tagSci-Fi & FantasyTrinx Ch. 01

Trinx Ch. 01


His touch was delicate, almost reverent. It was far from how most men handled women, much less a woman like her.

Usually anyone who bought more time wanted more from her; this man wanted to give more. So, so much more. She relived the encounter, lick by lick and stroke by stroke, listening to the muted vibrations of his mechanical member as it drove her rapidly towards the edge of ecstasy. The buzzing grew louder as she started to mold words from her moans.

"Ohhh, Godddd." Trinx lazily picked up the phone and slapped at its screen with her thumb. The buzzing stopped. Her other hand pried itself away from the intersection of her widely-spread legs, and her eyes cracked open to let the morning's light seep in.

Blurrily, she wandered into the kitchen, following the smell of bacon frying.

"Did I wake you?" Lorra's most saccharine voice greeted her. She shifted her eyes between the skillet and Trinx's naked form in the entryway.

"No. I have a date at ten."

Trinx enjoyed the opportunity to focus her eyes on her roommate. Lorra was 22, with shoulder-length and curly hair dyed the color of ripened raspberries. She was roughly twenty pounds over many men's fuckability limit, but Trinx appreciated how that weight was distributed. Most notably, her perfect half-sphere of a derriere, and the DD-cup breasts that pushed the front of her bathrobe towards the stove. The bathrobe parted from her midriff up, giving Trinx the slightest glances inside whenever Lorra turned in her direction. Lorra gave her an extended view as she processed Trinx's answer.

"A date at ten in the morning?"

Trinx shrugged as she shuffled closer to her roommate. "Some guys get it up early, I guess."

"Still pretty early for that."

"I thought I'd stop off at the home, first. It's on the way."

"Oh, how sweet." Lorra smiled pleasantly. "So, this man. Is he new?"

"Yeah, first-timer. For me, I mean."

"Maybe he'll be as good as Captain Coppercock." Lorra giggled.

Trinx rolled her eyes. "It's not copper!"

"I know, it's some rubber or plastic that 'feels real', with a vibrator in it. Very popular with thimble-dicked men."

"He was in the war." Trinx crossed her arms under her full, beautifully rounded tits and cocked her hip outwards dramatically.

"Of course he was, love." Lorra shifted the bacon over to a free burner, turning the hot one off. "You don't make dates with liars, ever."

Lorra turned to see her own image staring back at her. She jumped within her skin, putting her hand over her upper chest.

"Go fuck yourself." The reflection said with a trace of a grin.

"Lord, am I really that chubby?" Lorra shook her head as she looked at the altered form of her roommate.

"You're perfect." Trinx moved her voice down a pitch, matching Lorra's. She ran her fingers over her own naked body, giving Lorra an idea of what she must look like while pleasuring herself.

"And you're sweet." Lorra sighed. "But that's really not fair."

Trinx looked at Lorra with her newly-green eyes. "And why is that?"

She knew the answer well enough, despite her question. Even six months later, the event was as fresh in her memory as it had been the day after. Lorra had succumbed to the temptation of her own image, letting Trinx's shape-shifting seduce her rather easily. While Lorra was certainly no narcissist, she was insanely excited by the notion of being intimate with her body double, and the force of her eruptions throughout made that abundantly obvious. Lorra remembered it clearly as well. The act of watching Trinx lovingly lick her twat had been amazing enough, but the true highlight had been going at Trinx with a strap-on, seeing what she must have looked like when getting righteously fucked by a well-endowed man. Lorra felt her pulse quicken at the thought of the act, at the sensation of an out-of-body experience of watching her own face contort wildly from a spine-racking pussyquake...

Lorra cleared her throat. "You know I can't."

"I'll let you wear the strap-on again." Trinx, as 'Lorra', smirked.

"I...I'm not like that."

"It's not because...I'm from..." Trinx showed Lorra what she would look like if ever bridged between shame and fear.

"No. No! It's all me, you know that."

'Lorra' let half of a smile creep back onto her lips. "You can't be unfaithful with yourself, you know."

"That..." Lorra pointed at the reflection of her own face, "is intellectually dishonest."

"Yet so true to your own desires." Trinx said softly.

"No." Lorra turned back to the stove, ready to cook the eggs. "I have a boyfriend, and I will not..."

She stopped as she felt it; something notably rigid pressed against the fabric of her robe, directly between her prominent asscheeks. Surely Trinx hadn't had time to grab a toy, so quickly...

"I've missed you..." The deep voice filled Lorra's ear, along with a familiar blast of warm breath.

Lorra spun around. She looked up slightly to see the face of the man she had been seeing for the last few weeks.


"Call me 'sugardick'...you know I like that." The man's hands pushed open Lorra's robe, exposing her pink, suddenly-stiffened nipples.

Lorra put her hands on her suitor's chest, maintaining her distance. "Have you been eavesdropping on us??"

"Maybe...maybe I've heard you say it to me already...after slipping deep into you..."

Trinx held Lorra's hips and pulled them towards her. Lorra looked down and froze, stuck between laughter and lust.

"Oh, love...Dex is NOT that big."

"You make it sound like he's that big."

"I'm sure you know how to exaggerate for a man's sense of sexual accomplishment."

'Dex' paused. "Are you saying that you've been faking it for me?"

"You're not Dex!" Lorra snorted out a laugh and moved away, keeping her front towards Trinx.

"It's not cheating to fuck your own boyfriend, Lorra."

"You aren't!" Lorra snickered, unable to disguise her enjoyment of this game.

"Love..." Trinx walked the masculine form towards Lorra, its enormous cock seeming to lead the way. "I forgive you...ahead of time..."

Trinx kissed Lorra, making her laugh harder. After a moment, the laughter stopped, and Lorra felt the same sensation as kissing Dex, the soft scraping of his stubble against her face, his strong hands holding her hips firmly in place, his manhood wedging between her smooth thighs...

"Trinx!" Lorra broke off the kiss suddenly. "Stop. I thought you had a date coming up, anyway."

A speedy metamorphosis brought Trinx's most common appearance back into Lorra's view. She played with her long, curly blond hair and peeped guiltily up at Lorra with steely-blue eyes.

"I'm sorry. I really do get carried away by you, sometimes."

Lorra sighed. "I know. And you are sweet."

Trinx leaned in and kissed Lorra, softly but passionately. A moment later, Lorra felt a moan start to swell in the base of her throat and push its way upward...


The blonde giggled. "Still sorry."

"Go fuck your date, will you?"

"I will!" Trinx turned and strode off, swinging her hips with wild exaggeration. "And your headlights are still on, by the way."

Lorra cocked her head curiously and then pulled her robe back over her tits with a gasp of realization.

"You look lovely, child!"

The words never grew old, unlike Francine. Not that she was anywhere near young ten years previously, but her age showed even more than it had then. Her fingers absently slid over the metal of her floating transportation chair, just short of its controls. An even older-looking gentleman showed less restraint over his device, tearing down the hall of the rest home past them. Trailing far behind the man, an overweight orderly did his best to chase him down, huffing and puffing as he crossed Trinx's view.

"Why, you have a bit of a glow to you, even!" The old woman finally completed her thought.

Trinx giggled. "Do I, now?"

"Very much so. Do you have a man?"

She laughed and blushed, shocking herself. A woman who serves the perverted wills of strange men, embarrassed by an old woman's simple observation.

"I have a few suitors, Frankie."

"Oh, of course you do. No wonder I can't find a good man, you're hogging them all!"

Trinx covered her face in order to avoid snorting aloud. "Really, grandma."

Francine chortled and then let herself turn more serious. "You don't mean 'suitors' like you had all that time ago, I hope."

The younger woman paused. "No, I have a respectable job. See? I'm on my way in to work right now."

Trinx displayed herself in her professional-looking attire, pride radiating from her.

"I do see that. I thought maybe you were just dressing up for my sake."

"No, but I should do that for you." Trinx said, almost somberly.

Frankie smiled. "Well, don't let me keep you from work, love. But just remember to come back soon, won't you?"

"I absolutely will remember, Grandma."

August 17, 2090

It was one year ago, today. One of Earth's years, the amount of time it takes the planet to circle around their life-providing star. It is a very long period of time to think about.

But it seems like yesterday. I remember it even better than the actual yesterday. When I first saw her.


I was still adjusting to this planet. The language was still very new to me, but I could understand tone. And her tone was kind.

"Hey there, old guy." She had smiled as she squatted down next to me, gently placing her hand on my shoulder. "How are you?"

I just smiled and nodded as politely as I knew how. She cocked her head, smirking slightly at my odd reaction. Her lips seemed to reflect a dull sort of light, as much as they glistened. Her eyes were the same powerful and yet beautiful shade of blue as the ocean as seen when entering this planet's atmosphere. And just as deep as that water, from what I understand now. Her hair floated loosely in the breeze, strands bearing the radiance of pure sunlight.

She was an education wrapped up into a single image. Our people were utterly indistinct from each other, even though we could appear as unique as we dared to imagine. Trinx was so wildly unlike any other female that had crossed my view from the alleyway. I had seen hundreds, perhaps thousands, who had been pleasing to the eye; even though I was looking at alien life forms all around me, there was a definite aesthetic aspect in both forms of their gender to be appreciated.

Trinx, in contrast, was glorious. The realization of the existence of such beauty, especially when coupled with the revelation of unique and intricately detailed personalities, brought the value of this entire world into clear focus within a mere moment of time.

This was even truer as I saw her in the passing weeks. I knew enough from seeing most people to see what was normal. Going to their places of work, having routines, ignoring the people like the one that I pretended to be that lay like trash against alley walls. Trinx was not homeless, but she was a single step away from it. She lived with some other females who dressed much like her, yet were not as lovely. They all cowered in subservience to a man who collected currency from them and checked on their whereabouts frequently. They called him "Pongo".

The reproduction on my world was asexual and joyless; the idea of sexual organs or their use was completely foreign to me. Watching Trinx get on her knees and pleasure a man at the far end of the alley was a marvel to behold. The concept of what it would be like to be given such a sense of delight...or, even more intriguingly, providing such delight...captured my mind. The power of his release seemed almost thick in the night air, like fog enveloping the area.

And while Trinx seemed to remain in a pleasant state most of the time, I saw that whenever one of her friends mentioned the word "mother", the light in her eyes was instantly dimmed. Her body position changed, more subtly than humans seemed to be able to notice. Trinx was damaged, somehow. She was imperfect, unlike those on my planet. That was no detraction from her splendor; it was, in fact, the very essence of it.

Trinx rapped at the door a second time. She adjusted her prop glasses as she looked around.

It was one of the nicer neighborhoods she'd visited, which was definitely saying something for it. Wealthy clients were nothing new to her at this stage, having been in the profession for about a decade. The trees waved in the spring's strong breeze, losing some of their leaves to fall on the high-end hovercars which rested on their parking stands along the street. Trinx figured that the red one nearby must belong to the client. She wondered what he looked...

"Yeah?" A gruff voice broke her from her thoughts.

"Mr. Kapalos?" She smiled even before fully seeing him.

"Whatever it is, I'm not buying it."

Trinx giggled. "We have an appointment, Mr. Kapalos. I find that this attire prevents any nosy neighbors from jumping to accurate conclusions."

The tall, hazel-eyed man scanned her up and down. He tousled his rather shaggy, sandy-blond hair thoughtfully as he inspected her. His eyes seemed to linger on her black jacket and long skirt. Trinx noted his casual clothing, not even remotely close to appropriate for the phony business meeting she was clearly attending. She adjusted the briefcase in her left hand absently.

"Of course." He finally said, smiling broadly. "Trinx, believe it was."

"That's correct." Trinx offered her free hand in a professional manner, which he took.

"You can call me 'Rick'."

"Loudly and often, I expect." Trinx grinned charmingly.

"I expect." Rick reflected the expression. "Do come in."

The inside was even more telling than the outside. The entire place looked like it had been frozen in 1900. Trinx set her briefcase down near a wall, her eyes wandering from one antique to the next.

"Sweet jeebus..." Trinx muttered under her breath.

"A family estate." Rick explained as he delicately placed his hand on her lower back, leading her forward with him.

"You don't make dates with liars, ever." Lorra's words haunted her. It was more likely that the man had gained everything through the Elimination Wars, especially given his air of authority and his rugged build. It might be a family estate, but probably from a family that he had killed off.

Trinx tried to push the thoughts off as they traveled. It was always helpful to think the best of the client, to focus on the positive in order to provide her best performance. She had shifted her attitude in line by the time that they ended the walk in the library. The room's decor was as impressive as the rest of what she had seen here, especially the grand piano which dominated the center of the room.

"Do you play?" She asked as her eyes soaked it in.

"A little, but it's mostly decoration." Rick said, swinging one bookshelf around to reveal a display of liquor bottles and glasses. "Do you drink?"


Rick poured two glasses and motioned to a loveseat against the far wall. Trinx sat, joined by her host. She gratefully took her alcohol.

"To new acquaintances." Rick held up his glass as a toast.

"To new acquaintances." Trinx smiled and clinked her glass against his.

She nearly choked after a mouthful of the liquid.

"Too strong?"

"Wheww..." Trinx caught her breath.

"Scotch, very old. Very good, I think." Rick took finished his drink without showing any effects.

"Have to get used to it." Trinx smiled, setting her glass on the end table near her.

"I'm sure you will. So, how does this usually work?"

"Well..." Trinx looked upwards briefly, as if searching for the right words. "When a man and a woman have certain feelings for each other, they find a nice, quiet place..."

Rick laughed. "I mean financially."

"I'm an ardent fan of cash, if you have it."

"I do. Before or after?"

"After." Trinx almost looked surprised at the question. "Everything is based on your satisfaction. Except for a minimum hourly fee, of course."

"That's very trusting."

"I'm very satisfying."

Rick grinned at the speed of the volley. "Of course. This is quite the harsh look, isn't it?"

Trinx absently reached for her ponytail, but Rick grabbed at her hand.

"No, I rather like it." Rick said soothingly. "I imagine you could be the boss, and I could be the employee that you've fired and has come to your house to confront you about it."

A sparkle lit in Trinx's sapphire eyes. "That...sounds like a bit of fun, I admit..."


There was a slight pause.

"So, then..."

"So let's dispense with the pleasantries, bitch." Rick's tone turned harsh.

"I...what?" Trinx put her hand over her mouth, feigning shock.

"You know why I'm here. Why did you fire me?"

"That was all explained to you..."

"The real reason." Rick cut her off.

"Look, I have an appointment downtown. Business gathering. I'll call you about this later."

Trinx stood, but Rick pulled her by her skirt back onto the loveseat.

"We'll fix this now."

She swallowed, as if frightened. "I'll call for help."

"You don't want help. Getting me alone is what you've wanted all along."

"I beg your..."

"Don't lie to me." Rick interrupted again. "I saw the way you looked at me enough times. Got the message behind your little invitations to come here and pick up this or that."

"Don't flatter yourself." Trinx chuckled. "I can get a better man than you at the pub. Any night."

"Bullshit. You fired me because I didn't jump at your thinly-veiled offers."

"Fuck you."

Trinx started to stand again, but Rick pulled her down and into a deep, nearly-violent kiss. She melted into it, forgetting about the act from the effect of his firm lips upon hers.

"You admit that I'm right." Rick said softly as he broke it off.

"You're...sort of attractive." Trinx ran her hand over her hair, looking away. "In a rough kind of way. I admit that much."

Rick pulled her into another kiss, and she felt herself moisten suddenly. She moaned into his mouth softly.

"You admit that you want to fuck me." Rick broke off the kiss and nibbled at her neck.


"We'll see."

Trinx gasped as Rick tore open the blouse beneath her jacket, revealing her braless breasts.


He sucked one of her rosy nubs between his teeth, pinching the other between strong fingers.

"Ohhh, no...stop!"

Rick mumbled a negative as he attacked her mounds. Trinx pulled herself together and pushed him away, standing and walking briskly towards the door.

"You're not going anywhere."

Within a blink, Trinx found herself bent over the piano, her arms splayed outwards. She felt her skirt pushed up over her lower back and her panties torn away.

"Stop! Stop th..."

Trinx's voice evaporated as Rick's tongue drove into her aching twat.

"Ohhh, Godddamn..."

Rick's voice was muffled by her flesh, but she wasn't about to ask for clarification. Her face lowered to the wooden surface, pushing her glasses crooked on her face. Her subtle shifts made her nipples rub against the top of the piano.

"You like that, whore?"

"It's...not bad..." Trinx sputtered.

Rick shoved two thick fingers inside her, positioning his hand upside-down so his thumb could assault her clit.

"It's great!" Trinx cried out, half-laughing. "Sooo great...OOH!"

"This is what you've wanted, right?"


"No?" Rick finger-fucked her harder, his thumb rolling her trigger in quick circles.

"Noooo...your c...oh GOD!"

"Say it!"

"Your c...COCK! I w-wanted your cock!"

"That's why you invited me over all those times."

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