tagBDSMTrick & Treat for Charity...

Trick & Treat for Charity...

bypanthers babe©

Please respond both publicly and privately to this story. This slut has been ordered by Master Panther to respond to all responses and to honor any requests by Masters who are reading it.

The following story is written by this slut/slave and is her view but by Master's command it is written without the use of personal pronouns since i have not earned that right.

* * * * *

As W/we enter His home this slave immediately slips out of the business suit she has been wearing, of course there is nothing on underneath except her collar she shivers in the doorway until the Master allows her to close the front door. For the twelfth night in a row this slut's Master and His slave have just returned from a meeting of one of the various charitable organizations W/we support, UNICEF, church, Make a Wish Foundation, Doctors without Borders, NAACP, Boy and Girl Scouts, Big Brothers-big sisters, the local animal shelter, mental hospital, food bank, and homeless shelter.

In her other life this bitch serves as a member of the board on most of these organizations, in fact that is where this slave met her wonderful Master (but that's another story). Listening to her Master's plan now though, this slave knows that she is about to lose the respect of these organizations and they will be alerted to the truth of her utter submission.

"My dear," the Panther says, "I am not pleased by the amount of donations these worthy organizations are receiving. I have decided to use your unworthy body to help these worthy causes."

"I do not need to explain myself however you will submit."

this bitch immediately responded by getting into the submission position, head and arms on the ground by Master's feet her ass raised as high as possible to give him easy access. It briefly registers in this slave's mind that by submitting, this last connection babe has to her other life will be lost, but it doesn't matter. All that matters is pleasing her Master.

"Good girl," he says ,"Go to the desk and bring back a red pen and a hundred pieces of stationery and envelopes."

His slut crawls to the desk keeping her ass high and returns with the items he requested.

"You will make a hundred copies of this card." "I am aware that you could do this on the computer but it pleases Me that each recipient will get a handwritten invitation."

Dear Sir,

Due to your charitable activity in the community you are cordially invited to an adults only Halloween party where we wish to thank you for your hard work and financial support. In order to protect your privacy and allow you the complete freedom to take your pleasure please dress in a costume which hides your identity.

The party will begin on October 29th and continue until all invited guests are fully satisfied. The location is the home of Master Panther and all gentlemen attending will be serviced by companion. Please see enclosed map.

A donation of $100 to our group of charities will be collected at the door and some other activities will require small donations. To show appreciation for being allowed to serve such generous gentlemen, a receipt will be supplied by the companion which may be claimed on your taxes.

Regards Panther

"You may start writing now but because you are inviting other men to take your Master's personal property you must be punished. After every ten invitations you will receive ten spankings. I feel this is being very lenient."

Oh my God, the world will know this bitch is a slave! This slut will never be able to look in the eyes of any of the invited quests again! her life will be permanently changed. this slave could never be more humiliated. This bitch soon realizes that the humiliation can be and is more humiliating then she thought at first. The humiliation is compounded by the fact that she felt her juices gathering in anticipation of this degrading but oh so satisfying party. Her Master is so wise; what a wonderful way to raise money for some good causes.

She began the first invitation, 'dear', my master reached between my legs, "My how moist you are. For that display you will clean yourself off with the first ten sheets of paper." When the envelope is opened the guest will immediately get the scent of her love juices! This whore begins to write as instructed every ten letters she would raise her bare rounded ass from the desk and receive ten spankings. After the first ten Master sat beside the bitch and she leaned across his lap, she struggled to keep her handwriting legible and when the first mistake was made He used my hairbrush and then on the next His belt. The harder the beating, the wetter the whore. Every time the punishment ended the slut was ordered to clean herself up with the next ten sheets. When the slut was finally done with all one hundred invitations He pushed her over the solid oak desk and rewarded her by fucking the ass he has reddened so nicely. Her screams were passion, his grunts were a song of lust to her from the core of His sex. The pounding was horrible, and magnificent. She was free, flying in bliss as He gave her his anger and passion, briefly she was the master as he prayed at the alter of her pussy, the smell of her excitement pushing Him further until He gave her his holy offering, filling her as He melted within her, leaving her smelling of His cum and her own musk.

The invitations were mailed to the male board members of all the organizations that will benefit. The good and upright citizens that voted for morality and the proper right would fuck her for a cheap thrill. To make sure her subjugation was complete Master informed her that only 97 invitations were sent out. He would choose three additional people to send the others too. Where would they come from, Church, work, the neighborhood? This slut would feel the eyes of every man she met peering into her . Did babe balk? No instead she crawled over to her wonderful Master and thanked Him for teaching her her place by taking his perfect cock and sucking it until he came-swallowing and yet allowing some to escape, to rub into her body as it dried... a testament to her obscene love of His cock.

The invitations went out October 15th and this slave continued attending meetings until the day of the party, but the bitch couldn't concentrate she felt all the male eyes piercing her, leering and anticipating her defilement. Had they figured out yet that she was Panther's babe? If so what if anything did they plan for her? What if no one was interested and His slave failed her wonderful Master? On his command, his bitch began dressing much more whorish, short tight skirt, sheer top, stiletto heels to lower the chance of rejection. As this whore would walk into a room her tits would become rock hard and her pussy start to drip. There is nothing more tantalizing than being totally humiliated. In her mind every man was figuring out what kind of entertainment she would offer. The most humiliating thing was knowing that this cunt would offer anything to please her Master. The most terrifying thought was that this slave would fail her Master and no one would attend. If this occurred she would be put aside in disgrace and this slave would die. Did the women notice? What were they thinking? Would they hate her? Some of them seemed cruel, more than willing to make her suffer inspite of her innocence. The more this slut wondered the hotter and wetter she became; with no panties to stop them the juices stained my skirt and the sexual scent spread throughout the meeting rooms.

Each night when we got home His slut would immediately give Master a blow job and he would bring her to the brink by fucking her either in the pussy or the ass, but he had forbidden her to cum until the party. Each time babe was ready to explode he would pull out and ejaculate on her ass or tits. This whore was unbelievably horny every minute of the day and not allowed to act on it. Each time she begged , her wonderful Master would softly pet his kitten and remind her "that good things cum to those who wait."

Finally it was the night of the party and the bitch still had no idea what Master's complete plan was but she was soon to find out! First he laid her in a coffin he had built for the occasion. The cool white satin against her hot body, which was clad only in His collar, was unbelievably exciting. He loosely attached screw type Halloween earrings on both of her tits, both of her pussy lips, and her clit. Jack o' Lanterns on her tits, black pussies on her pussy lips, and a skeleton on her clit. His bitch was instructed that she could cum as many times as she wanted but that each time she did the guests who had caused it would get to tighten one earring of their choice one twist. It would be a hard days' night, for sure!

As the guests came in each was instructed to place their contribution in the coffin. Of the hundred invitations sent out twenty-nine gentlemen attended! $2,900 so far! Who were these men? How did babe know them? As each man placed his donation in the coffin Master gave him a hand mirror and grease pencil. He instructed them that they should write down all the donations they made that night so that the bitch could give them their receipts as they left. He also told them they were welcome to use the mirrors for any other use that came to mind.

His bitch was ordered to keep track of the uses to make sure everyone got at least one turn. This slave was struck seven times in the left tit, nine times in the right, thirteen times on the pussy, six times on the left thigh, eight times on the right and then turned over and eleven times on each cheek. The exquisite pain that each strike elicited brought this slut to the edge and four different times after the series of strikes she exploded in orgasm. Each of these four strikers twisted an earring. The left tit was the only place where the bitch still had a loose earring. When everyone was done striking her and this slave was a pleasant shade of red two of the men, a werewolf and President Nixon, roughly jammed the handles of their mirrors into each of her lower holes. This bitch again exploded. Each man took a huge twist on the earring on the left breast. When this slave let out a loud yelp, a purple smurf became upset and took a large handful of the bills in the coffin and gagged her with them.

"Its time for our first game," announced the Master, "You may have noticed the orange, black, white, and red candles that are lit around the coffin. For fifteen dollars each candle you can decorate the body of our "Corpse" with Halloween pictures."

The searing pain from the hot wax, especially when it hit her tits and pussy put her over the edge three more times. When all three, the tiger, the mummy and Frankenstein, twisted the earring on my clit this slave tried to scream out but all that came out of her muffled mouth was a gurgle. The pussy juices below her had spread through the coffin all the way to the middle of her back. The hundred dollar bills reeked of cum and this slave smiled when she imagined bringing them to the old maid at the bank. When they were done this slave had a black cat on her left tit, a white ghost on her right tit, a large orange jack o lantern with black eyes and mouth on her stomach, a black witch on her left thigh, a white tombstone with a black RIP on her pussy and four red jagged "cuts " on various other parts of my body. Eleven candles and another $165 dollars in the coffin!

Master then turned her over and heated a metal ruler in the candles' flame. When it was red hot He ""wrote" "property of the Panther" across her entire back with His branding iron, reheating it several times He then colored in the brand by using a different colored candle for each word. He threw another. hundred bill into the coffin. After several weeks most of the welts caused by the burns have faded away but the Master's beautiful label will be proudly carried for forever.

Again the bitch in heat felt the paddles enter her ass and pussy and again she exploded. Another twist on each pussy lip!

"Two more games," announced the Master, "Both can be played as many times as each of you gentlemen want." "First we will be bobbing for Jack o :Lanterns."

He brought out a dozen bags of those little waxy Jack o Lantern candies.

"Each piece of candy will cost you, depending on where you want to bob. A bob into the pussy will cost twenty dollars, bobbing in her ass thirty dollars and having her bob in yours sixty dollars. I'll pass the candy now; take as many pieces as you'd like"

This slave watched in astonishment as nearly all the bags were emptied!

"Slut," her Master said, "you will count out loud" and He removed the bills that were gagging her.

"Alright, Pussies first."

"one, two, three, four," her pussy was wide open now. "16,.17,.18,.19" this slut continued to count. "26,27,28,29" her pussy was being stretched to unbelievable limits".36,37,38,39" this slut was spread wider then any cock had ever spread her "" As it filled the men had to use more and more pressure to insert them." 63,64,65,66" Each one that went in caused more juices to pour out. Three times this slut came and lost some of the Jack o Lanterns. Master roughly put these back in and gave her a strike with his belt for each candy His bitch let come out, seven in all. "73,74,75,76" finally they were through .

This cunt can't believe there's room for one piece of candy in her other hole but she hears her Master declare, "Now her ass."

"one, two, three, four" it hurts so good, "12,13,14,15" stop no don't "" another cum and another four strikes with the belt." 31,32,33,34" finally they are all in.

"Now anyone who wants, their own ass."

This cunt placed sixteen pieces of candy in twelve asses. Another $3500 in the coffin!

"Now bob my dear!"

This bitch in heat eagerly attacks all twelve asses licking and probing until she has eaten all sixteen pieces of candy, Everyone of the men exploded on her chest, tits, and face, There is not a dry bill in the coffin. This cunt came twice herself releasing fourteen pieces of candy. The whipping that ensued was exquisite. Finally the men begin attacking her. First a pussy then an ass, back and forth until all the 109 pieces were retrieved. This whore came several times all five earrings were twisted as tight as possible. When the gentlemen were finished Master declared that since all the 109 pieces had come out at least once, when it was retrieved and another thirty or forty had fallen out and been placed back in his bitch needed to be whipped nearly a hundred and fifty more times. Since there were thirty men including him in the room each would get to strike five times for ten dollars each strike. Another $1500. The strikes landed sharply on her rock hard tits, her soaking pussy, her stomach, her engorged clit, and her thighs. She went from red to a deep, pleasing shade of purple almost immediately. Her screams were those of a tortured animal, an animal tortured by both pain and lust After the first 75 strikes babe was turned over and the last 75 hit her back. On her back the sounds of her screams were muffled as she squirmed against the growing pile of cum soaked bills she was forced against. Her ass and the beautiful label Master had just applied took most of the vicious blows as the copious juices that flowed from her cunt filled the coffin so completely that some of the bills seemed to float in the sweet nectar of all the Gods in the room. her entire body was now a beautiful shade of purple.

For the final game of the day each gentleman was allowed to ride the "corpse" any way they wanted. Orally, vaginally, or anally. The prices accordingly were fifty, seventy-five, and one hundred dollars, double if they came in her rather than shooting their load on her. Again they could have as many chances as they wanted and again the whore was to keep count. This time to thank her for doing such a good job and making Him proud her Master would donate a hundred dollars every time his bitch came! This slave was penetrated orally thirty-eight times and swallowed twenty-three of them. Vaginally sixty-seven 67 times, being filled by forty-six of them. Each time this cunt stared to pass out a strong strike, from Master's belt, directly on her engorged nipples, brought her back to life . Anally she was penetrated twenty-four times and filled eleven. This cunt came twelve times! Another $16,225 collected!!!

As each gentleman left His slave for the evening totaled the amounts on their mirrors and issued their receipt. They were then allowed to swat her one time for every two hundred dollars they had spent. As the last person left, babe collapsed in Master's arms and he gently took her to bed telling her how very proud he was. As W/we attend each of the meetings in November, this slave wonders which people sitting at the table know where the $1,741 each organization receives of the $20,890 collected cums from. This slave blushes as red as the skin beneath her suit. Both because of humiliation, and because it would not be proper for her to look into the eyes of a man who this slave had served this slave keeps her eyes lowered. She will never be able to raise her eyes in this town again. She squirms both from the humiliation of feeling all of the leering eyes on her and from the welts that still cover her body. How wonderful it is to know Panther's babe has given him the gift of total submission. This slave wonders if W/we can break twenty-five thousand dollars next year!

On the way home Master gives her a note from her father. It reads simply, "Dear babe, your father, grandfather, and baby brother are very proud of you., love dad"

Panther's thanks to the following editors: markhotmail2000, mstrspusi, eclipso321, educated idiot, and snooper

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