tagLoving WivesTrick & Treat for Wifey

Trick & Treat for Wifey


My wife had arranged for a babysitter and plans were made for our first big night on the town for what seemed like forever. We were going to rendezvous with a few of my co-workers at the club for a Holloween party. I told my wife that I needed to know her dress size and shoe size and that I would surprise her by picking out a sexy costume for her to wear. She had no idea how big of a surprise I had in store for her!

My wife always complained about the way she looked after the baby came because she didn’t have time to work out as much she’d like, but all my friends and co-workers thought I was a lucky bastard for having such a hot looking wife. Suzy is only five foot three, has the most beautiful greenish-blue eyes, blond hair, small firm perky little breasts, and the nicest ass I’ve ever seen. Although we’ve been together for a long time, our sex life is fantastic. We’ve been able to keep things hot by using vibrators and dildos, watching porno movies, and lately by talking about our fantasies about having group sex. Although my wife gets really hot about talking about bringing in a third party (male or female) we never really acted on the fantasies. That was all about to change.

We were sitting around watching “Real Sex” on HBO one night and a vignette came on about a traveling band of strippers that perform at halls. What was unusual about the strippers was that they would rent halls, sell tickets and then have two shows going on simultaneously with male strippers performing for women and female strippers performing for men in different parts of the hall. What was interesting for me was that there was a lot of raunchy sexual contact right on the stage and in the audience and all the strippers (and most of the patrons) were black. I was really getting turned on looking at the hot black women shaking their big asses, grinding on guy’s laps and just plain looking sexy.

My wife was transfixed at the muscular black guys and kept saying “oh my god, look how big his cock is.”

I don’t know what was hotter, all the sex acts on the screen or the fact that my wife was drooling over someone else’s big dick! Needless to say our lovemaking that night was very hot and I had inspiration to try to make our threesome fantasies (or at least my threesome fantasy) a reality.

I knew we were going out for a holloween party and that we’d get pretty hammered, I also knew that we had a baby sitter for the night and we were free to get wild. And get wild we did! I called a few of the local “entertainers” and “escort services” and was finally able to find a male stripper that would, for the right price, “perform” for my wife. I went to the local Fredericks of Hollywood and with the assistance of a very attractive young lady, found the perfect schoolgirl costume for my wife. I bought a pair of white thigh-high stockings, white cotton panties, a red and black plaid mini (and I do mean mini) skirt and a tight white button down shirt. I also found the sexiest pair of black high-heeled shoes. I’m not a foot fetish guy, but these shoes were hot! Clunky four inch heels with platforms, black patent leather with a strap that goes from the back of her heel across to the front with a little buckle (alright, I dig stripper shoes what can I say). I was also able to get a little girl’s backpack/purse and some stylish black- framed glasses. I almost had a boner thinking how hot my wife would look in this outfit, with her hair done up in little pigtails and glittery make up.

I donned the cap and gown I wore when I graduated from law school (it still fit me after all these years) and carried a paddle (like a principal) and my wife was absolutely the hottest little schoolgirl of all time. Her legs and ass looked so hot in those high-heels, her thighs peeking out so invitingly over her thigh-high nylons, her shirt was tied up revealing her flat little tummy and sexy pierced navel. Suzy had what she called a “wonder bra” which was padded and pushed her tits together to really show off some nice cleavage. Her make up and hair were just perfect and everybody stared at her all night.

Suzy loved the attention and was really hamming it up with me spanking her and when she hit the dance floor all eyes were on her. I was proud that she looked so good and that she made guys hot for her (and envious of me). I commented several times when guys were looking at her ass and tits and kept telling her how hot she was and that I wanted to fuck her right there at the bar.

It was only about 10:30 and although Suzy was feeling no pain, she did not want to go home yet. I had to pry her away from our friends and all her new admirers and Suzy’s pouting little lips turned into a sly smile when I told her I was just too horny and that I had to fuck her right now. I told her we were going to go get a hotel room so that I could do it right. Suzy was also horny and was putting on a show for me by pinching her nipples and spreading her legs in the seat next to me as I drove. I went into the lobby and acted like I was checking in, but I had already checked in earlier that day and had the room key in my wallet. I spoke to the clerk about sending up a bottle of champagne to our room and escorted my hot little wife to the room.

We got in the room and immediately started making out and groping each other. I resisted my temptation to just rip her clothes off and fuck her, but I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost 11:00. I had made arrangements for a big surprise for Suzy at 11:00. Suzy took off her shirt and bra, but I talked her into putting the shirt back on and just leaving it unbuttoned at the top so I could lick and suck her hard nipples. Suzy danced in front of me as I sat in a chair I had pulled away from the desk that was in our room. As she stuck her sweet as in my face I lifted her skirt, pulled her panties aside and stuck my face in her warm crack. I was amazed at how sweet her ass and pussy smelled and how wet her pussy was when I licked it. I was just noticing that she was freshly and completely shaven when I heard a knock on the door.

“Police Officer, could you open the door please.”

Suzy was startled and stood up and tried to cover up her breasts by crossing her arms. I got up (boner and all) and walked over to the door and looked through the peephole. I saw “Officer Steele” standing in front of my door, as anticipated, and noticed he was a big man.

I Opened the door and said, “Can I help you?”

Officer Steele walked in and asked me if Suzy (last named withheld) was here, I have a warrant for her arrest.”

I said, “there must be some kind of mistake, I’m an attorney, my wife has never been in trouble.”

Officer Steele looked at me and then at my wife who was cowering beside me and said “she may not be in trouble now.”

Officer Steele told my wife to turn around and when she did he looked down at her sweet little ass and gave me a wink as he pulled out a pair of hand cuffs and cuffed her hands behind her back and told her to sit down in the chair that he pulled towards the center of the room.

My wife began to sniffle a little bit and I felt sorry for her because I could tell she was really scared. When the “Officer” started fiddling with the clock radio and turned up an R&B tune, I could tell that Suzy began to realize something was up. The uniform just said “police” without any city or county and the badge was plastic. Officer Steele was about six foot four, with huge arms and shoulders, and he looked like he could play tight end for the Chicago Bears.

He began to dance a little and said “your husband told me you’ve been naughty.”

Suzy realized she’d been had and started to laugh and cuss me out. As planned, Officer Steele had no intention of letting up though. As Suzy was trying to free her arms and telling us to let her go, Officer Steele began gyrating his hips in front of her and told her he wasn’t through with her yet. I could see though the Officer’s clothes that he had a huge package and when he pulled off his shirt, Suzy sat up and really started to look him up and down. Suzy wasn’t laughing anymore and I could tell she was digging this guy.

I sat on the bed and watched as this huge black guy was putting on a personal show for my wife. He pulled off his pants and he had on a g-string/sock that covered his tool but it was obvious that he was very, very well endowed.

Suzy was looking into this man’s eyes at first and then she looked at his chest, stomach, and then locked onto his enormous cock. As she watched his huge cock flopping up and down as he thrust towards her face, she bit her lower lip and I could tell that she was really getting horny.

The Officer straddled my wife’s legs as stared at his cock and he began pumping his cock in the air and actually touching my wife’s head and face with his dick. Suzy turned her head to look at me as I moved down the bed to get a closer look and I could see him grab her by her pigtails and turn her to face him. He started gyrating slower and was licking his dark lips with his long pink tongue. He turned around and shook his ass in her face and then pulled the g-string off. I about hit the floor when he turned around and was buck naked in front of my wife. He started twitching his cock a few times and it wasn’t completely hard but it was huge! It had to be a full ten inches long, three or four inches wide, was about the color of milk chocolate all over (including the head) and he had a pair of huge, hairless balls. Suzy licked her lips and I could see her kind of gulp as she examined this huge cock for the first time as it was only inches from her lips.

Officer Steele stopped dancing and just stood in front of my wife. He leaned forward and put his huge, shiny black cock head softly against my wife’s chin and lip. I could see her take a deep breath, slowly open her mouth, lean forward and take his head into her hot mouth.

His dick was so big, and not quite hard that it kept slipping out of her mouth and rubbing across her face as he slowly thrust his cock forward trying to get her take it in her mouth. She ended up just licking and running her lips up and down his huge, veiny shaft and down toward his big balls. She looked longingly at me as I was pulling out my cock to stroke as he grabbed her head softly and pushed his big cock into her mouth.

“Yeah baby, suck that big black cock" he said.

“Do you like my big black dick, baby?” he asked as he was slowly fucking my white little slut wife’s inviting mouth.

My wife’s mouth was stretched to the max as she tried to accept all of his huge black dick in her mouth. His dick had grown so big that she could barely take 1/3 of his length in her mouth and she gagged several times trying to take more of it.

Officer Steele was looking down at my tiny white wife sucking his big fat black cock and started telling me how hot my wife was, that he couldn’t wait to fuck her sweet pussy, and asked me if I enjoyed watching my wife suck his big dick. I was too horny for words at that point, I just nodded and kept stroking my cock.

Suzy leaned back and Steele’s cock popped out of mouth and a long strand of pre-cum and saliva dripped down her chin and onto her heaving tits.

She pulled her legs around him and put her thighs up on the arms of the chair and said “fuck me with that big black cock, officer!”

I couldn’t believe my eyes- my wife was still wearing her skirt, nylons, white cotton panties, those sexy high heels, and she was begging to get fucked by a black man with an enormous cock that she knew for all of ten minutes.

Steele grabbed her around the waist and threw her on the bed next to me face down. My wife scrambled to get up on all fours but ended up with her face buried in the covers and her ass up in the air because she still had the hand cuffs on.

I turned to look at the absolute lust in her eyes and said “yeah, fuck that white pussy, man.”

Steele commented on how sweet her ass was and that he was going to fuck that ass too. He pulled her panties off and pulled up on her waist to get her back on her knees with her ass in the air. He rubbed a thick black finger over her tight asshole and put it into her hot, shaved pussy.

“Man, she’s ready to get fucked alright” he said as he put another finger into her pussy, making my wife moan in pleasure.

Steele said, “I got to taste this little pussy first though” as he leaned forward and stuck his long, pink tongue on her clit and flicked a couple times.

I got up and got behind my wife to admire the view when I heard a knock on the door.

I heard a man’s voice say “room service” and I remembered the champagne.

I looked down and saw a big black man spreading my white wife’s ass cheeks and devouring her dripping pussy as she moaned, writhed and bit the bedspread that was bunched up by her mouth as her face was pressed against the bed. I admired the curve of her back as her ass was up in the air and didn’t want to mess it up.

I said “don’t stop, I’ll be right back.”

I looked out the peephole and saw a young man standing there holding a bucket of ice with the champagne and two glasses . I opened the door and said come on in. The guy was a little younger than I had thought, but he looked like he was of legal age. He was an athletic looking white guy, not quite six foot tall with short brown hair. He looked at the spectacle on the bed and nearly dropped the champagne. I acted nonchalant about it (like, “what, have you never seen a sexy little white slut wife getting fucked by a big black guy buddy?”) and asked,

“How much do I owe you?”

He just looked at my wife getting her pussy licked and ignored me.

“My wife’s pretty hot, huh?” I said.

I noticed that my boner was sticking out of my pants and pre-cum was dripping from the head. I gave the kid a couple of twenties and told him he could hang out for a while if he wanted. He looked at me and smiled as he stepped closer with me to get a better view. My wife was obviously cumming as she moaning, grunting, wailing and thrashing about with her ass in the air. Steele was sucking on her clit and making her squirm.

“Honey, we got company!” I said, turning to the delivery boy.

“I’m Rod,” he said, as he stepped into my wife’s view.

She was in such a state that she didn’t care.

Steele just nodded at Rod and stroked his cock to make it hard again.

“Let’s all fuck this little white whore,” Steele said.

Steele steadied my wife’s sweet white ass by softly grabbing her hips and rubbed his shiny boner over her clit, through her wet pussy lips and along her tiny asshole and ground the base of his cock and balls against her hot clit. His cock rested between her ass crack for a few seconds before he did it again. His dick got shinier with her pussy juices as he ran his big head over her pussy, parting her wet lips and slightly stretching her little asshole. His magnificent cock now filled her ass crack and his shiny head stuck into the air above her arching lower back as he ground the base of his cock into my wife’s pussy, pulling her hips towards him. Without even noticing it, I was now only inches from my wife’s ass and watching this black stud about to fuck my wife’s tight little pussy.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and said “let me help you with that” under my breath as Steele grabbed his cock by the base and slowly put his huge cock in my wife’s tiny bald pussy.

I actually held her ass steady and got right down there to see her pussy lips stretching to accommodate this big black boner. When Steele bottomed out in her pussy, my wife just let out a gutteral moan and I turned to see Rod stroking his cock with one hand and tweaking my wife’s nipple with the other.

Steele pulled his cock all the way out and slamming it all the way back in and started to pick up the pace. I reached under my wife’s leg and started rubbing her clit with my fingers as she was getting fucked by the biggest black cock I had ever seen. I was overcome with lust and just had to lick that clit. I slid on my back under my wife and could feel Steele’s heavy balls hit me in the head and face as I positioned myself to suck my wife’s clit. I was able to stick my tongue out and press my wife’s hot, wet clit against the shaft of that big black cock. I just held my tongue there and could feel Suzy’s pussy and clit ride the contours of Steele’s shaft and head as she screamed that she was cumming again. I could feel my wife’s pussy convulsing as I pinned her clit against that throbbing cock.

Steele pulled his cock out of her soaking wet pussy and said “I’ve got to fuck this ass now!”

I noticed that he had his huge wet thumb buried in my wife’s ass as I got out from under her. He fucked her ass a little with his thumb as he looked at me.

I heard my wife saying no, almost begging him not to fuck her ass. I have never been able to fuck my wife in the ass because my six-inch dick is too big and thick for her to take, but I wanted him to try to stick that big fat black cock in her tiny ass at that moment. As she was protesting I said no, we’ve got to stop now.

Suzy said, “take these fucking cuffs off me and I want to suck that big black cock again, baby.”

As we took off the handcuffs and pulled my wife up onto her unsteady legs, she smiled at Rod and grabbed his cock and started stroking it as she turned toward Steele. My wife kneeled down in front of Steele and grabbed his cock with both hands.

She looked at his throbbing dickhead and then looked at me and said, “This fucking cock is so fucking wonderful.”

She stuck out her tongue and licked her pussy juice off his shaft like she was licking a giant lollipop. She put that big black cock into her hot mouth as far as she could and began stroking his shaft with both hands. Rod and I crowded around next to her stroking our cocks as she expertly sucked that huge black dick.

If I didn’t have “whisky dick” from all the booze I consumed, I would have shot my wad long ago. I was hoping Steele would hurry up and cum so that my wife could service me. My wife has never let me cum in her mouth before, so I was anxious to see what she would do as Steele was began groaning.

Steele announced he was going to cum and my naughty little slut wife tightened her grip around his shaft and pressed her hands down to his balls, causing his cock head to turn very shiny and angry and nearly double in size. She pumped his cock slowly and looked at me as she opened her mouth slightly and stuck out her tongue a little bit to take his load.

I heard Rod saying “oh my god, oh my god” and looked to see him stroking his cock furiously. His cock was a lot smaller and thinner than mine and he was just going to town on it right next to my wife’s face.

My wife was obviously surprised by the sheer volume and force of Steele’s orgasm. Streams of thick white cum erupted from Steel’s shiny black cock head shooting into the air and into my wife’s mouth, and onto her face and hair. My wife leaned back and closed her eyes as the first wave of cum shot into her hair, across her face and into her mouth. Three or four more waves of hot cum found my wife’s eager mouth and she swallowed some and let some just drip down her face and chin and onto her sweaty tits.

As she leaned forward to suck the rest of the cum out of Steele’s throbbing unit, Rod grabbed her forcefully with both hands on her neck and jaw and pulled her towards him.

Rod shoved his dick in my wife’s mouth and fucked her face for about thirty seconds as he grunted and screamed that he was cumming. I could see my sweet little wife gagging and laboring to swallow Rod’s cum as he buried his cock to the hilt in her mouth again and again.

I saw thick wads of cum leaking out around Rod’s dick and dripping and rolling down my wife’s chin and felt my own cock starting to spurt.

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