Opening Note: This is a combination of the previous 'Triangle' chapters plus the ending you have been waiting for. All characters are at least 18 years old. Copies of this story may not be made for distribution, be publishing or copied to another webpage without explicit permission from the author.


Carol Denning looked at the drama class booklet on the sink in front of her and then at her face in the steamy bathroom mirror. The slightly wrinkled face belonged to a forty-year old single mother of three who was about to take a drama class at a local production company. She had majored in Drama almost twenty-two years ago but when she discovered she was pregnant with her first child May she quickly dropped out. Since that time her whole life was devoted to being a good mother to her kids and a good wife to her husband Ben who had left her five years ago for a younger woman. She had been looking for a drama class for older adults but nothing had popped up until now.

"Mom. You're going to be late for your first class." Becky yelled from the bedroom. They had just finished dinner and she had agreed to do the dishes so her Mom could get ready.

"OK!" She yelled back. She quickly pulled on her new black lace bra and matching panties. The skirt and blouse did a good job hiding the dark underwear. She hurried down the stairs and grabbed her purse. "Wish me luck." She said as she kissed her daughter on her forehead.

"Break a leg Mom!" Her 18 year old teenage daughter Becky yelled as Carol ran from the house.

Carol hit some bad traffic and was worried about being on time. She drove around the streets for almost fifteen minutes before she found a parking space that was more than four blocks from the drama building. "Shit." She said as she looked at her watch. She was ten minutes late. The instructor was reading off the list of students when she flew through the door.

"Carol?" He asked looking up at her.

"Yes." She said embarrassed to be late. She glanced around the room to see if there were any other older classmates but didn't see any. She moved into a seat in the first row.

"Hello. My name is Tom Bennigan and I'm your instructor for this class. I can see we have a good mixture of men and women as well as a variety of ages." He glanced at Carol who smiled back at him.

"This is just an introductory class that will give you all a chance to do a short romantic play. The play is one that I wrote and is called "Triangle." He took a stack of stapled papers and passed them to each student. "The story is about a newly married young man and woman who rent a room at a young widow's home. Act one sets up the characters, act two shows some flirting and petting between the man and widow, act three involves the two women getting closer and act four brings them all together. I'm only giving you act one tonight to read and practice."

One of the guys held up his hand. "They have a threesome?" The rest of the class laughed.

"Brilliant." Tom said smiling. "Triangle, threesome, Ménage A Trios, or whatever you want to call it."

"We won't really be having sex right?" A young girl with flaming red hair sitting in front of Carol asked.

"No. That's what acting is. However, there will be some kissing, touching and even acting out some of the sex acts. So if that bothers you I'll understand if you want to leave." He looked straight at Carol. She looked away. No one got up to leave.

"First we need to break you up into groups of two women and a guy. Luckily we have twice as many women as men." Tom said. "As I go around the room I'll assign you a number. When I finish I want you to join up with the others in the class with the same number I gave you."

"But, I wanted to be with my boyfriend." A cute blonde girl tossed at Tom.

"Then it wouldn't be much acting would it?" Tom injected. He then went around the room and gave everyone a number. "OK let's take a ten minute break to allow you time to join up."

Everyone just sat there looking at each other. Finally one of the girls said. "I'm number one." A guy in the back smiled, "Me too." Another girl held up her hand. "Me too."

Two more numbers went and then Carol said she was number four. She turned around to see a black girl smile at her. "Me too." They both looked to see a handsome guy in the back row stand up. "I'm number four." The rest of the groups were formed and they each took a ten minute break. As Carol stood by the water fountain, the guy in her group walked up to her.

"Hi Mrs. Denning." He said smiling. "You don't know who I am. Do you?"

Carol look at his blue eyes. He did look familiar. She shook her head no.

"I'm Danny." He said. She still looked puzzled.

"Danny Jones. I went to school with your son Jim."

"Oh my god." She smiled as she looked up and down his hard body. "You can't be little Danny."

"No I'm not little Danny." He laughed. "At least not anymore."

Carol realized he was not just talking about his height or bulk. "We better get back to class." She said nervously.

"Get with your group and decide who will be doing what part." Tom shouted to them as they strolled back into the class room.

Carol and Danny stood while the cute black girl walked over. "I'm Amy.' The girl said smiling. They introduced themselves and looked at the list of characters.

"It's obvious that I'll be Gloria." Carol laughed. Gloria was the widow.

Amy smiled at Danny. "I guess you and I will be Julie and Jack." Amy had noticed the handsome white guy when he came into the room and had hoped she would get to meet him. Not only would she meet him she would be married to him. Since she had never dated a white guy before her heart was pulsating.

"Great." Danny said smiling at her. He also had never dated a black girl before.

"I think we are supposed to read through the script first." Carol said as they moved over to a corner of the room to be by themselves. They all opened the script and started reading their parts. The first scene showed Julie reading the newspaper in bed while Jack slept beside of her. She woke him up and told him about an apartment for rent nearby. Jack pulled her down to him and kissed her.

"I guess we kiss at that point." Amy smiled over at Danny.

"I think you do more than that." Carol giggled. She read the next paragraph that said the two of them touched, kissed and frolicked for almost five minutes.

Danny looked at Amy. "Your boyfriend won't be jealous will he?"

"I don't have one at the moment." She smiled back at him. "How about you?"

"Nothing serious." He lied. His girlfriend would kill him if she knew he would be messing around with another girl or make that two women.

"How about Mr. Denning?" Danny asked Carol.

"He ran away with his secretary." Carol said nervously.

"What's next?" Amy asked. They looked at the play and saw that the young couple then dressed and called on Gloria to rent her room. "Does that mean we will be wearing bedclothes or underwear?" Amy asked. Neither Danny nor Carol knew. They called Tom over.

"Bedclothes and you will have to figure out how to undress and dress on stage without showing any nudity." He grinned.

"That's going to be tough." Danny said smiling. He couldn't wait to see Amy get undressed.

They read on. Gloria then showed the couple the room and the bath at the end of the hall in which they would all share. The rest of the act told of Jack and Julie moving in and getting used to living in the same house with Gloria. At first Gloria was cold and kept to herself but at the end of act one she was warming up to the younger couple.

"That wasn't so bad." Danny smiled at the other two.

"I think removing my clothes in front of you is pretty bad." Amy said as she lightly smacked him on his firm bicep.

"He will be doing the same." Carol smiled back at the blushing lad. "What do we do now?" She asked Tom who was standing nearby spying on their conversation.

"Go through your first rehearsal." Tom said. Pick one of the classrooms down the hall and walk through the first act.

"We don't undress and stuff like that right?" Amy asked nervously.

"What you do is up to you." Tom smiled.

The three of them grabbed their stuff and headed down to find a classroom. "This one is empty." Danny said as he held the door open for the two ladies. They noticed Tom had left two folded sheets on the desk. "I guess these are the bed."

"I'm not taking off my clothes in here." Amy said firmly as she looked at the window in the glass door leading to the hallway.

"Me neither." Danny said looking over at Mrs. Denning. He would feel funny undressing in front of his buddy's mom.

"Just pretend now and maybe we can practice somewhere else?" Carol said seeing they were getting no where. She was happy she would not be undressing in act one. Carol took the two sheets and laid them on the floor away from the door so no one would be looking at them. "You are reading the newspaper in bed and Jack is sleeping next to you." Carol directed to Amy and Danny. She watched as Amy moved under the top sheet and Danny slide under it from the other side. He turned and faced away from her.

Amy was glad she had worn jeans and a loose top now that she was to be kissing and touching another guy. She peeked down at his cute butt and muscular back. She could feel the dampness already flowing down below.

"Jack wake up. I think I've found us a place to rent." Amy read from the script. She knew he was now supposed to grab her and pull her down to his body.

"Good morning." Danny read as he turned and smiled at her cute face. His eyes roamed down her small but firm breasts. Her bottom half was covered by the sheet. His fingers moved to her wrist and slowly up her arm. "Come here and kiss me." He said remembering his few lines. His fingers pulled on her arm until her face was directly above his. His blue eyes looked up into her brown ones as their lips pressed lightly together.

Neither of them made any effort to open their lips to taste each other. Their lips press together for almost a minute.

"That's not going to work." Carol laughed down at the two of them. Their lips broke apart and they looked at the older woman. "It says here you have to passionately kiss and your bodies have to press together."

"You wanta?" Danny whispered to Amy. She smiled. "Yes." This time their mouths opened at the same time which allowed their tongues to search and explore without hesitation. Both were breathing heavy as they pressed the front of their bodies together under the sheet.

Carol's breathing was ragged as well as she watched the two young actors French each other. She had not kissed that passionately for a long time and wished now she was the one in Danny's arms. But, she realized she was now the director.

"You're supposed to touch and frolic with each other." She read out loud.

Amy felt the hardness in Danny's pants pressing against her stomach. She had not had intercourse in almost six months and her body was on fire. His tongue was lighting more fuses in her body and now his hand was roaming up and down her thin back. She gasped when he pulled her shirt out of her jeans and moved his hot fingers onto her smooth back.

Carol wished the sheet was not there because she could see his hand moving on her backside and hers moving up and down his back. Their mouths were now wide open and she could see their tongues flicking across each other's lips.

Danny was the first one to take a chance as he moved his fingers down under the waistband of her jeans until he touched the top of her panties. He felt her body freeze for a moment as she decided if she would allow it or not. So far he was only touching the top of her underwear. She relaxed and continued to french him.

"You are supposed to be touching each other all over." Carol said as she read the script again out loud. She wanted to see them being intimate.

Danny pulled his lips from hers and whispered in her ear. "OK?" He asked. His fingers were poised at her panty waistband.

"Outside my clothes." Amy whispered back. She was not ready to have this white guy grabbing her bare caramel ass this fast and this soon.

Danny was disappointed at first as he pushed his hand down over her nice and round buttocks. However the disappointment quickly vanished as he felt how soft but firm her ass really was.

Amy was breathing in his ear as he explored her backside. She moved her own hand down to the top of his rear. As her tongue licked his earlobe her hand moved down over his firm ass. By instinct her legs opened to allow his thigh to press against her moist and hot sex.

Carol's own hand was now rubbing up and down her covered thigh as she watched the black and white body come together in a heap of arms and legs. They all knew Amy and Danny were not acting anymore.

"Oh god." Amy moaned as she felt herself ready to climax. "We have to stop." She whispered in Danny's ear. Although she was saying for him to stop her hands were pulling his thigh hard against her mound that was still pushing forward and back. That was when she climaxed. Her hands grabbed his ass and held his body tightly against her as her body tensed. She tried to hold back her verbal pleasure but couldn't. "Ahhh." Her mouth moved to his and her tongue fucked in and out of her mouth to hide her pleasure.

Danny froze not knowing what to do. He realized she had climaxed but didn't want to embarrass her. "Wow. That was some acting." He whispered as he broke his mouth from hers.

Amy's eyes opened and her mouth grinned back at him. "Thanks."

"Ok. Now you have to get undressed and dressed again." Carol said with a flushed face.

Amy and Danny moved out from under the sheet and both women could now see that Danny was very well endowed. His hard-on had not gone down.

"Any idea how we are going to do this?" Danny asked Carol.

At that time Tom stuck his head in the room. "We only have thirty more minutes so be sure to get through act one." He smiled when he saw both Danny's and Amy's hair messed up. He closed the door.

"Why don't we meet at my house tomorrow and figure that out?" Carol asked. She knew the family would all be gone during the day. "Can you two break away?"

"I can be there at 1:00PM." Amy said smiling.

"Same here." Danny said. "I know where you live."

"I'll give you directions." Carol said to Amy.

For the last thirty minutes they walked through the rest of the play.


Her son Jim was waiting up when she arrived at home. "So how was it?" He asked as she walked into the den.

"You know first night not really much to speak of." She lied as she hurried up to her bedroom. She quickly stripped and moved under the warm water of her shower. Her fingers moved directly down to her hairy mons. "Oh yes." She moaned as she masturbated imagining it was Danny's fingers splitting apart her swollen pussy lips. It has been five years since her husband walked out on her and just as many years since she had experienced a long hard penis inside of her. "Fuck me Jack." She moaned as her middle finger stroked in and out of her hot hole.


The next morning went very slow as Carol nervously cleaned the house as the time ticked down finally to 1:00PM. The doorbell rang and she hurried to open it. Danny stood smiling. "I haven't been here since the ninth grade." He was now twenty.

"Come in silly. You are making me feel really old." Carol laughed. She led him into the den and offered him a soft drink.

"Do you have any beer?" He asked.

Carol realized he was old enough to drink booze. "Sure." As she moved into the kitchen the doorbell rang again. She grabbed a beer and ran to open the door. Amy stood there smiling in a short sundress. "Hi." She looked at the beer. "Is that for me?"

"You want one?' Carol asked.

"I think I will need one." Amy giggled. She knew today's session would be hotter than the one last night.

Carol got them all a beer and they sat for a few minutes talking to break the nervousness they were all feeling. They told each other their life histories and after another beer were feeling pretty good. Carol looked at the clock. "I guess we need to get started. We can use my bedroom for the first scene." Amy took another drink and so did Danny. They smiled and followed Carol up the stairs.

"I forgot to bring my bedclothes." Amy said as she stared at the large king size bed that had the bedspread removed and only had a thin white sheet covering it.

"Me too." Danny said. "Actually I don't wear anything to bed."

"But now you have to." Carol quickly said. "I'll give you a pair of my ex-husband's pajama bottoms." She opened the draw and pulled out the black silk bottoms. "Here." She tossed them to him. "You can put them on in the bathroom." She watched as Danny walked into the adjoining room and closed the door.

"What do you want to wear?" Carol asked the nervous young woman.

"What do you suggest?" Amy asked. The beer was giving her a buzz.

"Something that's easy to remove when you have to undress." Carol said as she looked at her stash of bedclothes. "Here." She tossed a mid-thigh silk beige nightshirt to her. "You can wear panties under them."

Amy held the silky top to her and realized it was pretty sheer and that Danny would be able to see her dark nipples and her panties through the material. She thought about asking for something else but didn't want to sound childish. "Should I put it on now?" She asked looking at the bathroom door.

"Go ahead." Carol said as she moved over to the door. She tapped on it to tell Danny to stay inside. "Stay in there until I say it's OK to come out." She turned to see Amy pull her bra over her small caramel colored breasts. She tried not to stare but they were perfectly shaped with two small chocolate Hershey kisses in the center of each. Amy quickly pulled the beige nightgown over her chest and let it drop down her bikini covered hips.

"You are very beautiful." Carol whispered as she held the sheet up for Amy to craw underneath.

"Thank you." Amy blushed. She pulled the sheet up to her chin and smiled at the woman.

"OK Danny!" Carol yelled. They watched as the door opened and the light in the bathroom went off. His shape walked into the bedroom and both women took in extra air when they saw his tan muscular chest, tight abs and bulging loins. He walked proudly to the other side of the bed and moved smoothly under the sheets. He peeked to see the short thin nightgown on Amy's body.

"Now remember this is just acting." Carol laughed at the two horny youngsters scantly dressed under the sheets. "Here's a newspaper." She said handing it to Amy.

Amy wanted to stay under the sheets because she knew they both would see her hard nipples pressing out the silk nightgown. She moved to sit up in bed while keeping the sheet over her breasts but Danny jerked it down.

"Hey." She said looking upset at her white bedmate.

"We have to make this look real." He grinned as his eyes took mental snapshots of her firm breasts and tiny nipples.

"OK." She smiled. "Let's make it look real. Turn around." She directed to him because he was supposed to be sleeping.

"Jack wake up. I think I've found us a place to rent." Amy said remember the lines she had read and memorized until late last night.

"Good morning." Danny said trying to act sleepy. He moved slowly across the few feet that separated them and saw the nervous look on her face. "Come here and kiss me." He said as his fingers again moved slowly up her bare arms. But this time he did not pull her down to him. He kept moving his fingertips up over her elbow to her bicep. His fingers traced and over her shoulder. As his fingers moved down the thin strap of her nightgown towards her breast she grabbed it. "That's not the way we rehearsed it before."

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