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She stood at the banks of the blue and silver river, gazing across the blazing noon day sky. Beauty over beauty like a majestic eagle over a snow capped mountain. The wind lightly slung her long silken hair outward in waves and flickers like that of a fire. Her bare tanned skin shined as she basked in the hot sun, on the rivers edge.

Her face slowly rose to soak up the suns mesmerizing, radiant warmth. Raising her arms up and out, she grasped the air. Her bare breasts pointed towards the heavens as She began a short chant.

"I love the sun, it gives me warmth..." She smiled as she lowered her arms and began to walk slowly forward, slipping in to the river, deeper with every step. Her feet found footing in the rivers sandy bottom. She lightly touched the surface with her hand gliding over the water with enchanting swirls, while the river hugged her thighs.

The water lapped at her woman hood and her tan brown upper legs as she found a comfortable depth that sensually stimulated her. She massaged her firm mounds and tugged at her taught nipples. Her large brown ovals were ground zero for her finger tips attention.

The air became dryer and the heat began to rise, She subsided into the water up to her breasts and tilted her hair back into the water. Slinging her head forward with wet hair that slightly, whipped and snapped across her chest as she shook out, the bulk of the wetness.

"You are very beautiful," a deep voice came from up towards the mountaintops and the glaring sun.

"Who's there?" she asked while slipping into the water up to her neck, to cover her nakedness. One hand she used to shield her eyes from the Suns blinding light. The other hand curled across her breasts.

"What is your name?" He asked politely and with a gentle tone. Like a crackle in a fire, crisp and sharp flickered words. A flock of egrets 'squawked' and took to the air. The river reflected the Suns brightness as she finally closed her eyes and listened attentively, since she was blinded and unable to see.

"Please leave," She shouted angrily as she sank into the water even deeper showing her fear and an attempt to shield herself. The bright shine of the sun seem to lessen as she made her way toward the bank with her back towards the beating rays.

She turned and saw there was no one as she glanced all around. She questioned her sanity but knew her mind was sound. Something was strange about his voice, yet she was intrigued by his gentle tone and kind words.

She got dressed and went back to her tribe and t-pee and resumed her usual tasks. The experience at the rivers bathing, heavy on her mind and the mysterious voice that now entranced her.

The next day she made her daily pilgrimage to the river for cleansing the body and mind. The anticipation mixed fear in a deep pit within her that made every step sounding her heavy burden, like a beating drum.

She reached the ribbon of wetness and kicked at the flowing river edge. Her eyes were on the water but her mind was riddled with caution. She shed her clothes to the same daily beat, one leather strand at a time. Short skirt of buckskin fell to the grass in a silent blend. Reaching up and pulling off her top, she stepped ankle deep into the cool river, where she had bathed daily all her life.

She glided her hand across the top of the water and cupped a small amount and whisked the wetness to her hot bare chest and neck. The droplets splattered like sparkling diamonds scattered in the shining sun. She teased a nipple with light tugs and pulls then squeezed her soft firm mound coming to a point then pulling lightly. Finger tips twisted slightly then they pulled playfully.

A crow took flight with siren calls 'caw caw' as she swished a spray of wetness across her warm, bare skin. Slowly she gated deeper in the water as the air seemed to get hotter and hotter. As if the Sun was rising to its fullest or even drawing nearer. The air she breathed seem to be coming more dense by the moment. A reflective glare came blinding so she shielded her eyes.

"What is your name?" The Strangers voice crackled. She tried desperately, with no shame to her nakedness to see the lips behind the voice. With no success she finally turned her back to the brightness and sank into the water.

"If I tell you my name, will you leave?" She asked in a frustrated huff, showing no fear.

"Yes," he replied.

"Trinity," she barked wrapping her arms around her self, sinking deeper into the safety of the river. The air grew warm and the brightness died. She eventually turned to find nothing or no one there. The river reflected the sun, which seemed twice as hot today as it had yesterday.

The shorelines seem flush green compared to the backdrop of trees that looked brown and parched. She resumed her bathing and soon shed the fears of her daily strangers, voice. Cleansing her minds worries the best she could with all that life has thrown at her and her tribe.

She washed her body and her long hair and as she looked down into the rivers reflective mirror, she smiled. 'That's how he does it,' she thought, then back to the tribe she went and slipped into her day that sank into night.

The tribe was growing concerned about their crops survival with no rain and the scorching days they have endured. The nightly fireside chat was steaming with worried chatter. No one had any answers, as the days seem to grow hotter and dryer.

The next day Trinity made her usual journey to spend the hottest part of the summer's day in the cool river. She smiled with anticipation that slid into a wicked gin.

She reached the water and shed her clothes faster than a lizard off a hot rock. Diving into the cooler water with eagerness and splashing to the surface with her arms out in glee, with one hand busy.

She was aware of the heat wave but she just taunted it by raising her rear to the air and diving away. As she surfaced she quickly flashed a sheet of silver that she used for jewelry, towards the brightness that come. The reflective silver shined back at the daily glare that came and offered a small window of sight for Trinity to see.

She saw no one but then heard the flickering voice speak. "Hello Trinity," a snap in his voice was like a piercing snicker. "How clever of you," he crackled.

"Who are you?" Trinity asked but there was no response, so she became more blunt. "What is your name." Wiping the sweat from her brow as the heat got intense.

"Some one who adores your beauty." He said softer than usual then the brightness slowly withered away.

"Wait," Trinity yelled but there was no one, or no glare other than the slight reflective glitters off ripples in the rivers current. Heat waves slivered across dense air and the trees crackled of dry and dead leaves.

The heat on the surface of the water, matched the air but the cool deeper water felt wonderful so she swam into the depths of the chilling lower current and cooled off.

That evening the usual tribal concerns were addressed only now more and more were noticing the daily flash of heat that seem to come about the same time everyday. Some wild fires had been spotted in distant hillsides and the concern for their crops and village was on every tribal members mind.

The next day Trinity made her way to the river as always and contemplated on her daily visitor. Today she thought she would have to discover who was behind this mystic voice. When she got to the banks of the river, she sat on a stump and waited.

She sensed the air beginning to get hotter and hotter. Looking all around and very aware this time she noticed the brightness come from high in the sky, like an albino Eagle. Shielding her eyes as the bright shine came, she prepared herself.

"Hello Trinity," the voice said in a sultry tone.

"Can you tell me why we haven't seen any rain in a long time?" She asked quickly.

"I sent the clouds away," the voice said as the heat become almost unbearable. Almost forcing Trinity to slip into the river fully clothed in search for the cool under current from the blazing heat wave.

"We need rain desperately," Trinity pleaded as the heat slowly subsided and the brightness began to fade.

"My every moment, I am in anticipation until I can see your beauty again!" The voice seem distant and trailed off into the high heavens.

The next day Trinity sat in wait, again. The land was brown and dying. The hills were patched with wild fires and the creeks had all dried up. Even the river was very low.

The brightness began about the same time the heat wave came. Trinity put her hand over her eyes as the glare grew. "Hello Trinity," the voice announced.

"Please let the rains come," Trinity shouted in haste and desperation.

"I can't, I must see you. I pass over every day and my every moment, I anticipate seeing you." The crackled voice seem to become dimmer as the heat flash scorched the river bank and drove Trinity into the river for the comfort of the cool water.

"The land is suffering, please let the clouds come," Trinity yelled to the heavens. There was no reply but more of an understanding who the strangers voice truly was, became more obvious to Trinity.

She meditated on the dilemma that night while the village was claiming the crops would soon be parched beyond repair. The whole tribe carried water daily in repetition but it was barely sustaining the earth's absorption, it seemed everything they did was futile.

The next day, Trinity sat in wait but not at the rivers bank. But high on the bluffs she stood, over looking the brown Earth, waiting. The usual anticipation jitters but mostly she was caught in her inner circle of Her thoughts.

What could help them get rain more than any thing was foremost on her mind. That which would save her people. The Earth's parchment was nearing the point of showing eternal scars.

The shining bright Sun come again in a furious heat. The air was almost unbearable, the brightness burned the tops of the trees, "Hello Trinity," the voice said in a flicker.

"I bid you farewell," Trinity said as she stood and walked to the cliff edge. "We have no crops and the land is parched beyond repair, a Death Valley now, I must ...might as well die." Trinity shouted and jumped into the river, diving headfirst. The long free fall offered the Sun a clear view of her deathly dive into the bluffs rocky basin. Then the deadly under tow from the rivers swift current and the rapids, boulders then the waterfall.

The bright Sun watched in awe and wait for her to surface. The tops of trees began to burn for the suns over stay. Trinity never surfaced and the Sun finally had to continue its daily journey. The Sun watched from high in the sky but never saw Trinity surface.

The Sun felt awful that Trinity committed suicide due to the circumstances of the heat wave. The Suns inability to control his passion and desire for a daily glance at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, caused him to loose his only love.

The next day the Sun returned to the river but there was no Trinity and the Sun watched feverishly for a sign of her throughout the day but he never saw her.

The next day the Suns sorrow showed in a downpour of tears and flooding rain. The Sun cried for many days. Then dried up the land and searched in hopes for his love but never saw her again. Rains came in plenty and the vegetation flourished, becoming green again. The Earth survived the Suns devastating visits thanks to the selflessness of one woman.


What happen to Trinity? They named the river after her. No body knows for sure but the Sun never saw her again. Some say that there was an Indian woman who lived deep in the Dark forest. Her name was, Shadow Walker. She was a friend of the wise and nocturnal, Owls.

They say she stays in the shadows to hide her hideous facial scars. How she got them, no body knows. She never comes out when the Sun's burning bright. It is also said she loves to bath nude, in the moonlight, along the banks of... The Trinity River.

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