tagNovels and NovellasTribe Clandestiny Ch. 15

Tribe Clandestiny Ch. 15


Waya Collins.

The weather was definitely warmer. Inola and I lay in bed, next to the roaring fire, reading. We'd pushed off most of the pile of quilts and blankets we usually slept under.

I set down my novel and gazed at Inola's smooth skinned back and the upper curve of her hips. I slipped the blanket down, revealing her perfect rump. I traced my finger over the soft skin, trailing it along the cleft of her ass.

"Mmmmh!" she moaned.

I slid down the bed, bringing my face level with her hips. I licked along her ass cheek.

"Mmmh. I'm in the middle of a chapter, Waya," she said, pushing her ass back towards me and lifting her leg to give me access to her slit.

I smiled and breathed softly on her exposed kitty.


"You like that?" I asked.

"Mmmh. Tongue... but gently, huh?"

I lapped at her pussy lips, wetting her opening as I slipped between her moist labia. I drilled my tongue into her, then flicked along to her budding clit. She gasped as I suckled it, then released the nub to dive into her tunnel once more.

"Uuuuuunnh," she sighed, turning a page. I placed a finger into her wet slot and ran my tongue up to her ass, licking around her back door.

"Kinky!" she giggled, thrusting her hips back onto my face. My tongue drilled at her little pucker, easing inside a fraction.

"Yeah!" she gasped.

"You ever get fucked there?" I asked.

"Uh uh." Another page turned.

"You want to try?"

"Yeah, soon. Put your big cock in my cunt, Waya. Fuck me real slow," she requested.

I moved behind her, rubbing my throbbing dick against her kitty. I slipped it between her moist lips and thrust gently.

"Unnngh! Like that. In... out... in... out. Yeah, just like that," she said.

I was maybe half-way into her, but the slow, gentle pace was perfect. I thought back to my last days with Diane. She'd spent the previous night with Jimmy, her ass still reddened from the spanking she'd requested. I'd spent the night before with Bex and Roz, alternating between their teen pussies.

We'd done just this, fucked slowly and gently. The lust, the urgency, the need already sated.

Inola wriggled, and I realised I'd stopped my thrusting in my reverie.

"Watcha thinkin'" she asked, turning another page.

"Maybe you don't want to know," I said.


"Mmm hmm. Do you mind?"

"No. You miss her. It's OK... Touch my clit, Bro," she said.

I reached round her, pulling her tighter to me. She grinned over her shoulder and placed a book-mark in her novel.

"I'll finish that later," she smiled, "I've got something else to finish right now."

She rolled her hips back, driving me deeper into her wet pussy. "Unngh!" she grunted.

I speeded up a little, a wet squelching coming from our coupling. I circled her stiff clit, pressing softly, massaging the hard nub with the tip of one finger.

"Like that, Baby!"

"I love your soft, wet cunt, Sis," I sighed.

"Fill me, Waya. Fill me up with your cum."

"Gonna cum for me?" I asked.

"Close! Keep doing that... unngh, unngh, unngh, gonna... gonna... CUUUUUM!"

Her hips jerked against me as I felt my balls tighten and the irreversible tingle of my cock erupting.

"Ohh FUCK! Oh I love fucking you little sis," I gasped as jet after jet of spunk poured into her pulsating kitty.

"Mmmmmmh. Just like that, Baby," she whispered, grinding her sweet ass into my crotch.

We lay quietly for a while, my cock slowly softening in her dripping pussy. I rolled back as my exhausted prick slid from her grasping hole.

"Tickles!" she giggled, scooping the escaping cum from her pussy. She licked her fingers and smiled. "Some time soon, you can try my ass," she said, picking up her book and opening it at the marker.

* * *

We dressed, eventually, and went out to scavenge for food. Over the course of the winter we'd visited every home in a two-mile radius, living well on preserved, dried and canned foods.

"I'm going to hunt this week," I said, "We'll soon be able to travel again; it'd be good to take smoked, dried meat with us."

Inola took my hand, gloveless, outside for the first time that winter. "It'll be good to get moving again," she said, "But it's been a wonderful winter with you, big brother."

* * *

Fiona Wolf.

Bex, Roz and Maja had agreed that we could have the other cottage near the mill. We got it all fitted out with a big cooking range in the kitchen, then moved in. We needed someone to take the third bedroom, but we decided there was no rush.

I was just cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast when Kimberley, Rudi and Lupin ran in. Lupin held up a bleeding hand, grinned and said, "Owie!"

I rushed over. It had to be sore, yet she was making no fuss at all.

"What happened?" I asked, lifting her to the sink to wash the cut.

"She tripped and fell on some glass," said Rudi.

"Did she cry?" I asked him.

He shook his head. "Just held it up, said 'Owie', and asked to come home."

I looked at the gash in her palm. It was deep. Even though she'd heal quickly in wolf form, this needed stitches. I marched the three of them off to the hospital.

* * *

"Keep it covered, if you can," said Liz, grinning as she realised the futility of bandaging a child who regularly turned into a wolf cub. "I'm guessing she'll sleep in wolf form?"

"Yeah, I'll get her to change at bedtime. Rudi will watch her."

"Bring her back in a couple of days, if she heals that quick the stitches may not need a week," said Liz.

"Thanks for this, Liz," I said, picking Lupin up. I remembered a chat I'd had with Diane earlier in the week. "Why don't you come over for dinner with us in the cottage tonight?"

"Oh, that'd be lovely. I'd like to see what you've done with it," she smiled.

"About eight?" I said, "I'll get these two off to bed before we eat."

"See you later, then," said Liz, kissing Lupin on the cheek. "Bye bye, brave girl!" she said, waving to the children.

* * *

Liz Sheldon.

I was glad I'd gone on a scavenging trip with Cubbie and Lana the previous week. What few clothes I'd gathered at Fowie Mill were mostly old and baggy on me. I'd filled out a little since being here, finally feeling like I was able to fully pull my weight in the community. I'd scavenged underwear and jeans, tops and skirts, even a few dresses. It was one of the latter I put on for my dinner with the Wolf Clan. I fiddled around with bras, but none looked right with the tight dress. Finally I opted to go without; after all, there was nothing there to see anyway!

"Liz! Wow you look beautiful!" said Cubbie, opening the door. "Come in!"

"Hello Liz," said Fi, pecking me on the cheek. She took in my dress, my shoes, my make-up.

"Wow, look at you!" she gasped.

"Th... thank you," I said, embarrassed.

"We've got some red wine," said Cubbie, "Want some?"

"Yes, thanks," I said nervously. It was the first time I'd been in a social situation like this since my marriage ended. He, John, had always put me down at social gatherings, making me feel small.

Fi put down the spoon she'd been stirring with at the stove and came over to me.

"You OK?" she asked.

"Umm, yeah. Just memories," I said.

"Best forgotten?"

"Yeah," I smiled, "best forgotten."

"There you go," said Cubbie, passing me a glass of wine. He clinked his glass to mine, Fi joined in the toast. "To friends," said Cubbie.

"To friends," Fiona and I said, sipping the rich red.

The meal was gorgeous; Fiona was such a talented cook, whereas I could barely boil water. There was a delicious beef stew with root vegetables from the garden and spring cabbage, then canned fruit with cream from the dairy.

We sat on the couch together, slightly tipsy, while Fi served coffee.

"That was soooooo good!" I smiled. Cubbie put his arm around me and hugged me close.

"Thanks for looking after little Lupin today," he said. I turned to say that it was nothing, just my job, when he leant in to kiss my cheek. What he found was my mouth. I felt the warm lips on mine and gasped.

"Sorry!" Cubbie said, pulling back. "I meant to..."

"It's OK," I whispered, "you just took me by surprise."

"So you didn't mind being kissed then?" asked Fi, returning with the coffee. "Why don't you give it another go, see if you really liked it."

Cubbie leant in again, his mouth just inches from mine. I glanced, frantically at Fiona. She grinned and nodded.

Cubbie's warm mouth met mine and his tongue brushed over my lips. I parted them to allow his tongue inside, tangling briefly before pulling back from him.

"Nice?" asked Fi.

"Mmm Hmm," I said.

"Mind if I try?" she said.

I shook my head, thinking she wanted her turn at kissing Cubbie, then her mouth was on mine, soft and sweet, gentle and wet. I groaned as her tongue slipped into my mouth, toying with my own. I raised my arms, not sure where to put them, but Fi pulled them around her neck. Her hands found my waist and stroked up and down my sides gently. She pulled back and smiled.


"I... I... I've never..." I stuttered.

"Diane told me," she giggled. "I have an admission to make. Diane has been match-making. She told me you wanted a lover, but that you'd never had a woman. I thought it would be nice if you tried both!"

"You... and Cubbie? You share?" I asked.

"Used to, when we still had reliable contraception," she said, "but nobody wants to take the chance now, so Cubbie has no other lovers at all."

"And you?" I asked.

"I...haven't. It's not fair if Cub can't spread it around too."

I looked at Cubbie. "You want me?" I asked, incredulously.

"Why wouldn't we," he said, pulling me close again, his lips brushing mine. "You're pretty and slim and educated. We like you, Liz."

"I'm... honoured," I said.

"Are you OK with a little girlie stuff, just to try it?" Fi said.

"After that kiss, I think I am," I giggled.

"Let's go through to the bedroom then," she said, taking my hand.

We settled on the edge of the bed, Fi on my right, Cubbie on my left. Fi kissed me, her tongue exploring my mouth, then turned me towards Cubbie. His mouth found mine again and we kissed passionately, his hands stroking my sides, sliding from my hip to just below my small breasts.

Warm fingers reached around me from behind, cupping my tiny boobs, toying with the stiffening nipples. I sighed as Cubbie drew his face back and smiled at me.

"Enjoying yourself?" he asked.

"Yes, it's... Oh fuck!" I shrieked as Fiona tweaked my stiff little nubs. She released them, chuckling quietly to herself, then I felt the zip of my dress being slowly lowered.

"Take it off," whispered Cubbie. I smiled and slipped my arms out of the dress, the soft fabric falling to my waist. He gazed at my small tits and I could see real appreciation in his eyes as he reached for the soft swellings on my chest. He thumbed the nips, making me squeak with pleasure, then covered each breast with his rough hands, rubbing and teasing them. His gaze fell to my taught belly... then I realised. I pulled the dress back up, standing from the bed and rushing for the door, tears starting to squeeze from my eyes. I found the bathroom, running in and locking the door before lying back against it.

I was breathing hard, sobs escaping the lips that had so recently been kissed.

"Liz!" called Fiona, tapping on the door, "Are you OK?"

"Mmmh" I managed between sobs.

"Talk to me, Liz. If we were going too fast, I'm sorry. We didn't want to rush you, but you seemed so into us."

I couldn't reply. I wanted them; wanted to be loved, appreciated.

"Let me in, Liz. We need to talk," said Fi.

I turned and slowly opened the lock. I pulled the door and Fiona slid into the room with me.

"I'm sorry Liz. Let's start again. We didn't mean to go too fast for you," she said.

"It wasn't too fast... I wanted it too," I said, sniffing back the tears.

"What's wrong then?"

"I can't let you see that word... not when you want to make love to me... I can't," I said, holding my belly.

"Oh, Liz!" said Fi, hugging me tight, "It wouldn't matter to us."

"It matters to me," I sobbed, "He's marked me for life as his whore... I was only trying to feed Aaron, that's all."

"Wait here," Fi said, rushing from the bathroom. I heard drawers opening and closing in the next room, then she returned, passing me a crumpled piece of pink material.

"What is it?" I asked.

"A boob tube," she giggled, "Put it on. We can pull it down to play with your beautiful tits, but you can keep it around your middle."

I turned my back to her, slipping off the dress, then pulling the tube top over my head. I adjusted it over my breasts and turned for her inspection.

"It even matches your pink panties," she giggled, taking my hand. She led me back to the bedroom where Cubbie was lying on the bed dressed in just his boxer shorts.

"OK now?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm sorry," I said, climbing onto the bed beside him. His fingers went to my lips.

"It's OK," he said.

"How did you know?" I asked. Fi had said nothing.

He tapped his temple. "The Gift," he smiled, reaching for me again. I fell into his arms as I felt Fiona climb up behind me. Her fingers exposed my tits again as Cubbie kissed me softly, her hands working my nipples. I stroked his broad chest and slid my hand down his belly to his shorts. I stroked him gently, gasping at the size of the hard cock poking through his underwear.

"So big!" I sighed.

I felt soft fingers on the waist of my thin panties and raised my hips. I turned to Fi as she pulled them off my feet and tossed them aside. Her fingers stroked my thigh, higher, higher, then her hand was covering my pussy, a finger delving into wet flesh.

I gave myself over to pleasure. There were lips and tongues, fingers and teeth. They stroked and pinched, nipped and licked. My small breasts were thoroughly worshipped, my kitty licked and sucked, even my ass was tongued. I grunted to my peak once, twice... then a soft hand parted my thighs. I blinked open my eyes and smiled at Cubbie, towering over me, stiff cock in hand.

"Tell me what you want Liz."

I gurgled like a child, lost in ecstasy.

"Tell him what you want," whispered Fiona in my ear.

"Fuck me!" I gasped.

"Again," he demanded.

"Fuck me!" I said, reaching for him, pulling him down onto my small body. "Fuck me, Cubbie. Put your big cock inside me and make me feel good."

I sighed as his cock touched my pussy, the head splitting the wet labia. It was so divine! I'd never enjoyed sex like this. I was small, and with teenage lovers I'd always been tight and ended up bruised. My husband always wanted to dominate, forcing into me before there was any lubrication.

Now, my kitty was running like a river; wet and slippery. Cubbie slipped into me with no discomfort at all, filling me with his huge dick, pumping slowly as I gasped like a landed fish.

"So good, so good, so good," I chanted in time with his thrusts. I felt movement on the mattress and Fi appeared beside me.

"You want to try some girlie stuff too?" she smiled.

I nodded, wondering what she had in mind, when her leg stretched above my head and her pussy settled inches from my face.

"If you don't like it, we'll stop," she whispered.

I licked my lips and inhaled the musky, sweet scent of her wet sex. I poked out my tongue and licked tentatively at her mound. Tart-sweet juice trickled into my mouth, making me salivate. I gripped her slim hips and pulled her wet kitty to my face, burying my tongue in her cunt.

Fiona groaned as I felt Cubbie's thrusting become more urgent. I felt my own pussy contract as I climbed the slope to an orgasm. I'd never had an orgasm that I didn't give myself before, and it was beautiful.

I lapped and panted, licked and groaned as I reached my peak.

"Aaaaaaiiiiiii. Cub! Cub! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck yeeeeeeesssssss!" I screamed as my hips bucked and juddered.

Fi grabbed my head, pulling my mouth onto her slit. Close herself, I realised. I captured her clit sucking as I flicked the nub repeatedly.

"Mmm, mmm, mmmh, mmmhaaa, Lizzie! Ghhhaaaaah!" she cried as a jet of her juices soaked my face. She slid off my face, curling up beside me as I felt Cubbie hammer my slippery cunt again.

"Gonna cum, Liz," he gasped.

I slipped my hand between us, frigging my stiff little clit as he swelled inside me. I squeaked my pleasure as he shot his load deep inside me, rising to meet him as he and I climaxed together.

Soft lips kissed mine. I opened my eyes to find Fi smiling into my face.

"Was that OK?" she asked.

"It was the most beautiful thing ever," I said, hugging her.

"Stay?" she asked.

I smiled and spooned behind her, Cubbie curling up at my back, his sticky cock pressed to my thin backside.

* * *

The sun through the window woke me. I looked over to find Fiona mounted on Cubbie's hips, his stiff cock buried inside her. She smiled at me as she rammed herself up and down on his thick rod.

"Beautiful," I said, stroking her thigh, then Cubbie's chest.

"We're making another baby," Fi whispered as Cubbie grabbed her hips and began to hammer up into her squelching pussy. I saw him tense and jerk as Fiona cried out in her pleasure, then she collapsed onto his chest. I crawled over and kissed each of them.

"I hope you get your wish," I said.

* * *

June Avery.

I laid Eva down in her little cot beside my bed. I'd really no need to be in the hospital now, and Bex had promised me a room in the Mill House soon. I looked up as Alfie wandered in; he smiled at me, then peered at Eva before sitting next to the bed.

"How're you doing?" he asked. I almost fainted! These were more words than he'd said to me in three weeks.

"I'm OK," I said, warily, "why?"

"Just wondering how you're coping with little Eva now. She must be quite demanding."

"Look," I said, "Who are you, and what have you done with Alfie?"

He gave an embarrassed smile. "I guess I've been ignoring you, huh?"

"I was beginning to think I was invisible," I said. "Actually, I don't give a shit if you ignore me, but this is your daughter."

"Yeah, I suppose she is," he said, standing and walking over to the cot.

I bit my tongue. "There's no question that she's yours, Alfie. You kept on and on about how much you loved me, wore me down. I had sex with you exactly one time, and Eva is the result."

"Sorry, I didn't mean that I doubted she was mine. I... I'm...sorry, OK."

"Sorry for what?" I seethed. "For lying to me? For running a mile when you found out I was pregnant? For ignoring Eva for three weeks?"

"All that... when did I lie to you?" he said.

"When you said you loved me," I spat.

"I... I... I..."

I was fuming now, my heart thumping in my chest. "Don't you fucking dare say it!" I shouted. "Don't you dare lie to me again!"

"I thought I did," he whispered, "but I'm confused. I didn't want to be a father... not yet anyway."

"You think I wanted to be a mother? You think I wanted to feel like shit, and throw-up everything that I ate? You think I wanted to go through the agony of giving birth when my body's not big enough?"

Alfie stared at his feet, "No," he whispered. "No, you didn't, did you?"

Eva started to cry, frightened by my shouting. I picked her up and lifted my tee-shirt, offering her my small breast. She latched on, quietening immediately, sucking my milk hungrily.

"You have milk for her now?" Alfie asked.

"Some. Fiona still helps out a couple of times a day." Alfie's eyes were glued to my tits as Eva fed.

"Will you stop staring at my tits?" I said.

"They got bigger," he said.

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