tagBDSMTrick or Treat

Trick or Treat

bygypsy palliser©

Chapter 1

It was a dark and stormy night...thunder could be heard echoing in the cold, crisp autumn air and every couple of minutes there was a bright flash of lightning which illuminated the clouds in the night sky. How appropriate for all Hallow's eve, the night of witches and ghosts, tricks or treats.

She checked her image in the rear-view mirror, satisfied with her make-up, and feeling more than sexy in her tiger costume. As she approached the house, she sensed a sort of eeriness...or perhaps anticipation. Candles were dimly lit outside, and black light and strange, ambient music coming from inside.

Tiger rapped at the door...no answer. She rang the bell...still no response. She was sure this was the right address. She tried the door...it creaked open as another crash of thunder filled her ears. The wind blew the door shut behind her. She jumped and shivered. "Hello," No answer. Maybe she was the first person there. She was trying to figure out where the music was coming from. The back yard perhaps? She walked into the kitchen to put her beer in the fridge. Then from out of nowhere, he appeared.

"Glad you could make it, you look fantastic! MEEOOWW baby!" He startled her and she turned around, caught off guard. She noticed he was dressed up as a husky-looking lion, King of the Jungle, and he looked HOT! His sexy blue eyes wandered over her body, checking out her revealing costume.

"Geezus, you scared me! Am I the only one here?" she asked as she gave him a big hug, pressing herself against him.

"That depends. Trick or treat?" Lion asked playfully. He avoided her question and responded with this one instead.

"Treat" she answered, smiling in reply.

He pulled her into the guestroom and shut the door. He pulled her towards him.

" You're a tiger. You have to do what the King of the Jungle wants to do," he instructed.

He noticed her black print skirt barely covered the tops of her thighs. She was wearing black fishnet stockings, high heels, and a tight feline print top that showed off her cleavage. Velvet ears were set in her hair. Very sexy. He felt his cock harden.

Lion tied her wrists together, and encouraged her to bend over, her hands using the wall to support her. He kneeled down and started massaging her legs through her stockings, slowly moving his hands upwards, towards her inner thighs. Tiger felt her pussy respond in anticipation...getting warmer and wetter. He lifted her skirt to her waist and grabbed her ass. She wasn't wearing any panties, and the sight of her wet, shaven pussy peeking through the crotch of her black tights mesmerized him. He could smell her light perfume mixed with the slight, musky scent of her, and immediately wanted to taste her.

He began licking her inner thighs, tracing the diamond pattern of her stockings, with his tongue, up towards her waiting pussy. He licked her crotch, sliding his tongue up and down the centre seam, along her wet slit. She pushed back against his face, and raised her ass as she spread her knees farther apart. His tongue piercing through the netting against her skin and making her clit throb with arousal. He massaged her ass as he worked his way to her hips. His fingers grasped the waistband of her stockings and began to slowly inch them downwards. He noticed how slippery and wet the crotch of her stockings were, both from her trickling juices and his hot saliva. He continued to roll the material down her legs, finally removing them completely.

Lion slipped his fingers between Tiger's legs and began stroking her exposed pussy, playing with her clit, gliding his hand along her swollen lips. OOhh, how wet she was. She wanted to guide his fingers inside of her clenching, dripping cunt, she wanted to touch herself, but her hands were tied. She moaned and moved her hips back and forth.

" I need to feel your Lion Cock inside of me," she purred.

"Not until the Lion is ready," he replied huskily. He probed her clit with his tongue, and began sucking and rolling it between his lips. "The lion is still hungry and must replenish his fluids...."

Lion licked Tiger's shaven pussy; he buried his face between her legs, his tongue lapping up every ounce of her honey. He watched as his finger teased her dripping hole, and then finally thrust it inside of her. Tiger's pussy was grinding against his hand, and he inserted another finger. She growled sexily and began to push harder against him. She needed this penetration. Lion found her g-spot, stroked it until he could feel it swell beneath his fingers. He could feel the gushing walls of her cunt begin to clench against his fingers. He pulsed his fingers inside of her, stimulating the warm, slippery skin inside of her pussy. She backed against his hand faster, and harder, as he thrust his fingers deeper inside of her. He continued to feast on her pussy until she let out a long, low moan as she came. Her juices spewed onto his face in spasms and he licked up what he could. Lion slowed down his pace, but continued to slowly tease her clit. She felt shivers along her spine as her breathing slowed back to normal.

Lion satisfied his appetite for tasting and sucking on warm juicy tiger flesh. But he was aware that he kept the rest of the pride waiting for his prize.

"What if I had said Trick?" Tiger purred.

Chapter 2

Lion untied her wrists, smoothed down her skirt, and guided her by the hand into the kitchen to grab a beer, and led her outside into the back yard. She was surprised to see amidst the candles and the burning firepit, a small group of men in various Halloween disguises, having drinks, talking and laughing.

There was Tarzan, blonde, well built and muscular, carrying a vine made of woven leaves, wearing nothing but an animal hide around his waist. There was the Roman Emperor, his dark skin, and hair and eyes contrasting sexily against the crown of gold and the white robe he wore. There was a powerful black slave, bound in shackles, carrying a ball and chain. He wore a black mask, concealing his appearance. And of course there was Dracula, white fangs, black cape and a very sexy Transylvanian accent.

Tiger wondered what she had got herself into. She was lured by the Lion into his trap. She expected the party to be co-ed. He tricked her! However, she was still feeling hot and horny after the brief rendezvous in the guestroom. Lion introduced her to his buddies, and she made herself comfortable and started chatting and mingling with the guys. She would flirt, twirl her hair and cross and uncross her legs as she spoke, giving the men brief glimpses of her pussy. Each time she bent and reached for a drink, her low-cut blouse would reveal her cleavage and pert breasts.

After a few more drinks, everyone was relaxed and sitting on the wooden benches around the glowing fire. Tiger felt the eyes of some of the men begin to mentally undress her. She could see from their growing bulges that they liked what they saw. Dracula licked his lips and reached into his cape and produced a well-rolled joint. With a flourish he lit it and took a long slow drag. He held it in for a moment and let the smoke escape slowly from his lips. "Keeps the sunlight demons of the night away," he smiled revealing his polished fangs as he passed the burning weed to the Emperor.

Tiger knew from previous experiences that when she smoked pot, she would get extremely horny...almost insatiable. She was debating whether or not to smoke any when it was passed to her. It could be a dangerous situation, but they seemed like nice guys, and they were all pretty hot looking. She was already tipsy, and didn't want to be just a tease. Why not...it was Halloween, she was always up for an adventure. She always wondered what it would be like to be with a group of guys. What better opportunity?

The joint was passed to all of the guys, and finally came to Tiger. She pinched it between her fingers and took a couple of tokes. As she inhaled, she felt a slight tingling in her head. She exhaled slowly through her painted lips. The atmosphere around everyone seemed to change. The fire burned warmer and the flames were mesmerizing to watch. There was an electric current that could be felt in the air. Everyone was laughing, and carousing...and the Tiger was on the prowl.

Lion was watching as the feline figured out how she would approach her prey. She sat between the slave and the Roman Emperor. The Emperor carried the Staff of the Gods, made of smooth polished glass, with a small orb of jewels and a small cat-o-nine tail on top. It reflected the light of the fire. From beneath his toga, he presented some keys. He held up the staff and commanded the well-built slave to remove his mask. Submissively, Slave did as he was told, raising his 2 hands, clinking the chains that bound his wrists together, and removed the mask. He was beautiful. He had a strong jaw, full dark lips, and gorgeous brown eyes. However, in the flickering light, the faint outlines of a jagged scar running diagnolly across Slave's face could be seen. The Emperor unlocked his shackles from his wrists and ankles, and commanded the slave to bind the tiger. He was a free man but was still under order of the Roman Emperor. Tiger was the slave now. She giggled as she felt the cuffs snap shut around her own wrists. She felt the cold metal circle around her ankles, and tested the strength of the chain between her feet. Then she felt the black rubber mask pulled tightly over her face. She was still wearing her tiger ears and like this she felt like catwoman being caged against her will. She could still see everything through the eyes of her mask. Breathing was easy, and the feeling was sensational.

"Lay down, Tiger!" commanded the Emperor.

She did as she was told, and laid upon the warm wooden bench.

"Take off her blouse and skirt, Slave."

The slave slowly undid her buttons...

"Faster, you fool!"

Slave felt the warm sting of the cat o nine on his bare ass. He ripped Tiger's blouse open and pushed her skirt down around her legs. She kicked it free with both feet and lay naked and exposed except for the mask and chains that bound her. Dracula and Tarzan were captured by the events taking place by the fire, and came over to join in the fun.

"Spread her legs!" directed the Emperor.

Slave pushed her knees open. They both saw how wet and swollen her clean-shaven cunt already was. Emperor began flicking the cat o nine tails over Tiger's breasts. Her nipples hardened and she began to purr. He stood up and opened his robe. As it fell from his shoulders, she noticed his well-endowed rod saluting the gods. He picked up his staff. He traced the orb of it around her breasts down her belly and back and forth against her wet pussy lips. The jewels generated heat as they touched her. She moaned as she slid against the staff. Emperor brought the orb back to his lips and tasted Tiger's honey. Sweet and mild. He was hungry for the feast he was about to have. He ordered the slave to stand above her and fuck her mouth while he sucked on her pussy. The slave straddled her, and began to thrust his huge 9-inch dark cock into her mouth. She took her shackled hands and began to caress his balls as she saw his cock inches from her face. She licked his shaft and lightly grated his skin with her teeth. Her tongue lubricated his cock with her saliva, and she willingly deep throated him. She loved giving head, the feeling of a pulsing cock filling her whole mouth made her so wet.

The Emperor greedily began his feast. He spread Tiger's wet cunt open with his fingers and plunged his hot pointed tongue inside of her. She bucked her clean-shaven pussy against his face. He was tonguing Tiger's clit, as he fucked her with his fingers. The black slave pulled out of her drooling mouth and grabbed his throbbing cock in his hand and began to tit fuck her. Her nipples were as hard as the jewels in the Emperors orb. She pressed her breasts together and began to lick them as the slave fucked her cleavage.

Tarzan had taken his vine and wrapped it around his cock beneath the leather hide he wore. As he pulled on one end of the vine, the rope tightened around the base of his cock, making him more erect. Dracula was wearing nothing but his gloves and cloak now, and was stroking himself with his white-gloved hand. His fangs glowed as he opened his mouth and moaned as he watched the two men take control of the Tiger. He had one leg propped up on the nearby bench and Tiger knew she had them all in her trap, not the other way around. As Tarzan approached, she reached out with her chained hands and caught the end of the vine. She pulled him towards her and ripped off his scant covering.

"Fuck my pussy, Lord of the Jungle!" She begged.

The Emperor slapped her pussy with the cat o nine tails. Not hard but enough to sting.

"You do not decide when you will be fucked or who you will be fucked by! I make the calls according to the wishes of the roman gods! And it is I that will indulge you first! "

He plunged his ironlike manhood into her sopping hole slowly and deliberately, with the power and discipline he commanded. He heard the squishing sound of her juices each time he entered her. He felt her cunt clench against his cock, suctioning him as her legs began to shake. The black man pushed his cock back into Tiger's mouth. Each time the Emperor thrust, she would take Slave's cock deeper into her mouth. The movement became rhythmic as her mouth and pelvis moved up and down each of their huge shafts in tandem. She felt her legs begin to shake as her orgasm approached. She let a moan escape from her throat as the sound vibrated against the tip of the slave's cock. This was too much for him and he shot a load of his cum down her throat, pulled out and shot the rest all over her concealed face. Emperor began to fuck her feline pussy harder and faster. Watching the slave cum all over her face was more than he could handle. He spread her legs wider, and sent his rod into the far depths of her sex cave, pounding her harder and harder. Finally as she began to cream all over his cock, he pulled out and came all over her hairless mound and her belly.

"Dracula, it is time for you to feast on your prey, " Emperor ordered.

Dracula obliged, and began licking Tiger's dripping pussy.

"Turn over, Tiger!" Emperor continued to command the others.

She rolled over and assumed her new position on her hands and knees.

"Tarzan, make her taste your jungle-sized cock."

Tiger eagerly licked her lips and began licking the head of Tarzan's cock. She slapped his snakelike member against her cheeks as she flicked her tongue against him. She unwound the vine with her mouth and slurped up his precum. He felt the warmth of her tongue tease his throbbing manhood; she moved her bottom lip up, down and around the rim, causing his purple head to swell more.

Dracula bit her inner thighs with his fangs and sucked on her clit, which was now fully engorged. He scraped his fangs lightly against her outer labia, sending shivers deep within her. He fucked her with his tongue, with his white-gloved fingers, darting them in her tart pussy in all directions. Tiger was in the throes of heat now. She new it was her power that was causing all of this. She wanted to be fucked in every hole.

Meanwhile, Lion continued to watch from the shadows as she enticed all the men with her raw, powerful sexuality. He knew he would have another turn after everyone else. It was the King of the Jungle's responsibility to ensure that his pride was satisfied.

Tarzan continued to thrust deep into Tiger's wet mouth. She relaxed her throat and took him all in. He grabbed the back of her head and pushed it down further. He was close to cumming, but he wanted to fuck her. He pulled his cock out of her mouth. Dracula moved beneath her as she impaled herself down onto his waiting stake. She squatted on top of him and drove down on him hard, grinding faster, up and down, around and around. She felt Tarzan move behind her. He slapped her ass with his snake, and used her natural fluids to lubricate her tight, puckered asshole. Before she knew it she felt her ass being stretched by the head of Tarzan's cock. She had never been filled with 3 cocks before. Tarzan jammed his loins against her butt cheeks, thrusting the rest of his rod deep within her bowels. She felt Dracula's cock ramming into her at the same time. She used her fingers from her shackled hands to stimulate her clit. Both the Roman Emperor and the slave took turns filling her mouth with their battering rams. She was being fucked in every hole. She couldn't count the number of continuous multiple orgasms she had. As soon as one guy was done, another would replace him, and she gave them each a turn in fucking her every hot, moist orifice. She creamed and she came several times, as waves of orgasms shook her. But none of these guys could make her gush her sweet pussy juices like the Lion could. Nonetheless, her pussy was soaking and her body was covered in cum and sweat.

Chapter 3

The sun was beginning to rise, a sign that the night and its festivities were almost over. The effect of the alcohol and marijuana was slowly wearing off and everyone was getting sleepy and decided to get some sleep or head for home.

Now it was only Lion and Tiger outside in the dawn. He approached her, helped her up and kissed her hard. He pressed his warm body against hers, and she could feel how hard he was beneath his costume. It must have taken so much self control not to jerk off as he watched her perform with all those men. She admired him for his will power. Emperor left the keys to the bindings behind. Lion unlocked the cuffs and chains that bound her wrists and ankles. He removed her mask and led her into the house and to the bathroom.

"Tricked ya...Happy Halloween my ferocious little sex-kitten," Lion growled softly.

He turned on the water, removed his costume, and they stepped under the warm, cleansing shower. He lathered up the washcloth and rubbed her well-used and aching body. He massaged her neck, shoulders, her breasts and her back as she relaxed against him. He washed the cum off her belly, and erased the stickiness from between her legs. She felt his hand beneath the cloth as he stroked her tingling slit. He placed pressure against her hole with a finger, as the cloth rubbing against her produced a wonderful friction. She began to grind against his hand, moving back and forth along the soapy terrycloth. Lion removed the showerhead from its placement above them, and began rinsing Tiger off.

He knelt down to rinse off her pussy. He began to lick her clean, and noticed strings of cum were still seeping out of her cunt. She couldn't remember how many times she had been fucked, or how many guys shot their jizz inside of her. Lion lathered up his hands and began to slide them between her thighs. He aimed the showerhead at her clit and switched the setting to pulse. Tiger's hips began to quiver, and her clit started to become sensitive again. She pulled him upwards and began to soap up his smooth, shaven cock with the slippery lather.

"I think I'll shove my soapy cock into your pussy and make sure you're really clean, inside and out" Lion commented.

"Slide it in, my King, my tiger cunt is still hungry and craves lion meat."

She raised one leg and slipped his cock between her pussy lips. He embedded the head of his prick inside of her, grabbed her ass and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist. Her arms circled his shoulders as her slippery tits pressed against his chest. He took a step forward so she could lean her back against the tiled shower wall. Once they were stable he thrust his meat inside of her cunt, satisfying her craving. They slammed against each other. Each time he drove in deeper. Smack, smack, smack, her ass sounded as it slapped against the wall behind her. He reached around and down to the crack of her ass. He slid his finger forward and gathered some of her juice from her hot wet pussy, and smeared it up and down, teasing her puckered hole. He continued to pump his lion-like cock into her. It was like iron penetrating inside of her. She clenched her pussy muscles around his shaft, trying to suck him in deeper. He began to pulse his fingertip just inside of her ass, just where the nerve endings were. She began to feel her orgasm build up. He kissed and nibbled her neck, and behind her ears. His hot breath whispering against her most sensitive areas, and instantly the goosebumps traveled from her neck down to her slit. She grabbed his ass hard and pulled the Lion into her. Their bodies were slippery and warm from the water and soap. His body was pounding against hers, and her pussy muscles clenched like a fist around his throbbing cock. Her body was convulsing and she ground against him and moaned.

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