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Trick and Treat


It's almost Hallowe'en, and we're going to a costume party at a downtown bar. There are two bands playing, and you know a couple of the guys in one of them. We're meeting a few other people there, and we've decided to stay overnight at a hotel, so both of us can have fun and not worry about driving. Plus . . . a night alone in a hotel, with ensuite bathroom . . . oh, the possibilities!!!

We check in and get changed into our costumes. You have no idea what we're dressing as - once you were certain I wouldn't dress you as Big Bird, you gave me carte blanche. Heh heh. I help you change first, and you look extremely sexy and dashing as a high seas pirate.

And then I tell you I need to go get ready, so you sit on the couch and pour yourself a vodka and Coke Zero. You know I don't wear much makeup, so you are pretty surprised when I emerge in a towel to grab something from my bag with my hair all wild and loads of green & black eyeliner, mascara, and berry stained, shiny lips. "Don't look, I'm not done yet," I tell you, slipping back into the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, I finally come out, not too sure if the costume I picked is okay. Maybe it's a little over the top . . .but you seem to like it. So much so, in fact, that you start kissing my neck and down to my breasts . . . my rather exposed breasts . . . and start to undo the corset.

"Not now! We're already late, honey, and do you know how much of a pain in the ass it was to lace up right? Let's go". You finish your drink, I finish mine (it was in the bathroom with me as I was getting ready, and I start laughing as I realize that you have gold glitter dust all over your chin and lips from kissing my breasts. "What's so funny?" you ask. "Oh nothing," I say. Let's see if anyone connects the dots!

It's already pretty packed when we get there. We find our friends and order some drinks. I plan on getting buzzed, but not totally drunk - a little more than malleable, a little less than my 40th. So . . . maybe no tequila! Several drinks later, you are nowhere to be found. I've been dancing, I knew you were chatting with the drummer between sets, and that's the last I've seen of you. Oh well, I know you can't be too far.

I tell Sonia that I'm just going to the bathroom in case you come back & are looking for me, and head to it. There's a big line at the regular ladies room, but I remember the one that's hidden in the back room at the top of the stairs - there's a single men's and a single ladies. Score!! Occupied, but no lineup. The second band is playing and it's pretty loud, a sea of people, but they aren't as good as the front room band.

Some girl dressed as a devil comes out of the bathroom and I'm just about to head in when I get pulled into the men's room. I'm about to start screaming until I realize it's you. You lock the door and push me against it, kissing me, slipping your tongue into my mouth. I can taste Jack Daniels, which I won't drink but love to taste on your tongue - it reminds me of our first few days together, the night at the Cumberland . . . mmmmm.

You have my left hand held up against the door with your right, and your left hand is cupping my right breast, your thumb circling my nipple, making it stiffen and press against the blouse. Which is when you realize that this costume is designed to wear without a bra. I love the sound you make, then the wicked little chuckle that follows.

You grab the cord of the corset and slowly pull, loosening the top enough to expose my erect nipple. As you bend your head to flick your tongue over my hardened flesh, I arch my head back, and caress the back of your head, pressing my chest towards you. I jump as the doorknob rattles, but it's so loud outside that I'm not worried anyone will hear us.

I start pushing off your jacket and tugging at your shirt - I want to play with your nipple ring, which is clearly standing out through the thin fabric. I love it when you moan like that, when I tug at the ring with my teeth, flicking my tongue over your nipple, my hand on your chest.

You pull away slightly, looking at me, still holding my hand against the door. You take my other hand and hold it against the door, pinning me, and you bend to kiss me again, running the tip of your tongue over my lips before slipping it into my mouth. Oh god, I love it when you take control like this, it just makes me want to beg for more but there's no point - you will take your own sweet time, teasing and touching, arousing me like you always do.

After kissing and nipping my mouth and lips, you lean over a bit to kiss the side of my neck and nibble on my ear, whispering "I want you, I want to taste you, right now . . . " Yes, yes, yes is all I can think. The moment I felt your thumb on my breast, all I could think was I want to fuck you. Here. Now. And I could feel my pussy getting wet. After several minutes of making out, I know you could slip right inside. But that's not what you want. . . .

You release my arms, but I know you're still in control. You run your hands down the sides of my body, cupping my breasts, squeezing my hips, and then you're on your knees, hiking up my skirt which I hook into the belt to keep from falling back down. I eagerly part my legs, wanting to feel your touch, your fingers, your lips . . . I must be buzzed because I'm not even protesting and we're in a bathroom in a bar!

I'm wearing a tiny thong, basically just a string with a scrap of lace. I'm so wet now that it's soaked, and I can barely stop myself from ripping it off to give you more access - not that there's much barring your way. You wrap your arms around my thighs, cupping my ass, a cheek in each hand, making me bend my knees a little so they won't lock. And then I feel your breath, and the tip of your tongue parting my lips gently, lightly licking and teasing me, slowly circling my clit but not actually touching it.

You slowly, slowly slide your tongue back, darting into my pussy, opening me up and causing a flood of moisture to trickle out. I grip the counter with one hand, and press the other against the back of your head, thrusting my hips up at you, completely aroused by the way you're fucking me with your tongue, sucking my clit periodically, and squeezing my ass, pulling me closer.

It's a good thing you're steadying me with your hands, and I have one holding the counter because my knees start to give as I have a shuddering orgasm, cumming in your mouth. Once I'm sure I can stand without my knees giving out, I pull you up and kiss you, tasting my wetness on your lips. I reach down to feel your cock, hard and straining against your pants.

As I'm trying to figure out how these pirate costume pants come off, you kiss me, hard, and then say in your best pirate voice "I believe you have some cock to suck, wench. Arrrr!". We both laugh for a minute, but I can't wait to taste you and I bend to lick the tip of your cock which is already dripping pre-cum. You know how that turns me on and seconds later, I am on my knees, taking the head of your cock in my mouth, my right hand on your shaft, teasing you by not taking you all the way in.

I take my mouth away, pressing your cock up, and blow on your balls, then suck them into my mouth, one at a time, all the while holding your cock still, not giving it any stimulation. I can feel your hips begin to thrust, just a bit, knowing you're trying to control it but you can't. Suddenly, I relent and slide you all the way into my mouth. I love hearing that surprised gasp/moan - you totally weren't expecting that.

I really start sucking you, wanting you to cum, rubbing your slippery cock - wet with pre-cum and saliva, taking you in, wanting you to fuck my mouth. But you have other ideas. You pull away, and pull me up, kissing me, turning me around, bending me over the little vanity, sliding the back of my dress up, and plunging your hard cock into my hot, wet pussy.

I love the look on your face, I can see you behind me in the mirror. I reach down to play with my clit and you start pounding me, fucking me hard. It doesn't take long before I cum again, my spasming pussy squeezing your cock and I know you're close but I tell you to wait.

Quickly, I turn around and kneel in front of you, taking your cock in my mouth, tasting both of us. With my right hand on your shaft, I look up at you, slide you out of my mouth and say "please?", then open my mouth to suck you back in. That's it, you thrust twice and cum in my mouth, the sweet saltiness exploding out in two big spurts that I swallow. I continue to suck and lick your cock, waiting for those post-orgasm tremors from you.

It takes a while to get dressed and organized again, because we keep kissing and laughing. My thong is too wet to wear, so you insist on putting it in your pocket. I plan on being FAR away from you when you reach in for your wallet! Happy Hallowe'en.

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