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Trick or Treat


I'll never forget the Halloween of my freshman year in college. I had pledged a fraternity, but was now having second thoughts about living with these guys and being a part of that house. Most of them were jocks with rather strange ideas of fun. I wasn't a jock. I was the smallest pledge. I stand about five-seven and weigh about 125. I also didn't fit in as well as I thought I would, because, unlike my frat brothers I was actually interested in getting an education and I didn't have any stories of sexual conquest I could share, in fact I had never even kissed a girl.

So on Halloween night I decided that I would go to the library instead of carousing around with the other guys. As I walked through the campus I passed groups of other students dressed in a wild variety of costumes, all out enjoying the darkness of Halloween night, either trick or treating or heading off to parties.

I came around a corner and ran smack into four of my frat brothers. They grabbed me and dragged me along with them. I tried to explain that I was headed to the library, but they were yelling for me to join them and I think they were a little drunk. Down the street we went with me protesting that I had to go, until suddenly one of them held up a hand and told the rest to be quiet. He pointed down the street and we saw two girls walking toward us dressed in evening gowns. They hadn't seen us and I was quickly pulled behind some hedges. The others crouched down and pulled me after them. Then out came the shaving cream cans and the eggs.

I protested, telling them that they would ruin the girl's dresses. I was told to shut up and stay still. The girls got closer and when they were in front of us two guys jumped out behind them and I was pulled out in front of them with the others. The girls screamed and the guys attacked. They sprayed them with shaving cream from all sides and pelted them with eggs. When the girls tried to escape the guys chased them down the street. As the girls ran past me I recognized them as two freshmen that sat near me in English class. Although they had always been a bit rude to me, I felt really bad about what was happening.

The group disappeared down the street and I turned and continued to the library. As I walked I thought about those poor girls. I didn't really know much about them, but I did know they were both in a women's sports sorority. I had seen them hanging out with some of the women jocks. I had no idea what sport they played, but they seemed pretty fit.

After staying at the library for a couple of hours I headed back toward the frat house. The streets were quieter; I guess most of the revelers had taken their fun indoors. As I got near the house I heard a moan from a dark alleyway. I looked down the alley and there appeared to be someone lying on the ground. I walked a little closer and saw that it was a girl. She leaned up and asked me to help her. I ran over thinking she must be drunk and might have gotten hurt, but when I reached her she jumped up and I saw it was one of the girls that my frat brothers had harassed earlier in the evening.

I stopped short in front of her. She had changed her clothes and was now wearing a tracksuit. She looked at me with a sort of half smile.

"Are you all right?" I asked.

"I am, but you're not," she replied.

Her smile increased and then to my shock she punched me as hard as she could in the stomach.

I doubled over in pain and fell to my knees. As I tried to get my breath I felt hands grabbing me and pulling me to my feet. I opened my eyes and saw that I was surrounded by a half dozen young women. I tried to focus my vision. The other girl from earlier in the evening was there as well as four other much bigger girls.

I was dragged to a standing position and a big, strong girl got me in a full nelson, pinning my hands over my head. I could still barely breathe as the other girls came around and stood in front of me.

"So, do you think what you did was funny?" asked what appeared to be the leader of this group.

I still couldn't speak.

"You're going to pay for what you did. Your fraternity has been harassing us for too long. It's time for some pay back and you're it."

I started to protest. I told them that it wasn't my idea and that I had tried to stop them, but they just stood there and laughed as I struggled. When I ran out of things to say the leader smiled at me.

"Strip him!" she ordered.

I opened my mouth to yell, but before I could make a sound the leader hit me in the stomach again and the girl who was holding me let me slide to the ground where I curled into a ball. They stood around looking down at me.

I gasped for breath and looked up at them. The girl who had hit me was really huge, like a woman shot putter or weight lifter. She had a Nordic look with blonde braids and was at least a half a foot taller than me and probably had about 50 pounds on me. The two girls from earlier were slimmer, like runners and both beautiful. I had often looked at them in English class when I thought they didn't know. The others were still a blur as I tried to focus my eyes, but they were all taller and bigger than me.

"If you yell we're going to kick the shit out of you," one of the girls said. "Now get up and keep quiet."

I tried to stand, but was still trying to catch my breath. I managed to get to my knees.

"You better get up unless you want to get hit again," demanded the ringleader.

I got to my feet and stood in the middle of the six girls.

"You know, I don't think we're going to have to strip you after all."

I didn't know what to say. I had been so shocked when I heard her tell the others to strip me that I was overwhelmed with embarrassment. I had never been undressed in front of anyone of the opposite sex in my life and the idea of it stunned me. Now I was hearing that they weren't going to do this to me and I was filled with relief.

"Thank you," I replied. "I'm really sorry about what happened. I wasn't a part of it."

"Oh, did you think I was going to let you off?" she replied. "No, that's not going to happen. I said we didn't need to strip you because I'm sure you can strip for us yourself. Now do it! Strip!"

I stood there astonished. I couldn't believe she was serious.

"Do you want me to hit you again? Believe me, if I let these girls strip you it's going to be a lot worse for you. Now do it! Strip!"

I slowly pulled my shirt over my head and pulled off my shoes. I was already embarrassed, because I'm a skinny little guy and these were big muscled women.

"Look at this skinny little shit. Are you a man or just a little boy?" one of the others asked and they all laughed.

I hesitated, but the leader took a step closer to me and so I started to unbuckle my pants. My heart was pounding and I was starting to sweat, even though it was rather cold out. I looked down at the floor as I unzipped my pants.

"Let's see if the rest of him is just as small."

This brought more laughter as I dropped my pants and stood there in my underwear. I stopped and couldn't bring myself to take them off.

"Are you embarrassed?" asked one of the girls who got the shaving cream from my frat brothers. "How do you think we felt walking home covered in eggs and shaving cream?"

"Oh poor little boy!" added the leader. "I think he is embarrassed. Are you afraid to show the girls how small you dick is? Answer me!"

"Please don't make me take off my underwear," I pleaded.

"You didn't answer my question. Are you ashamed of your tiny dick?"

"Yes," I replied.

Everyone broke up laughing.

"Now we really have to see it," added another.

"But I think he's embarrassed enough already. I mean here he is taking off all his clothes in front of six girls! I don't think we should make him take off his underwear too. That would be just too humiliating."

I looked at her hoping she was serious, but she had a wicked smile on her face.

"I'm not going to make you take them off, I'm going to let the girls do it for you."

I couldn't move. I wanted to run, but I was surrounded. I thought about yelling for help, but I'd already tried that so I just stood there.

"You want to do it Bethany, after all it was you and Kristen that got egged?" suggested the leader.

Bethany stepped forward and stood in front of me.

"I'd be happy to. Now put your hands on top of your head and don't move!" she demanded. "The girls all want to see how small you dick is and I'm going to show it to them."

With that she stepped around behind me as the others gathered in front of me. She ran her fingers down my sides and they all laughed as I shuddered. Then her fingers reached the waistband and she started to slowly drop my underwear.

"Are you ready? Aren't you embarrassed that all the girls are going to see your little thing?"

They were all giggling and then she did it. She pulled them all the way down and pushed me forward as she pulled them off. I tried to cover myself, but one of the other girls grabbed me and pulled my hands behind me. There I was completely naked and fully exposed to their view.

It's difficult to describe what I felt. I was completely humiliated and my heart was pounding with embarrassment. I am little down there and with the cold and embarrassment I was even smaller, but I wasn't thinking so much about trying to be a big macho guy, I was just about ready to faint from shame.

"Oh my God!" yelled Bethany. "He's not a man he's a hamster!"

"My six year old brother is hung better than him," added one of the others.

"Is that as big as it gets?" asked the leader.

I just stood there unable to speak. She walked up to me and lifted my chin and looked me in the eyes.

"I asked you a question."

When I still didn't reply she abruptly reached down and grabbed my testicles and squeezed. I froze in shock. I had never been touched there by anyone and the sudden contact and the pain caused my breath to catch in my throat.

"Does it get any bigger when you play with it?" she asked.

Tears were welling up in my eyes and I tried to nod my head.

"Oh are you going to cry? Are you saying that it does get bigger? If we let you play with it can you show us what a big man you are?"

She let me go and took a step back.

"That can wait, first you need to be punished. Kristen and Bethany, are you ready? Got your rackets?"

The two girls walked over and picked up a pair of tennis rackets that had been lying in the shadows; tennis players, not runners. They walked over toward me both smirking widely.

"If you yell you'll get it worse, so take it like a man, even if you're hung like a hamster," the leader demanded and once again the girls all laughed.

The girl who had been holding my arms before came over and stood in front of me and I finally got a look at her. If anything she was bigger than the leader, taller at least. She was definitely the basketball type. She had a really pretty face and a long ponytail hanging down her back. She gave me an evil smile.

"Okay little guy, bend over and touch your toes."

She grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face toward the ground.

"I think I'm gonna need to hold this little one a bit better."

She swung one leg over my head so that her thighs were on each side and then she squeezed her legs together, trapping my head between them.

I started to struggle, but almost immediately I felt her hands on my hips. She grabbed one of my hips in each hand and lifted. Before I knew it my feet were lifted off the ground and my legs were dangling in the air while my head remained locked between her legs. I was completely helpless and totally humiliated. She had lifted me up like I was a child and held my bottom up in the air for the others to paddle.

"Let me go! Please stop this," I shouted.

Almost instantly I felt a hand reach between my legs and my testicles were roughly grabbed and squeezed. Once again my breath caught in my throat.

"I don't want to hear another sound out of you. If you say one more word I'm going to twist your little balls off."

It was the leader once again and then she pulled a little harder, lifting me higher in the air before she finally let go. I was horrified and humiliated. These girls had complete control over me and there was nothing I could do to protect myself or even cry out for help.

"Okay girls, let's see those backhands."

I couldn't see what was happening and I could barely hear what was being said because of the girl's thighs clamped against the sides of my head. Then I felt the first strike. The pain ripped through me like fire. I started to cry out, but caught myself as I remembered the leader's threat. Then the smacks came one after another, the two girls hitting me from either side. The pain was unbearable and I struggled to try to get away and kicked my legs in the air, but the girl holding me was much stronger than I was. I reached back at one point and tried to cover my bottom with my hands. The girl holding me let go of my hips and grabbed my hands and pulled them up. My feet were back on the ground, but I was still helpless.

"No way little guy. You're not going to cover up while I'm holding you."

The beating continued and my eyes filled with tears until they ran down my cheeks and I was sobbing like a little girls.

"Stop girls. Turn him around Chelsea," the leader said.

The pain stopped and I was once again pulled to my feet with my hands held behind me. I was sobbing uncontrollably and the tears were running down my cheeks. It wasn't just the pain that caused it, it was also the complete humiliation I felt.

"Oh look you guys. He's crying like a little girl," said one of the girls with the tennis rackets.

"I think maybe he is a little girl. He sure isn't a man. Are you?" said the other.

"Answer her you whimp. Are you a little girl?" demanded the leader.

I tried to speak between the sobs and managed to say, "I'm not a girl."

"You're not a girl? Well you're going to have to prove it. If you're a man you need to show us. Let him go Chelsea."

I could barely move my arms, but I managed to rub my bottom and then tried to cover myself.

"So little girl, show us you're a man. Let's see you make that little hamster dick hard."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Tears were still running down my cheeks and I just stood there covering myself and looking at her.

"What do you think girls? Does everyone wanna watch the whimp jerk off?"

"Do it shrimp. Rub that little nub you've got. Yeah let's see if it gets bigger than a hamster's," the others called out.

"If you don't start jerking it I'm going to think you don't need it and I'm going to yank it off. Now what's it going to be?"

With my heart pounding from embarrassment I reached down and started to play with myself. The girls cheered me on.

"Yo stud! That's it, stroke that monster," called out one girl.

"Let's see you cum for us," said another.

I was filled with strange feelings. I was still hurting and I was more humiliated than ever, but my body was responding and I started getting hard. I couldn't believe that was happening, but it was and despite my humiliation I started breathing harder. Just then Chelsea grabbed my arms and pulled them behind me again.

All the girls laughed at the sight of me standing there with my little penis pointing up in the air

"Oh it did get bigger. Now it is as big as my six year old brother's," laughed one of them.

"I think you need some help," said the leader and she walked up to me.

"Lay down on the ground," she ordered me.

I started to lie down.

"On your back," she ordered.

I did as I was told and she then told two of the girls to each take hold of one of my feet and lift them up in the air. I was pulled up by my feet until just my shoulders and head rested on the ground and I was looking up at all the girls who were looking down at me and laughing. The other thing I was looking up at was my penis, which was directly above my face.

"Who wants to do the honors," asked the leader.

"I will," said Bethany. "I've seen this little pervert staring at me in English class. Is this what you've dreamed about?" she asked as she reached over and grabbed my wilting penis.

"Well I bet you didn't think it would be like this, did you?"

She started jerking me off and despite my embarrassment it took only moments till I was breathing hard again and was about to ejaculate.

"He's gonna squirt," said Bethany.

I knew where it was going to go, so I turned my head and closed my eyes. Just then someone grabbed my face, I looked up, it was the leader.

"Don't try it. You're gonna cum on your own face. Open your mouth! One of you guys grab his nuts. If he closes his mouth, twist them off."

I opened my mouth and closed my eyes as I started to ejaculate. The girls were all laughing and saying how gross it was as Bethany directed my cum on my face and into my mouth. I didn't dare close it and I started to gag at the taste of my own ejaculation. This only got the girls laughing harder as the shudders ran through me and I gagged some more.

"Open your eyes little whimp," said the leader.

I looked up at her and all the others. My face was covered with my own ejaculation and the leader smiled down at me and then reached over and spread it all over the rest of my face and into my mouth.

"Taste good?" she asked.

"Well, I still think you're a little girl, so I have something for you to take home with you. Something that all little girls need."

The two girls were still holding my legs up in the air leaving me practically standing on my head.

"Spread his legs wide apart girls. Here's your present little girl."

She reached into her pocket and took something out and held it in front of my face.

"You know what this is? That's right. It's something all little girls need. A tampon and it's going into your little girl pussy."

I started to struggle.

"No, please don't," I begged.

"Do want your balls twisted again. What did I say about speaking?"

She reached down and spread my bottom cheeks. I closed my eyes again and felt her pushing it into me. I squirmed and tried to pull away but it was impossible to move with the two girls holding my legs apart. She pushed it all the way into me as the girls watched.

"Oh the poor baby is getting butt fucked by a tampon. Do you like that?" asked Chelsea.

Finally they let go of my legs and I slumped to the ground.

"Get up!" I was ordered.

What little fight I had put up was all gone. I was completely beaten and humiliated. I crawled to my feet.

"Now apologize to Bethany and Kristen for what you did to them."

I looked at the two girls who stood in front of me and thought about what it would be like to see them in English class after this.

"I'm sorry," I said.

"You look sorry with your drooping little hamster dick," said Kristen.

I didn't even try to cover myself any more. I just stood there and looked down at the ground.

"Well girls, it's still quite a walk back to the frat house for our little friend here. We can't let him walk home naked. Let's give him something to wear," said the leader.

With that the girls produced cans of shaving cream and a box of eggs. Some came up and started covering me with the shaving cream while Kristen and Bethany began breaking the eggs on my head. I just stood there defeated while they laughed at me and continued till I was covered with cream and eggs.

"Well little whimp," the leader finally said, "you win the Halloween prize for the best costume."

The girls all laughed and then turned and walked away leaving me to walk home in my new costume.

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Justin got exactly what he deserved, needed and wanted; well done Girls. Well written story with delicious humiliation and embarrassment.

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