tagNovels and NovellasTribe Clandestiny Ch. 02

Tribe Clandestiny Ch. 02


March Hare Farm. December 2014.

Cubbie Jones.

I'd not long woken up. I was lying in bed, eyes closed, daydreaming about the fantastic sex with my beloved Fiona the previous night. I could hear her now, singing softly in the shower. I wondered whether to join her.

I heard the front door open and a voice call out, "Cubbie... Fi... are you up?" Bex... or possibly Roz. I could tell them apart in person, mostly because of 'the gift', but just by voice, no chance.

"In bed," I shouted, "Come through."

The bedroom door opened and Bex and Roz wandered in. "Where's Fi?" said Bex.

"In the shower."

There were a few words in 'twin speak', the girls own private language, then they both began to strip off their clothes. Before long, they stood before me in their bras and panties.

"What do you think you're doing?" I grinned. The twins often 'borrowed' me from Fi, and I was booked to take their virginity in a few days time. I marvelled at the openness and sexual freedom of the Clan as they both reached behind their backs and unfastened their bras.

Bex slipped her bra down her arms and exposed her large, gravity defying breasts. Roz grinned and followed her sister's lead. They stood together in just their pink panties, then climbed, giggling, into Fiona's and my bed. They knelt, one either side of me and reached down to kiss me, taking it in turns. Bex pulled my right hand to her soft breast, Roz did her same with my left.

I fondled their matching boobs, scratching my nails over their hard nipples as they squirmed in pleasure.

"What are you two sluts doing in my bed with my boyfriend...again?" giggled Fiona coming out of the bathroom.

"We're practising for Friday," said Roz.

"Cubbie's just comparing our titties," said Bex.

"They're identical," said Fiona, "I've checked myself."

"Yeah," said Roz, "I enjoyed you checking the other night." I smiled. The twins had come round for a make-out session with me, but Fiona had ended up joining us. We'd all stuck to the 'above the waist' rule, but the girls had ended up spending the night sleeping with us.

"Come on," said Fiona, "Out!"

The twins kissed me one last time and climbed off the bed, helping each other to put on their bras, then dressing.

"I'll make coffee," said Roz.

"Do you both want cereal and toast?" asked Bex, heading for the kitchen.

"Yep," said Fi, "Give us ten minutes."

"What are we going to do for ten minutes?" I asked.

Fiona dropped her towel, climbed onto the bed, and slung her leg over my body, straddling my face.

"Eat me. Make me cum. You've got nine and a half minutes left," she giggled.

* * *

It was a very flushed, and still slightly breathless, Fi that followed me into the kitchen ten minutes later.

"Was that good?" asked Bex.

"What?" said Fiona, innocently.

"What?" said Roz, "We could hear you squealing from here!"

"I'm making sure Cubbie is ready for your 'night of passion', on Friday," Fi giggled.

"I'll be ready," I said.

* * *

Roz Blake.

"Happy Birthday!" shouted Maja as she came through the bedroom door. She was carrying a tray with tea and coffee, croissants and jam for us. She set it on the bedside table and reached into her pocket, pulling out two envelopes. She gave one to me and set the other beside Bex's cup.

"Come on sleepyhead," I said, prodding Bex, "Maja's brought us breakfast."

Bex sat up, just as Charlie came in carrying two vases of roses. "Happy birthday girls!" he said, grinning.

"Thank you, Charlie, that's very thoughtful," I said. I looked at my sister. "Your tits are showing," I giggled.

"S'alright," she said, rubbing her eyes, "He's seen 'em before."

I passed Bex her card, and opened mine. Maja had drawn a portrait of us, together, arms around each other. The card said, 'to my sister', then inside, ' I'm so lucky to have two such great sisters and girl friends. Have a lovely day, Love Maja xxx'.

Bex opened hers, showing me the drawing of us with Daisy the cow. She read the verse and smiled at Maja. "Thanks, Sis. I love you too."

Charlie and Maja sat with us while we ate our breakfast, then went to help with our chores, giving us a day off.

* * *

"Are you nervous?" I asked Bex, as we sat on the edge of our bed.

"Yeah, you?"

"Mmm Hmm."

Mummy came in and smiled at us. We moved apart so she could sit between us.

"Have you had a nice day?" she asked. We both hugged her. "Lovely, thank you Mummy," said Bex.

"Thank you for our presents," I said, glancing at the beautiful new outfits hanging on the wardrobe.

"What else did you get?" mummy asked.

"Our car, from Slim and Chrissy," I said. "Do you know, he actually asked us if we wanted one each? We do everything together, Mummy, why would we need two cars?"

"He was just checking," mummy grinned, "I'm glad you both learned to drive, it'll give you so much freedom."

"Daddy gave us seats on the board of trustees of the Blake Foundation. Mama gave us new laptop computers, Kim and Simon gave us watches," Bex said, showing her wristwatch.

"Diane gave us a promise," I said.

"A promise? What do you...Oh!" said mummy.

"Mmm Hmm, that sort of promise," said Bex.

Jock, Cindy, Iain and Zhen, bought us each a goat," I said.

"A goat? But we have lots of goats," said mummy.

"Yeah, but these ones they gave to a poor family in rural Africa in our names," I said. "We get to hear how the families they went to are doing, and if it helps their lives a little."

"That's a lovely thing to do," said mummy. "What did Fiona get you?"

"Cubbie," I giggled, "For the whole night!"

Mummy actually blushed, a rare sight. "You're going to go through with it then?" she asked.

"Yes. Do you think we shouldn't," Bex said.

"No, it's just that my little girls have grown up. I'm proud of you both. You've grown up in a sexually open community, and you've handled it so well. I know you both take contraceptive pills, and that Cubbie will be gentle with you both."

There was a tear in mummy's eye as she hugged us both.

"Charlie got all the little ones organised and bought us lovely flowers," I said, pointing to the vases.

"What about Corrine and Milla?" mummy asked.

It was our turn to blush. Bex reached under the bed and pulled out a small box. Inside was a large pink vibrator. "I got a blue one," I said.

"Umm... yeah, that's just what I'd expect from those two," mummy smiled. "Make sure you hide them from Maja."

"Maja was there when we opened them," I said, "We told her we expect to always find them clean."

"Roz! She too young!" shrieked mummy.

"Mummy, she's Maja!" said Bex.

Mummy sighed. "Yes, I suppose you're right. Telling her not to touch would only make her more determined... I'm going to bed now. Have a lovely night, and if you want to talk about anything tomorrow, I'll be around. OK?"

"Thanks Mummy," we chorused.

Mummy smiled and left. I suppose it was a big day for her too. Her only daughters were grown-up and about to become women. Bex and I pulled on our jackets, and headed over to Fiona and Cubbie's house.

* * *

Cubbie kissed us and gave us each a hug. "Still want to do this?" he asked.

I nodded. "Yes," said Bex.

Cubbie took our hands and led us through to the bedroom. Fi was just lighting the last of the candles. There was incense burning and soft music playing.

"I'll leave you to it," said Fiona, heading for the door.

I reached for her hand. "Stay," I said.

Fi looked at Bex and she nodded her agreement.

Cubbie was kissing Bex as he pulled off her sweater and slowly unbuttoned her white blouse. I jumped as Fiona's lips met mine and I lifted my arms so she could get my sweater off. She gazed into my eyes as she reached for my blouse buttons, slowly unfastening them. She untucked my top and pushed it off my shoulders. As I kissed her again, I saw Cubbie removing my sister's bra and licking down her breasts to find her nipples.

Fiona reached behind me and undid my bra. She slid it off my arms and sighed as she uncovered my large, firm tits.

"Beautiful," said Fi, pushing me back onto their bed and laying beside me. I closed my eyes as her soft lips engulfed my left nipple and sucked it into her mouth. I felt her fingers toying with the other stiff nub as I gasped and trembled.

"You OK?" Fi asked.

"Mmm Hmm, it's just so good," I whispered. I looked across, and Bex was now naked except for her panties. I watched as Cub slid down the bed and gently slipped them of. He buried his face in her pussy, and, through our gift, I felt the ghost of the sensation of his tongue in my own wet slit.

Fiona pulled off my skirt and looked up at me as she reached for my panties. I smiled at her and lifted my hips so she could get them off. I felt her hot breath on my kitty and put my hand on her forehead, stopping her from licking my slit.

"What's wrong?" asked Fiona.

"Not now," I said, "Another time, maybe."

"I don't mind," she said, "I like doing it."

"I'm saving my girlie cherry for someone, Fi."

"Diane?" she asked.

"My sister," I whispered.

Fiona hugged me tight, kissing me desperately. "That is so beautiful, Roz. I'd never want to spoil it for you."

"Strip for me, Fi. I want to see you," I said. She stood and slowly removed her clothing, one piece at a time, her gaze never leaving mine. Finally she stood before me, naked. She rubbed her fingers absent-mindedly across her mound, then climbed back onto the bed with me. We lay cuddling as Bex straddled Cubbie's body. I stared, open mouthed, at his huge cock as Bex lifted it and rubbed it along her pussy lips. She glanced at me and reached for my hand as she spread her kitty with the fingers of her other hand.

I felt the grip of her fingers tighten as she pushed herself down onto Cubbie's fat cock. I felt it sliding into her; felt her muscles clench; felt her draw in her breath sharply. I met her gaze as I felt a tiny stab of pain, then the rigid monster was inside her. I felt it.

Bex grinned at me as she began to rock on his hard shaft. Waves of pleasure washed over me as I felt Fiona shift and her lips met mine.

"Do you feel her?" Fi whispered.

I nodded.

"Is it nice?"

I smiled at her, "Wonderful," I said. I felt Cubbie start to pump my sister faster now, her hips matching the rhythm of his thrusts up into her gaping cunt. Bex's orgasm was building. I knew her mind, her thoughts. I slipped my own hand to my dripping slit, as Fiona cupped her fingers over it and pressed down. The pad of my index finger tip grazed the top of my clit, and it felt like my body exploded.

I thrashed and wailed as I felt Bex's orgasm overtake her. She felt me cumming and rolled into a second orgasm immediately.

I felt the hot jets of Cubbie's cum shooting into my sister's pussy, and smiled.

* * *

Bex Blake.

I sat astride Cubbie, his rigid cock deep in my pussy. The pain, when he entered me, had been sharp but fleeting. Now all I felt was pleasure... 'filled with a hot throbbing cock', pleasure. I rocked on top of him, sliding my dripping wet kitty up and down his shaft. I felt the muscles inside me clenching as he began to thrust back up at me. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the beautiful feeling of a man I trusted taking me. Taking me for the very first time. I sent my lovely sensations to Roz as I held tightly to her hand.

The pressure was building inside me. Like when I masturbated, the feeling got stronger and stronger. I rolled my pelvis forward so Cubbie's thick shaft rubbed on my swollen clit.

It took seconds. I spasmed on top of him as my kitty clenched and my orgasm overtook me. Then I felt it; Roz was cumming too. I wallowed in my own pleasure, as my twin's orgasm built on my own. I gasped and seemed to cum again, immediately.

I felt Roz pick up on my orgasmic delight and cum again herself. I just got my breath back when I felt Cubbie's cock swell inside me and jets of his hot juice shot into my sloppy tunnel.

I fell forwards onto Cubbie's chest, my tits squashed against his muscular body. His arms wrapped around me and I closed my eyes and sighed. We lay, panting, for a few minutes, then his shrinking cock slipped out of me and I rolled off him.

"Thank you," I whispered.

"I didn't hurt you, did I?" The worry in his eyes touched my heart. I stroked his lightly stubbled cheek.

"No... at least, only for a second," I said, "It was wonderful Cub."

"Felt good to me too," he grinned.

He turned to Roz, wrapped in Fiona's arms, and smiled. "Still want to be next?" he asked.

Roz nodded uncertainly and Fi squeezed her tightly. "Of course she does," said Fiona, teasing my sister's erect nipple.

Cubbie held out his arms and Fiona released my sister. She slid across the mattress into Cubbie's arms and he kissed her. Fi grinned at me, then moved down the bed and inhaled Cubbie's half-hard prick.

* * *

Roz Blake.

I lay in Cubbie's arms, kissing him. I felt hair brush against my thigh and looked down. Fiona was sucking Cub's cock, licking off his and Bex's juices.

"I'm not like Bex," I said softly into Cubbie's ear. "She's the brave one, the forward one. I felt it when you fucked her. Can you be a bit more gentle with me please, Cub?"

He looked into my eyes and smiled. "Thank you for telling me," he said, "I can be whatever you want me to be, Roz."

His tongue licked around my ear and down to my shoulder. I shivered as he licked along my collarbone and down the slope of my breast. His tongue swirled around my nipple before licking and suckling on me. I sighed.

I felt his attention shift to my other breast, then he licked a wet trail over my belly to the top of my slit. Bex and I had shaved each other earlier in the day, when we'd showered, so I knew my kitty was baby-smooth.

I opened my legs wide and gasped as his tongue trailed up the lips of my pussy and grazed lightly over my emerging clit.


The little involuntary noise came from my throat as something like a spark ignited the sensations in my clitty. I reached for Cubbie's head, weaving my fingers into his hair as I pulled his face tight to my slit. I heard a muffled giggle from him as he slipped his long tongue between my pussy lips and wiggled around inside me. Inside me! Something of someone else's was inside me.

"So good, Cub," I whispered.

His lips clamped onto my throbbing clit and he sucked. I felt his tongue flick over my nub and I squealed.

"Oh fuck YES, Cub! More! More! Yeah, that's it. Just there... like that... I... I'm... Cummmmiiiing!"

My hips thrust and bucked on the bed, throwing poor Cubbie off me as I twitched and jerked.

Finally, I lay still. "You OK?" Cubbie asked.

"Mmm Hmm. Fuck me now, Cub. I'm ready."

"You want to be on top?" he asked.

"Uh uh, I trust you," I spread my legs wide, "Do me like this."

I felt the mattress shift and Cubbie's warm body was above mine. I reached out with my right hand, searching. I'd just begun to panic, when Bex's hand found mine. She slotted her fingers between mine and squeezed my hand.

"It'll be lovely, Roz," she reassured me.

Cubbie's hard cock-head was nestled between my pussy lips and I could feel his breath on my face. I opened my eyes to find his face inches from mine.

"Ready?" he asked. I nodded.

The hard member spread my kitty as his cock pushed into me. I winced as he spread me wide, and he stopped. I opened my eyes and he smiled at me.

"More," I said.

Cub thrust another length of his dick into me and I grinned at him. There was no pain. I glanced across at Bex, but her eyes were closed and her fingers were working between her legs. Fiona smiled at me as she tweaked Bex's nipple.

"A little more and I'll cum," I whispered.

Cubbie speeded up his thrusting as I began to gasp with each penetration. It was building. A big one. I could feel Bex building up too. I reached down between our pounding bodies and circled my clit with my first two fingers. Once...twice... three times...

"Nggggaaaah! Of fucking hell...YES!" I screamed. Bex was right there with me, feeding off my climax, as I'd fed off hers. My hips bucked and shuddered as my fingernails dug into Cubbie's muscular shoulders. I was still cumming!

"Oh Cub, Oh Cub, Oh Cub, Oh fuck yes...Cubbie. So good...so fucking good!" I babbled.

It must have got too much for him at that point as I felt his body stiffen, then thrust, then he was filling my throbbing cunt with his cream.

"Roz...Oh Roz. Beautiful...just so beautiful," he gasped. His body collapsed on top of me and I hugged his sweating body to me with my free arm. I only realised how tightly Bex had been holding my hand, when she released it. The pins and needles heralded the return of my blood flow, and I hugged Cubbie with both arms now.

"I thought you wanted gentle?" he panted into my ear.

"I thought so too," I giggled, "Then you put that great big thing in my kitty, and I lost all control."

Cubbie rolled off me and held me close for a minute. Fiona appeared between my legs and looked up at me. I smiled at her as she extended her tongue and lapped at my sticky pussy.

"If you're cleaning my sister up, I'll do Cubbie," said Bex. She licked experimentally at his cock, savoured the taste for a moment, then began to suck him clean.

Fiona gave me a nice little orgasm as she sucked Cubbie's cum out of my wet kitty. By the time she'd finished, Cub was hard again.

"Some for me?" asked Fiona.

"Of course," said Cubbie.

Fiona knelt on the bed, on all fours, and presented her slim ass to Cubbie.

"Doggie style, Wolf Boy," she giggled, "and don't scare the neighbours."

I slid over to my sister and wrapped my arms around her as we watched Cubbie pound Fi from behind. She was squealing like a stuck pig as she came.

"Did you have fun," I whispered in Bex's ear.

"Oh yeah! You too?"

"Mmm Hmm," I said.

Cubbie finally managed one more load for his girlfriend, then snuggled down with Fi on one side and Bex and me on the other.

* * *

Mandy Blake.

I was just making coffee, when Bex and Roz rolled in. They both grinned at me, but looked tired.

"Good night last night?" I asked.

"Yes, lovely," said Roz.

"Do you want tea and coffee in bed with daddy, mama and me?" she asked.

"That'd be nice," said Bex.

The girls made their extra drinks and followed me to our bedroom. I smiled as they stripped off their clothing and jumped into our massive bed. Bex snuggled between me and Jimmy, Roz between Jimmy and Crystal. The twins both kissed Jimmy on the cheek.

"Morning Girls," he smiled.

"We're women," said Roz.

"So I believe!" said Jimmy hugging them both to him. "You know, as your daddy, I'm supposed to feel all jealous and say that you should have kept your virginity for someone you love."

"Daddeee! You know we love Cubbie. It's just that Fiona loves him too," Bex squealed.

Roz looked at her daddy seriously. "He was so gentle with us Daddy," she grinned, "Until we told him not to be!"

"Perhaps you've told me enough about losing your virginity now," said Jimmy, squirming a little.

"He's got a beautiful cock, Mama," said Roz. Jimmy put his fingers in his ears and started humming as we all collapsed laughing.

Jimmy got up to get more coffee; I suspected that he just wanted to leave us alone with the twins.

"Was it what you hoped for?" asked Crystal.

"Oh, God, yes Mama," said Bex, "Gentle to start, but he really gave us what we needed when we got going."

"Was it painful?" I asked.

"Bex hurt a little bit," said Roz, "I didn't feel anything but pleasure."

"We could feel each other," said Bex, "Through the gift, we felt each other getting fucked!"

I smiled at Crystal. "How many girls can talk like this to their mothers after losing their cherries?" I asked.

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