bySean Renaud©

"Is this what you've been waiting for?" David asks gruffly as he tosses the manila envelope on my desk with a knowing smile. He's my mailman and almost my friend. Right now though he's just being a little annoying and far to familiar for a guy I don't actually know. "You've been awful anxious to get whatever it is mind telling me what it is?" Even behind the dark shades he always wears I can see the sparkle in his eyes. He's genuinely interested in what could be important enough to have me open my door forcing him to come into my office instead of leaving my mail in the box on the door.

"A tribute." I answer quickly picking it up and checking the address. It's from her, it is what I've been waiting for. I just have to hold on another few minutes which is made blissfully easy. David has a way of reading moods and since it's obvious I'm not going to say anything else he just drops off the rest of my mail and walks away. Normally I sort and open my mail right way but I don't even bother today as soon as the door shuts behind him I'm on my feet locking it behind him. I don't want, can't be disturbed while I'm at this.

The manila envelope even smells like her, or at least one of her perfumes. The heady scent has me swooning before I even open the envelope entirely. I take a deep breath and force myself to slow down a bit I'm only going to get to experience this once in my life so I need to make it last. She has beautiful handwriting, like most women do . Tasha Lei is her name, I don't know what she looks like, not yet but I'll know as soon as I open the envelope for the moment I'm just dragging out my own misery.

Internet relationships are always a bit iffy. you never know if what you're asking for is what you're going to get. There is always the chance that you're not talking to a twenty something blond with a killer body and a need for cream. You could be dealing with a sixty year old fag. Don't get me wrong if you swing that way it's your business but I don't and I hate dishonesty and lying to me about being a hot chick is pretty dishonest. I know there are tons of ways to edit photos but I've been very specific about how I want her posed, and wearing what and in what room. I've hedged my bet as much as possible and I'm still expecting a swerve.

After shaking the contents to the bottom I rip the top off the envelope and reach inside pulling the smooth photograph out. I have my eyes closed fast I don't want her body revealed inch by agonizing inch I want to open my eyes and have her before me. I linger like that for a moment hoping that her claims won't disappoint.

"Natasha Lei." The name is almost like a prayer when it leaves my lips. I've only spoken that name aloud twice before and it still has an almost sacred feel to it even as I get closer to revealing if the woman I've seen pictures of is really her. I'm not even sure I want to open my eyes because I know you'll have some kind of crazy bullshit story why my request was impossible and then I'll be back to wondering if you're my neighbor Craig. I open my eyes and much to my surprise everything is in order.

The picture is of a woman, a real woman. Not an impossibly thin model but still the kind of slender girl I like. A real woman is a good way of putting it and she in fact on a bed with blue sheets. A red t-shirt is bunched up over her tits and she's got her panties awkwardly around one shapely thigh. I asked for those details silly things really because it would make it hard for her to find a photo like that on the internet. She has my name, Sean Renaud, written on her side and back in lipstick. Its really her. Holy fucking shit.

Tasha is exactly what she claims to be she's twenty something, I would guess early twenties but I could be wrong and she has a fantastic rack and slender but "realistic" stomach. God I want to find myself balls deep in Natasha. Instead I'm stuck with my left hand and some baby oil. That was what the deal was though so I can't complain and damn she's fucking hot. She actually made me a collage of pictures so I could see her from every angle, some with a dildo stretching her puss wide open, others with her cupping her breasts and a saucy grin on her lips. I didn't even know my hand had slipped into my pants but how could it not when I had made to order porn from Tasha?

One thing most of the photos made a point of showing off were her eyes a stunning shade of green but also her dazzling smile. If course I was more interested in the curve of her hips and the tan lines that revealed the cuts of her favorite swimsuits. Damn this girl was incredible. One picture that held my attention more than the others her eyes were hooded with lust and her mouth was just slightly open waiting for something to fill it. Maybe a tongue, maybe a cock she wouldn't mind either way. One hand was propping her tits up while the other was lower spreading her pussy open to reveal the sweet pink bloom.

I was staring at that picture when it happened, when I blew my entire load all over the pictures. I smiled letting that familiar weakness flow through my legs for a moment and then smiling as I looked at her semen splattered faces. IT was exactly what she wanted now there was only one thing to do with the Tribute. Wait for it to dry and mail it back to her.

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