of the ship started moving; clanking and whirring, the sound of the engines spooling up. We both sat in the pilot house, taking in the view of the gigantic red nebula once last time as the ship began to move. Turning to the direction we needed to be pointed, the view changed from beauty into nothingness.

The journey was to take just short of two days, lending plenty of time for another romp in the sack. But first, I needed to know more.

We spent thirteen hours on the shitty little metal bench welded to the wall. We talk about everything, from the first time we met, to the thing we just did a few hours ago, to the journey we just embarked upon. We changed locations, down to the lower observations deck, the only place with alcohol on board.

We poured ourselves a few rounds of the strongest hooch there was, and sat down in front of the giant window. He rubbed my feet while we talked about our game plan and what we were going to do when we arrived. It turns out that, given the movement of the population before the evacuation, there were only about three spots on the planet that life could have survived. Our theory was centered on that life. If we found it, it meant that Trial 1717 was flawed and will have no chance of success. It also meant that the last four test subjects would have just been wasted.

Our conversation trailed off with more important things on our minds. "So what we gonna do for the next thirty hours?" He asked rhetorically.

I smiled wide, and the reached a hand out to the only media device in the room, and scrolled through the list. "Charles Mingus", ah, there it is. I pressed play and let the classical sound fill the room.

I leaned up and grabbed his shirt, pulling myself close to him and planted one on his lips, "I'm sure we can think of something."

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