tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTricks and Treats

Tricks and Treats


„Wow, thank you for introducing us to each other” I told Jenny, nodding towards the elevator as it closed its doors. “When I asked you if you knew someone I could take to the Birchwood Building Halloween Party, I never thought you would find such a gorgeous girl.”

I was referring to Emma, Jenny’s friend who just had lunch with us in the cafeteria of the building. She was a smart, sociable brown-haired thirty-something beauty who had stunning looks and what’s more, seemed to like me as well. I saw her several times in the building, but either I was in a hurry or she was running somewhere, so I never had the chance to say more than just a “Good morning!” However, I wanted to change that and when Jenny said she knew her, I decided that this was my chance. I wanted to take her to the Halloween Party, an event organized by the cafeteria of the building.

It was a costume party with a buffet dinner, and quite a successful one for the last two years, although the success was not necessarily a result of the otherwise very good organization. While I could not be there last year, Jenny told me later that most people used the occasion to have sex upstairs. She also got lucky that night in one of the offices on the seventh floor and she saw at least two other couples next door and several others as she came down the stairs.

“Well, I didn’t have to think that hard. She already repeatedly asked me to introduce her to the handsome guy she saw regularly in my company. And as you asked me if I knew someone who could come with you to the party, I took the liberty to make you meet each other…”

“You did a great job, Jenny. I think she is a wonderfully refreshing woman and I think it would be great if we could hit it off…” I said, but I noticed that she wanted to say something more.

“OK, spit it out, what is the but?”

“She comes in a package.”

“Married with children?” I asked a bit disappointedly.

“Only the second part. She is divorced.” Jenny said, and then added, “She explicitly asked me to tell this to you.

“Oh, then I don’t see a problem,” I said.

“No?” Jenny asked with a surprised look.

“Jenny, I’m not twenty any more. Most of the women I have dated during the last years have kids. One has to accept that. But I don’t want to see a jealous husband standing armed on my porch.”

“Fair enough.” Jenny said smiling. “Well, you might also want to know how we became friends.”
“I assume this means you two did not meet here, in the building, right?”

“Right. We met in the club I visit every now and then,” Jenny said in an uneasy voice, even though she knew that unlike her family, I did not have any issues with her sexual adventures.

The club was an all-female invite-only exclusive club where women who had an aptitude for exhibitionism had the possibility to gratify their passion. Those who wanted to show how they danced, played with toys or pleased themselves had the chance to do so in front of an audience.

Clothing both for the performers and for the audience was optional, but those who wanted to remain incognito had the possibility to wear masks. No professionals were allowed and sex or physical interaction was prohibited.

“Did she also ask you to tell me that as well? ” I asked intrigued.

“Yes, she actually did. When I told her that you and I were friends since kindergarten, she said you would most probably find it out sooner or later one way or the other,” Jenny said. “I must tell you she was quite an expert with toys.”

“You know it’s OK for me. Actually this makes her even more interesting.” I said as I drank the last drops of my espresso.

“Soooo,” Jenny summed up, “she said if you were still interested, give her a call. I can give you her number.”

She wrote down the number and we went back to our office. Our small family firm rented two offices on the second floor of the Birchwood Building, a small office building located at the edge of the town, close to the highway. Several small companies rented office space on the first six floors as the location was good, the offices were in excellent condition, yet the prices were relatively modest. Ours was dealing with heating systems, while the one Emma worked for imported home decoration from Central America. There were about twelve other small companies in the building. The seventh floor was occupied by the large construction company who renovated the building itself about two years ago.

I checked my e-mails, made some calls, and then I decided to make a visit to the sixth floor. I didn’t want to call Emma over the phone, I wanted to visit her and ask her to come with me to the party personally.

I knocked on her door and she opened it while she was talking to someone on her mobile. When she saw me, she waved me to go in. Her office was large, but looked more like a storage room than a normal office. Central American rugs, jugs, potteries, statues and even panpipes were kept in cardboard boxes all around the place. She had a proper desk with a laptop in one corner as well, but approximately that was all her stuff.

“Sam, I’ll go and check those headdresses but I can assure you those are not authentic feathers on them… No, those are simple goose feathers…I’ll be there around three…Yes, yes I will…No Sam, don’t panic…OK Sam, bye,” she said in an obviously agitated manner. She ended the call and looked up to the ceiling and shook her head. Then she looked at me and her features immediately softened.

“Sorry, we seem to have some trouble with a shipment as the customs says it contains feathers from endangered species. I’ll have to go there and straighten things out… But you are here for a different reason, I guess,” she said. “Come with me to the other room, this place is a mess now.”

She led me to the office that was directly on the other side of the corridor. This room was completely different. It had floorboards instead of the wall-to-wall carpets normally used in the offices, it was nicely furnished with high quality rugs, seats and a table; there was even some kind of carved totem pole, depicting probably an Aztec god. Dark curtains could be used to make a dim light in the room, but those were now drawn aside to let the sunshine in. The room was also equipped with a small bar and a coffee machine. It obviously served as a meeting room. Emma sat down into one of the chairs and asked me to sit into the one right next to her.

“Interesting room,” I mentioned as I sat down.

“Yes, this is our exclusive meeting room. We have a web shop where people can buy our stuff, but those are either replicas or mass produced items. They look authentic and are hand crafted but they are not unique in any way. You could have seen some of those in my room. But we also have a VIP section for those who want to buy really exotic things from Central America for their homes. We meet them here, discuss all the details and sign the contracts.”

“Hmmm, I see. Sounds interesting. You like it?”

“Well, at first it was a bit strange for me, but I had to find a job on short notice and I did not have too many options.”

“Because of the divorce?” I asked, maybe a bit bluntly, but she did not seem to be offended.

“Yes. So Jenny told you about that part of my life, right?”

“She said that you were divorced and that you had kids. But I don’t see why you are so worried about that,” I answered, although I suspected the reason.

“Normally when I meet a nice guy, the routine is that we have lunch or a coffee, then I tell them about myself and they never show up again.”

“She also told me about how you two met.” I said.

“And you’re OK with that as well?”

“Well, you probably know that I was the only one who defended Jenny when her family found it out,” I answered. “Although I always considered it a pity that it was female only...” I laughed and she laughed with me. “However, I would really like to know why you started to go there, just as I asked Jenny.”

I tried to make it clear with my gestures that she was free to say “None of your business”, but after a short pause she answered. I was quite surprised how straight she was.

“My ex-husband loved to play sex-games. He also loved to watch me as I played with toys. I never had any objections, but did not consider myself addicted to these things. However, some months after the divorce I found that I actually missed these occasions. I knew about the existence of this club from a friend and when I got an invitation, I decided to go there.

The first time I was there, I just sat down in the audience. As I later found out, it was Jenny who did a small show that evening. After her performance I invited her for a drink at the bar. We talked and she said I should try it next time.

I went back to the club after a month or so and decided to make a debut performance myself. It was strange, as I have never done such a thing before strangers, but I guess the fact that only other women saw me eased my fears. After maybe a minute I was not nervous at all and I have received lots of positive reactions, especially from Jenny. And so I decided to go there once in a while.”

“You certainly do not try to hide these things,” I said. “May I ask you why?”

“After the divorce I tried to live alone but I soon decided that I didn’t like that. Then I had to learn that being a divorced woman with kids makes finding a partner difficult, to say the least. However, after some time I managed to find someone who accepted this situation. But when we had sex for the first time, I lost my control and made him a small performance.

It obviously had the opposite effect on him than what I intended to achieve, as the next day he broke up with me and I found myself looking for someone again, this time maybe a little wiser. It was at this time when I first saw you. I already knew Jenny and when I found out that you two were close friends, I asked her about you.

Jenny told me some very nice things about you, especially about how you had supported her when she had problems at home and encouraged her to do what she liked, so I decided that this time I will not try to hide my true self and desires.”

“Well, I’ll have to thank Jenny for that. And now let’s return to the original point of my visit. I would like to ask you to come with me to the party on Friday. But before you say anything, since you were forthright, I’ll be forthright as well, so you have to know that I’m not looking for a Platonic relationship.”

To my greatest joy she did not hesitate at all. “Neither do I,” she said with sparkling eyes. “I’m in,” she said with a smile and gave me a kiss. Her lips were soft and warm, and the warmth spread from her lips over to mine and then all over my body. I kissed back and as our hands met, my fingers wove around hers.

We agreed that I would pick her up at her house on Friday evening. As this was a costume party, we decided to dress up as a farmer couple, and since she knew a good costume place, she ordered the costumes for both of us. Jenny decided to go alone, but hoped to hook up with someone there, so she bought a “slutty maid” dress. I told her that I also wanted to buy Emma a present and asked her if she had an idea. In fact she had, but did not want to tell me what that was. Instead she made me to go shopping with her on Thursday afternoon. To my surprise she took me to a sex store.

“Emma would love any of these,” she said as she showed me some of the stuff.

“Yeah, but she surely has such things already,” I tried to disagree.

“The things she has now she either got from her ex-husband or she bought it alone or with me,” she said. “If she received something from you, it would be something special. Come on, Tom, she’s really looking forward to Friday.”

Finally I bought a didlo about the same size as my cock and following the instructions of Jenny I also bought an anal bead, a flexible silicone rod with seven small, slightly oval balls. I placed them into two separate gift-bags, but decided not to gift-wrap them. I put the didlo into a pink bag and decided to call that one “treat” and the anal bead into a purple one and call that bag “trick”.

On Friday I arrived to the house of Emma at about half past five. Her parents took the kids already in the morning for the whole weekend, so I knew she would be alone. We had plenty of time before the party, as it only started at seven and we did not want to be the first ones. I went up to her door and pushed the doorbell once, then using a thin voice to imitate a child I cried “Trick or treat!“ I carefully hid the small bags behind my back.

First there was nothing, but then I heard Emma laughing as she undid the latch and opened the door.

“Come in!” she said and I entered.

She was still wearing the short skirt and the blouse she wore that day in the office, but she already removed her bra and also her stockings to feel more comfortable. This changed her appearance from official to casual and gave her a natural look that suited her far better.

When Emma closed the door, I held the two bags in front of me and asked “Trick or treat?”, raising the pink bag when I said treat and the purple one when I said trick. I was a bit nervous, and really hoped that Jenny had given me the right idea for the presents, as I did not want to offend Emma.

“May I take a peek?” she asked mischievously and when I nodded, she playfully looked into the bags. When she saw the contents, her smile broadened and there was plain excitement in her eyes. I immediately felt more relaxed.

“Hmmmm, how about both? Let’s say I get the treat now and the trick later…” she said in a girlish voice, looking at me with wide, playful eyes.

“Oh, all right,” I said with theatrical graciousness. “I guess we still have the time for a treat…”

"Let’s see,” she said as she took the package with the didlo from the bag and held it in her hands as she examined it carefully before opening it. It resembled a normal sized penis, not a monster at all, with no balls and a suction cup that could be used to fix it to the floor or to the cabin of the shower.

“I so love the size and the shape. I guess I’ll have to try it immediately,” she said finally, “to see if it feels as good as it looks like.” She gave me a kiss, and whispered into my ears, “Thank you.”

“Come with me,” she said with a mischievous smile, took my hand and led me into the kitchen-living room area. She opened the package and took it to the bathroom to clean it before use.

I sat down on one of the chairs and looked around. The furniture of the room was simple and inexpensive; the main principle during their selection had obviously been that they had to be easily cleanable. Everything in the room suggested that it was heavily used by children, but there was no unreasonable chaos, only the typical signs.

Emma returned after a few minutes, put the didlo down on the table and sat into my lap, straddling. This position pushed her skirt up and showed me that she had no panties on, and I also had a perfect view on her small but beautiful tits. Her eyes were full of passion as she looked into mine. She put her arms around my neck and we started to kiss. We both closed our eyes and just enjoyed as our tongues played with each other for minutes.

I used my hands to unbutton her blouse and started to fondle her back. Then I started to put small kisses on her breasts, avoiding the hard nipples first, but then I took one into my mouth and massaged the other one using my hand. She moaned softly that turned into a louder “Hahhh” every time I sucked her nipples for a few seconds.

Then I slowly laid her on the floor and took the didlo from the table. She lied on her back, pulled up her legs and opened them wide. Her skirt was tucked up around her waist and I had perfect access to her nicely shaved pussy.

“Come now, Tom, I’m ready,” she said quaveringly from the excitement. I was also quite excited and had to control my hand to stop shaking.

I gently fondled her slit and I felt that she was indeed completely wet. I took the didlo and held it to her mouth. She took it into her mouth and put a generous amount of saliva on it. Then I put the tip to her pussy and gently moved it up and down between the lips and used it to excite her lit. Finally when it was at the right place, I slowly started to push it into her pussy, only the tip at first, and stopped to see her reaction.

“Oh, Tom, this is feels great. Push it in,” she said encouragingly and I pushed it into her completely.

I moved the didlo in and out of her pussy, gently pulling it out halfway and then pushing it back again. Once I saw that she enjoyed it, I started to move it in and out faster. She started to move her hip up and down. Then I put my tongue to her clit and just held it there. She started to moan louder and moved her hip intensively as I pushed the didlo completely into her again and again, increasing the pace every time I felt she wanted it faster or harder. Her moans became louder as she raised her head to see what I was doing.

“Haaaahhh, baby…yes…yes…yes…, haaaahhhh,” she said finally in a high pitched voice before her orgasm rushed through her body. She dropped her head back onto the carpet and just cried “Haaaahhh…haaaahhh,” as I pushed the didlo in and out without a stop, trying to prolong her climax. When I felt that she had enough, I carefully pulled out the didlo and she just put her hand on her red hot pussy. She needed several minutes to recover. I looked the contented smile on her face and gently kissed her.

“Oh, Tom this is a dangerous toy,” she said once she was able to speak once again. “Especially in your hands,“ she added before she reached out with her hand and I helped her to stand up.

“Come darling, we have to get ready for the party,” I said to her. She went to the bathroom on feeble legs and took a quick shower while I changed into my costume. When we left her place half an hour later and headed to the party, she looked happy and beautiful, and I felt wonderful myself.

We arrived to the party at around eight. At the entrance we received a glass of troll blood – some kind of cocktail that had a sickening green color but definitely did the trick – and looked around. There were approximately a hundred guests, all wearing costumes, laughing, talking and eating. There were two halls, one for those who wanted to sit down and talk or eat and one for those who wanted to dance. A jazz band played in the later, but at this point of the evening there were only a few couples who wanted to dance.

The tables were decorated with small carved out pumpkins and orange, red and brown balloons hang from every possible place. The food was made to reflect the Halloween feeling as well, with sandwiches shaped like hands, cakes with spiders and cobweb frosting, cookies resembling eyeballs and many more weird things no one would normally eat on any other day of the year.

We looked around and greeted those who we knew. We were looking for Jenny and we found her soon, dancing with another girl in the ring of six men. She was really dressed like a slutty maid and a quite slutty one indeed. The girl she was dancing with was dressed as a fairy, and both girls looked like incarnations of pure sex. I looked at the guys and they obviously enjoyed the show, at least the bulges in their pants gave me that impression. They were dressed identically, wearing green masks to resemble Martians and wore black tuxedos. The way they moved in those made it clear that they probably only wore such clothes once in a decade.

“Jenny and that fairy-girl really know how to draw attention,” Emma said giggling. “And I wouldn’t be surprised if they would end up with all those guys in one of the rooms upstairs.”

I agreed and we both laughed. We did not want to disturb Jenny’s plans, so we just went to the buffet to have something to eat and just talked with a drink in our hands for almost an hour.

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