tagIncest/TabooTrick and Treat

Trick and Treat


My daughter Tracy was coming home on November 1st. That meant Halloween was my last chance to get laid before she arrived (Not that I would have the balls to make it happen, mind you, but a man can dream). I've never been the "Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am" type, but maybe tonight was my night, I thought. Tracy's mother and I were happily married for seventeen years- or at least I was. Turns out she was screwing her yoga teacher behind my back. It's been two years since she packed up our daughter and moved to the other side of the country. Two years since I've seen Tracy. But now that she was eighteen, she wanted to come stay with me for a while. If it was up to me, she never would have gone in the first place, but letting her go seemed easier than putting her through the pain of watching her parents fight over her.

But that was then. And now wasn't the time to worry about it. Now was the time to get dressed for the Watson's annual Halloween party.

I walked into the party in my usual Halloween costume: A black and white striped prison outfit, complete with matching hat. The music was loud, the guests drunk. Marcus Watson greeted me with the kind of hug he only handed out after a few shots of tequila. It was in this embrace that I saw her for the first time. Even with her back to me, her crop-topped cheerleader outfit was enough to stand out in the sea of "sexy-this-or-thats" that populated the party.

I politely pushed Marcus off of me, directing his affections to another partygoer, then made may way to the far side of the room. Surely I wouldn't have the guts to actually speak to her, but I could still move in for a closer look.

She was amazing. Blazing red hair pulled up into two curly pigtails, A cropped cheerleader top which exposed the sensual curve of her back, a matching pleated skirt that barely covered her ass (which had to be firm to hold the skirt up like it did) and long, sculpted legs leading down to folded over socks and sexy tennis shoes. I never found tennis shoes to be sexy, but I'll be damned if these ones weren't!

I had to see her from the front. I slowly made my way around the group she was talking to (a skeleton, a slutty nurse, and a cop) and was shocked to see she was wearing a mask. A mask similar to those worn at Victorian balls. Her entire face was covered save for her plump red lips. An odd contrast for the rest of her costume, but the colors matched. Besides, who am I to judge fashion? I've worn the same jailbird costume six years running.

She glanced at me, and I, true to character, shyly turned away. Did she smile at me, or was it a trick of the light? I had already put too much distance between us to see (had I even dared to look back).

The next hour or so was rather uneventful. Small talk here, a spotting of the redheaded cheerleader there. It felt like a game. Every time she caught me looking at her, she would smile and I would quickly depart the room, only to have her turn up in the new room to continue our dance. Why did I keep running? Because after sixteen years of marriage, and two of voluntary celibacy, I had no idea how to talk to her... so running was the obvious alternative.

I thought I finally lost her as I sat by the bar in the basement, a slutty cat and a vampire making out beside me. I was slowly sipping my drink when I felt something tickle the back of my neck. Before I had the chance to even flinch the words "I want you." were whispered in my ear. The breathy heat sent goosebumps down my spine. "Please," the voice whispered again.

I slowly turned to find the redheaded cheerleader standing behind me. She bit her lower lip as she twisted her left toes into the floor. Her green eyes peaking seductively through the mask. God, she couldn't have been any older than my daughter. Why had she singled me out?

I couldn't say a word. She leaned in close again, resting his hands on my shoulders and pressing her cheek to mine. "Take me upstairs," she whispered, "or I'll take you." I was in shock. Sure, I wanted to jump to my feet, scoop her up, and run to the nearest bedroom, but I couldn't even muster a single word let alone a rom-com action scene.

She pouted and my heart melted. She turned to walk away and my stomach dropped. Next thing I knew I was on my feet. She looked back over her shoulder at me with a smile and reached back for my hand. She led the way seamlessly through the crowd, weaving us around groups, in between conversations, and up two flights of stairs.

My heart was beating out of my chest in anticipation. She walked slowly, as if she wanted me to have time to anticipate what was to come. And anticipate I did.

She stopped at the first bedroom door she came to and pressed her ear against it. My knees were already shaking. She smirks back at me and shook her head, whispering "Taken," Then continued down the hall. The second door was slightly ajar, and proved to open to an empty room. She led me inside, closing the door behind us.

The redheaded cheerleader stood in front of the bed, her hand (seemingly on its own accord) running softly across her exposed midriff. She motioned for me to join her. Grabbing me by the shirt, she pulled me so close I was expecting a kiss. Instead she stopped just shy and whispered again "I want you to taste me," then she sat on the edge of the bed. She slowly spread her legs and pulled up her cheerleader skirt, revealing a complete lack of panties. She gave my shirt a gentle downward tug, and I was on my knees in front of her. "Please" she whispered again.

I leaned in and gently licked her bare pussy. I couldn't believe this was happening. Her moan brought me back to reality. Another lick, another moan. With that I accepted this as fact, and began my work. She ran her fingers through my hair and adjusted herself to better accommodate me.

As her orgasm grew closer, her hips slowly started to buck. "Don't stop" she whispered through her moan. She fell backwards onto the bed as she came, I dug my tongue inside of her to taste the reward I had earned her. She tugged my face into her as she rode out the orgasm.

When she loosened her grip, I pulled back and got to my feet. She looked amazing laying on the bed, her legs spread, pussy glistening. "Fuck me," she said. "Fuck me, daddy." I paused. She smiled. "Don't you like it when I call you daddy?" she whispered. I was torn. I had never heard "daddy" in a sexual way (in person, anyway), but couldn't help but enjoy hearing it. She reached up and slowly pulled my pants down.

"Please," she whispered as she pulled off her top, letting her petite breasts free, "fuck me, daddy." She then laid herself back on the bed, scooting to a more central location on the bed. I crawled between her spread legs and my penis head quickly found her opening. She was tight, but was so wet I slid in with little effort. Our bodies moved together as if we had known each other forever.

"Just like that, daddy," She wrapped her legs around my waist to pull me in deeper as a squeal of excitement escaped her lips, "Oh God! Fuck me, daddy!"

She pulled my shirt off over my head, neither of us missing a beat in our rhythm. We sped up in unison, our eyes locked on each other as she came. "Fuck me harder, daddy!" I gave her all I had to drag out her orgasm until she was spasming beneath me.

She patted my chest then rolled me over, "It's my turn". As she got to her knees she slid off her cheerleader skirt, leaving her mask the only piece of clothing between us. She straddled me, and reached down to help guide my penis to where we both needed it to go. As I slid back inside of her, I was in heaven. She began grinding herself against me. "Are you going to cum for me, daddy?" she whispered.

"S-Soon" was the first word I had uttered since she approached me at the bar.

She smiled and slowed her grinding. "I bet I know how to get you there" she said, in an almost familiar voice. She worked her hips in a circular motion on my cock. "Take my mask off."

I hesitated for a moment, partially enjoying the feeling of her slowly working me, partially knowing that once her mask was off, all of this was real. I slowly reached my hand up and found the bottom of the mask. She slowed her motion to a crawl. As I pulled off the mask, she bit her lower lip "Hi, daddy," said Tracy as she rode me slowly.

Suddenly her words took on a whole new meaning. They were no longer flirty teases but literal commands from my very own daughter.

I didn't know what to say, but my penis jumped inside of her. "I got in early and wanted to surprise you with a trick and a treat." The word "treat" accented with a harder thrust.

When she saw a glint of fear in my face she started to quicken her pace. Just enough to remind me of the joys that night had already given.

"Tracy! Th-this is..."

"Amazing." She cut me off.

She was right. It was the best feeling I had ever felt. My mind didn't know whether to be angry or not, but my body had already decided.

"Do you like my hair?" she asked as she lifted both pigtails between sighs then let them cascade back down. "I thought I would have a better chance at seducing you," she shuttered and sped up "As a redhead than my natural blonde."

She sped up her swiveling hips. "Do you like it, daddy?"

"Yes." I said quietly.

"Do you like fucking me, daddy?"


"Then do it, daddy. Fuck me. Make your little girl cum again."

With that request I let my hands slide up her legs. Tracy leaned in and braced her hands on my chest as my hands found their way to her tight ass. I grabbed her ass and pulled her harder against me.

"Yeah, daddy. Fuck me. Cum in me, daddy. Please come for me."

Hearing those words from her mouth was all I needed. We both continued pumping as I shot her full of my juice. Me cumming brought her another orgasm, after which she collapsed onto me.

"Thank you, daddy." She said as she kissed me.

"Why?" was all I could think to ask.

"Because I love you, and you love me," she kissed me again. "Does there need to be more of a reason than that?"

As it turned out for us, there didn't. Tracy never went back to her mother's house and I never had to go out looking for a woman to bring home. Maybe deep inside I recognized her voice through the whispers and the moans. Maybe I recognized the shape of her body or the color of her eyes and just fooled myself into missing it. But her Victorian mask hangs above our bed to this day. The mask that revealed the truth of the rest of my life.

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