Tricked with a Treat


"Would you like it to be?" Somehow her voice had gotten even huskier.

Throwing all caution to the wind Paul wrapped one arm around the back of her waist and the other around her shoulder, gripping the back of her neck to bring her down for a kiss. "Fuck yes," he said fervently, just before their lips met.


Lily felt dizzy, not just from the explosive heat of Paul's lips against hers or the way his arousal was pressing upwards into her sex, but from the absolute rush of having her most cherished fantasy finally coming true. Even if she didn't lose her virginity to him tonight she knew that she would never forget the feel of his bare skin under her hands, the way his muscles had rippled under her fingertips, the way his rigid erection was digging between her legs, and especially she'd never forget these glorious, sizzling hot kisses.

Their tongues twined together, dancing, as he massaged the small of her back with one hand, the other stroking the sensitive skin of her neck. Leaning further into him, with his tightening hold for encouragement, she moaned as her breasts pressed against his broad chest, wishing that she was naked so that she could rub her body against his. Which is when she realized she was doing just that anyway, her hips automatically moving and grinding down on top of him. Her thong must be drenched by now, possibly soaking through the cheerleader shorts she was wearing underneath. Thank god she'd worn those shorts or she'd had never had the courage to straddle him the way she had; she could tell how much he'd liked seeing her straddled across his hips like that from the way his eyes had smoldered when he'd looked at her.

Practically writhing on top of him, she couldn't stop herself from running her hands up and down his body and rubbing them over the hair on his chest as she practically tried to crawl into his mouth. The feel of him bucking underneath her only encouraged her and when he sucked her tongue into his mouth she thought she might faint. The hand on her back drifted even lower, curving over the mound of her butt and she moaned again as he squeezed the soft flesh. His hand was like a brand through the thin fabric of the shorts. Her pussy felt like it was one fire and she rocked against him, dizzily thinking that she might cum just from how hot he was making her right now. Paul was touching her ass! In fact, Paul couldn't seem to get enough of touching her ass.

She wasn't the only one moaning, and suddenly he had both hands down there, gripping her ass hard and moving her back and forth on top of him. The hard length of his dick was rubbing against all her most sensitive spots and she couldn't stop shuddering. Since his hand was no longer on her neck, she pulled away from his lips and began to pepper kisses over his neck, working her way up to his earlobe as she enjoyed the sounds of his groans.

"Oh fuuuuuuck..."

Sucking hard on his earlobe, Lily reveled in the way his body lifted underneath hers. While he had the power to turn her into a quivering mass of pleasure-filled goo, she was delighted to find out how much power she had over him in return. Then one of his hands moved down further, brushing over her pussy lips and Lily nearly cried out with the need for him to touch her more. Harder. To be inside her. She bit down on his earlobe and he cursed again.

"I want you," he said, his voice breathy as he pulled her away from him, looking up into her eyes. "Say yes."

"Yes," she replied. No thinking necessary. This was everything she wanted and more. Seeing the way his face lit up with triumphant lust, hot need running rampant through his eyes, she couldn't help but think how perfect this moment was. Then he ruined it by reaching up and grasping her wig. Immediately Lily put her hands to her head, holding it on securely. "Mmmm, mmm. That's cheating."

"I want to see you," he complained.

Fortunately Lily had already prepared for this moment with a sexy line, having figured that he'd probably want to be able to look at the person he was going to have sex with. She just had to pray that he'd still be willing to go along with it. Grinning seductively at him she sat straight up, wriggling on top of his dick in a way that made him gasp and clutch at her ass again. Twisting her arms up behind her, she started to pull down the zipper of her dress. "You can see every other part of me," she said with a wink. "I want us to keep our secret identities for now. It's sexy."

She could tell that it was only the 'for now" that kept Paul from protesting more. It's why she said it, knowing that she was dangling the bait with the implication that eventually he'd get to see her face. Little did he know that her plan involved her being gone before he woke up in the morning. "For now" allowed him to buy into the sexy game and indulge her and she could tell that it appealed to him.

Especially as she shrugged the top of her dress off and the fabric fell down, bunching in her middle so that he could see her lacy pink bra with her rosy nipples pointing straight through.

"God you're so hot," he murmured as his hands slid up, stroking along her newly bared skin. Lily whimpered a little at the sensual contact, the feel of his fingers on her stomach and heading towards her breasts was almost too sinful to bear. Then he cupped her breasts and she leaned into his hands, feeling her eyes glaze with the pleasure as her pussy throbbed hard. Brushing his thumbs over her nipples created the most intensely pleasurable sensations she'd ever experienced and Lily threw her head back as the ecstasy ran through her like an electric current. "Your skin is like silk."

Before she even knew what was happening she was suddenly flying through the air, landing with a soft thump on the bed - wig fortunately still on - and Paul still between her legs. But now he was looming over her and anxiously tugging her dress down over her hips. Wiggling a little, Lily helped him as she reached up to ensure that her wig was secure and not going anywhere. For a moment she worried about being so thoroughly exposed to Paul - after all, what if he decided he didn't like her body once he could see all of it? - but his eyes ate her up. Even the soft pouch of her stomach that she hated so much was caressed by his eyes.

Hooking his fingers into her cheerleader shorts, he pulled them off almost as quickly as he had her dress. The matching pink lacy thong that she was wearing was completely soaked through and the smell of her arousal wafted up like an intoxicating perfume.

The hungry look that Paul gave her half naked body soothed a lot of the hurt she'd carried for so long over his disinterest in her. Without the stigma of being his best friend's little sister, he couldn't get enough of looking at her, touching her. Lily was happily melting into a puddle of sensual heat at his hands.

"Touch me," she half demanded-half begged, reaching up for him to bring him down to her. The low groan in his throat told her how much he liked that idea and he practically fell on top of her, lips melding to hers in a carnally possessive kiss. Lily thought she might die of the pleasure of skin touching skin, the heat of his upper body searing hers. Stroking her fingers down his back, she found herself pressing her hips upwards, legs wrapped around his thighs as they moved against each other. His thick erection pressed almost painfully into her groin, it was so hard and unyielding against her body.

Paul's hands slid up and down her sides, her skin tingling with every sweep of his fingers. Then he cupped her breasts again, pulling down the lacy cups of her bra and exposing them to his eager touch. Her back arched as he pinched at her nipples, toying with the little buds and sending fresh washes of pleasure spinning through her. Lily found her hands moving lower and lower on his body, teasing at the waistband of his pants, coming closer and closer to the hard steel that was pressing into her. The closer she came the more frantic his movements on top of her became, his hands squeezing her breasts almost roughly as he became more and more excited.

Pushing him hard on one shoulder, Lily surprised him enough that she was able to push him off of her, although he didn't have time to protest before she was back on top of him, straddling him again.

Laughing, Paul caressed her hips. "Pushy little thing, aren't you mystery girl?"

"You have no idea," Lily murmured, winking back at him saucily, relieved that he didn't seem to be upset about her taking the lead. Things had just been moving so quickly, she had started to get nervous, unsure if she was ready for the main event yet. But there were other things they could do while she worked up the courage.

Leaning forward, she kissed him deeply, dragging it out into sweet seduction, as she wriggled on top of him. The way his hips moved underneath her said that he liked this new position, with all her softest parts rubbing against his erection through the fabric of their clothing. It was much more intimate now that she was down to her thong. Reaching behind her back, Paul undid her bra clasp, pulling the dainty garment from her body and tossing it away. Now his hands were completely unhindered as he cupped and massaged the creamy globes, tugging at her nipples until she was whimpering against her mouth.

Despite her position on top, Lily found that she had only the illusion of control as Paul tugged her body forward to bring his lips to her one rosy nipple. Licking the tender bud, he quickly sucked it into his mouth, making Lily writhe and gasp on top of him as this new sensation jolted through her. The small mewling noises she made as he lavished attention on her sensitive nub seemed to be driving him wild, intensifying his efforts as Lily's nails dug into his shoulders.

Loathe as she was to cease the incredible sensations, Lily eventually pulled away, her nipples beautifully budded with arousal, one shiny with the evidence of Paul's lips. Scooting backwards, Lily kissed her way down his body, delighting in discovering that his smaller nipples were just as sensitive as hers. She toyed with them, licking her way inwards to the tiny bumps, which she sucked into her mouth and bit down gently on. The spasm that it created in Paul made her giggle as she wriggled further down, exploring his body with her fingers and mouth.

"Fuck..." he moaned as her teeth scraped over the underside of his ribs, a surprisingly sensitive spot. She began pushing down the elastic waistband of his pants as her mouth moved lower, excitement pounding in her chest as she came closer and closer to revealing the part of Paul that she'd never seen before. As much as she'd enjoyed finally getting her hands all over his upper body, it wasn't a new sight for her. Soon he'd be wearing nothing but the mask on his face and she couldn't wait.

Tugging his pants down, Lily was almost awed as she pulled the garment down past his hips, revealing the turgid length of his manhood. It was long and thick, with a plump mushroom head. Veins ran up its dark pink length, the engorged head looking almost red and angry as it bobbed next to her face. Could this thing really fit inside her? It was bigger than any dildo she'd ever played with... holy crap, he could seriously break her vagina! She wrapped her fingers around its impressive girth as she stared in amazement and it jerked in her hand as Paul groaned his encouragement, one hand coming down on her wig and tightening. The distraction of having him tug at the wig brought her back to earth and she gently removed his fingers from her disguise as she pulled his pants the rest of the way down and off of his body.

"Put your hands above your head and hold onto the headboard," she ordered as she maneuvered to kneel between his legs.

"Giving orders now?" Paul teased, looking both amused and anxious as she ran her hands up the insides of his legs. The size of his cock was still frightening, but she was hoping that giving herself a closer acquaintance with it would ease some of her worries. That and she just wanted to touch him.

"Yes, and if you want your treat instead of a trick then you'd better do as I say," she said, curling her fingers around the heavy sack that was hanging below his male organ, caressing the soft flesh and tugging gently in a way that made him shudder and gasp. That ended any further argument and he reached above without protest, holding onto the bars in the headboard. "Now you'd better keep them there and not muss up my... wig."

The wink she gave him left it clear that she was still playing the mystery girl game and didn't want him ruining it by trying to hold onto such a vital piece of her disguise while she intimately acquainted herself with his dick. Not giving him a chance to respond, Lily lowered her face to his groin, inhaling the spicy, musky scent of his body as she licked him from base to crown in one long, slow swipe of her tongue.


Normally Paul preferred to be in control of any amorous encounter with a woman, and normally women liked that, but he had to admit there was something exciting about following the orders of his mystery girl. And there was something incredibly hot about letting her have her way with his body as he held onto the headboard, although he was glad that he wasn't in actual restraints. He didn't think he would like that so much.

But it was nice to lay back and enjoy her licking her way up his length like his cock was a popsicle and she was starving for a sweet treat. Even better, she continued to caress and gently squeeze his balls as she worshiped his dick with her mouth, sending all sorts of incredible sensations crawling up his spine as she began to lick around the underside of his mushroom head. He'd seen the look on her face when she'd gotten a good look at the size of him and had enjoyed knowing that he was definitely the biggest guy she'd ever laid eyes on. There was always something incredibly satisfying about the look of combined interest and trepidation that just the sight of him could cause in a woman.

"Aww.... holy shit that feels good..." he said as she wrapped her lips around his head and sucked the crown of his dick into her mouth. The wet warm suction was phenomenal, and her tongue teased his pee slit, making him jerk his hips upward as his body tried to bury itself in that accommodating orifice. The slow, inexorable slide down his length had his balls boiling. Every inch or so she'd pull back up to the crown and then begin to slide down again, until he was almost whimpering with his need for her mouth to engulf him completely.

Somehow she seemed to know when he'd reached the point where he was about to let go of the headboard, and she began to bob her head more rapidly, taking more and more of his length as she delicately rolled his balls between her fingers. With a loud groan Paul thrust upwards into her mouth, burying himself almost completely between her lips. Although her glittery lipstick had rubbed off during the course of the evening, this was still better than the fantasy he'd had of sliding between her lips. Her expression was eager, almost dream-like, as if she was enjoying sucking him as much as he was enjoying having her do so.

There was nothing sexier than a woman who appreciated her work.

Then she deep-throated him and his body practically levitated. He'd never had someone able to do that before. The tight feel of her throat muscles clenching around the bulbous head of his cock was incredible, her tongue lashing the underside of his length, and then she was pulling away again, gasping for air as she did so. Only a moment later she was sliding all the way back down again, until her lips pressed against his groin and he thought he might pass out from the heavenly pleasure of being balls deep in her hot mouth.

He wanted to make this last forever so he held out as long as he good, just enjoying the molten suction, the way her lips pressed firmly around his length as she slid up and down, and the explorations of her tongue every time she reached the tip. Gripping the bars above his head tightly, it took every ounce of his willpower not to reach down to that pink, bobbing head. The wicked glances that she occasionally shot up at him made him want to turn her over and pound her hard until he'd sated himself in her sweet body, but he didn't want to stop the best blow job of his life either.

Despite his attempt to keep a tight rein on his libido, he could feel the orgasm starting to rise in the base of his spine, his balls tingling with awareness. His mystery girl hadn't given him an ounce of mercy, the steady suction on his cock and her tireless enjoyment of orally pleasuring him, was overcoming the last of his resistance.

"Stop," he said, lowering his hands, even though asking her to quit was the last thing he wanted to do, but he didn't want to end their little encounter sooner than he had to either. "I'm gonna cum."

To his shock, pretty-in-pink released his balls and grabbed his wrists, holding them down on either side of his body as she practically vacuumed his cock back down into her throat. The combination of her ascendancy over his body and the tight lock of her lips around the base of his dick sent him over the edge. He didn't have the strength to pull his hands out of her tight grip, all of his blood seemed to be rushing straight into his groin as his balls tightened and his dick began to pulse.

Her lips slid back just a little as she worked her throat, swallowing the hot jets of fluid that were pumping into his mouth as he spasmed uncontrollably beneath her, hands grasping at her wrists as she worked him over. The orgasm was so intense after all the build up and his resistance that he thought he might actually be seeing stars, bright pink and white dazzling fireworks that burst in front of his eyes as she milked him dry.

The soft suckling of her mouth continued, tongue lapping at the underside of his shaft as it began to soften in her mouth. Although it didn't dwindle past half-hard, as she continued to suck at his sensitive flesh, like she couldn't get enough of him.

It only took a minute or two for Paul to gather himself before he opened his eyes, his strength returning to his limbs. Mystery girl had taken his control away from him, actually managed to hold him down as she brought him to climax with that damned talented mouth, and had ignored him when he told her to stop. While his body might be satiated from the incredible orgasm, the alpha-male inside of him had been given him a challenge that he couldn't ignore.

"My turn," he growled.


Despite the fact that Paul had already sent her flying through the air once, in a very impressive display of erotic aggression, his second throw down of the evening was a thing of pure beauty. He'd barely growled at her, in a tone that made her shiver all the way down to her toes, before she felt his hands twisting out from under hers and then they were under her arms and she was spinning. In one easy movement, Paul had pulled her from the bottom of the bed to put her flat on her back with her head actually resting on a pillow. Lily knew that she wasn't exactly dainty, but that's how Paul made her feel. Dainty and feminine and oh so sexy as he loomed over her on his knees, the impressive weapon between his legs already starting to thicken again as he stared down at her with all the hunger of a predator on the hunt.

Instinctively, Lily curved her back and turned her head slightly, keeping her eyes on his, baring her body and neck to him, making an offering of herself. Paul's eyes practically glowed as he stroked his finger up the center of her sodden thong, pressing ever so gently against her clit and watching as Lily writhed with reaction, her hands coming down to hold his wrist.

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