tagIncest/TabooTrick or Treat

Trick or Treat


"See that big house Fancy? You never want to go to that house on Halloween, the guy who lives there, he's a vampire. He sucks the blood out of little girls and then buries them in the back yard."

Five year old Fancy Harrison looked at her cousin Robert; her eyes were wide and filled with fear. "But if I went there, you'd protect me, wouldn't you Robert?"

Seven year old Robert grinned, revealing a missing tooth right in front and nodded. "Sure, you're my cousin, and I would never let anything happen to you."

Fancy felt relieved, she loved Robert, he was her only cousin and now that she had come to live with him and his mother, really the only family she had. On impulse, she hugged him tight and kissed his cheek. "I love you Robert, I'm glad you're my cousin..."

Robert Towner blushed and took his younger cousin's hand. "Come on Fancy, mom will be mad if we're late getting home for supper."

They ran back to the old house down by the railroad tracks once inside, Fancy forgot all about the big house up on the hill. She helped clear the table and did all the things her aunt asked her to do, and when she fell asleep that night, she dreamed of her mom and dad, and the sound of metal hitting metal.

Seven year old Fancy looked at her cousin and shook her head. "No, I don't want to go up there Robert. You told me a vampire lived there and that he sucked the blood from little girls and buried them in the back yard."

Nine year old Robert laughed. "You're just a chicken Fancy, it's just a house, and the other kids told me the guy who lives there gives out a lot of candy. You want candy don't you...?"

Fancy did, her aunt Helen didn't let her have sweets or other things because she said it was bad for her teeth. Robert gave it to her once in a while, but made her promise not to tell. "Will you come with me, to protect me; I'll give you half my candy if you will."

Robert grinned. "Sure, I won't let the big bad vampire hurt you at all..."

They ran up to the porch and rang the creepy looking door bell. When the door opened, Fancy looked up at the man who was suppose to be a vampire. He was old and bent and he had a nice smile. "Well, well, what do we have here? A little princess and a knight, have you come to slay a mean old dragon, or get a big bag of candy...?"

The two of them answered in unison, "Candy!"

"And what do you say to get your candy?" Bright blue eyes glittered with amusement.


The man laughed and put a large bag in each of their Halloween bags. "There you go, are you having fun tonight?"

Fancy remembered her manner. "Yes sir, and thank you for the candy. Come on Robert, we need to go home now...Aunt Helen will be waiting for us."

At the house by the railroad tracks Fancy's aunt looked at the big bags both of them had collected from the man in the house. "Well, finally a responsible person in this town; all of his treats are sugar free. And don't look at them like that Robert, if you do, I'll give them to Fancy, that way she can have treats to eat while you get rotten teeth from all that sugar."

Robert looked at his mother then at Fancy, "She can have them, and she's getting fat anyway..."

Aunt Helen slapped her son. "Robert, now you apologize to your cousin, I explained about her condition, and the pills she has to take. And just for being so rude, you can wait on your candy for now, until you learn to be polite."

Fancy watched as her cousin ran off to his room and looked at her aunt. "Aunt Helen, why did you hit Robert when he said I was getting fat?"

Her aunt sighed as she at her, "because he wasn't being nice, it was a very mean thing he said to you. But it is just a word, all of us Fancy are made different, you know that. Some of us are bigger and taller or shorter and skinnier than others. I just don't like it when other people call people names. Now just take your candy and go off to bed, it's getting late and you have school tomorrow."

Fancy did as she was told and when she dreamed that night, she dreamed of the nice old man and promised herself that she would wave at him if she saw him again.


Nine year old Fancy looked at her cousin and his friends. "You're supposed to go with me Robert; you know your mom told you had to..."

Eleven year old Robert looked at her and sneered. "Why would I want to go with a fat pig like you? And I don't care what mom says, me and the guys are going to go trick or treating on our own. So just go do what you want to do and leave me alone, I hate you Fancy, all you ever do is get me into trouble..."

Fancy blinked back the tears and nodded. "Fine, I will, and I'm going to tell on you that you made me go all by myself; I hope Aunt Helen uses her belt on you..." She ran off and at the house on the hill, she walked bravely up to the front door and rang the bell.

The old man didn't look so old or bent over this time. "Well hello Fancy, I haven't seen you since last year. He started to put a bag of candy in the pillow case but stopped as he saw the tears. "Why Fancy, you've been crying, now why is a little girl like you crying...?"

She swallowed hard, "Because Robert called me a fat pig Mr. Ravencroft. And that he hated me because I get him in trouble all the time. I don't mean to get him in trouble sir, I'm just doing what aunt Helen told me to do if people call me names."

"Well then it's not your fault is it Fancy, children should always do what their elders tell them to do, but you shouldn't be out here all by yourself, you could get hurt. My grandson is visiting me this year, wait a minute and I'll have him walk you home." Leaving the door open, he walked off and soon came back with a man who wasn't really a man yet. He was tall and pale, and had pretty black hair and dark green eyes. "Fancy, this is my grandson William; he'll walk you home and explain to your aunt what happened."

William gave her a grin and waved. "Hello Fancy, it's nice to meet you." He held out a hand that had long fingers and was as pale as the rest of him. "You'll have to show me where to go; I'm new to the area."

Fancy smiled back at the man, "I can do that, I've lived here for almost five years now."

"Wow, then you must know everyone in town. I don't know anyone."

"I know a few, but my aunt knows even more, she's lived her a long time."

As they walked to her aunt's William asked why she lived with her aunt and Fancy told him how her parents had died in a car accident and how she hadn't had anyone else to go to but her aunt Helen.

"Is your aunt good to you Fancy?"

"Oh she's so nice, she takes good care of me, and makes sure I eat right and have nice clothes for school. Robert says she spoils me, but he's just angry all the time because I'm a girl and he's not." She looked up at William. "He didn't used to be like that, he used to tell me that he'd always protect me if someone tried to hurt me, but now he's the one who tries to hurt me all the time. He pulls my hair and pinches me and calls me names."

William smiled. "Boys are like that when they get to a certain age, don't think too badly of him, but if he ever tries to hurt you too badly Fancy, you come tell my grandfather okay? He'll let me know and I'll come help you."

"Okay, thanks William."

Her aunt was startled at first as Fancy introduced William to her, but then looked relieved as he explained what had happened and why he had brought her home. When she asked him to sit and have a cup of tea with them, he accepted and Fancy sat and drank her tea and listened to them talk until she grew sleepy and her aunt sent her off to bed.

The only time she woke was when her aunt was beating on Robert for leaving Fancy alone. Fancy might have felt sorry for her cousin if he hadn't called her names. Instead, she just smiled and rolled over to go back to sleep.


Twelve year old Fancy rang the door bell and smiled as Mr. Ravencroft opened it, "Hi Mr. Ravencroft. Trick or Treat."

The Elder Mr. Ravencroft smiled at her. "Well, hello Fancy, how are you tonight? Did you come for candy or to see if William was here?"

"Actually I came to tell you this will be my last year trick or treating, Aunt Helen says I'm getting too old for it. But do you mind if I just come and say hi now and then? It must be lonely for you living in this old house all by yourself."

"At times, I'm always glad when William or his parents come for a visit, and you'll be more than welcome anytime you would like to come and say hello. And tell your aunt thank you for all the wonderful cakes and pies she brings me now and then. How are things with you and Robert these days?"

Fancy sighed. "Not very good, he's mad now because I'm taller than him and he's been getting into a lot of trouble at school and such. I don't understand him Mr. Ravencroft, it's not my fault I had a tall father and mother and his dad was short."

"No it's not dear, well you better run along home, it looks like rain and you don't want to get all wet and catch a cold."

"No sir, bye Mr. Ravencroft, I'll see you soon."

Sixteen year old Fancy sat back in the high back chair and watched as Mr. Ravencroft drank his tea. "I don't know what to do Mr. R, I know Aunt Helen is sick, but she won't go see a doctor and now with Robert coming home from that detention center, its worse."

"Suppose I go see your aunt, I know something about illness, and maybe I can suggest something that might help?"

"Oh would you? She's all I have in the world and I don't know what I would do if I lost her Mr. R."

"You won't lose her, and by the way, come by in a couple days, William will be coming to visit and he asked me to tell you that he especially wants to see you and hear how you're doing."

Fancy blushed, she had a crush on William and had forever it seemed. He had grown into a tall, well built man and she was sure he must have a hundred girlfriends. He was never going to pay attention to a gal like her who was tall and full figured and fighting skin blemishes. "I'm glad he's doing well."


Eighteen year old Fancy shivered as she stood in the cool October air and decided that a day like this was perfect for a funeral. She felt William put his hand on her shoulder and was glad he had been able to come and be here with her, Robert was no help, all he wanted to do was sit around all day and smoke his pot and drink his beer. That and look at her in that odd way he had. She didn't like it when he did that, it made her feel dirty and fearful of what he was thinking.

William walked her to his car and opened the door for her. As she slid in her dress hiked up a bit and revealed her leg more than she liked. She had yet to get to her weight goal but she was proud of being under 225 and had dropped down to a size 16 almost. She hoped to be in a 14 by the spring, but would be happy if she could maintain a 16 and stay close to 200 pounds.

"Thank you for being here today William, I don't know what I would have done without you and your grandfather these past few weeks."

He shut his door and buckled up his seatbelt. "It's been our pleasure Fancy, so what will you do now?"

"Get a job, and an apartment of my own. Aunt Helen left the house to Robert and I both, but I don't want to live there with him. He makes me feel creepy, watching me all the time. Just today I caught him watching me sleep, and when I asked him what he was doing in my room, he just smiled and walked out."

William grinned. "Well you are a beautiful young lady these days Fancy; I can understand him liking to look at you."

"But he's my cousin, and I don't like the way he looks at me. Its how he looks at those women he brings to the house and has sex with."

"Have you had sex yet Fancy?"

"No, and I don't know if I ever will. The guys in this town and I don't get along real well. I keep remembering all the names they called me and how they treated me when I was a kid." She looked at him. "To be honest, you and your grandfather are two of the few people in town who I like."

He put his hand on her arm. "We like you too Fancy, and remember, we're here for you if you need us. Now, you do remember you're coming to have dinner with us tonight? I brought you a very special graduation present and grandpa has something for you too."

"I'll be there, seven-thirty right?"

"Yes, now relax and don't worry too much about your cousin..."

At the house Fancy did the few chores that were necessary, then went to her room and laid out the outfit she was wearing to the Ravencroft's for dinner tonight. A glance at the calendar reminded her it was Halloween and it had been thirteen years since she had first seen the house on the hill. She felt like telling Robert, he had been wrong, no vampires lived there, just a lonely old man who had few family and even fewer friends. Instead she concentrated on picking out just the right clothes and accessories the way her aunt had taught her to, and she picked up the small silver cross her aunt had given her just before she died. Putting it on, she gathered up what she needed for her bath and was glad Robert was off somewhere. She didn't like bathing when he was in the house.

At seven that night she was ready to go, looking at herself in the full length mirror, she had to admit she looked good. Her whiskey colored hair was long and fell in soft waves to just above her butt, and her matching eyes were made up with soft shades of gold and brown. She had used special perfume that the elder Mr. Ravencroft had given her and it did mix perfectly with her body chemistry.

Getting her purse, and shoes, she went out into the living room and found her cousin sitting on his ass on the couch. He looked at her and frowned. "Where the hell you going, and why you all dressed up that way?"

"I was invited to have dinner with Mr. Ravencroft and his grandson." She didn't like how he was looking at the black leather skirt that hit her just above her knees, and the black silky shirt that buttoned up the front with pearl buttons. The top of the shirt was open just enough to give a hint of her cleavage and she liked how it felt on her skin.

"Yeah, and I can guess who the main course will be. You flat on your back with the grandson trying to get in between your legs. I saw how he was looking at you at the funeral, the man is twice your age and that grandfather of his, I don't trust the old fucker, I told mom so too when you were up visiting him all the time."

"Aunt Helen liked Mr. Ravencroft, and if it hadn't been for him, she would have died sooner than she did. Not that you fucking cared, all you did was sit on your ass and get drunk and high or go fuck some bitch you found in a bar..."

She never saw it coming, not until his hand connected with her face, and she stumbled backwards into the chair behind her. Robert stood over her and she saw the anger in his eyes. "And what the fuck you been doing with that fucking old man Fancy, letting him touch you all these years, and that grandson of his too? I bet that grandson has been fucking you since you turned eighteen, hasn't he?"

"No, he's a gentleman, not like you Robert; you're just an ass hole."

"The hell he is, and I'm going to find out for myself, I bet I shove my cock up you and you're going to be a loose as a whore from him fucking you." He dropped to his knees and began working at the opening to his pants. When he was free, he pushed her legs apart and shoved a hand up under her skirt. "Damn little cousin, you are hot as hell. Normally I'd like a taste of it, but I am too damn horny to bother right now." He gripped the waist band of her panties and ripped them off her. Gripping her hips, he pulled her to the edge of the chair and put the head of his cock at the bush of hair between her legs. "Yeah, I am going to enjoy this..."

Realizing that if she didn't do something, her cousin was going to rape her, Fancy did the one thing she could think of. Relaxing and smiling, she licked her lips. "Can we try something first, I saw a picture of this in a book..."

Robert smiled at her though drug hazed eyes. "Sure, what you got in mind sweets?"

Fancy raised her leg as if to put it on his shoulder and with power she knew she had gotten from her jogging and work outs, she kicked out at his chest. He toppled backwards from the force giving her time to jump to her feet and start to run to the door. She had just turned the door handle when he grabbed her from behind, and tried to drag her back. It only took her a moment to realize that he had grabbed the chain holding the cross and with effort she was able to break it before it choked her. The cross fell to the floor and she ran out into the night.

William opened the door to her frantic ringing of the bell and looked at her in horror. "My gods Fancy what the hell happened to you...?"

"It was Robert...he...he tried to rape me, and he said terrible things about you and your grandfather..." She began to cry and he pulled her close.

Mr. Ravencroft came to the door, "Bring her in William, into the study and get her calmed down while I pour her a glass of wine."

William sat with her on the sofa and held her close while his grandfather filled a goblet with the special wine he kept just for visitors. When he handed it to William, the younger man put it to her lips. "Sip this slowly Fancy; it's a special vintage and extremely potent. When you've calmed down tell us what happened."

The wine was warm and soothing and she sipped it as William had told her. Once she was in control of her emotions she told them what had happened and how she had gotten away from her cousin. Mr. Ravencroft patted her hand and shook his head. "You poor girl, well don't worry, he will be dealt with, and look at your poor feet, you ran out without your shoes. You stay with William while I call the police and go have a talk with your cousin. William, be sure you do something about her feet, they seem to be bleeding." He walked off and William held her until she had stopped shaking.

She felt warm and safe as the wine worked its way through her body, and she hated it when William left her to get a pan of hot water, a rag and some sort of cream to put on her feet. Kneeling down beside the sofa he lifted her foot and examined it closely.

"You've stepped on broken glass; this will hurt as I take out the shards. Would you like more wine first?"

"No, I'm fine for now, maybe after you're done." She liked how his hand felt on her foot; it wasn't like when Robert had touched her.

He was very careful and had a soft touch as he removed the glass and bathed her feet, the cream felt good as he rubbed it over the cuts and wrapped them with pieces of clean gauze. It wasn't until he sat back next her that she realized he had been able to look up her skirt and see her exposed pubic hair. She began to blush and William smiled as he handed her the refilled goblet.

"It's alright Fancy; I only sneaked a couple peeks. I'm glad you were able to get away from him; it would have been awful if he had been able to hurt you. The first time a woman takes a man inside her, it should be enjoyable for both of them."

"You'd never do that to a woman would you William?"

He shook his head, "No, I much prefer to give women as much pleasure as they give me. You know you can't go home tonight Fancy, you'll have to stay here in the guest room. Will that bother you?"

"No, I trust you and your grandfather; I still can't believe what he said about you both. He made your grandfather sound like some monster like you read about in the newspapers. But should he have gone to my house, Robert might hurt him..."

William smiled. "He'll be fine, Grandpa may be old but he can take care of himself better than you might imagine. Would you like some dinner now, you must be hungry."

She shook her head. "No, to be honest, I've lost my appetite and this wine is making me sleepy. Maybe I should just hobble up to the guest room and get some sleep."

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