tagBDSMTrilogy 01

Trilogy 01


01: Emily Learns To Suck

Thanks, Katherine, for the wonderful moments of intense arousal we have shared whilst composing these stories!

Emily ran as fast as her heeled shoes and tight skirt would allow her. It was a short distance from the corner, but the rain and wind slowed her progress. Anxiously she rang the doorbell.

Melanie opened the door with an irate look on her face. "What took you so long? You are late for your lesson."

Emily stammered out a weak apology as best she could, "Melanie, I am so terribly sorry. It is pouring rain outside. I could not get a cab. The bus was packed. I ran as fast as I could. I am so terribly sorry."

Melanie was not appeased. "Emily, you are five minutes late. Everyone has been waiting for you. Take off your coat and start your lesson."

"Melanie, I am so sorry. Should I take off my clothes as well?"

"Emily, you are wasting my time. He is ready for you. Get started."

Emily took off her coat and tossed it nervously on the bench at the doorway. She stared at Melanie. Normally on Tuesday nights it was Emily who wore the stern Head Mistress attire. Today the roles seemed reversed; it was clear that Melanie was going to be the Head Mistress this evening. Clad in a very tight-fitting corset, she had a garter belt holding her stockings, high-heeled shoes, and a nice necklace around her neck. Emily looked at Melanie with desire and apology. The crotch was open; Emily stared at Melanie's thick, dark mat of pubic hair. Her eyes raced up Melanie's torso. Her breasts were pushed up, her nipples protruding boldly and very visibly. Often on Tuesday nights when the women got together, they ended up bare-breasted after two glasses of wine, and Emily had often stared at Melanie's. The rich fullness of Melanie's nipples had been the center of many a longing stare by Emily.

Emily tore her eyes off Melanie and made her way very nervously to the living room. Many people [men and women] were present, sitting or standing around, evidently waiting for Emily's arrival. All were totally undressed. On the floor a young man was totally naked, lying down, his limbs wide apart and securely strapped to chairs and tables. His cock was flaccid.

Melanie's stern voice brought Emily back to reality. "Start sucking, slut. Start sucking his cock."

Emily got down on all fours. She had no idea what she was supposed to do, and much less to a flaccid cock. Nicely, she took it in her hands to bring some life into it. Melanie yelled at her, "Slut, keep your hands off of him! Just start sucking."

Emily did as best she could, getting all of the man's cock into her mouth, starting to suck. It was so small! The men and women were smiling at her. She had never ever felt so humiliated in her life. True, Emily had never really sucked a cock before. Yes, she had kissed a few cocks in her days, and maybe even licked a few here and there at times. But, much as she had really been intrigued by the wonders she had heard about oral sex, the very few partners she had had in her life all had been turned off by "kissing down there."

The men and women smiled at her, understanding her predicament, and making her humiliation even more complete. They were smiling and adding suggestions.

"Suck, bitch, suck!"

"Suck it, Emily slut, and move your mouth up and down!"

"Emily, you can surely do better than that! Suck it hard and roll your tongue over its head!"

"Emily slut, use your lips to slide his foreskin all the way back and roll your tongue over it!"

Emily did as best she could, obeying the suggestions, feeling whorish and humiliated. This was a lot worse than she could have imagined. It was so demeaning. She wanted to bolt out the door. As if reading her mind, the young man started to respond to her humiliation. His cock started getting longer and harder. With every movement of her mouth, Emily was getting the young man erect. Her desperation and anger started to give way to a feeling of proud accomplishment. Fully erect and very hard, the young man had a very long cock, not unusually thick, but very delicately sculptured. And now Emily felt her own arousal taking over her body. On all fours, hands and knees on the floor, she concentrated her mouth and her attention on the young man's throbbing cock.

Just when things were starting to go well, Emily felt Melanie walk around to her back, raise up her tight skirt, and stretch her panty those up to reveal her knickers. Some men and women gathered round to get a better view. Melanie seemed to smile, letting them see Emily's knickers. In one swift movement, Melanie pulled Emily's panty hose and knickers all the way down to her knees! Then men and women gasped, seeing Emily's exposed derriere!

Emily stopped sucking the young man's hard cock, raising her head up, instinctively reaching with her hand to pull up her knickers. Melanie's stern voice put her back in her place. "Keep sucking, slut! Your lovely ass and beyond are mine now!"

Emily, even more humiliated now, forced to suck a man's cock in the presence of everyone, making it very clear to all that she had no idea what she was doing, and that she was learning for the first time how to suck a cock. To make matters worse, Emily felt that the entire world was looking at her derriere. Mercifully, Emily thought, with her knickers around her knees, her legs were more or less closed and people would not be able to see much more beyond that.

How wrong Emily was!

Melanie was laughing, thoroughly enjoying herself, proudly showing off her novice student who for the first time was learning how to suck a man's cock properly. The men and women kept giving Emily advice. To show how happy Melanie was, she turned to one of the men, "Would you like to do the honors and start?"

Emily suddenly felt a thousand worlds come crashing on top of her! The man knelt behind her, and without even the courtesy of an introduction, without even as much as a modest greeting, he plunged his shaft right up her pussy!

All the way up! And what a huge cock this man must have! Emily thought he was going to come out through her throat! He was pumping away, sliding in and out of her with no respite in sight. Emily tired to lurch up, to arch her back to accommodate that huge cock up her pussy.

Melanie brought her back to her lesson. Shoving her head none too nicely back down, "Emily slut. Keep sucking cock. The rest of your body belongs to all of us. We can do everything and anything with you. Your lesson is to suck this nice man's cock. And keep your hands off his body and off yours as well."

Emily did as told, tears in her pretty eyes, sucking the young man's cock as best she could, applying all she was learning, using all the advice she was hearing. The man kept thrusting deep into her pussy and back out.

"This bitch sure is hot and wet!"

The women laughed. One of them said, "And I bet she is super tight, too! With the knickers around her knees and all, she must be tighter than a virgin in high school!"

Emily was starting to feel incredibly aroused. She was sucking the young man's cock with enthusiasm. She suddenly felt that she might cum and any moment. And she could feel the man inside her also getting desperate. "Just one more minute, please, and we will be cumming together," Emily was thinking.

How wrong she was!

Yes, the man inside her felt he was almost ready. Suddenly, he pulled out of Emily's pussy, grabbed her head by the hair, turned her around, and shoved his huge cock into her mouth. He held still for an instant. Emily froze solid for that same instant. In a matter of a few seconds, the man shot an incredibly huge load of cum into her mouth!

Emily gagged.

The sheer volume of his cum, the strange taste of his semen and her own wetness, the immediate difference in cock size between this man and the young man she had been sucking on was so surprising to her! Emily just did not know what to do, much less did she have the presence of mind to swallow it all. Nor, for that matter, did Emily yet have the skills it takes to swallow an entire load of cum. Most of it dribbled lazily down Emily's mouth, onto her jacket and blouse.

Melanie was furious. She walked over, took Emily's head by the hair and raised it. Emily's face was just against Melanie's pubic mat. "Listen, Emily slut, and listen carefully. You are going to learn to swallow without gagging. Is that clear? And now, lick my cunt, you lazy whore!"

Emily had often wondered, after their Tuesday night meetings, what it would be like to taste Melanie's pussy. Now the moment had arrived. Emily tentatively started to lick it, trying to get her tongue into the slit. Just when she managed to get her tip through the pubic mat, Melanie pushed her away. "Go back to sucking, slut!"

The young man had lost his erection. Emily, on all fours, had to start all over again. Sucking, pulling out, sliding back, using her tongue and lips over its head and foreskin, Emily started to get him hard again.

Emily suddenly had a stark realization.

She was the only one who was still fully dressed. Everyone else, the men and women were totally naked.

Also, she was the only one who was performing. Everyone else was just watching, telling her how to suck cock, but otherwise, just sitting or standing around.

True, some couples were fondling each other; a couple of women were holding hands and kissing on occasion. Off in a distant corner, Katherine and Andrea, who had become intense lovers just a few weeks before, were totally naked, their hands casually open their shoulders and caressing each other's breasts and behinds.

Well, almost everyone was totally naked. Caren, insanely beautiful, was wearing high-heel shoes and a nice diadem on her head, as she walked around offering the guests beverages, lighting cigars for the men, and leaning way over to pick up empty glasses. In her natural beauty, Emily was yearning to be able to admire Caren as she truly was, and perhaps even to be able to also reach out and touch her, like everyone else was doing so freely.

And of course, Melanie, in her Head Mistress tight corset, calling the shots. What would it be like, to eat Melanie while Caren watched?

Her dreams were shattered once again. Another man had plunged into her pussy! Again, while Emily was desperately learning to suck cock, another man was fucking her with reckless abandon! Only that Melanie was encouraging this one differently, "Rub her clit! Emily loves it when you rub her clittie really hard while fucking her! Go ahead. She loves it, and the harder, the more she likes it!"

And just like the first man, this one was fucking Emily long and hard, abusing her clittie with his hands. And just like the first man, just when Emily knew she and he were about to cum, he pulled out, yanked her head around, slid his massive cock deep into her mouth and exploded!

This man was much better than the first. At least, he shoved his cock so deep into Emily's gaping mouth, and it was so lubricated from her wetness that he managed to deep-throat her. His semen went directly down her esophagus. Emily did not stand a chance. The men and women all around seemed very impressed with Emily's newly acquired swallowing skill.

Melanie waited until he was finished. She went over to Emily, and again pulled her head up by the hair. "Listen, Emily slut. When you suck a man's cock and swallow his cum, never ever look away. Look at him in the eye. Make eye contact. Look at him. The more you look into his eyes and the more you stare at him when he is cumming, the more you are going to realize what a slut you are. Now, eat me!"

Emily had never felt so humiliated. She felt like a trashy tramp. Everyone was watching her bumbling, first steps into the realm of oral sex. She had no idea what she was supposed to do. She did not know how to do all the things they were telling her to do. And to make it all worse, she was supposed to look in the eye at a total stranger that was fucking her and ejaculating in her mouth?

Again, Melanie awoke her from her revelry. "I said, eat me, slut!" Emily realized Melanie's cunt was pressed against her mouth. Melanie had lowered herself just a bit to open her legs a few inches. Hungrily, scared and tentative, Emily started to lap Melanie's labia. It tasted so strange! So much like her own! She wanted to continue. "Emily slut, it looks like you are also going to have to take lessons in clittie sucking, bitch. You have no idea how to eat a woman. Now get back to sucking cock!"

And so Emily kept learning how to suck cock with the patient young man, who would lose his erection every so often. And all along, a man would suddenly appear from behind, fuck her to the verge of a climax, and then he would ejaculate in her mouth.

Katherine and Andrea respectfully asked Melanie for permission to proceed. With everyone in attendance watching closely, Katherine raised first one of Emily's knees, then the other, to slide off her panty hose and knickers. Emily felt a surge of wetness flow between her suddenly opened thighs.

Andrea helped Emily raise her torso. Kissing Emily gently on the mouth, Andrea held her up while Katherine took off her jacket, her blouse, and undid her brassiere. Emily was now totally naked, in full sight of everyone present. Katherine and Andrea whispered in her ears, wishing her good luck, kissed her lightly, and gently lowered Emily's pretty face back onto the young man's cock. Emily resumed sucking it, now almost expertly. Andrea started to fondle and massage Emily's large, full, ripe breasts, kneading her dark, engorged nipples. From behind, Katherine started to finger Emily's pussy, lightly and deliberately, fingering deep, feeling and probing and exploring, searching her G-spot. Occasionally, Katherine would withdraw her fingers (plural) and move them slowly up and down Emily's crack, darting one very wet finger into her virgin ass, and resuming her work on Emily's pussy. Her other hand entertained Emily's throbbing clit, teasing it, taunting it, twirling it around mercilessly.

All along, Emily more than eagerly was sucking the young man's cock, making sure to keep her eyes locked with his. Two men, of the many that had already fucked Emily that evening, came close, brought their own cocks very close to her face, and started to masturbate right there, next to her mouth, right over the young man's face. His eyes started to water.

"Make it last forever," Emily screamed in her mind!

Suddenly, it happened.

It had to happen.

There was no way it could not have happened.

Emily felt waves upon waves of orgasms crash hard on her body. She was entering what was to become her longest, most powerful, most intense series of orgasms she had ever felt!

She struggled with all her might to keep sucking the young man's cock.

The men sensed her wild joy. In response, they too simultaneously started to have their own orgasms, splashing semen onto Emily's pretty face, dribbling down on the young man's face. Emily was in sexual paradise!

She fought to keep her eyes open and locked into his.

He read her eyes.

The young man started his own orgasm.

It was a long, continuous flow of ejaculate.

His powerful contractions propelled more and more ejaculate in a continuous stream into her mouth.

Unlike the other men who had exploded in her mouth, Emily sensed the young man was unique and special. His ejaculate was smooth, creamy, so deliciously sweet!

Emily shook wildly again as another wave of orgasms rattled her body!

They gasped at the majesty and beautiful splendor of Emily's orgasm!

Andrea gave Emily's raw nipples one last tug.

Emily moaned with delight.

Katherine gave Emily's clit one last twirl.

It was too much.

Emily arched back wildly.

Her body lurched up.

She let out a scream as the final orgasm drained her of all her energy.

The men and women fell silent in admiration.

Emily, in her abject humiliation and total service, had performed admirably. She had been used and abused; she been totally humiliated in public; she had been called a slut and had the most secret parts of her femininity exposed and explored. Emily was unbelievably proud of her sexual prowess this evening. She had never ever felt like such an erotic woman as today. She beamed with modest pride. Her pretty face glowed with the pride of her accomplishment!

They broke out in a round of applause.

Emily blushed profusely. She did not know what to say or how to thank them for their sincerity and their display of approval.

Katherine and Andrea helped her thrashed body down, letting her lie down next to the young man whose cock had been her first lesson in sucking.

"What took you so long?" she asked him feebly.

He was too tired to answer. He just looked at her lovingly.

Katherine leaned next to Emily. "Emily darling, this is Joseph. He is gay and was not turned on sexually by you. We invited him as our guest to be your learning mannequin. He would have total self-control throughout your lesson. Only when the two men started to masturbate on his face did he get sexually aroused and cum in your mouth."

Emily smiled weakly. She tried to raise her head, but she was too tired even for that.

Andrea and Katherine understood. Both leaned over, and kissed Emily softly. Emily thanked them for the best orgasm of her life.

Andrea and Katherine looked at one another and smiled that secret smile that bounds secret lovers. Their lips touched.

Melanie stepped over them, happy and proud of Emily's sexuality. Turning to her guests, "You must admit Emily performed superbly! Let's have another round of applause for her. And let the real sex begin! Shall we?"

All cheered and clapped.

Emily knew her life had changed forever and ever. She too tried to cheer and clap, but her body was too weak even for that.

All were now ready to begin anew.

All were eager to see where the Tuesday Foursome would take them in the sequel.

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