tagIncest/TabooTricked By My Own Daughter! Ch. 02

Tricked By My Own Daughter! Ch. 02


Sue began rubbing my cock with both hands as she told me that earlier tonight she went out with Lexi to a college bar near the university in our town. There was this guy that Lexi liked a lot. Sue said the guy started hitting on her like crazy. Lexi got mad and left. I asked her what happened next. My wife said she went back to Lexi's friend's apartment. For the next hour, my slutty little wife told me about getting fucked hard by Todd, our daughter Lexi's friend. She said he was a great lover and made her cum many times. At this point, I am now eating my wife's sloppy cunt out. This guy came in buckets and it was now mixing with my wife's juices. Sue said she felt bad about taking Lexi's date, but then justified it by telling me Lexi stole some guy she was interested in the last time they went out. My wife then told me to fuck her and make her cum! I did just that! My hard cock entering her doggy style on the bed. We banged like animals and both came very hard.

We lay in bed and held each other. Sue was sobering up a little and began to feel bad about stealing Lexi's man friend. I told her I'm sure Lexi would figure out a way to get back at her and then everything would be even! Sue went on to add that Lexi could have had any guy (or gal) in the bar last night. My wife said she lent her that little black dress that I liked so much. She giggled as she said that she wished Lexi had stayed, because they both could of had fun with this stud named Todd!

My mind froze in its' tracks! I asked her what Lexi had on? My wife said that our daughter had on her little back dress a pair of pantyhose and some sexy heels. OH MY GOD! My mind started racing! I think I might have just fucked my own daughter! Lucky my wife was still drunk enough and didn't catch the instant change in my mood. A few minutes later, she was sleeping.

I carefully got up, put on a pair of boxers and made my way to Lexi's room. She was awake when I entered.

"I figured you would come in here Dad" said Lexi, as she motioned for me to join her on the bed. I asked my own daughter if she was in my room before her Mother came home? Lexi sheepishly looked at me and asked me not to be mad. She went on to explain how her mother seduced her boyfriend and left to go to his place for some sex.

Before I could say anything she blurted out that she loved the fact that I let mom go out on dates and that the two of them had some really hot encounters together. I was forgetting where I was and who was talking to me! My cock started to stir. Lexi said she got the idea to come home early and pretend to be my wife after spying in our bedroom after some of the "Date Nights".

I told Lexi that I knew something was up, because it felt different. Lexi started to pout, thinking I was trying to say she was not good. I kissed her and told her she was AMAZING! Lexi lit up and asked if we could do it again sometime. She then looked down at my cock and reached inside my boxers.

Lexi had only a t-shirt on and it quickly rode up exposing her hot little shaved box. I was already into this way too deep. If Sue found out by walking in on us, there would be hell to pay! Before Lexi got me too worked up, I started talking to her again. I asked her if she would help me with a fantasy! She eagerly agreed telling me she would do anything I asked.

I asked her if she ever played with her Mom when they took home the same stud. She got shy again, but I was eventually able to get a soft "yes" from her. My cock was now harder than it has ever been. I asked her if she would help plant the idea in Mom's head that it would be fun for both of them to have sex with me. I explained that once this happened it would make it easy for the two of us to have fun whenever we wanted. Lexi loved the idea and said she knew just how to make it happen! She then told me to trust her and it would happen the next time Mom went out on a date.

After saying that, Lexi climbed on my pole and bounced up and down on it, until we both came.

I went back to my own bed, trying to figure out a way to get my wife out on another date sooner than later. As I drifted off to dreams, I thought about my cum dripping out of my daughter's pussy and how hot that looked.

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