tagLesbian SexTrilogy 02

Trilogy 02


02: Together - The Auction

Thanks, Katherine, for the wonderful moments of intense arousal we have shared whilst composing these stories!

Katherine and Andrea were lying together in bed, touching, kissing lightly, whispering sweet little nothings into each other's ears, as lovers are wont to do after passionately making love together.

In the adjoining bedroom, Melanie, Caren, and Emily were sound asleep on the large bed, their limbs hopelessly intertwined, the scents of love making wafting around.

Andrea's fingers roamed over Katherine's body. All week, Andrea looked forward to that special moment when they would spend a night in intimacy, their total nudity forging the strongest bond possible between two women. Every other night of the week belonged to their respective husbands, in their marital bedrooms. But Tuesday nights was the special moment of feminine intimacy and womanly love.

They were recounting the evening that had just passed, laughing and kissing with every comment. "Did you see how she fucked like a bunny!"

Women do not need to get into words too much: both knew whom the "she" in question was.

They laughed.

"And did you see how well she gave blow jobs!"

There was no doubt in their minds who the other "she" was. [For the reader who is new to the Tuesday Foursome, Caren was notorious for her verbal and oral skills.]

"And it looks like we made a tidy profit, too!"

Katherine and Andrea laughed. Hosting an evening like this was an expensive proposition. With semen flowing as freely as the champagne that Caren had offered all night, and with serving light food to replenish energies depleted after every orgasm, a pretty sum had been advanced.

It had been Katherine's idea to have an auction at the end. Katherine, Melanie, Caren, and Emily had put up for auction the knickers they were wearing at the start of the evening. Their guests, men and women, successively bid higher and higher for each pair of knickers. When there was a winner, the owner of that pair would don them one last time, get her juices to wet them, and then take them off. She would autograph the pair, and present it to the winning bid. What a clever idea Katherine had! To think that four lucky guests would walk away each with a pair of wet, autographed knickers as a party favour had been a stroke of genius!

Katherine nestled up close to Andrea. She yearned to be in Andrea's reassuring arms. Katherine was feeling tenderly affectionate. After all, just a few hours ago, she had royally fucked two men, scarcely an hour apart, had masturbated a third man to a really nice climax in her hands, and had given a fourth man a blow job. While he was still pulsating in her mouth, the last droplets oozing out of his cock, he had gently touched her pretty face, leaned over and told her, "You are the best cock sucker in the whole universe!" Katherine remembered she had blushed at being rewarded with such a polite compliment.

Feeling very attached to Andrea, Katherine whispered hoarsely, "Andrea, darling love, what shall be plan for next week?"

Alas, Katherine was already too exhausted to hear Andrea's ideas. The deepest slumber, the slumber of the right-after, had already filled her expressive eyes. Her mind was gone into the Land of Erotic Dreams...

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