'What the heck am I doing?' I asked myself for the fourteenth time. Darkness swirled around me and my three friends as we hid in the bushes at the edge of a park, and before us a parade of costumed children strolled from home to home carrying brightly covered bags and escorted by moms. Their numbers had decreased significantly as the evening dragged on while we collected our courage. 'The one girl in the room and I let them talk me into this stupid prank.'

Beside me Frank bumped my elbow through the bright yellow raincoat I was wearing. "Okay Rachel, It's your turn. That house over there behind all the trees."

Letting out a heavy sigh and frowning hyperbolically I stood up and stepped onto the sidewalk. A matching floppy yellow hat hid my face from view in the gloom but I'm sure my voice communicated my annoyance. "Yeah I know I agreed to this and all, but remember who's next." Taking a shuffling step down the walk I headed over to the selected home.

"All you got to do is get a treat. How hard can that be?" Brian's voice had a snickering quality that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. He had a habit of telling me the reason I didn't have a boyfriend was my lack of sex appeal. He's a moron.

Searching up and down the street for other trick-or-treaters I found none within shouting distance and quickened my pace. A comforting glow surrounded the porch of the home as I turned onto it's flower bordered path, but the curtains were drawn making the surrounding garden secretive and gloomy.

Stepping up to the door I drew a heavy breath and released it, trying to let my tension flow out like the quivering air in my lungs. It was no good. Best to just get it over with.

Releasing the belt on the raincoat I let it fall away from my front and down my arms. Beneath it I was naked to my shoes, and the chill of the autumn night brought a rosy glow to all my exposed flesh. My nipples stood out proud and hard in that temperature, and for the first time I felt a tingle of excitement that was more than the cool air. Placing my hand on my hip and exposing my naked body to the door I knocked.

Almost losing my confidence in the short wait I started to shiver. Perhaps it was only the cold, but there was also the fear of the reaction I would get. Inside the door I could just hear footsteps approaching me with a slow, firm tread.

Just as I thought I couldn't stand it any more the door opened, bringing me face to face with a woman my own height with long hair almost exactly the same brown color as mine. She stared at me with a mildly startled look on her face, clutching a bowl of assorted candies. "Trick..." I stuttered in as close to a sexy voice as I could manage, "...or Treat!"

To my astonishment she broke into a delighted smile. "Oh, that's a lovely treat!" she said languidly. "I guess it deserves just as nice a treat in return."

Somewhere beside her there must have been a small table, because she set the bowl of candies down and quickly shrugged off her housecoat. Beneath it she was even more naked than I was, because she wore no shoes! "What do you think? Is this a treat? Or a trick?"

"You're... You're..." words came haltingly from my mind. "You're beautiful," I finally managed to breath out huskily, and she was. Rarely do you find a woman with an hourglass figure that isn't lopsided one way or another, but her hips and breasts were perfectly matched. I found myself staring at her nipples that mimicked mine, extruded out of a pair of round tits that hung gently off her frame in perfect proportion to the curve of her hip beneath her hand. She had copied my pose.

"My dear, why don't you come in for a moment and warm up," she said taking my hand. "We wouldn't want to shock the neighbors."

Without thinking about why, I followed her into the hallway. I just felt small and ineffectual next to her, with my straight body and smaller breasts. She shut the door behind me and I caught a glimpse of her ass, round and smooth, as she finished removing her housecoat. "You can hang your raincoat here on a hook if you like." Her tone made it sound like finding a naked girl on her porch was routine.

She hung her garment on one of the many hooks in the entry, and with only slight hesitation I did the same. After having followed her in I didn't want to run back out into public and it was certainly warmer inside. The hallway opened up into a living room with several comfy chairs and a long lounging couch. I followed the unknown woman in watching the cheeks of her ass wiggle up and down in a sensuous dance. Sometimes I wonder if my own ass moves that way when I walk.

"Please, sit anywhere. I've just made some tea, would you like some to help warm up?"

On a table between the couch and a wide chair there was a teapot gently steaming and a cup ready. My hostess continued on into another room while I sat on the couch next to the tea. "I... Thank you. That would be nice." Feeling very unnatural I had difficultly deciding just why I was there. Sitting naked on this strange woman's couch and about to take tea, this really wasn't part of the plan.

After only a moment she returned with a tray bearing a second cup with cream and sugar. "I relish visitors, but I rarely get so lovely a surprise as you." Sitting very naturally cross legged in the wide chair she poured the tea in a ritual almost as ancient as the Halloween celebration going on outside. "Do you mind sharing with me what possessed you to offer me such a treat?"

"Well, it started out as a kind of prank," I told her, seeing no reason to deny the truth. "Some friends of mine talked me into participating, and said they do it every year."

She chuckled slightly and sipped her tea. "I bet your friends are some boys, aren't they? I thought so. Actually, I assumed you were a surprise treat from one of my friends. They do that for me now and again now that I'm single. But I think that your friends just wanted to see you naked. Boys are like that."

"Uh..." I started, tasting the excellent tea, "Why would your friends send some strange girl naked to you door? Are you a lesbian or something?"

"Oh good heavens no, my dear. I'm bisexual but don't let that alarm you. I'm not predatory."

"That's good to know." Some of those old confused feelings I sometimes have were boiling up. "It would teach them right if I slipped out the back and didn't tell them about this."

Merriment almost glowed out of her eyes at the thought. "Perhaps not that, but if you like you can spend some time here with me and make them worry. If you were to simply disappear it might cause me trouble."

There was that. "Okay. They're watching, so let's make them suffer." This made us both giggle.

We stopped talking then for a while, and there was an awkward silence. I could feel her eyes on my body, but at the same time I was examining her just as closely. Her skin was glowing and warm, and I could see her pubic hair between her legs almost covered by her casually laid hand, and noticed that it was trimmed short but not shaved. It made my own shaggy mane feel messy and uncouth. She must have noticed my glances, because she unfolded her legs almost as if she were giving me a clearer view.

"So how do you feel about girls," she asked out of the blue, but with a twinkle in her eye. "It seems like you can't take your eyes off me."

"I don't know!" I blurted out frustrated. "I think you're beautiful and sexy, but I don't feel sexy at all."

"Is that all?"

"No. I've always had this feeling, you know, like I wasn't right." All of a sudden some of the feelings I've buried came flowing to the surface. "Sometimes... Sometimes I get attracted to guys but they never seem to be interested in me. Frank, he thinks I don't have any sex appeal. I think he thinks I'm a lesbian."

"I don't mean to pry," she interrupted me. "But what Frank thinks isn't important. It's what you think."

"That's just it, I don't know that answer." I put my face in my hands, almost ignoring her presence in the room. "Sometimes I like girls. Sometimes I like them a lot. Does that mean I shouldn't like guys?"

"Of course not." My hostess set her tea down and moved from her chair to sit next to me on the couch. She didn't touch me, but could feel the heat from her naked body comforting and close. "I've had sex with many men and enjoyed it, but I've also been with many women. I refuse to choose between them and I think that frees me. I can love anyone."

"Even..." For a moment my mixed up mind was on the verge of asking for something that I had tried to deny time and time again. "Even a person like me?"

"You seem very sweet to me. I'm sure anyone could love you. The question is who do you want to love?"

This made me sit up sharply and pull away from her. "Are you... That is... Could I love you?" My hear was thumping so loudly it must have been audible in the next room. I was amazed that I could even breath those words to her, but I was terrified what she would say in answer. Frightened she would say no, but even more frightened she would say yes.

Instead of answering immediately she lay back on the couch and closed her eyes. "I think the decision is up to you. You can do whatever you wish."

Still recoiled from her openness I just looked at her, open to my advances. On foot was up on the cushion with her knee against the back of the couch. The other was on the floor making an inviting nook where a person could nestle down between her thighs. With one arm she cuddled her breasts to her, while the other was behind her head. She was so lovely I ached to touch her or just smell her skin.

Still with her eyes closed she moved her hand down her torso. "Perhaps this is what you need, to help you make up your mind." Her hand wandering down touched various parts of her body gently, until at last it rested over her pussy. "Shall I do it? Or do you want to?"

"I wouldn't know what to do," I whispered breathlessly. Her fingers twitched, winding her neat hair in little circles and pulling gently. "What if I do it wrong?"

My host opened her eyes and looked over at me longingly. "You don't have to worry about that, dear. If that's what you need, then come explore my body. I don't mind."

Hesitantly, almost timidly I reached out and touched her leg where it leaned against the back of the couch closest to me. It was soft and silken, with a feeling like it had just been powdered after a bath. My hand slid over it's surface in easy gliding motions, reaching higher as my courage evolved.

Her eyes had closed again, but her hands were moving all on their own. Very slowly she pulled her rouge hand away from the hair above her pussy and dragged it along the surface of her pretty belly. She stroked it in a complicated pattern, ending up supporting the weight of one lovely breast. Her opposite hand held lovingly to the opposite breast, slowly rotating the nipple in precise turns like a jeweler winding a watch.

"You're doing fine, my dear," she said in a growling, breathless moan. "I like those kinds of touches."

Hardly aware of what I was doing, but entranced and excited with what was for me a first time experience, I shifted my weight on the couch and slowly pulled myself up between her thighs. The warmth of her flesh on my shoulder tingled all through my body and my hands moved up towards the curve of her hip. Distantly I wished I had curves like that, but my tendency towards straightness couldn't push the feelings of desire from my brain.

With my hand resting on the cleft between her thigh and hip my voice quivered out an uncertain plea. "I'm... I'm so unsure about myself," it's quiet sounds appealed to her, trailing off into a whisper. "I've never done anything like this before. I don't even know why I'm doing this!"

One of her wandering hands released a breast, swollen and flush with her excitement. It dropped down to cover my own comfortingly. "Don't you want me then?"

"Uh... Yeah. I mean, Yes. I think I do." The fear and timidity seemed to shrink a little bit from my soul. "You're beautiful and sexy. Anybody would want you!"

This caused her to chuckle almost silently. I just watched her sweet breasts move and jiggle with those expressions. "I'm glad you think so. I think you're very pretty too, and I'm offering myself to you." She opened her eyes and stared deeply into mine. "Won't you take me?"
 Her hand grasped mine tightly but briefly, then she pulled me up towards her. In a liquid movement I was lying on top of her body, pressed into her soft skin and surrounded by her earthly scent. For the first time I felt my small breasts pressed nipple-to-nipple to another woman and her eyes were on me with the fire of lust. I bent down and without any forethought kissed her tenderly on the lips.

I'm not a good kisser. I'm so straight and skinny that guys don't go for me and I'd never had the courage to try dating girls. My sole experiences had been a series of unlikely boyfriends in high school, none of which were any better than I was. Suddenly my whole world was filled with the lovely woman rubbing her body against me while her mouth and tongue played gently with my own.

Her mouth was warm and gentle where we touched, and she moved it so slowly around that I couldn't tell where she would explore next. The tips of our noses touched, and for an amazing moment she caressed my nose with hers while her tongue teasingly darted in and out of my mouth. In two minutes with her I learned more about being a great kisser than in all the guys I'd ever dated.

I was so caught up in kissing her that I didn't even notice that I had fallen into a comfortable position on top of her. My left leg was between her thighs, and my right threatened to fall off the couch on the outside of her left thigh. I felt a rocking motion as my pussy was being rubbed against the firm muscles of that thigh, and after a moment or two I realized I was the one performing that motion.

The feel of my nipples against hers, the taste of her sweet kisses, and the slippery glide as my pussy got wet rubbing against her were overpowering. I couldn't believe how great it felt to be this intimate with a beautiful woman, a woman who really wanted me. Without warning I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly, and her arms wrapped tightly around me.

"Are you okay dear?" she whispered into my ear, almost as if there were someone who could hear us.

"Yes," I said with the hiccup of a sob. "I'm more than okay. You feel so wonderful in my arms. I do want you, and I want a lot of you!"

Some of the tightness in our embrace dissipated, and I felt a new motion underneath me. Not only was I gently humping her thigh, she was pressing her pussy upwards against me. I could feel it in every nerve of my body, an electric attraction we were expressing towards each other. It was sudden, erotic, and sexy in a wild way I had never felt before.

"Let me see your pussy," I whispered into her ear. I wanted to do all sorts of nasty things to her, but I didn't know what they were. "Please let me see your pussy!"

"Would you like me to masturbate for you?" she asked me as I slid down onto the throw rug before the couch. She swiveled on the cushion and spread her thighs wide, with her feet on the rug to my sides.

I sat on my knees and placed my hand on her thigh, looking up into her face pleadingly. "Yes. Please masturbate for me. I'm going to play with myself to!" My fingers were already on my pussy, twirling around and rubbing my clit as it bulged out and hardened up. I was really wet and slippery and I ran my fingers up and down my lips, drawing the tingling sensation all around and sighing my pleasure.

"It's nice to masturbate with a friend sometimes, and really sexy. I like it that you're watching me." Her words drifted through the air like smoke and I hardly noticed them. I watched her roll her pretty clitoris around with the pad of a finger, circles that started fast and ended slow with an intake of breath. Then she stopped and slowly, agonizingly slowly pushed her finger down over the length of her bare lips.

At the bottom of her stroke she pushed inward and the end of her finger disappeared inside her luscious folds with a silent "Pop." Slowly it worked it's way inward, then reversed it's motion to slowly move out all glistening with a sheen of wetness.

I leaned closer, fascinated. I could smell her excitement, and for the first time the erotic scent of a woman in heat turned me on. My clit had turned into a stone, rock hard and vibrating in a way that I could feel clear up inside me. While I watched her I ran my finger over the folds of my own flesh, connecting what I felt between my thighs with the sexy performance in front of me.

Without me expecting it to my cheek brushed up against her thigh, and it's smooth silken surface drew me in and relaxed all my fears. I forgot about my feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty to fall deeply into the ocean of her presence. Riding the trail of her thigh I got even closer to the activity in front of me.

"Do you want to touch me? To kiss me?" she asked from another world. "I want you to taste the joy you're giving me by watching, and feel your pretty lips enjoying a woman for the first time."

That was it, and I was lost. Any control I had over my actions leaked away and I leaned forward through my self imposed barrier. My lips touched her sweet sex and I melted into the sea of her flesh.

It was so like kissing her, with the slippery wet lips against mine and her sighs surrounding me. I took the extruded labia into my mouth and sucked them in and out gently, while my tongue teased the folds lightly. Then I released them, running my soft but firm tongue up to tease her clit with quick flickerings. For this she repaid me with a quick intake of sobbing breath and a quiet cry of "more!"

I licked her lips again and again always ending with a teasing stroke on her clit, while my own hand rubbed my pussy faster and faster. I couldn't believe how hot she was making me just by letting me experiment with making love to her as a woman. Every time she sucked in a breathless sigh my pussy tingled, and I could feel the wetness running down the side of my leg.

The pressure built and I sucked her faster, fucking her with my tongue, rubbing her clit with my lips. I was on the edge and ready for the orgasm, only requiring a little more to push me over the brink. Then her thighs went marble hard where they had been fleshy and firm, and she took my head in her hands. I looked up and saw her scream silently while my tongue made a dance in her sweet candy folds.

She came, and she came again. She continued to come over and over again while I licked, but she wasn't alone. At the moment she stiffened up in a spasm of joy I pressed my fingers up inside my pussy. I pumped them in and out, rolling my clit around with my thumb and pushing myself finally over the edge. I came with her in rolling waves that crashed down through my lips where they contacted hers, to return to me when she came again. Those waves reached me and I exploded again, filling the room with sobs of joy and excitement. I've never felt so grand in my whole life.

Then I came alive again, not so much from fainting or being unconscious but more from a delicious fog contentment. I half-lay between her thighs still knelt on the throw rug, but my legs were pressed closely together around my flattened hand. My arm was wrapped comfortably around the woman in front of me, who I then realized had not even told me her name.

The first thing I noticed was her fingers gently parting my hair, combing my short locks and stroking around my ears. "You see?" she asked tenderly. "That was sweet and wonderful, wasn't it?" She took hold of my shoulders slightly damp with sweat and and pulled me unresisting back up onto the couch with her.

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