tagGay MaleTrinity Ch. 02

Trinity Ch. 02


"What do you think about disguises?" Alec questioned his sister.

"I think it might be better to forgo any type of disguises this time, Alec, it's too much upkeep for a mission like this." Vanessa replied. "Disguises work for a short amount of time, but over an extended period, I don't think they really work that well. This is the biggest assignment we've ever been assigned, and I don't want something stupid, like a wig being on crooked, to blow our covers."

"Don't worry, Nessa, that was exactly what I was thinking." Alec grunted out as he lifted the weapons' bags and headed upstairs. "I think using our names, well, first names at least, will make things easier as well. We need total concentration, and trying to remember what name to answer to will just throw us off. I am totally confident that we are going to be able to pull this off without any problems, sis."

Vanessa picked up their remaining gear and followed her brother up through the house. Her mind had been racing at a million miles per hour since Muse revealed their mission earlier this evening. Vanessa had expected fear to be coursing through her by now, but that hadn't happened. Instead, excitement and energy flowed through her body, and she realized that she had to be a total adrenaline junkie. Her mind had already begun going over strategies and plans in preparation for their assignment. She knew that this assignment was just as important to Alec, and it actually might even mean more to him than it did to her. Vanessa had been in the forefront of practically every mission, and this time Alec had an opportunity to shine. It was a chance for him to show just how good he was at his job, and Vanessa knew he was one of the best.

They stepped out of the house and the cold fall wind whipped around them, sending chills through their bodies. Their gear was safely and carefully stored in the mustang's trunk. Transporting gear for missions had become a problem when security in airports had become very tight. The Covenant had a private plane for Vanessa and Alec's use, and had built a small runway and hanger outside the local airport. This was all accomplished with the help of some highly placed Covenant members, who took care of things like getting federal approval for the airstrip and other intricacies. Vanessa and Alec didn't have to worry about airport security, their plane being late, or any other airport inconvenience.

"Remember to take some clothes to change into on the plane, Alec, so we don’t walk off the plane onto a tropical island in winter gear." Vanessa reminded. "Let's just hope neither one of us gets sick from the drastic temperature change. That's all we would need, to be in the middle of our biggest assignment and have the flu."

After making sure all the gear was properly stored in the trunk Alec and Vanessa headed back into the house to get their remaining luggage. They went to their bedrooms and began finishing up the packing, making sure their clothes were comfortable, but also appropriate for their work. The clothes had to enable them to blend in with everyone else, but still have the flexibility for quick movement and comfort. A majority of their clothes had to be as close to form fitting as possible because loose fitting clothing could either slow them down or be too bulky for movement. Alec and Vanessa had solid, muscular bodies, and wearing the tighter fitting clothing didn't bother either one of them. In fact it helped them sometimes because they had encountered a few people that focused more on their appearance and found out the hard way what a mistake that was.

Alec and Vanessa met in the foyer with their packed bags and looked around at the house. It was becoming a routine for the pair, and even though they had every confidence in their abilities, they never knew if this would be the last time in their home. They took a deep breath through their noses, taking in the scent of the house that was filled with so many memories. Alec easily took Vanessa's hand, their fingers entwining with a practiced ease.

"Looks like we're ready to go, Trinity." Alec murmured with a grin. "We're finally going on that dream vacation, eh?"

"You know it, tiger, I plan on finding you a man on this trip. Of course, that would be after I get all my hours of sunbathing in." Vanessa said with a laugh. "Muse?"

"Yes, Trinity." Muse's voice echoed throughout the downstairs.

"We are leaving on assignment, Muse, please secure the house under security level Alpha Bravo." Vanessa requested.

"Institution of security level alpha bravo will require double clearance." Muse responded. "Trinity, please provide your security clearance code."

"Trinity clearance Vanessa Lynn Romane, access code seven eight six nine." Vanessa stated.

"Phoenix, please provide your security clearance code." Muse requested.

"Phoenix clearance Alec Michael Romane, access code one seven one two." Alec replied.

"Clearance codes have been confirmed. Security lock down under security level Alpha Bravo will be complete in two minutes. Please leave the premise immediately to avoid defensive measures. Be safe on your mission and return in once piece, Trinity and Phoenix." Muse confirmed.

All the lights in the house suddenly went out and the sound of doors locking echoed throughout the halls. Alec and Vanessa quickly stepped out the front door with their luggage and pulled it closed. As they got into Alec's mustang the house continued with the security measures. Steel plates slid into place behind the curtains in all the windows and were also lowered behind all the doors leading to the outside. Invisible laser beams crisscrossed over every inch of the property, scanning and searching for anything out of the ordinary. The house and the surrounding property had become a virtual fortress. Muse would only initiate defensive measures if it sensed a danger, like the weapons and tools in the backseat of the mustang. That is why Alec and Vanessa had been warned to leave before the two minutes were up. If Muse felt any need to defend the home or its perimeter it would contact either Vanessa or Alec on their cell phones and confirm the situation.

The mustang shot through the iron gate at the end of the driveway just as it was closing. The car quickly sped down the streets to get to the main highway as soon as possible. Vanessa and Alec were anxious to get on their way and begin their assignment because there were only seven days until the President's visit at the Isle Of Terror amusement park. They had to incorporate themselves with the park's employees and memorize every square inch of the park. Knowledge of their surroundings and the people in it were one of the most important things in their line of work. It was one of the things that separated them from others in their field. Vanessa and Alec spent a great deal of attention to every detail when they were on missions. They made sure that everything that they said or did fit in perfectly with their surroundings, unless of course their cover required them to do otherwise.

"What was with the Alpha Bravo lockdown, Nessa?" Alec quickly glanced at his sister. "We've never used a security level higher than Charlie when we left on assignments, but this time you requested the highest level possible. What makes this one so different?"

Vanessa glanced out the passenger window, refusing to meet her brother's gaze. She hadn't thought about using that lockdown until the words had already left her mouth, and by then it was too late to change the request. Vanessa's stomach was still a bit knotted from the situation, but she had gone with her gut instinct and trusted in it.

"Mom and Dad were on the biggest missions of their career when that earthquake hit, Alec." Vanessa's voice was so soft Alec could barely hear her over the sound of the engine. "We were there to step into their places whether we wanted to or not. We are on the biggest mission of our career, tiger, and if something happens there is no one to pick up the pieces. There is too much information and other things in that house for it to fall into the wrong hands, Alec, that I had to make sure it was secure, just in case we...."

Vanessa's voice broke off and she took a deep breath. Vanessa knew they had to look at both sides of the coin, no matter how confident she was they were going to succeed. She had to make sure that she was prepared for the worse because there was always the possibility it could happen. It was dangerous to be too self-assured or confident in their line of work. Vanessa tried to always make sure both of her feet were firmly planted in reality, otherwise, one or both of them could end up dead. She knew that Alec followed the same line of thinking that she did. There were times when she felt more like Alec was her twin, even though she was a year older than him.

"You did the right thing, Nessa, we have to be prepared for anything and everything. I'm glad you thought about that." Alec's strong baritone voice gently carried throughout the car. He knew where Vanessa's mind was and he wanted to try and keep her spirits up. "Have you thought about what last name we should use on the island?"

"I've been trying to brainstorm ideas, but I keep drawing a complete blank." Vanessa sighed, even though a small grin appeared on her face. She knew what her brother was up to, and she definitely appreciated the effort. "We're so used to only going by first names that it's pretty odd to have to pick out a last name. Have you had any ideas?"

"I was doing some reading last night about Lewis and Clark, and I thought maybe we could use one of those names." Alec replied as he changed lanes.

"You were reading about Lewis and Clark last night?" Vanessa chuckled. "Why don't you read something that isn't non-fiction for once, brother dear? You have to have some type of imagination in that thick head of yours somewhere."

"Forgive me, sis, if I don't get into the steamy romance novels the same way you do." Alec snapped back. His voice may have sounded rough, but Vanessa knew he was trying to rile her up.

"There is nothing wrong with reading about a lonesome, hunky cowboy who just inherited his family's ranch and ends up falling in love with the beautiful land developer from the city who shows up to build a mini-mall." Vanessa playfully snapped back at her brother.

"I never said there was something wrong with that, Nessa. We just have different tastes in books. You can engross yourself in all of that love at first sight crap, but leave me to my books about facts and truths." Alec replied.

"What do you mean crap? Love at first sight is totally possible, Alec. You can't tell me that you never experienced that in your entire life?" Vanessa asked in amazement. She knew that her brother wasn't into the dating or bar scene, but she would have never guessed he didn't believe in love.

"I just don't see how you can feel this instant love for someone after only seeing them once, Nessa. The only thing you can experience at first sight is lust, not love." Alec responded. "It takes time for feelings like love to exist between two people."

"That's what you think, brother dear, and I hope I'm there when you finally experience love at first sight." Vanessa said. "You know I just love telling you 'I told you so."

"I don't see why you love it so much, Nessa, it's not like you really ever get to do it that often." Alec said with a grin.

"Here's comes the turn off for the hanger, Alec, you don't want to miss it, again." Vanessa said with a giggle.

Alec sighed as he turned on the right turn signal. It seemed at times that Vanessa's mission in life was to harass him. It never bothered him though; well at least it didn't bother him that often. Vanessa had been teasing for as long as he could remember, and he didn't see her stopping anytime in the future. The car turned off onto the almost hidden entrance to the hanger. He had called ahead and made sure that it was fueled up and supplies were stocked for the flight.

"I'll be Lewis and you can be Clark, Alec. That way you can have the whole alter ego thing going like Superman." Vanessa grinned at her brother.

"Here's an interesting thought, you wacko. Why don't you be Lane and I'll be Kent. This way we can really play up the superhero thing." Alec said jokingly as he parked the car.

"That's a great idea, tiger!" Vanessa's face beamed. "You do have some good ideas every now and then."

She was already out of the car and unlocking the trunk before Alec could say anything else. A long, frustrated sigh slipped from his lips and he rubbed his temples. Would he ever learn to be careful when talking to Vanessa? Sometimes his sister could just take something and run it into the ground. Alec had a feeling this was going to be a very, very long flight.

* * *

Vanessa and Alec’s plane touched down in California a few hours after take off. Their trip taking much shorter than a normal flight since the plane had Concord-like technology, courtesy of the Covenant. Their plane landed safely without any problems. Vanessa and Alec quickly unloaded their luggage and gear onto a cart and made their way over to the helipads.

It wasn’t a possibility to land a plane on the island, so they were going to take a helicopter out. Terror Incorporated had a fleet of helicopters to take employees and guests from the mainland out to the island. There was the option of taking a ship, but traveling that way took almost a full day of time. From the long line of people waiting, they knew they had a few hours to kill.

“Alec, you wait here with the luggage. I’m going to look around inside, and do a little reconnaissance.” Vanessa smiled at her brother.

“You mean you’re going to do some shopping, Vanessa. I’m not stupid.” Alec put on his sunglasses and pulled a book out of one of his duffel bags. “You go ahead and have fun. I’ll be waiting right here.”

“You could be on the look out for some hot guys, stud, and maybe you’ll get lucky and have a hot island fling.” Vanessa giggled to her brother. The look of death he shot her was enough of a clue for her to get going. “Fine, have it your way. All work and no play…” Her voice trailed off as she walked away from Alec. She really had to find him a man, and she hoped some opportunity would present itself. Vanessa picked up her carry on bag as she made her way towards the airport terminal.

Vanessa had a game plan in mind; she just hoped that there was enough time for her to pull it together. She walked around the concourse and finally found what she was looking for. Her eyes twinkled as she walked into the shop and heard the sound of hairdryers and scissors. Vanessa stepped up to the receptionist desk, where an attractive, younger woman was sitting.

“Can I help you, ma’am?” The woman asked.

“I’m hoping that you can.” Vanessa leaned on the counter giving the woman her most brilliant smile. “I’m here on vacation and trying to be a bit spontaneous. I want something completely different, but I only have about an hour. Can you fit me in?”

“I’m sure we can fit you in.” The woman said with a smile. “What exactly did you have in mind?”

Vanessa’s smile got even larger, if that were possible, as she explained her idea to the woman. The woman led her towards the back of the shop to get her hair washed. Alec was definitely going to have kittens when he saw her. Vanessa couldn’t help the giggle that slipped from her lips. She was certainly going to be having some fun on this mission. Vanessa made sure not to look into a mirror until everything was done. It just a little over an hour later when the stylist turned her chair around and Vanessa was able to see the finished look.

Vanessa’s face lit up with a disarming grin. The stylist did an amazing job, and Vanessa was impressed. If she hadn’t known any better, Vanessa would have thought this was her natural appearance. She generously tipped the woman and made her way towards the airport bathrooms. Vanessa slipped into a stall and opened up her bag. She was ready to complete her transformation and started removing everything from the bag.

A tight, black mini-skirt slid soundlessly up her long legs. Vanessa slipped on a pair of knee-high black leather boots and pulled a tank top with the word ‘Princess’ written across it in silver glitter over her head. She put the discarded clothes into the bag and stepped out of the stall. Vanessa placed the bag on the bathroom’s sink and began to reapply her make-up, putting it on a bit heavier than normal. Once her make-up was done, to her satisfaction, she retrieved a pair of sunglasses out of her bag and headed off towards her last stop.

Vanessa usually walked with a calm, confident ease, but that changed with her new look. Her hips swayed a bit more with each step and accentuated her long, muscular legs. Vanessa was used to turning a few heads, but her new appearance brought her a lot more attention than she expected. She entered the gift shop and saw that the only person inside was the young man standing behind the counter. His eyes practically burned a hole right through her. If there were any opportunity to try out her new look, it was now. She sauntered right up to the counter and leaned across it, her shirt dipping a bit to reveal a good amount of cleavage.

“Hi, I was hoping you could help me, Evan.” Vanessa read the guy’s name off of his nametag. Her voice purred like a kitten. “I’m dying for some gum.”

“Sure…it’s um…on the rack right behind you.” He stuttered and tried to not look down her shirt.

Vanessa looked over her shoulder and saw the candy rack. She looked back at Evan, tossing her hair over her shoulder.

“Thanks, I can’t believe I didn’t see that before.” Vanessa allowed a giggle to escape past her lips. She walked over and selected a pack of pink bubble gum from the display. She set it down on the counter and began to dig through her bag. “Oh shoot, I must have left my purse in the car, damn it.” Her lips turned down into a sensual pout.

“Don’t worry about it, miss, I’ll take care of it for you.” Evan beamed at her.

“I couldn’t let you do that, Evan, I don’t want you getting into trouble over me.” Vanessa purred.

“Don’t worry about anything, ma’am.” Evan practically forced the pack of gum into her hands. “It’s not everyday I get to treat a beautiful woman to something, even if it’s only a pack of gum.”

“You’re too sweet.” Vanessa grinned back at him. She reached over and ran her finger over Evan’s cheek. “I’m in your debt, and I won’t forget this.” Vanessa tossed the gum into her bag and started out of the gift shop. As she walked through the doors she glanced back at Evan. He was in the process of memorizing every inch of her legs. When his gaze met hers she lowered her sunglasses and winked at him. Evan’s face immediately flushed and Vanessa giggled and headed back out to where Alec was waiting.

Her new look was a complete success, though she wasn’t planning on playing the seductress on assignment. She had a few other ideas and couldn’t wait to see Alec’s reaction.

* * *

Alec ran his hand through his blonde hair and glanced at his watch. Vanessa had been gone for over an hour, and God only knows what she was up to. He felt like he was the older sibling most of the time. Vanessa was always on his case about relaxing and having more fun, but it was difficult for him to do. Alec had to be in control as much as possible, and letting go was not easy for him. Ever since his parents died he preferred things to be as routine as possible. His eyes turned back to his book, but a few moments later the sound of snapping bubble gum caught his attention.

Alec looked up to see a long-legged blonde woman strutting towards the helicopter area. He rolled his eyes as he read the word ‘princess’ written across her too tight and small shirt. If Vanessa had been here this woman would have become fodder for some her jokes. He tried to ignore the woman and returned to his book. Unfortunately, the gum-popping princess was headed right towards him.

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