Tricked or Treated?

byBlack Tulip©

For a moment Una fears he will suddenly grow fangs but she brushes the silly thought aside. Vampires are only a figment of the imagination. The warm lips on her throat are exciting and she sighs her approval. Her fingers finally manage to get rid of his leather tunic and the feel of his smooth dark skin is firing her further.

Softly stroking his shoulders she bends her head to kiss his chest, smelling and tasting him. Hardly aware of his actions she looses herself in the sensations of his body. Only when the rapidly cooling night air touches her bare back is she conscious of the fact that he is undressing her as well. She doesn't mind. For a moment she steps back and allows him to pull her sweater over her head, he snaps her bra, pushes the straps down over her arms and tosses the thing over her shoulder.

The blue flames are back, like tiny sparks deep in his dark eyes as he admires her. His hands cup her small breasts, pushing them up and he sticks out his tongue, slowly nearing the tip, making her wait for that first contact between her breast and his tongue. When he finally touches her nipple she cries out softly, her back arching in an automatic response.

He smiles again and that sends another wave of heat through her body. She is long past caring, intent only on feeling more of his body, exploring his flesh, his muscles, his strength. If this is what it takes to send him back, she will gladly pay the price.

The spirit seems to know what she wants, gently lowering her to the ground, getting rid of her boots and her jeans in moments. Una is not even troubled by the fact that she is nearly naked in a very public place. Not that there will be many people passing by. Not at this time of the day. And for a moment she recalls it's Samhain again, after sundown, so nobody will come this way. This is a haunted hollow now.

Strong hands call her attention to her body however; the fire between her legs is burning more intense by the minute. The apparition murmurs softly in her ear, all the while stroking her skin. Rubbing her nipples, following the line of her hips, fondling the soft skin of her thighs.

"You're so beautiful. So warm and vibrant. Do you know what you do to me? Have you felt it?"

She lets him guide her hand, gliding over his pants to feel the length of his cock. The minute she touches it, she starts fumbling to get it out and her clumsy eagerness has him chuckling again.

"Shhh, wait. You're so impatient. I have all the time in the world. There's no hurry."

He raises himself and gets rid of his pants. Naked he stands in front of her, a proud man with an impressive body and Una finds herself opening her arms.

"Come, I want to touch you. Taste you."

She is not even aware how she got out of her panties and it never enters her head how odd it is to touch and taste a spirit. All she knows, is how good it feels. So good, that she opens her legs at his merest touch. Willingly opening up to his touch, his fingers trailing the inside of her thigh till they reach her wet lips. She sighs when she feels him stroking her, calling forth her juices and when he slips a finger inside for a minute she lifts her hips, silently begging him for more.

Her hands caress his buttocks but when she tries to touch his cock he gently pushes her away.

"No, not yet."

He bends his head and softly licks her pussy, his flat tongue swiping her slit from the bottom to the top, ending at the pearl that is peaking out. His lips nibble for a moment, but when her breathing starts to get a bit erratic, he pushes her legs farther apart.

"I want to enter you. Will you let me? I need your warmth." His voice whispers in her ear as his fingers drive her on, teasing her at the entrance, going in circles but never entering her. "What do you want? Tell me what you want."

Una is hot and wet, nearly aching with the need to feel him inside her. She can't remember ever having been so aroused and she can feel her hips moving of their own accord, trying to capture his fingers inside her.

"Yes, please, please Radu, enter me. Use me."

She lifts her hips and feels his cock at her entrance. Anticipating that wonderful feeling of a cock sliding inside, she looks up at his face, smiling with lust glazed eyes. His face makes her gasp but it is too late.

With the blue flames burning at full force, his lips twist into a triumphant grin as he rams his cock home in one movement.

"Thank you for inviting me, my dear. I will most certainly use you, and your warmth." His laugh rolls across the hollow.

Supporting himself on his elbows he bends his head to lick her nipples, bite the soft flesh of her neck and nibble at her ears. His cock stretches her to her limits and every aggressive movement of his hips brings her closer, her body is out of control, intent on receiving a climax and when he plunges his tongue deep into her mouth she hurtles over the edge.

Her scream is sucked into his mouth and her hips buck furiously against his, then her spine arches, she freezes for a moment and he can feel her muscles clenching around his cock. The ripples of her orgasm make him come too. He throws his head back and growls in triumph. With one last violent move he seems to impale her quivering body, making her come again.

When the ripples finally subside she closes her eyes with a sigh; her body limp but satiated. He slips his cock out and bends over her. Kissing her softly on the mouth he says goodbye.

"Thank you. That was the best farewell gift I ever had."

Grinning he looks down at her for the last time, taking in the long limbs and the peaceful look on her face. Then the shadows in the center start to gather again, he calls them to him and slips back through the veil, never looking back.

* * *

The fire in the hearth suddenly crackles and leaps as if someone used a pair of bellows on it. Tara looks up with a frown on her face. The unexpected cold has her rubbing her arms. The old frostbite marks are tingling and she looks around in sudden fright. Experience taught her the marks are only tingling when the spiritman is near and she has managed to stay away from him for the past five years. She found out he cannot go beyond walking distance of the hollow and this house is too far away. Isn't it?

The dark shadow that gathers in front of the fireplace makes her scream in terror, but the sound is cut off abruptly.

"Still chicken, aren't you? It's time my sweet." His deep voice sends shivers down her spine.

In panic Tara whirls around, trying to run to the door, flee the house, but the spirit is way too fast. He needs only moments to grab her. And just like so long ago, he forces her arms behind her back. Only this time all he does is whisper in her ear.

I want this soul to love and keep,
till the everlasting sleep.

"You never said whose everlasting sleep you meant. See I've been kind of busy the last decade so it will be a while before I will be granted everlasting sleep. And I want you, Tara, to keep me company."

His laughter has a triumphant sound as he jerks her into his embrace. The flames in the hearth do another erratic dance as the thickening shadows swirl for a minute before disappearing, leaving nothing behind but a faint trace of brimstone lingering in the air and a woman's wail that slowly dies down.

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