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Trick or Tryst


Trick or Tryst: A Boggle's Revenge

Kierlhyn loved Halloween. It was the time of year when people's imaginations ran wild. Anything was possible with enough preparation and dedication. Many of her friends threw elaborate parties, letting their creativity free in a bid to outdo each other. Of course it helped that her life surrounded her with artists from across the spectrum of genres.

Out of fairness to each other, and as the only way to truly rate and compare skills, the schedules were meticulously choreographed in order to keep from double booking. Unfortunately this didn't keep schedules from becoming a source of discontentment. In fact she was surprised Sophia agreed to allow her party tonight. No one ever wanted to follow directly on the heels of Burton's affairs. He was the technical director for a local theater and independently wealthy to boot. For sheer scope of scenery, props and special effects no one beat Burton. The other difficulty with following him was his tendency to save the best surprises for very late in the night, or more appropriately early in the morning. With little time to recover perceptions tended to be a bit jaded.

This year Burton's affair, his 'BA in Showmanship,' had a science-fiction theme. He rented out a warehouse, or possibly owned it, and divided the interior into three different rooms. Each room had a different style of sci-fi; the harsh corrosion of an industrial city-scape, the fine precise lines of a starship, and the bizarre flora of an alien landscape. The coup-de-grace came at four in the morning when the subtle, shifting shadows sprang to life. Half a dozen terrifying aliens, reviving the party in a rush of adrenaline charging the patrons.

Tonight Sophia reached for the opposite end of the spectrum, throwing a party where the theme was 'Dungeon Fantasy'. After a quick discussion with her friend, Kierlhyn decided on a warrior princess outfit. She favored it over the typical Amazon or barbarian as it covered much more of her skin while still preserving the sensuality of leather straps and taut flesh. She adjusted the strapless bodice slightly and scooped her breasts upward to fill out the cups more fully. Finally confident with her look she grabbed the sword leaning against the wall and headed out the door. While many would accept a fake or dulled sword, such would not do for her or her friends. If the hosts and hostesses went all out bedecking their themes then the patrons would do no less.

As the engine on her bike turned over she thought about the sword strapped to her back, wondering once again if she should have brought it. After all, if she ended up finding 'Mr. Right Now' it would be far more difficult to ride home if he had to arrange himself to wrap his arms around her waist and the sword. She finally admitted to herself the real reason she liked Halloween so much. It's the perfect excuse to dress as much like a whore as I can without people calling me one. She hated living in such a judgmental neighborhood. Just because she enjoyed the company of men, and women, she wasn't a slut or whore or any of the other cruel descriptions. She simply accepted her nature. Her friends all lived in another town because they refused to deal with the small minded, like her neighbors.

It was blessedly warm for late October, allowing her to ride her bike to the party while wearing so little. Even still, the wind whipping by raised goose bumps across her skin and tugged at her constricted nipples, pulling them tight. There is nothing better than a bike on a cool, but not too cold, night for preparing a woman for the hunt. She loved the way her nipples pressed and rubbed against the soft leather, the adrenalin of pure speed as she wove in and out of traffic, the hungry stares of men, and sometimes even women as her skirt twisted in the artificial breeze. Well, there is one thing better, she corrected herself as she dreamed of the ride home. Having someone perched behind her with their arms wrapped tight, their warmth spreading across her back, and perhaps even antagonizing her with pinches and prods as she tried to concentrate on the road.

Kierlhyn shuddered, taking deep breaths to slow her racing heart. She hadn't realized how much she was hoping to find someone until this moment. In her excitement even the bike, with the steady rumble of the engine between her legs, vibrated in tune with her desire. She was beginning to wonder if her car wouldn't have been a better choice. Probably. Although in the mood I'm in right now though I would never have gotten back home. I'd have dragged some poor fool out to the back seat! Her laughter flew away with the wind.

Knowing Sophia, there would be opportunity for debauchery should she truly feel the need. That was part of Kierlhyn's philosophy, not to deny basic desires or instincts. She approved of self control, after all there truly were times when everything was inappropriate, but there was a vast difference between control and denial. Tonight wasn't a business meeting, or even a brainstorming session, it was a party. Tonight was for relaxing; hooking up, not networking.

She smiled as she pulled off the main road and onto the dirt track. The directions had implied the party would be held in a cave outside of town and the path she was on looked promising. After a few minutes on the winding path, trees looming menacingly close to the road and spreading their limbs to block out most of the clear night's stars, she finally saw lights ahead. Kierlhyn wondered if power lines ran out this far for some reason or if Sophia brought in generators. She hoped only that any generators would be the newer, quieter, designs. Nothing spoiled a good theme party worse than the sound of roaring motors, drowning out the music and ambience.

She pulled around the last curve and the trees receded behind her, opening into a natural clearing by the side of the hill. There was a large opening she assumed would be the implied cave, on either side of which stood powerful fluorescent floodlights. The blinding white light served a double purpose. First, they lit the makeshift parking lot, allowing everyone the comfort of making sure their vehicles remained safe so far from civilization. The second purpose lay in their focus, by positioning the lights very particularly the opening in the hill could be seen but the contrast between light and dark prevented prying eyes from delving into the secrets within.

Kierlhyn parked her bike along the hillside, near the entrance. She stretched for a few moments, working free the slight tension of remaining in one position for so long, then adjusted her outfit. She laughed as she realized the show she had put on for all the staring people. Her right breast had almost worked its way free of the outfit, with the areola and part of her nipple peeking around the edge of the leather. As she readjusted her breasts in the tight cups she felt the familiar tingling warmth mix with the primal pulsing thrill that came from exhibitionism. There was something very satisfying about knowing people were watching, that their need was being driven by her actions. Every once in a while someone in her 'audience' would try to take things too far, but that's why she always made sure she was in control or had someone big around that she trusted.

The cave mouth was just as impenetrable from two feet away as it had been from twenty. Now the lights shone directly at her creating an intangible wall. She closed her eyes, hoping to block out the light and allow her night vision to adjust, unfortunately the lights were strong enough to seep through closed lids and prevent the full transition. Blind, she stepped forward and her world plunged into darkness.

She opened her eyes and the darkness remained for a moment before slowly resolving into a dim clarity. The rocky walls of the natural cave narrowed quickly into a short passage, lit only by the ambient light from the powerful spotlights outside. The end of the passage was barely visible due to a dim flickering source somewhere down the left hand fork. As she moved forward her vision cleared further, revealing the right hand passage had been blocked off with rough hewn wood panels tied together with what looked like petrified vines. Already Sophia was impressing with her attention to detail.

Kierlhyn turned down the left tunnel and more detail sprang into her vision as torchlight revealed itself much further down the seemingly natural corridor. The stone walls were uneven, smooth and moist with condensation. The grey and brown mottled stone seemed to shine as the orange, smokeless, flame flickered and played across the slick surface. Absently she brushed the clinging moisture away, onto her skirt, and began down the hallway. Within a few steps the first hint of sound whispered past her ears. Mixed with the still indiscernible murmur of voices was the fitting music of mixed strings and woodwinds. Sophia earned another handful of points by identifying period music and hiring musicians skilled enough to pander to a modern audience within the restrictions.

The airy music tickled at her core, sending a shiver through her strong enough that she stopped, her hand on the wall, to catch her breath. The humidity and carefully designed atmosphere conjoined, walking fine fingers across her senses to inflame the passions already building inside her. She pulled herself up, more determined than ever that she would find somebody at the party to enjoy the evening with. She strode forward purposefully, wiping away the condensation sticking to her hand as she stalked down the hall.

As she entered the main cavern the aroma of turkey and beef, potatoes and broth, wine and ale all assaulted her all at once. She looked in confusion at the division between corridor and cave and noticed intricately concealed vents designed to push air into the larger room, thereby keeping the heat and scent undetectable until she was virtually on top of the party. She couldn't tell if the vents were a natural occurrence or artificial device but it didn't matter. Either way Sophia had somehow found or prepared her site very carefully for stealth. That boded very well for her potential enjoyment. After all you don't need to hide unless you're planning nefarious plots. The thought made Kierlhyn smirk as she entered the room.

She looked around, surprised by the lack of people. In the room, not counting the musicians and caterers, were only a score or so of people. There had been at least that many cars, or more, in the parking lot. She was still pondering the discrepancy, and heading for the caterers, when Sophia noticed her, waved energetically and jogged over. A musky perfume drifted before the hostess and Kierlhyn once more found it hard to breath as the pressure built greater urgency. "Kier!" In her inebriation the nickname ended up coming out as one syllable rather than the normal two. "I was hoping you'd make it. And I'm so glad you chose that outfit. I always did like that show. So much subtext."

Kierlhyn wasn't sure what she was talking about but smiled and nodded anyway. "I like yours as well." It was supposed to be small talk, polite compliments for the dutiful hostess, but she realized that she really did like the woman's outfit. She wore an outfit entirely made of semi-translucent leaves of varying colors and sizes. Each of them appeared to be connected to the outfit by a single point as they fluttered about with each movement. As the pieces shifted and fluttered across bare skin Kierlhyn was fascinated, wondering how each could move independently while somehow maintaining cohesion. Every shift hinted at revealing the woman's entire body in all its splendor yet never did she so much as glance the tender pink flesh she found herself gravitating towards.

"It's the height of forest elven attire. Comfortable, flamboyant and provocative."

Kierlhyn nodded absently still watching the leaves and hoping for them to shift again. "That it is." She shook her head suddenly, clearing the growing lust. It was far too early for such thoughts. A true event needed to be savored, using the anticipation to build and entice the eventual tryst. "How did you possibly find this place. The setting alone is enough to rival Burton's last night."

"Oh don't worry, there are activities and surprises that should help to fully rival the party last night. That's why I volunteered for tonight." Kierlhyn assumed Sophia had been talked into taking the night. She would never have expected to ask for it. If she managed to pull this off with even half the 'ratings' that Burton received her status would be vaulted very high. If she even came close to his then her status could rival his for sheer bravery. It was an intricate game of social warfare that Kierlhyn avoided except to partake in the various bounties presented.

Sophia waved towards the nearby food. There was something in the smile that accompanied the action that unnerved Kierlhyn at the same time that it caused her depths to knot in anticipation. She hurriedly turned to the caterer, selecting some turkey and a steaming bread bowl filled with a thick stew. While she enjoyed the company of women she had never felt a reaction so strongly towards one. For that matter she couldn't think of the last time she'd felt anything so strong towards a male lover. What had started the evening as a wayward desire, to be fulfilled if the opportunity arose, shifted into full blown necessity shortly after entering.

She took a bite of the flavorful stew. It has to be the atmosphere. I'm reacting to the simpler time with simple needs. It didn't seem quite that easy but it was the best explanation she had. It couldn't have been some air-borne aphrodisiac, since the room was clearly separated from the corridor by the vents. She sighed and simply accepted the fact that her schedule had prevented her from indulging for far too long. She'd contemplated finding someone the night before but that simply wasn't done at Burton's parties. There was always too much chaste anticipation to devote time to such carnal pursuits. The sexual potential of the terror he presented at last night's party would have been perfect if someone accompanied her. Without having sought someone ahead of time, she'd simply left energized. Maybe that's it. Burton pulls something potentially erotic for the first time in his career and I couldn't share the effects.

Kierlhyn took her plate and wandered over to one of the benches that ran along either side of the two solid tables, filling a quarter of the spacious cave. As she sat she watched the costumes flow around the room. Barbarians and rogues, nobles and elves, so many dressed as the 'beautiful people' of legends. She started, noticing a large man, nearly naked except for scabrous theatrical effects covering his body bravely emulating a troll. Once he caught her attention she began to notice a handful of much smaller, probably around her height of five foot three, men dressed and made up as some form of orc or goblin. She smiled, vowing to compliment each in turn for the bravery of their selection. Too often they likely heard excuses of 'remaining in character' in order to avoid conversations. Those people simply couldn't understand the artistry in the antagonistic characters.

As she ate, using her knife to stab the fowl and carry it to her lips, she pondered the warmth of the room. She knew caves and such generally maintained a comfortable climate year-round but this one was almost radiating heat. Once finished eating she wandered the room, searching out the source. She finally found the well concealed fire roaring and sheltered behind the band's raised dais. The heat reflected out from the corner and remained trapped within the room by the same vents that disguised the scent from the hallway. However the warmth was of secondary interest by the time she discovered it, for not too far from the musicians sat another, much smaller corridor.

As Kierlhyn approached the dark maw Sophia appeared beside her. "I see you've found the passage to greater things." Kierlhyn's breath caught and pulse raced in response to the woman's sultry contra-alto voice. Her eyes focused on the slightly pouting lower lip, caught lightly between pearly teeth. She shuddered as she lifted her gaze to crystalline eyes that whispered shy insecurities.

"Is that where the other guests are?" At Kierlhyn's question the endless pools became nervous, almost as if to ask if the question lead to trouble. Unable to bear the accusation she hurried on. "I just noticed there were more cars out front than people here." Her hand swept out to encompass the room.

"Within and beyond reside the activities and surprises. Some are staying here for now, filling themselves with the music, food and alcohol before wandering on to the real entertainment." The nervousness slowly shifted to something unidentifiable, some hunger that made Kierlhyn's insides clench in ways that weren't all entirely pleasurable.

Kierlhyn tried to keep her voice light as she responded, prey instinct tugging against primal desire. "Burton'll want to kill you if you manage to outdo all this," once again she motioned to the cavern, "too much in there."

"He's already gone ahead and seems to be having a grand time." For some reason she could not explain the comment did more to aggravate Kierlhyn's nerves than assuage them. "Come, let me show you around." As Sophia placed a hand on the small of her back, Kierlhyn arched in satisfaction. Sophia wasn't above debauchery and as 'elven' hand ran up 'warrior' spine Kierlhyn wondered if the other woman was trying to coax her as effectively as she was.

Kierlhyn found herself moving forward, guided by soft touches from behind. The passage was very narrow and the walls damp, although the moisture seemed different; more like water than the cloying condensation of the outer corridor. Most of the light fled the tunnel instantly as her body blocked it. The farther she traveled the less snuck around her to reveal the path ahead until suddenly she realized she stood in complete darkness. The feminine touch returned after a moment, this time much lower, half cupping her butt through the leather strap skirt. Her heart leapt to her throat, cutting off breath, as every muscle seized with desire.

Light glimmered far off. There was the faint haze of torchlight from somewhere ahead. Kierlhyn struggled to find her breath through lungs held tight by strangely powerful need. As they moved the hand slid deftly between the layered leather strips and under the lace thong to rest against bare skin. The hand, damp from the moisture of the walls, faced downward, Sophia's middle finger slipping enticingly into the cleft. Kierlhyn's skin tingled with the contact, responding to the hostess' suggestive play. The light grew brighter, the walls more distinct, and the hand moving further down trailing the delightfully enervating sensation. Just as she reached the end of the tunnel, an opening into another large room, the still-moist finger shifted angle and plunged into the unprotected depths from behind.

Kierlhyn froze at the threshold as a powerful blaze spread instantly through her violated muscles. Every nerve within inches of the contact flared to life. Despite years of experimentation this was truly a new sensation. Had Sophia discovered some new technique to be used against her dear friend? Part of her mind rebelled against the exultant touch determined that something was wrong, but the nature of the discrepancy eluded Kierlhyn's lust fogged mind. The finger reluctantly retreated allowing her motion once more. Strangely the sensation failed to recede, pulsing now in time with her own heartbeat.

Kierlhyn stumbled into the cavern followed closely by Sophia. The room was considerably smaller than she first assumed as her perception readjusted from the narrow confines of the tight crevice leading into it. At the near end of the cave was another, much smaller, fire and along the walls stood out more of the amazingly smokeless torches. The flames danced and reflected off of the glistening walls making the very rock seem to breath and sigh. At the far end stood a tripod, sporting a high quality digital camera attached to a laptop resting on a folding chair. The subject of the camera's attention appeared to be a series of chains secured to a wooden frame by feeding through very solid looking eyelets. The entire arrangement suggested a vertical rack of simplistic design.

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