tagNovels and NovellasTribe Clandestiny Ch. 21

Tribe Clandestiny Ch. 21


Diane Clark.

"You're sure about this, Crystal?" I asked.

"Yes, the room is yours for tonight. I'm bunking with Corrine and Milla, and Jimmy's sleeping with Liz." She whispered in my ear, "Strip the bedding in the morning; I'm not dealing with your sticky sheets; I draw the line at that," she giggled.

I turned down the bed, freshly made with clean sheets, and went to find Waya.

"That's kind of Crystal," Waya said when I told him. "Where are Inola and Connie?"

"They've got a room on the top floor," I said.


"Mmm Hmm."

Waya chuckled. "I hope their neighbours have ear-plugs," he smiled.

"Are they that into each other?"

"Oh yes," he said, pulling me close, "But I'm into you."

I ran my fingers over his stiff cock through his jeans, Feeling his beautiful hardness in my hands once more. "Can you get this into me?" I smiled.

"I hoped you'd say that," he said, pushing me back onto the bed. Seconds later his fingers were undoing the zip of my skirt, pulling it off and throwing it behind him. My panties followed quickly, then he gazed between my spread legs.

"Beautiful!" he gasped.

"Even though I'm pregnant?" I asked.

"Especially because you're pregnant," he sighed.

"You really don't mind that it's not your baby, do you?"

"Nope. Now, remind me how horny you get when you're expecting," he grinned.

I felt hot breath on my pussy seconds before his wet tongue split my labia, delving inside me.

"Ooooh, yeah!" I groaned.

Waya lapped at my drooling pussy, his tongue occasionally flicking up to my engorged clit. I pressed my hips up towards his face, trying to get more pressure on my sensitive nub; Waya pulled back and grinned at me.

"That bad?"

I nodded. "Please Waya, make me cum. You can torture my pussy all you like after that, but make me cum first."

His fingers prised my swollen lips apart and his mouth clamped over my clitty, sucking and flicking. I groaned, then jumped, as his teeth grazed the hard little bud of pleasure.

"Yeah, like that, just like that! Oh Waya, yes, Yes, YES, YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

My body jerked and writhed under him as he drove me to my peak and beyond. I felt him climbing up the bed as I lay gasping for breath, his mouth pressed to mine, desperately kissing me. I lapped my own juices from his face, conscious of his hard prick pressing into my thigh. I reached out and grasped him, working his cock up and down.

"Wanna fuck me, Waya?" I giggled.

He rolled on top of me, dropping his hips between my spread legs. His hot manhood rode the crease of my pussy.

"In me Waya, fuck me now!" I wailed.

I opened my eyes for a second to see him gazing at me with puppy-dog eyes.


"I love you, Diane," he said.

"I love you too," I grinned, "Now put it in me."

"Romance is not dead!" he chuckled as his fat cock pressed between my slippery labia and entered me for the first time in too long.

"Uuungh!" I gasped as he drove half his length inside me. "More!"

He thrust again and I felt his pubic bone meet mine, his cock buried to the hilt in my welcoming kitty.

I pulled him down, kissing him urgently. "Hard and fast, baby. We can do lovemaking another time, right now I need you to fuck me hard, claim me as yours again!"

His face split into a wide smile as he drew his hips back and thrust deep inside me again, then again, then again. Faster and faster he went, his heavy balls bouncing off my ass as he plundered my willing cunt.

"Yeah, that's it baby; fuck me; fuck me!"

"Gonna cum, Di," he warned.

"I'm right there," I gasped, my hips rising off the mattress, pressing him as deep into me as possible. "I'm cumming with you, Waya, ah! Oh yeah! Fuck yes! Wayaaaaaaaaaaa!"

My pussy clamped him tightly as I juddered and squealed my climax to the world. I felt him swell, impossibly bigger inside my grasping cunt, as jet after jet of his hot juice shot into me.

Finally he collapsed on top of me, his weight pressing me into the mattress. I wrapped my arms and legs around him, never wanting to let go.

Waya took a little of his weight on his elbows and grinned at me. I loved that he'd remembered how much I loved this part of sex, lying under my lover, trapped in ecstasy.

A shudder ran through my body, an aftershock of my orgasm. I ginned and kissed him again.

"Welcome home, Waya. I want you to stay with me now, always. Can you do that?"

"Well," he said, "since it's just what I want too, I don't see it being a problem."

* * *

Mandeep Singh.

"NO! You can't, Mandeep. She's only nineteen years old!" shouted Milla.

"I HAVE to!" I said.

"Save her!" Milla cried.

My voice quietened a little, explaining my only option. "Milla, I can save her. I can save Maja, I just can't save her arm. I'm sorry but the skills to fix this do not exist! I have to amputate at the elbow."

Milla flung herself at Liz, sobbing uncontrollably. Corrine glared at me from beside her; I could see her temper was barely contained.

I turned as the door opened and Shelly strode in.

"No, Mandeep, you mustn't amputate Maja's arm; we must try to save it," she said.

I lost my temper at that point. "I want you all OUT!" I shouted. "There is no choice here, no other option. She will die if I don't take off the damaged arm. I HAVE TO AMPUTATE!"

Shelly stepped closer; I didn't even see her arm move before the flat of her left hand hit my face. I reeled from the slap, far too powerful for a girl her age.

"FUCKING LISTEN TO ME MANDEEP!" she screamed in my face.

"Shelly I..." I began.

"Watch!" she said. She reached for my head and I drew back, wondering what she was doing.

"Keep still!" she warned. Her palm touched my forehead, the fingers on top of my head, her thumb nestled above my left ear. There was a warm feeling where she touched me, then a fleeting ache in my head. I blinked; there was something wrong with my vision. All I could see was red. I squeezed my eyes shut, then opened them again. Whether open or closed, all I could see was a sea of red with little 'icebergs' of white floating in it.

"Wh... what am I seeing?" I asked.

"This is Maja's arm... inside," she said.

"How does this help?"


I felt Shelly's hand on my head, warmer now as she began to shake a little. I could hear her breathing getting deeper, faster. One of the little icebergs, bone fragments I realised, moved towards another. The pieces came together, edges fusing until they were one, bigger, piece of bone.

Shelly gasped and released my head. There was a sharp flash of light and my vision returned. My pupils tried to compensate, as if I'd just come into the light from a darkened room, then I could see again. I looked at Shelly, beads of perspiration on her brow.

"What does this mean? You can fix this?" I asked.

"Not alone, no," she said. "Operate on her. Put the pieces back where they should be, like a jigsaw puzzle. I'll get Jamie and Ferret to help me, together I think we can do this."

"You think?" I said.

"Isn't it better to try?" she said, glaring at me. "I tried it on my own hand last night, putting a piece of broken bone back together, it worked on me."

I though fast. The arm would need to be immobile. Once the fusing was done, if it could be done, the arm would need time to heal.

"If I put on a cast, once I've operated, can you work through it?" I asked Shelly.

"Yes. When can you do it?"

"Now. There's no time to waste. I'll operate tonight," I said.

Shelly looked over at Milla and Corrine, smiling. "I'll do my best," she said. I saw hope return to their eyes, and hoped that Shelly was right.

"I'm going to find Jamie and Ferret," Shelly said, "We'll get as much rest as possible, then come back early in the morning to start working on her."

I nodded and she turned to leave.


She looked back, "Yeah?"

"Thank you."

* * *

Liz and Tundi jumped to action, getting us set up to operate.

"I need to do this as quickly as possible," I said, "Let's get started."

I picked up the scalpel, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. I opened my eyes and made the first incision.

* * *

Shelly Blake.

I found Jamie in the kitchen. Crystal had made stew and potatoes and the smell reminded me I'd hardly eaten today. I sat with a plate while Riley went to find Ferret.

Ferret arrived with Dylan and Damini in tow. "We need to help Maja," I said, "are you two up for helping?"

"Yeah, count me in," said Jamie. Ferret nodded.

"Can we help?" Damini asked, holding her brother's hand.

"Maybe later," I said. "We don't know how it will work yet, or how long it will take."

"Ok," she said, skipping off.

I finished my food and we went to the back lounge. It was quiet there and we sat in a circle on the floor. I used my own damaged hand as a test. Ferret moved a small chip of bone into place, the feeling in my hand made me want to scratch but I ignored it. I fused the bone pieces together, knitting the cells to one another. Jamie added energy to our circle, not yet able to use any form of telekinesis.

"Have you both got it?" I asked.

Jamie nodded; Ferret answered 'yes' in my head.

"Let's get some rest," I said, "We'll start early tomorrow."

Jamie sat on the couch and I snuggled up beside him, Ferret sat beside me, hugging me, with his head on my arm.

* * *

I woke up with a start, wondering where I was. There was a grey light filtering through the window. I smiled as I realised that someone had laid a big, warm quilt over us sometime during the night.

"Jamie!" I said, shaking him gently. Ferret woke as I moved, sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

"Hmm?" Jamie mumbled. "What time is it?"

"Early. Let's all get washed and then we'll go to the hospital," I said.


Ferret and Jamie went off to the room they were sharing with Tommy and Ru; I went to the room I shared with Lana and Riley.

"What's happening?" Riley mumbled as I quickly changed my clothes.

"Shh, we're going to help Maja," I said. "Go back to sleep."

Wendy's little daughter jumped out of her bunk and rushed to hug me. "Good luck," she said, "Tell Maja I love her."

I smiled, kissing the top of her head. "I will," I promised, turning to rejoin the boys.

* * *

I was surprised to see a light on in the kitchen as we crept through. Corrine came through from the scullery, drying her hands.

"Sit down, you three," she said.

"We have to get to the hospital," I explained.

Corrine put her hands on my shoulders, turning me to face her. "I saw what it took out of you yesterday, just to demonstrate to Mandeep," she said. "Sit down and eat a good breakfast, then go and heal our daughter."

Milla came over with plates of bacon, eggs and sausages, placing one in front of each of us. We ate.

* * *

The three of us walked quietly into the hospital, closing the door behind us. Liz looked up from her seat by Maja's bed.

"How is she, Liz?" I asked.

"Weak. Mandeep was up until three in the morning finishing the surgery and putting the cast on," she said. "I volunteered to stay until you got here."

"Thanks Liz," I said as she stood from her seat. The boys got two more chairs and we sat beside the bed. Maya was very pale, though she looked so much better now the blood had been washed from her face and hair.

I placed my hand on her leg, then took Ferret's hand on the other side. Ferret took Jamie's hand, then Jamie put his free hand on Maja's shoulder.

"We start at the elbow," I said. "Work down the arm. We just put the bone in place and fix it for now, we'll go back and strengthen the joins later."

Both boys nodded then closed their eyes. I located the first bone shard; Ferret pushed it into place,

I fixed it quickly. Jamie held his energy for us to draw on. We moved on to the next piece of shattered bone.

* * *

Corrine Allen.

I knocked on the bedroom door and walked in. Crystal had said Jimmy would be alone, and waiting for me. We joked about my six-monthly fucks with Jim, but with Maja finally getting the help she needed, I wanted someone to hold on to for a while. Maybe, now there was hope, I wanted more. I really didn't know as I slipped into his room.

"Hello Corrine," he smiled, reaching for me. I walked to the bed, sitting on the edge. Jimmy stroked my back through the thin tee-shirt I wore, one of his, if I remembered right.

"Hi Jimmy. Thanks for letting me come here this morning."

"Shhh," he said, pulling me back to lie beside him. "No thanks necessary, you're my oldest friend, Corrine."

I'd fed Shelly, Jamie and Ferret; it was up to them now. I needed someone... I needed Jimmy.

I turned my face to him and his lips met mine. All my life I'd favoured women, sure I was a lesbian. Jimmy changed all that. He was the only man I'd ever been with, and... dammit, yes, I loved him.

His tongue slipped into my mouth, his lips strong on mine. His kisses were firmer, harder than girlie kisses. He took kisses rather than shared them, but that was Ok, that was the difference I liked.

"What do you want, Corrine?" he asked.

"I don't know; what do you want to do to me?"

"Everything," he said, tracing my jawline with his finger.

"I... I..."

He stroked my face gently. "Take off your shirt," he said, "Then just tell me if you want me to stop. Any time, this is for you Corrine."

I sat up, slipping the shirt over my head, baring my body to the only man to ever love me. I lay back on his bed as his finger traced a line from my throat, down between my small breasts, over my navel to the top of my pussy fur.

"Such beautiful skin," he whispered. "So dark, so smooth, so soft."

He traced a circle around my bullet-hard nipple and cupped my breast. His thumb teased the stiff nub then he leant in and sucked gently on the tip, a gasp escaping my lips.



"Want me to stop?"

"Uh uh."

Jimmy suckled on my left nipple, just as he had when Tia was a baby, stealing the milk from my breasts. The tingle shot to my clit, teasing the little bud from it's hiding place. I needed him to stroke it, bring it to life.

"Touch my pussy, Jim."

A finger went to his mouth; moistened, it slipped between my black-furred lips, finding the swelling bud, circling.


"Yeahhhhh!" I whispered.

His mouth worked my breast circling, sucking, nipping. His finger serviced my kitty, rubbing, delving inside then back to my throbbing clit. My juices were flowing now. I could feel my labia spreading, my natural lubricant seeping from me.

"Fingers," I sighed.

Two fingers found my opening and searched just inside me, scissoring, twisting.


"Yes?" he asked.

"Mmmh, in and out."

A slow, teasing finger fucking started, deep inside me then almost leaving me empty. In... out... in... out... his thumb grazed my stiff little clit, making me jump.


Yeah," I whispered, "Make me cum."

"Fast?" he asked, his mouth never more than inches from my tormented nipple.

"Slowly...make it last."

His wet digits sawed softly in and out of my dripping slit, his thumb now touching base on every stroke. I reached for his cock, stiff beneath the sheets, the tented fabric showing me his arousal.

He pulled his fingers out; I slid my fingers up his shaft. He dipped his fingers into me; I slipped my hand down his hard cock to the base.

In... out...up...down...slow, gentle, loving. As always, Jimmy was right there with just what I needed.

"Will you fuck me?" I asked, quietly.

"Of course, if that's what you want."

"It's just that you have more lovers now, younger, prettier."

His finger pressed to my mouth, sticky with my juices.

"Shh. Crystal is my wife, Corrine. Then there's you."

"Diane?" I said.

"...will go back to Waya. I'm sure of it."

"You still think..."

"That you're beautiful? Yes."

I reached down, spreading my pussy with my fingers. I opened my long legs, my sex spread before him. "I'm ready for you."

Jimmy knelt between my legs. He stroked his thick cock and lowered himself so he could run the head up and down my drooling kitty lips.


"Ready?" he asked, smiling.

"In me, Jim. Fill me up."

I felt the thick head of his cock spread my labia, then he eased into my tunnel. Gently, he stretched my pussy open, sliding in on the wetness he'd generated. Half way, I guessed, he stopped.

"More," I demanded, in a whisper.

He grinned and slipped the full length of his impressive cock into me, his pubic curls meeting mine.


"Yes," he said, pulling out, thrusting in, pulling out, thrusting in.

I wrapped my legs around his strong hips, pulling and releasing as he fucked me perfectly.

He thrust deep into me, his tip at the end of my tunnel.


He looked at me, worried. I smiled, then worked the muscles in my slippery cunt on his cock.

"Ohhhh!" he gasped.

"You like that?"


"Fuck me again now."

In... out... in... out. "How far off are you, Jim?"

"Not far. You?"

"Mmm Hmm. Together?"

He slipped up the bed a little, altering the angle of his cock. The base worked my clit as he speeded up a little, thrust a bit harder, rolled his hips.

"Uh, Uh, Uh," I grunted, his cock hitting just that spot I needed.


"Mmm Hmm."


"Yeah, there...there, Jim."

"So close!"

"In me...all of it... your cum...uh, uh, uh. In my cunt!"

"Yes, yes, yes, Ohhhhhhhh!" he groaned at he unloaded his thick spunk inside me.

"Unngh! Unngh! Unngh! Ghhhhaaaaaahhhhhh!" I shrieked as I clamped my pussy, my legs, and my eyes tightly.

My arms wrapped Jimmy tightly as his cum leaked from my satisfied kitty. He kissed me then, something we didn't often do...after, but now those kisses were soft, like girl kisses, his mouth slack, yielding.

"Shall I move?"


"Ok." His face nuzzled my neck, butterfly kisses from my ear to my collarbone.

"I'm glad we have this," I said.


"Glad we had Tia together."

"Me too."

"You're getting hard again, old man," I giggled.

"You're a miracle worker."

"Get off me now," I said.

He climbed off me, his cock half-hard, popping from my pussy. I slipped down the bed, taking him in my hand, stroking, teasing.


I leant in, taking him in my mouth, sucking his stiffening prick.

"You don't..."

"Don't what?" I asked, my mouth going straight back to his hardness.

"You don't usually do this."

"Want me to stop?"

"N... N... No!"

"Thought not," I grinned.

He was hard now, flat on his back, fingers running through my short curly hair as I sucked him. The bitter cum sweetened by my tangy flavour on my tongue. I stopped and climbed astride his body, aiming his cock once more at my oozing cunt.

"Again?" he asked, shocked.



"I think I was always scared, Jimmy," I said. My finger wandered to the tiny scar where I'd been sterilized. "Now I'm not scared any more. Now, maybe I want more cock."

"More cocks?"

"Singular, Sonny Jim, singular. This one only." I dropped my full weight onto him, sinking his renewed hardness deep into me.

I leant down to his face, kissing him. "This one's going to be hard and fast," I warned.

* * *

Charlie Lightning.

I'd just finished my lunch when Shelly, Jamie and Ferret came into the kitchen. I smiled at Shelly and she came over and took my hand. She, and the boys, had dark rings under their eyes and looked tired.

"That's day one," she said. "The pieces of her Radius and Ulna are assembled again."

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