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Trick or Treat


There is something about Joan that most men find irresistible. Her long raven hair past her shoulders, lovely dark green eyes. Her voice almost sounds like she is purring. That body of hers is as "beautiful as any woman in playboy."

Joan never is with out a male companion. You see very few females around her, they just don't seem to like her very much. Joan's beauty and very sexy personality just may have something to do with that. Joan is striking at about 5'8" 140lbs."You know that body is built for sex."

Terri Rivers LPN is a firry red head who always wanted what other women had. She tried many times to learn the secret of Joan's success but has been unsuccessful. Terri will not give up and it thrills Joan to no end to see this woman try like this. Joan even feels she may even help her along the way. Terri is the assistant to Dr. Penleton who lives with his mother.

He also loves to fuck Joan, and she sees to it that he always brings her some rare jewels back from Europe.

Dr. Harry Penleton has just returned from Europe and was suppose to see his mother but instead made a detour to a house on Brair Ln. the home of Joan Fender. He rang the bell and Joan answered the door and kissed him on his lips saying welcome back my good Doctor. She tells him will you please come in. Harry sits down and Joan brings him a cup of tea. "She sweetens it with a special elixir that soon will have him eating out of her hand."

Harry stand up and let me see that beautiful cock of yours and he obeys. Harry pulls his 8 inches out of his pants and she tells him sit back down. Joan then raises her dress and pulls her black thong aside and sits on his cock and starts riding him like a cowgirl on a bronco. "God Harry I love your cock and you feel so good in my pussy." Keep driving that hunk of meat into me. "You just feel so wonderful, there is nothing like a stiff cock in the morning."

Doctor Penleton is the big cheese around here so to speak. Of course the women let him get the last words in{ Yes dear } . These are what all men practice to say when wanting a stable home life. Just ask any woman at all she will tell you.

You now have two more members of this little story to meet. Martha Penleton the good doctor's Momma and myself. This woman until two years ago never had sex for more than two minutes and no more than twice a month. "John Penleton had to be the worst fuck on the main line in Philadelphia." She only laid on her back and never had an orgasm until she was 74 years old. John only fucked her three times on their honeymoon.

Myself, I am Isis, 24 inches long from nose to tail, Cobalt blue eyes and coal black short hair fur. "I am a familiar," one who is a close spirit with a witch or warlock. I also do the bidding and message work for my master. "I do tell a mean story also!" Just in case you haven't guessed I'm a Pussy!

My mistress Joan Fender is a woman whom men can not resist, And there are plenty of women who would like to do her also. Marty the Doc's mom is an old broad who has been turned loose. Let me tell you how this came about and why my Mistress was the cause of this creation.

This started two years ago on All Hallows Eve. When my Mistress first meet the Doc's Momma, Martha was just coming from a home that Harry had had her in. When she was her usual self, bitching and moaning about everything.

Joan had a good thing going with the Doc and she did not want it fucked up. Doc was going to Europe twice a year and was bring her back certain jewels that went into her elixirs.

As I sat on a shelf in her laboratory I took special notice of the potion that she was brewing. I knew it was a strong sexual potion that she would give to someone and whom I had know idea. But it was going to be fun to watch that I did know.

Joan had me sit in her lap and sent me to the Doctor's home. I was to make sure that momma would invite Joan for tea this afternoon. I waited as the Doc came in and his mom asked about Joan and said why don't you invite her over for tea today. Harry was surprised as hell, but did as Marty asked. 3pm was tea time in Harry's house.

That afternoon tea was quite pleasant and Martha seem to enjoy Joan's company. She did slip the elixir into Marty's tea but Harry drank from the same tea pot also which he rarely did.

This worried her but it was done. So now she must wait the twelve hours for All Hallows Eve to be over then the elixir will loose it's potencies.

Marty's eyes started to glaze over and her breathing became heavy. I moved myself to her bed room and jumped up to her chase lounge to get a good view of the room.

Joan and Harry brought Mom in and Joan said she would let Harry put her to bed. Joan left the room saying good night to Harry and gave him a kiss as she left. Harry takes his mom's clothes off and starts to put on here night gown when his mother grabs his cock and says Harry your father never let me suck his cock do you know that. Harry answers back no mom I didn't.

Harry was embarrassed that mom was talking like that but he didn't care all the sudden she was rubbing his cock and it felt good. Harry I really want to suck it can I, please Harry let me suck that beautiful cock.

Teach me how Harry please I want to suck it, "let me taste you." Marty now pulls down Harry's pants and underwear. She sees her son's cock and can't believe it is so much bigger than her husbands.

Harry takes his cock and rubs it over his mothers lips and she opens her mouth and starts to suck on her sons cock and now strokes that gorgeous piece of meat. His mother just sucked his cock for all she was worth and now Harry can feel his balls fill with the elixir of life as he starts shooting load after load of hot cum into his mother's mouth and down her throat. "Oh god Martha thinks to her self, I could have been doing this for fifty years."

She took everything from her son she could and wanted more. Harry she asked him, are you ready to go again and he said mom are you nuts. No son I just have fifty years to make up. "Well then get over here and bring the Vaseline with you."

She did as Harry said and he was in a fucking frenzy. Mom you want to make up 50 years alright now, get on this chair and bend over the back of it. Marty does and I watch the Doc put the Vaseline on her ass then on his fingers and push them up in her and spread her sphincter nice and wide as he now greases up his cock and makes ready to push that big Mother into her. "That's a little cat humor."

A big glob on the head and now Doc pushes that cock slowly into his Mothers ass as she cries out in agony. He pushes in about half way then pulls back and pushes back in then pulls back this then he pushes in all the way and she moans and tells him keep going and don't stop. God don't stop Harry the pain and pleasure feel wonderful.

Mother and son have now picked up a steady rhythm and this old broad is definitely making up for lost time She is fucking her son like he has not felt before. Harry can not believe how good Mom is with her first ass fuck. Marty is churning on his balls like she is making butter. It has been almost 25 minutes since he started to fuck her ass and now he is ready to cumm. Her muscles in her ass are now pulling him in and out. Squeezing that big cock waiting for him to fill her asshole with his joy juice. She and Harry are having their own trick or treat.

I'm watching this and I know Joan can observe everything thru my eyes. I do hope the good Doctor finishes soon, because I'm missing my cat nap.

Just then Harry starts moaning and telling Momma that he is going to Cumm and his body starts to stiffen and he starts driving that big cock into his poor Mothers asshole. Load after load of hot Cumm shoots into her bowls. Martha is now in the heavenly feelings of her own orgasm and is also "cussing out John, Harry's father for not fucking her like a man." Her orgasm leaves her in a euphoric state as this is all most to good to be true.

Their orgasm's have now subsided and both mother and son lay next to each other and fall asleep. They do seem sated for now and I'll be able to take my nap.

I had all ready delivered a little package to Terri for her first visit to Joan's abode. I'm sure it will be interesting. But now it is my nap time and I'm tired.

I'm awaken by a sound as I see Martha stir and she sees her naked son and his beautiful cock still laying there. Oh son she says let me get a towel and wash cloth and clean you off. She comes back with a warm wet cloth and washes his cock and balls then dries them.

I watch as she now takes him into her mouth and starts to gently run her tongue over the head and then run her lips up and down Harry's shaft. Harry has awaken and is loving this treatment, but tells mom that he wants to eat her pussy.

No dear she says to him that will be for a special time. This is what I want right now is just to suck your beautiful cock and taste your cumm as it goes down my throat. Remember I have fifty years to make up.

Momma now goes back to what she was doing and Harry lays back with a smile as momma is going to give Joan a run for her money. Maybe Joan created her own monster with that potion. It just may have been to strong.

Momma is sliding up and down on his cock with her mouth loving the taste of his pre cum and she is trying like hell to get past the gag reflex. Harry can feel this and it is driving him wild with lust for his mother as he now grabs her head and starts pumping her mouth with his cock and she is now really into it. Her hands can not go around it but she still tries to stroke his cock in time with her sucking. She comes off his cock long enough to say yes son fuck my mouth Cumm in Momma's fucking mouth and she goes back down on his dick.

Harry now tells his mother what a great cock sucker she is and how good she is making him feel. "Momma oh god Momma suck my cock I want to Cumm in your belly and fill you up." He pulls his mother to him and he felt her throat open and his cock went all the way in as her lips rested in his pubic hairs.

This caused him to explode with great force as the first spurts went down Mommas throat into her tummy, and she had to pull back to breathe and she went right back on it. Martha was not going to miss a drop of her son's nectar. She said it was the real nectar of the Gods, and it was her sons.

Harry looked into his mother's eyes and can not believe that it was this woman who had just given him the best blow job he can ever remember. Mom I have never Cumm like that in my life and you say you never sucked a cock but what a night we just had. It may never happen again but at least I have known what it is like to be fucked by a man. The very man that I gave life to. God I wish I know how to fuck like this when you were a teenager.

Once midnight came the potion wore off and momma and son would be left to their own devices. I watched as both showered, as the Doc washed his mom and dried her and put on a clean night gown and tucked her in with the biggest smile on the old woman's face.

The Doc took his shower and he was lost in deep thought as I watched him stroke his big cock as he cleaned himself. Harry dress and made sure momma was all right and went in and called Joan and asked if he could come over and she said of course Doc my pleasure. Joan was surprised seeing how he had just fucked the shit out of his mother's ass and she gave him a nice blow job.

Harry just fuck mom but she was not complaining. Joan loved Harry's cock and like his mom said his Cumm is the nectar of the Gods and there is not any women who would not swallow his juice.

Harry came in and gave Joan a deep longing kiss and she kissed him back with a desire that seemed unusual for her. She wasted no time and pulled Harry right to her Bedroom and almost caught my tail in the door as she closed it. I sat up in the window as those two just pawed each others clothes off. Harry pushed Joan down on her big round bed that is 8 feet in diameter and does revolve.

Harry stared at her beautiful breasts and those nipples that stick out about one inch and are so suck able, they almost make me wish I was human, almost. Then he worked toward her flat stomach and her naval most women would love to see on themselves. He then slides his tongue down into that beautiful cunt of hers.

Harry can not resist the taste of Joan's lovely pussy he just loves her juices. Then he puts a finger into her love tunnel then a second and starts sawing motion. He finds that G-spot of hers and now grabs her clitoris with his lips as he now picks her up off the bed by the two fingers he has sawing into her G-spot and Joan can not spot Cumming and I sit here watching my Mistress bouncing all over her bed screaming. This is the only human who has been able to do this to her and he does this with out a spell.

"She is Moaning no more Harry please no more Harry oh Harry I Love you, No more, please." Harry gives her so many orgasms that she can not keep count and they just roll through her. Mistress says nobody has ever done that to her before.

Harry finally comes up for air and I can see his cock is now ready for action. Her juices are all over his face and he just licks his lips and smiles. Now as he slides between her legs and pushes his meat into her lovely pussy. It grips him like a glove and he feels her muscles ripple up and down his shaft. He can feel her cervix as he drives into her as far as he can. Then he starts his slow with drawl until only the head is left in and now the assault starts over again.

They both feel the rapture of the moment and Harry's balls begin to fill with his nectar and Joan does want it. Harry is driving in into Joan with everything he has now. She is pounding back like wise. Their body's making load noises as pubic bones clash and Harry is now ready to explode. Joan's orgasms have now started and she has wave after wave of pure ecstasy has come over her. "Oh god she feels Harry explode into her." The heat from his Cumm is so wonderful on the inside of her womb as she feels all the Cumm this man has pouring into her pussy.

The hot Cumm is pouring out like lava from a volcano and Harry is moaning how good she is and how he loves her. "If this gets any worse I my go over on the bed and throw up a big hair ball." They did enjoy each others company and I wondered why she hadn't married him before this.

That was the beginning with Momma. Terri came a couple of days latter, when it was clear she wanted to be part of this fuck fest. Terri was in the Doc's office working on paper work when I appeared and jumped up and sat in her lap. She was a little surprised but she did pet me and said your a little black pussy and so cute.

She smiled and said I'm a big red one and giggled like it was a joke for the both of us. What she didn't know was I could smell her aroma and I know Mistress would love to taste her. So that afternoon Terri was to find out what it was like to eat Joans pussy and to have Harry fuck her also.

Now to present day 2006 and ready for Halloween and the best part of the story, from my point of view.

I'm sitting on Joan's lap and she is stroking my fur and I'm in seventh heaven. This to me is better than sex but of course I'm not human. Joan is telling me about her plans for one last fling for Harry to have before she gets him to marry her. He has asked her several times and now she wants to.

Her cycle will be coming up and she can get pregnant. "This happens only once with Joan every ten years," so it will be now or never with this marriage and she does love Harry. As Mistress pets me she tells me how happy she will be to have a little girl around the house to train again. It has been forty years since Nicole has left the nest and Joan is ready for mother hood again. Joan is still very young at only 220years old and can have at least four more children. "Terri will be there along with Martha and Joan that should keep the Doc busy on All Hallows Eve."

The evening is set to start at 6pm and continue until mid night, with the Doc fucking and sucking all three women. I myself had to deliver the elixir for this evenings festivities. I have my spot all picked out for this event. Harry and Martha came in first and are both dressed in long black robes with a half mask then Terri comes in with a long red velvet half mask, red velvet dress, red choker and her red hair in a French twist. My Mistress was stunning with a black silk floor length night dress and a single strand of pearls that Harry had bought her in Italy. Even Martha looked quite good for an old broad. All silver, along with the beautiful gray hair.

Joan had everyone retire to the bed room with drinks all ready set up there. Martini's for the ladies and J&B for Harry. His favorite scotch other than Johnny Walker Blue, but who wants to buy that just for a simple fuck fest.

I can see Marty's old tits sagging and her pussy full of gray hair and as I look around the contrast is amazing with red pussy hair black and silver it does look like something that a man would like to have a choice of which one to fuck and when.

Harry grabs his Momma and lays her on the bed and starts to put his head between her legs. He now starts to run his tongue up through her pussy lips and can feel her juices start to flow down her cunt. He puts a finger in side her than a second to make sure she will be able to take his cock with out hurting her. He slowly pushes those fingers back and forth to make sure her juices are flowing and he can feel Momma start fucking his fingers. Now he sucks on her clit and she tells him how much she loves him and he should have been fucking her all these years instead of John.

She tells Harry to give her that big piece of meat and fuck her like a twenty year old. Fuck your Mother like you are trying to nock her up. Fuck me Harry please make me come and fill me up.

He is now banging Mom for all he is worth and the other two woman can not believe this 76 year old women is fucking like a twenty year old.

I sit and watch as Harry pounds away. He gives her as much cock as he can. They watch as that cock pistons in and out of her and then he drives deep into his Momma and fills her with is juice as she just moans and smiles in ecstasy. They still can't believe it. Martha loves it no doubt about it. Joan thinks, and I created this Frankenstein and they said it was just a story. Man can that old broad fuck and just like a twenty year old.

Martha is sated and she lays in a big lounge chair as Harry has another scotch on the rocks. Harry gives her a soft kiss on her lips and says Mom that is from me. Martha just smiles and says I know son.

Terri is next and that red head is something else. She is about 5'2" maybe 130lbs. And she is good to go. 36c-24-38 and like the rest she loves the ass poked. I'm thinking it must be something in the water that these women like to get so much cock in their ass. Her ass is beautiful and you would think she may be black with that butt of hers. Her pussy hair is like a big red bush and she has a clit like a little cock and it is almost the size of Joan's. Mistress has the biggest I have seen in two hundred years. Yes I live that long and even longer.

Terri brings over a warm wet rag and washes off Harry's cock. Then she takes him over onto the bed and tells the other two to watch and to learn how to swallow a cock. Terri says to Doc lay back Sweetie you are going for a ride, and then she goes down on his cock. She wraps her tongue around the head of his cock and then slides her tongue up and down that shaft. She grabs the base and makes sure that he will not be able to Cumm for awhile.

As now she slowly pushes her self down past her gag reflex and into her throat that cock slides another two inches and now she is buried with her lips in his pubic hairs and squeezing her throat muscles on his cock and he can feel that and she is now trying pull the Cumm from his balls. Harry can feel Terri have a couple of her own orgasms as she is swallowing his cock and is taking his balls in hand very gently squeezing them. Now he is ready to Cumm and he pulls out and has the need to bury his cock deep into her and he pushes her legs back as he rubs his head over her wet lips and she feels that big head on her clitoris. Harry pushes in between her pussy lips and into her hole and drives that cock straight into her bottom and he can go no further. Right against her womb. Terri feels that big boy in her and now she wants him to take her to paradise. Make me Cumm lover make me Cumm.

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