tagBDSMTrinity Finishing School Ch. 04

Trinity Finishing School Ch. 04


The next ten days passed quietly -- all the arrangements for Kira to move into the dorm at Mount Trinity were made, along with my class schedule and office space. The day before she was scheduled to start the fall term, Kira was unusually quiet. She woke up late, dressed in a t-shirt and some sweatpants and basically moped around the place all day. When dinner came she just pushed her food around on her plate with her head down and I finally asked her what was bothering her.

"Nothing, I guess. It's not important."

"Don't you like the school? I thought you were happy with it."

"It's not the school -- it was nice. It's just...another big change. It just seems like things are moving so fast. I feel like I only just got here -- I know I can't stay but now I'm going to live at the school and not see you anymore." She looked up at me. I was surprised, I had never had a relationship with her before -- a couple of visits, sure, but only for a few days and I mostly spent the time with my brother.

"I only saw you a couple of times -- I'm surprised you even remember me."

"Oh, I remember you. The first time I saw you I was 13 and just getting interested in boys. Then you just showed up one day; this tall, handsome, stern-looking, confident, no-nonsense man who could make my Mom laugh and blush the way other guys couldn't. I had quite a crush on you. I kept trying to get you to notice me."

This was getting interesting. My eyebrows raised, "And now?"

"I still think you're very handsome but I'm old enough to know you're out of my league."

"Don't sell yourself short, Kira. You are an extremely attractive young woman. You're not out of anybody's league."

"You think so?" she blushed, "That's nice of you to say, but anyway in two weeks I'll be out of your life again."

"Well, that's not quite accurate, after talking with the principal the other day I accepted a position at the school teaching math and computers. I thought you knew."

"Really?! But that's great! I mean...I didn't know you were looking for a job so it's great you were able to find one, not that you couldn't..." She tailed off and blushed again. "Anyway, congratulations Uncle Hugh."

"So, that's one thing we need to get straight right now -- you may NOT call me Uncle Hugh at school." On impulse I continued, "In fact, I think you should get used to that sooner rather than later. From now on you will call me Sir, even in private. Are we clear?"

"Yes, sir." she said with a cryptic little smile.

"And if you misbehave in my presence you will be disciplined like any other student. You will not get any special leeway."

"I understand sir. Anyway, it's not like you're my uncle by blood -- you're only my uncle because your brother is fucking my Mom."

"Kira! I'm shocked at your disrespect; you know I don't tolerate that. Because tomorrow is a big day and you have a lot on your mind I'll only send you to your room as punishment. I assume the laundry is done."


"Really? What's gotten into you? Well that I will NOT let slide. Stand up young lady." I was already moving around the table, grabbed her arm and half-dragged her to the couch where I put her face-down across my lap. I pulled her sweatpants down to her ankles and hesitated. I decided to trust my instincts and pulled down her panties as well. Kira tried to look back at me but I had her well pinned down with her hands behind her back and she couldn't twist far enough. I looked down at the shapely smooth rear end before me and hesitated again but Kira started to struggle and I realized I needed to follow through now.

"What are yo..." Thwack! I gave her behind a hard smack with my hand; harder than I had intended but my blood was up now. "Ohh!" she cried and flinched from the blow. Thwack! She quieted down as she realized she was going to get a spanking on her bare backside, like it or not. She had been in this position before. I set up a steady rhythm of sharp whacks, alternating between her two cheeks while she stopped struggling and began whimpering a little.

"Your behavior has been atrocious today young lady. Disrespect to your mother and disrespect to me and this house! I expected more of you -- I see now that I have been too lax in discipline with you. Do you disagree with me?"

"No sir," she gasped between sobs and whimpers as I continued to give her lovely round bottom a hard working over. To be honest, I had lost count of the blows and her skin was quite red by now -- I'm sure it was throbbing. "I don't quite know what to do with you to teach you a lesson."

"Harder," she replied in a low husky voice somewhere between needing to say it and being ashamed to. I paused for a second, startled. She wanted me to spank her harder? My prick twitched in my pants as I looked down at the scarlet color of her pert little ass. It must sting and burn quite a bit already but she wanted more. My, but this was becoming interesting.

"I think you're right, young lady, I have been too soft on you." Thhwwackk! I smacked her already mistreated bum as hard as I dared.

"Aiiiee!" she cried and writhed in my grip.

"You HAVE been a bad girl, haven't you? A naughty, disobedient girl." Thhwwackk! She yipped in pain and the tears started to flow. "Answer me!" Thhwwackk!

"Ohhh! Yes sir, yes I have been bad and disobedient!"

"And what must happen to a disobedient young lady?" Thhwwackk!

"Aaahh! You must punish me! You must discipline my for my disrespect! I deserve to be chastised most severely!"

"Yes, I must or how else will a disobedient, disrespectful girl learn?" Thhwwackk!

"Ow, ow, oww! I am a naughty and wicked little girl and Sir must teach me a lesson I won't soon forget or I will remain wicked." Thhwwackk! "AAAHH! Please Sir, teach me -- be stern!" She was weeping from the pain as she said this -- to be truthful, my own hand was starting to sting. Her derriere was a bright, angry crimson yet she had been rubbing her legs together as she squirmed under the flogging I was giving her. I could clearly see moisture on her exposed pudenda and smell the faint odor of female musk. She was definitely getting sexually excited and I decided to take a new tack to try and take this session to a different level.

"Your flesh is too battered now; it is becoming numb to the blows. I must massage it to calm the nerves down so that you can feel the full effect of your punishment." I started gently stroking her butt up and down. Kira shuddered as my fingers lightly caressed her inflamed skin -- it must have felt like ice water on a sunburn.

"Mmmm..." she moaned in pleasure as I eased her agony with my ministrations. I ran one finger softly down the crack of her ass and her breathing quickened. "Oh, Uncle Hugh, that feels so good! Please don't st..." Thhwwackk!

"You were TOLD. NOT. TO. USE. THAT. NAME!" I punctuated each word with another fierce spank.

"Aiiiee! Oww! Please!" she shrieked, "I'm sorry sir! I'm so naughty and careless! I won't do it again!" I gave her one more for good measure before starting the caresses again, she was sobbing in big gulps and it took a few minutes of my fingers running along her tender curves for her to quiet and begin moaning and squirming again. She was more than excited now -- she was on fire. The sight and scent of her juices were patently obvious. Time to cross the Rubicon, I thought. I lightly traced the cleft of her ass as before but instead of stopping I continued right across her tender pink vulva and engorged clit. Kira gasped in surprise and passion. "Ohhhh!"

"Young lady! Are you aroused by this rough treatment? It certainly seems that way." She blushed furiously and remained silent. I rolled her hard little nub between my fingers and pinched, "I asked you a question." She jumped like she had been electrocuted, almost slipping from my grasp.

"Oh sir! I can't help it! When a strong man takes me in hand and punishes me I get so hot and bothered I can hardly stand it. I'm just a naughty, dirty little girl who needs to be dominated and disciplined. Sir, please discipline your wicked little girl."

I inserted a finger into her boiling wet pussy and she writhed. "You respond very strongly to my digit inside of you, yet with your strict upbringing you surely have never been with a man, have you?"

She blushed again but had been paddled often enough for not answering that she replied, "I have sir. There was an attractive pool boy who came to our house twice a week when I was the only one home. At first I just teased him, laying out in a skimpy bikini on a chaise while he was working, but that wasn't enough. One day, I contrived to bump into him and fall into the pool. When he helped me out I pressed my body close to him and he began to roam his hands over me. I did not resist so he went further and took me on the grass by the pool. Twice a week he came over and fucked me while he was meant to be working, but I think my mother suspected something and after six weeks of that he was gone. Not long after she sent me here to you."

"So you just spread your legs for a pool boy who happened to come by? You aren't just naughty, you are a slut! A dirty little slut who needs far more discipline than I imagined." I slipped a second finger into her quim and began to slide them in and out.

"Unnhh! Yes, you are right sir! I'm just a dirty little whore who needs to be punished, and punished severely, in more ways than just being paddled. Please sir, won't you correct me? I deserve the hardest lesson you can give me." My dick was so rock hard I could hardly think but I wanted to stretch this out just a little more. I took my fingers out from her body, reached down under the couch and pulled out a pair of leather handcuffs. I snapped them on her wrists behind her back and waited for her reaction.

"Sir, what are you doing? Ohh! My hands are caught! I am helpless! I can't stop you from visiting any indignity upon me you wish! You are right -- I deserve this. I deserve to be disciplined at your hands." With both hands free now I reinserted two fingers in her tight little snatch and reached under with my other hand to start rubbing and squeezing her clit. " Annhh! Sir, your poor little slut is so completely aroused now I won't be able to control myself! Ooohhh!" It was true, her pussy was dripping wet and she was flailing her legs and wriggling. I decided to play my last card.

"I think dirty sluts need to be taught restraint and denial. I think the best lesson for you would be to leave you here like this on the couch tonight while I go upstairs to bed." I withdrew my hands and stood up, flipping her on to her back on the couch.

"SIR!! Please, no!!" I saw her face for the first time since pulling her onto my lap. She was flushed with beads of sweat on her forehead and her eyes were wild. She was terrified that I meant what I said and would leave her there to stew, with no way to even relieve herself. "Sir! you have punished me well so far for my disobedience but the teaching has not gone far enough. You have uncovered my dirty secret -- I am a slut! Does not a wicked little tramp such as I require the full measure of your discipline?"

God! I was near my breaking point. Still I wanted to hear the final surrender. "Your argument has merit but I am not convinced -- perhaps another time."

"SIR!! PLEASE!! I'm begging you! Use me! Violate my body! I need the harsh lesson that only a strong man such as you can provide. I am a hot, nasty little slut defenseless at your feet, in your lair -- do I truly hold no appeal?" That did it. This beautiful 18 year old with a smoking hot body was tied up and begging me to fuck her. What man could resist that? I almost jumped over the couch, pulled her sweatpants and panties completely off, unclipped her handcuffs and pretty much tore the t-shirt over her head. I like restraint and Kira didn't seem to mind it so I grabbed her wrists and reclipped them to a hook I had installed in the arm of the couch. She was now completely naked, stretched out on the sofa, arms pulled above her head, panting and squirming. I knelt down and kissed her as I squeezed those perky little breasts of hers, pinching and pulling the nipples. "OOHHH! My nipples are so sensitive! Yes, sir, you must punish them as well!" Fine, so the next five minutes were spent mauling, twisting, sucking and biting on those tits of hers as she twisted and cried out until the sensitive nipples were red and rock hard.

Time for the main event -- I couldn't wait any longer and she was as ready as any girl I had ever been with. I dropped my pants and released the beast. Her eyes opened wide, "You're huge!! Sir, that thing will never fit inside me!"

"You'd be surprised what a hot, nasty little slut can handle when she's forced to. You begged me for the full measure of my discipline and you are going to get it -- hard and rough." I got on the couch, spread her long legs and laid my hammer across her belly -- it reached up to her belly button and Kira started to struggle out of sheer panic. I propped her leg over my left arm to open up her hips for me and used my right hand to feed the head into that sweet pink pussy of hers. She had her head up watching in disbelief as I popped the head inside the entrance to her hole and started to slide the king snake inside. She winced in pain and pulled at her bonds as she twisted her hips to try and accommodate my girth.

"OHHH! Sir!...It's SOOO big!...Unnnhh!...Your fat cock is tearing my tight cunt wide open!...Unnhh!...Please be gentle with me!" I had about four thick inches inside her twat at this point -- damn, but she was tight! If she hadn't been so wet and horny I would have had to work much harder getting my dick in. She might have screwed the pool boy a couple of times but she was still pretty unspoiled.

"Gentle? I think the time for gentleness is long past. You are where you are because your behavior needs correcting. Do you think that punishment for a naughty, dirty slut should be gentle?"

"No sir, punishment should be stern and merciless," she murmured as she looked up at me with those wide green eyes. "Aauugghh!!...Unnnhh!...It's too big!" I had pulled back my hips and rammed my foot of pink steel as deeply as I could, probably another three or four inches, before starting to pump it in and out of her juicy little snatch. I forced my hammer in deeper with each thrust until almost the entire length had vanished. She arched her neck and back as she pulled in vain at her restraints "Unnnhh!...Unnnhh!...So...deep!...Unnhhh! So...much...cock! Ohhh!...Can't...take...it...all!"

I slowed my pace down a little now that I was burying my full twelve inches with each stroke. Kira was flushed and sweating now, rolling her head back and forth and squirming beneath me as I ravished her. "Well, slut, you said you needed discipline; deserved it even. I completely agree. What do you think of my discipline now?"

"Unnhh!...Sir!...your thick meaty prick is reaming out my tender young pussy!... Unnh!...I'm helpless...bound and pinned beneath your massive rod of punishment!...Ohhh! I'm a slut and need to be treated harshly!...Unnh!...Make me take your huge cock!...Fuck me senseless!... Unnh!...Use this dirty slut's juicy little body!"

Her words inflamed me as I looked down at her incredibly provocative nubile form. Long shapely legs stretched wide open, smooth flat stomach leading up to pert tits with hard nipples jiggling to the rhythm of my thrusting, long neck stretched out with her pretty face lolling back and forth. I mashed her breast with one hand while I grabbed the hair at the back of her neck with the other and pulled her head up. "Yes! You're a filthy tramp and I'm going to pummel your sexy little snatch! And you're gonna watch me shove every fat inch in!" I forced her hips a little higher and started pounding her even more intensely.

Kira was almost in shock, mesmerized by the sight of my engorged phallus, as big around as her wrist, slick with her own juices, pistoning in and out of her slim young hips. She could barely move the way I was holding her, no options but to accept the brutal impaling my angry red shaft was repeatedly inflicting on her. "Mmmnnh!...Mmmnnh!...Mmmnnh!" she whimpered with each plunge. Her eyes fluttered closed and her breathing became shallow and rapid; I knew she was close to coming. I could feel my own orgasm starting to build so I let her head fall back as I hooked her free leg over my other arm and put both my strong hands around her neck. She was now practically bent in half with my 6' 2" frame directly on top her, drilling my member almost straight down into her juicy quim.

"That's right, you little whore. You're mine now to use however I want -- I even control whether you breathe or not." I pressed my thumbs into her throat, cutting off her air as I continued to violate her savagely. Her eyes snapped open and looked right into mine, silently pleading with me -- I wasn't sure for what. Her face reddened and she started struggling as I continued to choke her. Ten more seconds and she started to panic a little, eyes widening and yanking at her restraints. I eased up enough for her to take three big shuddering breaths and then clamped down again. Once more I took her to the edge of panic before letting her inhale -- tears streaming out the sides of her eyes now. Her face was a mottled red now as she twisted her head back and forth in my grip.

I squeezed her throat shut for the third time and started slamming my hips ruthlessly against her exposed groin, my balls slapping against her ass. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her whole body began spasming in the throes of a massive orgasm, her arms jerking against the handcuffs, her legs twitching and kicking. I released her neck immediately and grabbed both her nipples, pinching and twisting them viciously. "Unngggaaaaiiieee!!... Haaannnhh! Yes! Fuck me!...Unnnhhh!...Fuuuccckkkk meee!!...Unnnhhh!...Don't...stop... fucking...me!!" She was frantic, writhing and twisting as I continued to despoil her -- she must have cum for twenty seconds. Finally I could stand no more; I pulled out (reluctantly, but I certainly didn't want to take any chances), then stroked and squeezed my manhood to deliver six or seven streams of hot man batter across her face, neck and chest.

Spent, I sat back on the couch and looked at Kira. Her eyes were still closed as she moaned softly, legs spread revealing her tender vulva, raw and open from my abuse, sticky ropes of semen glistening against her skin. I got up and unclipped her handcuffs from the hook as she opened her eyes and looked up at me with a shy smile. She immediately got off the couch and knelt in front of me, scraping a splash of cum off her cheek and putting it in her mouth.

"Hands behind your back!" I growled. She complied instantly, throwing her shoulders back, pushing out her tits and looking up at me expectantly. I scooped up a thick gob of jizz off her breast with my thumb and pushed it into her mouth.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned as she slurped the white stuff off my digit. I cleaned every drop I could off her body this way and she lapped it up, licking and sucking hard on my thumb. When I was done, she bobbed her head forward and took my softening dick in her mouth, licking and sucking its length to clean it off. Even though I had just emptied myself on her a few minutes before, my cock twitched from her ministrations. She felt it and gave me a sly little smile as she let the meat slip out from between her lips.

"Well I hope you learned a good lesson."

"Thank you, sir, for disciplining this little slut so thoroughly. I am sorry for my naughty behavior -- I will try to correct my ways but I hope you will not hesitate to punish me further if I should need it. I know that a firm... hand is required to keep me in line."

I pulled her to her feet, turned her around and pulled her to me so she could feel my not quite soft dick against her ass. I reached one hand around and rolled her nipple between my fingers while I slipped a finger in her ravaged pussy with the other. I growled softly into her ear, "Yes, I think I know exactly what kind of treatment you need. Now get dressed and go to bed."

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