Tricked with a Treat


"I noticed."

The lilt in her voice made him laugh.

"Trust me, you don't want me to try and fake an accent. I'm better at pulling off the strong and silent thing."

The go-go girl tilted her head at him as she looked him over, almost like she was trying to ascertain whether or not he had the right to call himself 'strong.' Of course, he knew damn well that nothing he was wearing was exactly fitted and he had the insane urge to tear off his shirt so he could show her his muscles. Which were there, really, even if they were covered up.

He called the urge insane because he had no idea who this chick was. And she was so not his normal type. The costume she was wearing, a pink and white go-go girl outfit with a pink wig and white mask and - dear god were those pink contacts? - made her look kind of plastic. As did the pink glittery lipstick she was wearing. He so did not want pink glitter on his lips. The sudden vision of that sparkly bow-shaped mouth wrapped around his cock almost knocked him back and he quickly took a swallow of beer to cover the sheer visceral reaction he was having to her. And mentally blessed the looseness of his pants.

Plastic girls didn't interest him. Not usually. So why her? Maybe just because she'd shown that there was something underneath the plastic. A sense of humor and an appreciation of iconic heroes. Plus he kind of liked that she wasn't showing off too much skin. For a moment he remembered Lily and all the skin a Yvette costume would be showing on her flawless body, but he dragged his mind away. Not his business. And it was surprisingly easy to turn his attention back to the girl in front of him.

"I think you've got the silent part down," she said with a giggle. Her voice was low and husky, almost as if she was speaking intimately. "I was headed out to beer pong but I need a partner. You interested?"


Lily had never played beer pong with Paul before, at least not on the same team. Usually he and Rob made a dynamic duo, but she'd seen her brother heading towards a group of giggling girls and then the slutty rag doll coming onto Paul and she'd had to jump in. Her original plan had been to hopefully get Paul to notice her and have him come to her, but the adjustment to her original plan seemed to be going well so far. And, she had to admit, they made a pretty fantastic team. So far they'd vanquished three other teams and were on their way to a fourth. Plus all the beer was making her feel very brazen and she was enjoying flirting with Paul and having him respond to her.

Although part of her desperately wanted him to somehow recognize her, she could tell that he didn't at all. The disguise worked and she was careful to change her voice too, speaking in lower, huskier tones that her normal speaking voice. He was cheerful, friendly and flirtatious, asking all sorts of questions to find out more about her. Some of them she answered and some of them she hedged on or managed to smoothly change the subject... or just distract him by brushing against him 'accidentally.' To her delight, her attempts at distracting him from the conversation always worked, especially when she brushed against him with her boobs or ass.

So he was attracted to her.

In disguise at least.

"All right mystery girl," he said grinning at her. "For the win now!"

Licking her lips, Lily rolled the ping pong ball around in her hand and then gave him a saucy look. "Let's make this interesting. What do I get if I make the shot?"

"What, you need incentive beyond the glory of the win?"

Lily shrugged. "You might still make it even if I miss." She gave him her best sexy smile, wondering if he could see the way her eyes were glinting even though they were covered up by the pink contacts. "We'd still win... but what do I get if I make the shot and get all the glory?"

"Come on you two, hurry up," complained the witch on the other team.

"We're talking strategy over here," Paul retorted. "Just give us a second." The smoldering look he turned on Lily as he looked down at her made her feel weak in her knees. "What do you want?"

"A kiss." The request was out of her mouth before she could think, the booze she'd been drinking loosening her tongue. Heat bloomed in her cheeks but she didn't drop her gaze away and she was gratified to see his focus go from looking her in the eye down to her mouth, as if he the thought of kissing her was consuming him as much as it was her.

Most of her glittery lipstick was now on the cups they'd been using for beer pong, so hopefully they were more appealing looking than they had been earlier. As much as she'd enjoyed having sparkly lips, she did realize that most guys abhorred glitter. It got everywhere. She and Veronica called it the herpes of the art world.

"Okay," he said, the slow sexy smile that spread across his face just made her feel even hotter. God what she wouldn't do to have him look at the real her like that. His fist curled under her chin, catching it between his thumb and forefinger and tipping her head back. "What do I get if you miss and I net us the win?"

"What do you want?" Her voice sounded high and breathless and she felt like she was balanced on the hand under her chin, as if she'd tip over if he took it away. This kind of sensual flirting was so beyond her and the small touches and erotic promise behind their words had her feeling swamped with desire for him. She was burning up with it.

He tilted his head as if considering her question. "How about a massage?"

On the surface it was such an innocent request, but she was pretty sure she could turn that to her advantage.

"Sure thing," she said, pulling away from his hand. She needed to move away from his touch so that she could get her head together. What did she want more, a kiss or to get her hands all over him? Good question. Kiss. She wanted the kiss, she decided. A massage might lead to a kiss and other things, but it might not too. Her wager was a sure thing.

Standing at the edge of the table, she narrowed her eyes as she let the tension drain out of her, trying to ground herself after the teasing. The alcohol that was buzzing in her veins wasn't going to help her focus either.

Hands pressed against her hips and she gasped, turning her head to glare furiously up at Paul. "Stop trying to distract me!" she hissed at him.

"Is that what I'm doing?" he mused. Then his front pressed against the soft curves of her backside and she swallowed a low moan as she felt the ridge of his erection, hard and hot, as it wedged between her butt cheeks.

The other team laughed at them. "Are you trying to help us win or something?" asked the witch's partner teasingly, he looked like he was dressed as some kind of ghoul.

"It's possible we have a side wager going on," Paul admitted, chuckling to himself as he rocked slightly against Lily's body. So help her, she wanted to lean forward and let him take her right there on the pool table. She frantically wondered if the lacy thong she was wearing was going to be able to hold up to the wet cream now coating it, drenching the fragile fabric. Maybe she should have worn more covering underwear so that she wouldn't have to worry about slicking the tops of her thighs with her arousal. Thank goodness she was wearing cheerleader shorts as well, but the way Paul was touching her was going to cause her to drench those soon too.

"Cheaters never prosper," she told him, giving a slightly wiggle of her hips back against him in retaliation. Was that her imagination or did he just groan?

His hands seemed reluctant as he released her waist and backed away from her, giving her the space to slow her breathing and the rapid pounding of her heart that had happened during their close encounter. Having him touch her like that had been so much more... raw than over the summer when he'd been so careful about rubbing sunscreen into her back. Even though his arms hadn't been around her it had also been way more satisfying than any brotherly hug. She was feeling nearly mindless with pleasure over the knowledge that he wanted her. And she was pretty sure that it wasn't just for her body. Showing off her personality had been a little risky, but this was a side he hadn't really seen of her before at least, and he seemed to be responding to it. Heady stuff for a nineteen year old virgin whose fantasies were suddenly coming to life.

Balancing on the balls of her feet, Lily refocused herself. She wanted that kiss. It almost felt like she was moving in slow motion, everything coming together as she let out a long breathe and swung her arm, gently tossing the ball into the air. Even before it fell into the cup she knew it was a perfect throw.

"YES!" Thrusting her fists in the air she laughed with triumph, turning gleaming eyes onto Paul.

"Well done," he said, playing with the ping pong ball he was holding onto. "So if I get my toss in, do I still win a massage?"

According to the rules of beer pong, if he got his shot in as well then the other team would have to drink the three beers in front of Lily and Paul as well as the beer that Lily had just tossed her ping pong ball into. She grinned at him, excited that he still wanted to try and get his wager. Heck, she'd be an idiot to say no. But she'd throw in a caveat, so that she could win both ways.

"Fine," she agreed. "But if you don't get it in, then you have to give me a massage."

"That wouldn't be a hardship at all, mystery girl," he said laughing. Deciding to get some of her own back, as he settled into place in front of the table she came up behind him and slid her hand up the back of his inner thigh. And then giggled as his knee buckled and he turned furious eyes on her.

"What?" she challenged. "Can't take what you were dishing out?"

"Oh I'll take it alright," he said, snaking his arm out and pulling her hard against him. She had only a moment to register the heat of his body and then his mouth was on hers, demanding and hot, his tongue pushing into her mouth as she clung to the front of his shirt, feeling the hard muscle underneath. The kiss deepened and somehow softened, seducing her rather than demanding a response from her. Sizzling sparks flared down her nerves, leaving her breathless as he pulled away, breathing just as hard as she was.

Unable to think of a single thing to say, Lily stepped back, feeling a little dazed from that incredible kiss. Paul looked just as dazed as she was; shaking his head a little as if to clear it as he focused his attention back across the ping pong table. Watching him, Lily let her hand drift up to her lips, which were still feeling the aftereffects of having his pressed against hers.

Testament to his very good beer pong skills, Paul managed to sink his shot as well and he repeated her celebration of triumph as he cheered and thrust his fists into the air. Lily felt a little bit like cheering herself. She'd gotten her kiss and now she was going to get her hands all over Paul. Part of her almost felt like calling Veronica just to tell her how well things were going, but she didn't want to jinx herself.

Grinning, Paul turned to her and wrapped her up in his arms again, his lips coming down on hers. The kiss was so unexpected she gasped, opening her mouth under his again and his tongue immediately delved in to dance with hers. His hands were pressed flat against her upper and lower back, holding her tightly against his body. She could feel the hard ridge of his erection pressing through the thin fabric of their costumes into her soft stomach and he was doing nothing to hide his arousal from her, in fact he was grinding it into her body. Clutching at the front of his costume she could feel her arousal flaring to life in the most disturbing way, as if his touch was lightening and she was an explosive conductor.

She gave back as good as she got, her hunger for him translating itself into her kiss as she pressed back against him, her soft curves rubbing against all the hard lines of his body. Massaging her fingers up his chest, Lily luxuriated in being able to touch him as much as she wanted. Paul released her lips and her head fell back as she looked up at him, feeling utterly breathless.

"I hope you're not counting this as my massage," he teased, grabbing one of her hands with his. "Especially since you've gotten two kisses out of me now."

"I'm sure it was a great sacrifice on your part," Lily retorted, laughing. When he kissed the inside of her wrist she had a quick, sharp intake of breathe as the intimate gesture seemed to send a current of sizzling heat straight to her core, which was already swirling with molten need. This was the opportunity that she had been waiting for, although it wasn't entirely planned. After all, the best laid plans are flexible and she was going to take advantage of their bet to get him right where she wanted him. "Want to go somewhere a little quieter for your prize? I'm sleeping over here tonight so that I don't have to drive and I've got one of the guest rooms upstairs. Should still be empty."

She grinned up at him, still wrapped up in his arms, hoping that he would read into the invitation.


Being invited up to a bedroom for a massage by his beautiful mystery girl had every cell in Paul's body screaming "YES!" For a moment he almost hesitated, since this kind of invitation seemed open to all sorts of misinterpretation and he didn't want to make assumptions. On the other hand, it didn't hurt to take her offer at face value and hope for more. Normally he wasn't into the one night stand kind of thing with someone that he didn't know, but he really wanted to get to know his lady in pink better. He'd been having a lot of fun with her all evening; she was easy to talk to, funny and sweet, with an impish sense of humor. And apparently as attracted to him as he was to her.

"Sure, mystery girl," he said easily, enjoying the way her face lit up when he accepted. "Lead the way."

Wrapping her fingers through his, the pretty go-go girl pulled him through the crowds of people. Halloween always made for a different kind of party, and a masquerade even more so since you never knew if you were passing by someone you knew or a complete stranger. He did spot Rob heading down to the basement with a sexy little Pocahontas, her face covered with war paint rather than a true mask. The costumes this year were really phenomenal. For a moment he thought of Lily dressed as Yvette again, but that thought flew out of his head as go-go girl began leading him up the stairs.

The bottom of her skirt barely covered that luscious ass and going up the stairs behind her gave him the most fantastic view of her creamy thighs moving back and forth. He couldn't help but try and get a glimpse of what kind of underwear she had on, but the skirt was too tight around her curves and he couldn't see anything. Still, the tantalizing view didn't do anything to help his erection subside. The one that he'd had since he kissed her during beer pong and that was becoming almost painful.

"This way," she said over her shoulder with a flirtatious smile, giving his hand a little squeeze. It was insane how easy and natural it felt to be holding hands with her. She was such a sexy little thing. He was really starting to hope that he got to find out what she looked like under that costume. Or at least get her real name. Phone number. A date. The best part about the mask and her wig was that he knew he wasn't even being superficial. Okay, so he could see that she had a super hot body, but mostly he was attracted to just how fantastically awesome she was.

And that kiss... damn. He'd had to take the opportunity to kiss her again, he hadn't been able to keep his hands off of her after that first one. A third one would be welcome, in fact.

Going into the guest bedroom and shutting the door muffled the sounds of the party raging below them and also gave them their first awkward moment. The light was a little too bright and they were alone for the first time.

Before he could say something to break the tension, she gestured at the bed. "How about you take off that cape and get on my 'massage table'?"

Paul laughed and moved to do as she said, watching her as she plugged in the pumpkin lights that were arranged around the windows, before turning off the overhead light. The room was lit much more softly now, with a very holiday-ish orange glow. Feeling slightly more bold in the semi-romantic lighting, Paul stripped off his shirt and boots and socks too, enjoying the way his mystery girl was obviously drinking in the sight of him. He wanted to be comfortable after all. At least, that was his excuse and he was sticking to it.

Laying down on the bed he gave her his best lazy, I'm sexy but non-threatening smile. "So what's your name mystery girl?"

To his disappointment she shook her head.

"It's Halloween," she replied in a teasing tone of voice. "The whole point is to be someone else tonight. Don Diego." Winking at him, she sat down on the bed and undid her boots, letting them drop to the floor along with the white knee high stockings she was wearing underneath. Paul normally didn't care what a girl wore on her feet but he was kind of sad that she took off the stockings. They were hot.

But he didn't protest as she straddled his hips, her hands coming down on his shoulder blades. He let out a low groan as her fingers dug in, her thumbs pressing into the space between his shoulder blades and spine.

"What am I supposed to call you then?" he asked, nuzzling his head into the comforter underneath him as he relaxed under her skillful ministrations. He liked the feeling of her body resting on him. Curious, he tried to turn his head to see if her position of straddling him had made her skirt ride up, but she pushed his head back down and he gave up. After all, he didn't want to stop the phenomenal rubbing. She was working her way down his back and finding every knot along the way.

"Mystery girl is fine," she teased. "Very holiday appropriate if you think about it."

When he grumbled under his breath she just laughed and dug in deeper to his muscles. Damn she was good at this. Up and down his back she went, smoothing away any tension that she could find there. Of course, the way her weight was coming to rest on his butt wasn't helping his tension in a different area. Hazily he considered making a happy ending joke, just to see how she'd take it, but he didn't want to ruin the good thing he had going already. Then her fingers tapped down the sides of his spine, thumbs rubbing sensuous circles into his lower back in a way that made him moan and he wondered if she'd freak out if he rolled over and took her with him.

"Would you like me to do your front?" she asked, the ends of her wig hair brushing against the back of his neck, her voice low in his ear.

Paul decided to follow his instincts and he rolled over, slowly enough that she could shift her weight and move with him, ending up straddling his groin so that she could feel just how much he was enjoying her massage. For the most part she remained in the same position she had been before, just now on his front with her hands palm down on his stomach. He was pleased to see that her skirt had definitely ridden up and less pleased that it revealed that she was wearing black cotton cheerleader shorts underneath. What was under those, though? Nothing at all? His cock jerked, pressing against her lower body.

"Is that a proposition?" he asked, running his hands up her forearms.

Pretty-in-pink leaned forward so that their faces were only inches apart, her strange pink eyes looking wonderfully seductive through half lowered lids. He had to bite back a groan as the movement caused her to rub along his dick in the most incredible way.

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